77-I’m so out of here

After the excitement of the fake doctor died down, time passed slowly, but it did pass.  I hated every lucid moment of my hospital stay.  By Friday the catheter was gone, and only one bag draining into my arm.


I finally was able to stay awake long enough to meet with Jerry on Friday night.  “So Jerry, what’s the word on Beth Ann?  You told her, didn’t you?”


“Yeah, I told her that we knew.  She was gone the next morning.  I told her the night you got stabbed.”


“She just left us both the next morning?  It kind of makes you wonder about sweet lil ole Mosby.” I commented.


“I could really learn to hate Marty,”  Jerry said.  He smiled then added, “It might take a while to hate Mosby though.”


“Marty was being Marty, and I guess Beth Ann was just being Mosby.”  I smiled a sarcastic smile at Jerry.  He was a lot more hurt than I was.  Then again he was younger.  I had walked that road a lot more times.  Relationships between same sex couples seemed to break down faster.  Then again I wasn’t very good with men either.


“Phony bitch,” he said angrily.  His anger was tempered by the fact that he had suffered a even bigger loss with his dead nurse friend.


“Your luck with women is about like mine is with men.” I said quietly.


“Yeah, I know we should probably hang out together.  Just to spare the rest of the world our plague.”


“Are you kidding, we would poison the water, not to mention everyone we came into contact with.” I admitted.


“Okay how about we just get together and fuck now and then.”


“Now that seems like a much more reasonable plan.”  I said smiling at him.  “You are going to have to give me a little time though.


“You have to know, if you are just saying that so that I will stay awake while on duty out there, you don’t have to.  Screwing or not, I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”


“Good, then it won’t be a pity or pay off fuck.  It will just be for fun, those are the best kind.” I suggested.


After the fake Doc incident, the staff all started to wear their ID cards in plain view.  There was also a hospital security officer assigned to the ICU nurse’s station.  Even though, I expected that he would go when I did, it was still a good idea.  It was a little late in the game for me, but the security measures might save someone else’s life.


Jennifer wanted to sue, just because it was what Jennifer did.  I said no.  The hospital trusted that the cops would take care of me.  It was just a big mix up, there was nothing sinister in it.  The hospital needed the wakeup call, and I expected that the cops did as well.


I got moved to a new room of my own the first thing Saturday morning.  It was a sign that I was progressing and I was happy about that.  It also meant visitors had free access to me.


“You know what Max, you promised to hand me those burglars and you did,” Blevins said without even a hello first.


“Well good Saturday morning to you too Blevins.  So they had been selling their stolen bikes to the Reverend?”


“A couple to him and a few to the bike shops in Tryon.  They even sold one on line through Ebay.  The secret to catching them was tracing the bikes.   I guess, I’m getting lazy.  I should have checked that without being prodded.”


“Well, you got them that’s the important thing.”


“And guess what?”


“What?” I asked.


“They were two high school girls.  Some big theft ring huh?” Blevins said with a laugh.


“What is the world coming too.  Women committing crimes, next they will be cops.”  I laughed.


“Yeah, then the world will really be going to hell in a hand basket.”  Blevins agreed with a smile.  “Have they got you on a diet still?” he asked.


“Yeah, I got no idea how much longer, but I’m sick of Jello.” I admitted.


“I was headed to the Pizza and Pasta Pit.  I thought I might bring you something for lunch.”


“Why are you torturing me?  What did I ever do to you?” I asked.


“Don’t ask me.  Ask your real doctor that.  I’m just trying to make sure you get well and out of this place.”


“I know Blevins and believe me I appreciate your visiting me so often.  I know you are busy.”


“With you up here, the work load dropped by fifty percent,” he said with a laugh.


“See every cloud has an even blacker cloud inside.  Life is so much more boring without me.”


“Yes it would be,” Blevins agreed.


“Hey, I met your new partner last night,” I informed him.


“He told me.  He wanted to know what your story was.  So I took him to the Cop Out and told  him.  Well, me and about a dozen other people.  You would have loved it.  The nurses from the ER got in on the love fest.  Well it wasn’t all love.”


“Yikes, Sergeant Evans in the Cop Out.  Couldn’t you have waited until I could be there for that?” I asked.


“Trust me Evans was quite the hit with the ladies.  Most of the guys were not happy, but they will get over it.”


“Do you think he will go back?” I asked


“If he is going to be my partner, he will.  I never had a partner that didn’t drink with me, at least now and then.”


“Yeah even Anya,” I replied.


“Hey, she got what she wanted, and I did as well.”


“And what did you want?” I asked.


“I wanted her the hell gone,” he replied.


“To be honest, I did as well,” I agreed.  I said it but I wasn’t all that sure that I did.  She had an interesting way about her.


“Maxine,” the nurse said as she entered the room.  “The doctor said you could take a short shower today.  I will be back in a bit to remove your dressing.  You can take a careful shower then I will redress the incision.”


“Very good, you want to help me with the shower Blevins?”  I asked.


“Why of course, I would be happy to wash your back.” he replied.


“Like hell,” the nurse said.  “We are in enough trouble because of Maxine.  I’m not about to let you two cavort in the shower.”


“Were we planning to cavort?” I asked.


“I don’t know about you, but I was definitely planning to cavort,” Blevins said with a deep laugh.


Blevins left and I took what could only be described as the worlds most welcome shower.  I even washed my two inches of hair before they could tell me not to.  The fact that I did it all while seated on a metal stool didn’t bother me one little bit.   When I finished, I felt that I was at last clean.


Saturday not only gave me my first real bath, but it seemed like people came out of the woodwork to visit.  Everybody I counted as friends showed up.  Well most of them.  Okay some of them.


Ed came first just after noon.  He was till in the room, when Lucas and Gwen showed.  Gwen didn’t have a camera.  After asking how I felt, everyone asked when I was going home.  I had no idea, but I was hopeing for a  quick release, since I had been moved to a private room and been allowed to shower.  I was optimistic that it would be soon.  I knew that my body healed faster than most people, so I was hopeful that my stay was about over..


Jennifer and Bob showed up shortly after the first shift left.  Jen still wanted me to sue somebody.  It was kind of like the TV advertisement.  ‘If you have been hospitalized come see me.  I will find someone to sue.’


They were out the door when Blevins showed up with a lady my age.  Maxine, I want you to meet my friends Mildred.  She wanted to meet you, so here we are.”


“Hello Mildred,” I said.


“I have heard so much about you Maxine.  I am thrilled to meet you.”


“I have no idea what you have heard, but believe only the good parts.”


“That will be easy, it has all been good,” Mildred said.


“Blevins don’t let this one get away, she is definitely a keeper.”  I smiled.


“I already did Max.  Mildred is my ex wife.  We are having a reunion dinner that’s all,”


“Oh, well you should give some thought to making it a new beginning and see what happens.”


“Well, I guess we better go.  We have reservations for dinner.  Yes Max it is that kind of place.”


“Well you two have fun.  I will keep a good thought for you.”


“Hello Maxine,” Helen said from the door.  “Can you have visitors?”


“They better not try to keep you out.”  I said it with a big smile.  I am not a hugger but Helen is.  I allowed her to hug me even though it was an effort.  Some because of the incision and a lot because I’m just not the hugging, without sex type.


Jack hung back but eventually said, “I want you to know how sorry I am about this.  I feel like this is all my fault.”


“Jack listen, there is plenty of blame to go around.  Some of it is mine, some is Julie’s, but most of it is Davenport’s.  Not to worry it will all come out in the wash.”  I made a real effort not to give away too much.


“Maxine, I wish I could afford to pay your hospital bill at least.  I know this is my fault.”


“Don’t worry Jack, this is an occupational hazard.  I knew I wasn’t playing with a church choir when I got into this affair.”


“Now how is my girl skeeter?” I asked Helen.


“She is as wonderful as ever,” Helen said.


“Good, too bad she couldn’t come visit.” I said meaning it.  I would have rather had her show up that almost any of the others.


When Helen and Jack left, I was pretty sure there weren’t going to be too many others.  I should have known Archer would show up.  “Max how are you doing.  I would have been sooner but you were not allowed visitors.  I see you still have your cop on the door?”


“Yes, your friend Davenport is a very persistent man.”


“So it would seem.  I hear he has disappeared.”


“So they say, you wouldn’t have any ideas about that would you?”


“Why would I know?” Archer asked.


“Well Reverend you did introduce him to the business.” I suggested.


“I have nothing to do with his business.” the Reverend said.


“You might need to rethink that.  His little empire is without an emperor, that can’t be good for anyone.” I suggested.


“He must have an awful lot of money, since he just walked away from half a million dollars in his bail account.” I added.


“I would guess that he does have a lot of money.  He is going to be hard to find.  Most likely he will be found by accident.”  Archer sounded almost impressed by Davenport.


“Well, he might be surprised, who knows.  Hell we all might be,” I suggested.


Once Archer left, I watched TV till Jerry came on duty.  “So Jerry what went on with you and Mosby?”


“Come on Max you don’t really want details.”


“Actually I do.  Was it love or sex, and how good was the sex?”  I smiled.


“Max, I don’t want to talk about that kind of thing.”


“I’m sure you don’t Jerry, but I need to know.  Let me start by asking did she leave you a note or a message on your cell phone?”


“Text message,” he replied.


“Was there anything odd about it?”


“What the hell are yo u thinking.  It was from her, if you think Davenport got to her, you are dead wrong.”

“Did she seem upset that we knew who she was?” I asked.


“Not at all.  She seemed happy that it was over.  We talked about it after I told her we knew.” Jerry replied.  Then added, “She said Marty expected you to catch on eventually.”


“Well then, I guess that means she just went back home.”


“Yes and Max, she listed the job on her facebook account.  Like part of her resume.”


“So did you at least get an honorable mention, in the sex department?”


“She didn’t mention either of us by name.  Just described her role, as it were. Those are her words by the way.” Jerry explained


“Okay, well I’m exhausted.  There were way too many visitors here today.” I said.


“You go on to bed and I’ll make sure that you don’t have any more.” Jerry said reassuring me.


Jerry was gone when I awoke the next morning.  I had my first recognizable breakfast that Sunday morning.  The sausage and eggs with real coffee, made me want to cry.  The sausage was no doubt turkey, but the taste was close enough to the real thing to make it seem like the best sausage I ever ate.  Even the cold toast was good.


“Best of all before I finished breakfast the doctor came around.  She asked, “So Max do have anyone to take care of you at home?”


“My friend Jen invited me to stay with her a while.” I replied.  “Does this mean you are going to release me today?”


“It does, if you feel that your are ready.”


“I’m sure that I will rest better at my friends home, than I would here.”


I gave my debit card to the lady at the checkout desk.  It is already been taken care of,” she informed me as she returned my card.  The copay should have been a thousand dollars out of my pocket.  Jennifer probably told Marty paying the copay would be cheaper than the lawsuit I might file.  Jennifer for all her faults took care of me.  The only thing that mattered was that I was being sprung.




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8 Responses to 77-I’m so out of here

  1. bill says:

    thanks for allowing us to read your story of Maxine and her “friends”. we enjoy it.

  2. cindypress says:

    I enjoy knowing that there are readers. Yes her friends are a bit questionable for sure. But don’t some of our friends have a wart or two. Mine do.

  3. jack says:

    And here I thought I was the only one that had questionable friends. lol. I know how great the feeling of being sprung is. Go get them Maxine. Let the fun and games begin. Thanks for writing.

  4. cindypress says:

    Oh im enjoying this so much more here. You are welcome.

  5. Amiechan says:

    Yey! I got quite a chock when your story just ended. 😉 It felt like the right sort of ending for Maxine though. No more time to write now – I want to read more. 😀

  6. cindypress says:

    Glad to have you with us.. Please feel free to comment anytime on anything it’s why I moved here.

  7. Sue Ryder says:

    It has been a while but I am glad to be reading about Max again. I will try to catch up fast. I enjoy where ity has gone.

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