79 alone again naturally

79 alone again naturally


The cat wouldn’t come in, so I was alone on a Friday night.  It wasn’t my first Friday night alone, when I didn’t want to be alone.  Life was just like that sometimes.  I could have stayed at Jen’s, but I  most likely would have been alone there as well.  If you weren’t able, or didn’t want to play their games, you were left to your own devices.  Jen was my best friend, but I recognized her for what she was,  Then again she recognized me for what I was as well.


First I removed Jen’s tight clothes.  The tee I wore under the sweat shirt was at least two sizes too small for me.  Jen had only slightly better looking boobs but they were on a smaller frame so the tee was still too small.  I hadn’t worn a bra since the thug tried to make me a fillet.  Jen’s panties were too small for my wide ass, but they were the only things available to me at the time.


The panties joined the tee inside my one waste basket in the house.  I just knew that I was going to have to empty that little plastic can after my shower .  I just hoped the cat wasn’t into sniffing panties.  I didn’t want to find my trash all over the yard in the morning.


I took my second shower of the day.  I did it to get clean again before I put on my own clothes.  When I went to my storage rack, I found that I had just enough clean clothes for one more day.  Then I remembered that I had a plan, before the parking lot confrontation with Davenport’s thugs.  The plan had been to visit my Asian mother and daughter team, the very next day to have my laundry done.  The mother and daughter were always in the laundromat, even on Saturdays, so my plan was just delayed not canceled.


I really missed Jen’s big shower but it wasn’t the only thing I missed about her house.  I missed the central heat as well.  It was nice not to be either freezing or too warm.  That’s how it was with a heater, which was not thermostatically controlled.  Those two things almost convinced me to let the cabin go.


The crappy amenities of the cabin were countered by the emptiness of the area.  The cabin was not just in the country, it backed up to the river.  It wasn’t close enough to have a river view or anything,.  Still it was close enough for me to walk down and sit on the bank now and then.  The security precautions I had put in effect were also a definite plus.  Once I took care of Davenport, and I planned to do that when I felt better, I wouldn’t need all the security.  I would still be nice to have it in place all the same.


I had made my decision about the cabin, so there was no sense having buyer’s remorse.  After my shower I heated one of the frozen dinners.  It was one of the ones I actually liked.  While I ate it, I watched the Internet site with my cameras.  One showed the gate which had no activity, one showed me sitting at my small table watching the computer screen, and one showed the yard.  I watched as the cat limped  from the concrete stoop, to the edge of the woods.  That limp made me want to cry.


“Screw this,” I said aloud.  I put on my heavy jacket, since it was cool out, then I picked up the Glock 9mm with its holster.  I threaded it onto my belt, then made sure it was covered by the coat.  The cruiser had cooled off, while I did my things.  I suffered with the chill until I was almost at my destination.


“Hello there Martha, I do hope it’s quiet around here for a change,” I said as I went looking for the baby aspirin.”


“It is and I sure am glad.  I’m not sure I could handle another one of those events,” she said afraid to even call it what it was, an attempted holdup.


“Well next time give them the money,” I suggested.


“That’s what my husband said as well.” Martha replied.


I found the aspirin and an eight ounce carton of whole milk. “Well time for me to get back to my date,” I suggested as I paid for my purchases.


“Oh my, a new man in your life?” Martha asked.


“One as mean as me it seems,” I said it with a grin.


When I arrived back home, I remembered to check the web cam  before I opened the gate..  When I pulled into the yard the cat was there to greet me.  “Well hello there buddy,” I said as I went into the cabin.  Once inside I crushed one of the aspirin into a plastic glass, then added half the milk to it.  I microwaved the mixture for 15 seconds, then I stirred it well before pouring it into a paper bowl.


The whole mixture went onto the porch for the cat.  The aspirin should ease the pain and maybe help with any healing that might be happening.  At least that was my plan.  Not to mention, that something warm in his tummy just sounded like a good idea to me.


I watched on the website while he lapped up the warm milk.  “Now let’s see if that helps.” I said aloud.  Why not.  There was no one around to tell me that I was going batty, just because I talked to myself.


I watched a couple of the TV shows which I had missed while in the hospital, then I went to the door.  “Hey you cat,” I said in the direction of the woods.  “Do you want to come in where it is warm?”


He didn’t answer or show up, so I went to bed alone.


Saturday, I felt much better than I had since the parking lot.  I drove into town with my laundry bag in tow.  Sure enough mom and daughter were at the laundromat.  I left me clothes, then went to breakfast.


I found that Lucas had been at it again.  He had managed to get Helen posting the location of her breakfast wagon on her brand new website.  Even in a town as small as Aster, we had a food truck with a website.  Okay it was a posting on her catering site, but it still told me which plant’s parking lot she was set up in that morning.


“Hey there Helen where’s my girl?” I asked.


“Skeeter is visiting Jack’s kennel.  She loves to play with the Bird dogs.  She pretends she is one of them.”


“Good for her, I want one of your brown bag breakfasts,” I said.


She put the bag on the truck’s small counter outside the service window.  “It is so good to see you out and about.  You are not going back to work yet are you?”


“I’m taking this to the office to eat, but only because the Asian chicks are doing my laundry.” I replied.  Everybody in town knew I used the family and promoted them to everyone I knew.


“Well you stay away from people with knives and guns,” she demanded.


“Yes Mom, but it was always my plan to do that,” I said.


“Good, then you can go out to play now.” she was grinning, while she played along.


In the office I put the coffee on.  While it cooked, I looked over the files on my desk.  There was nothing of any real interest there.  Once the coffee was done, I sat at my desk with my brown bag breakfast.  The bag that morning contained a bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a thin flat bagel.  As always it was delicious.  There was home made apple sauce and a small pastry.  The brown bag was a little more expensive than a Hardee’s biscuit, but there was a reason people searched Helen’s truck out.  The food was excellent and even though I loved Hardee’s biscuits, Helen’s bags always had stuff I loved just a little more.


I sat alone trying to decide what I wanted to do next.  Nothing like a brush with death to make you ask yourself.  Well, am I having any fun out of life?  The answer was of course I was having some fun, but was I having as much fun as I would like to have?  The answer to that was not really.  So it was time to make some changes.  But what kind of changes and where to start.


I gave that a lot of thought, so much so that I almost forgot my laundry.  I drove to the laundromat before the noon deadline.  Mom and daughter only worked half a day on Saturday.


With my clean clothes in the space where the back seat should have been, I drove to the college.  I was hardly in shape to do anything athletic, but I drove to the community college’s gym anyway.  The college had an indoor running and walking track open to anyone.  It was part of their health and fitness curriculum.  Not to mention the community support outreach program.  People tend to look more kindly on an endeavor which benefits them even marginally.  The state was hoping for less backlash to their spending by reaching out to involve ordinary citizens.  The walking track was open to all taxpayers, but it was promoted heavily with the elderly, so I knew about it from my days with Gunny.


I had never walked on the track before, but I decided it was time I gave it a try.  I didn’t feel that I was up to the rough terrain of the wildlife trail, where I usually walked.  I didn’t walk anywhere near as often as I should.  I also never run, unless someone is chasing me.


I found the athletic department open even on Saturday, so the drive out to the campus had not been a waste after all.  I left my pistol locked in the cruiser, then went inside.  Once in the door, I found signs that advised me to start at the blue arrow.  Then I was told, by sign, that each lap around the gym was one third off a mile.  I decided to see how I felt after three laps.


The gym was not full, however there were several walkers pretty well spaced out.  I started off slowly.  I passed by the ballet mirrors on the wall and realized that I was slumping forward.  I also realized that sometimes small boobs can be a good thing.  Like, if one can not wear her bra.


I made it through my full mile walk, but found that I was pretty well worn out by the end of it.  It had been uneventful, but then I was ready for some dull time in my life.  At least for a while.


“My God, you are Maxine Stone,” the college kid stated.  “Lucas Riley goes on and on about you.”


“Oh you know Luke?” I asked.


“Sure he and I have a couple of copper classes together.  I mean criminal justice classes.”


“Not to worry I’m not a cop and have probably called them worse than you can even imagine.”


“Cool, my name is Eddie,” he said.  “I would give you my full name, but Luke says you wouldn’t remember it.”


“He is right. I’m the old lady who never knows anyone’s name.”  I said it smiling.


“It don’t matter.  You are kind of a legend around town.  Would you get pissed, if I asked you how many people you killed.”


“Here, or in my whole life,” I asked with a wicked smile.


“Hey, I’m serious.”


“Not as many as you think.  Killing people is always a last resort.”


“It has finally warmed up outside and Lucas says you like to eat at the marina.  Would you let me pick up some food and meet you out there?”


“Honey, I’m almost twice your age.” I informed him.


“So?” he asked.


“Okay, some other time.  I just got out of the hospital.  I am flattered though.”


“Don’t be flattered, just do it,” he said grinning.


“Jesus kid, I can’t do it.”  I broke into laughter.  “That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”


“Oh, I meant just lunch,” he said.


“Of course you did.”  I laughed as I turned, then walked to my car.  I wondered exactly what Lucas was telling his friends.  At least the kid didn’t say that he had seen me on line.

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12 Responses to 79 alone again naturally

  1. jack says:

    Good chapter,, Thanks . Maxine is moving along nicely. She must be better looking than she gives herself credit for , all those young guys keep hitting on her.

  2. Eric says:

    So Eddie is the new Lucas, huh? Good.

    As an aside, will the search for Helen’s granddaughter start up again? Maybe she is one of Davenports cult? Just a thought.

    • cindypress says:

      Hold on to your hat, things are about to take a sharp left turn. AGAIN. lol. That’s why this story is living. By the way I did consider it with Eddie. Who knows he might at least show up again later. Sometimes I find old characters in the closet. no pun intended

      • cindypress says:

        By the way Helen’s daughter is in witness protection. She testified against the Russians in a child porno case. I don’t remember which chapter, but it’s there somewhere.

  3. Eric says:

    I remember about the granddaughter now. Still it would be nice to get Helen back with her…let the healing begin.

  4. Jim Bairs says:

    I could have sworn you killed off the daughter. But, the daughter had a kid who would be grown or nearly so….

  5. cindypress says:

    very likely indeed. I’m told that’s why kids love them much easier to eat. Plus zero spice so they are as bland as a spinster’s underwear.

  6. cindypress says:

    I went back and researched and I stand corrected. It was topaz the grand daughter who was involved with the Russians. Helen’s daughter was named Susan and died. See this is why I need you guys to keep me straight.

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