83 ships in the night

83 ships in the night

“Eddie, you might want to take your hands off my ass,” I said into his ear.  The jukebox was always loud at the cop out.

“I don’t want to do that,” he said.  “You really don’t want me to either.”

“Eddie, I’m in no shape for wild sex.  I just got out of the hospital slightly over a week ago.”

“I know all that and I don’t care.  I just want to be with you.  We can find something that we can do.”  His grin was wide enough so that I saw it even in the dark.

“Oh really, and what did you have in mind?” I asked.

“You were a teenager once, what did you do before you could fuck?” he asked.

“You know damn well what I did.  Most likely you have done the same.” I said.

“Then let’s go climb into the backseat of your car and do it again.” he suggested.  “Come on it will be fun to pretend you are a kid again.”

“Not in the parking lot of the Cop Out,” I said.

“Aw come on,” he begged.

“Not here,” I reiterated.

“Then let’s go somewhere else.” he demanded as he held me tight against him.  I could feel his hard cock and knew that I would go along with almost anything.

“Where?” I asked breathlessly.

“I live with my folks,” he said.

“I can’t take you to my place.” I explained.

“Then out in the parking lot,” he said with a laugh.

‘No,” I replied before he began to grind his hard cock against my belly.  I was in no condition to refuse him.

“Yes, let’s go.”  He said.

“I need my coat,” I whispered.

“Then get it, but be quick.” he demanded

“Got to go guys,” I said as I retrieved my coat from the back of my chair.

“Isn’t he a bit young?” Vlad asked.

“If I was planning to keep him sure, but I just want to barrow him for an hour or so.”  I smiled at him.  “Call me in the morning.”  I waited for him to nod his agreement, then I left.

Eddie took my hand, but in the end I had to lead him to my cruiser.  Once we were in the back seat, he tried to smother me with kisses, and choke me with his tongue.  I didn’t mind at all.  I not only cooperated, I gave back as good as I got.  We were both gasping for air before his hand found its way to my breast.  He massaged my left breast through my sweater.  It felt wonderful, but I knew there were even better things to come.

Sure enough he slipped his left hand under my sweater and massaged my right breast.  At the same time his right hand went under my sweater to run up and down my back.  His hands were softer than I would have liked, but I wasn’t about to complain.

I was moving ever closer toward an orgasm, when he placed my hand on his naked cock.  I had no idea how he managed to get it out of his pants without me noticing, but there it was.  It was warm and smooth.  It was also  hard and slippery.  I was at an awkward angle but I still managed to stroke it well enough for his hips to being moving.  He was trying to fuck my hand and it felt wonderful.

I released his cock long enough to unbutton and lower the zipper on my jeans.  I forced one of his hand into my panties.  I wasn’t even sure which of his hands it was.  I twisted around so that I was straddling his legs.  I was able to reach his cock while I made way for him to reach me as well.  We rocked back and forth on each others hands until I felt him his warm sperm first in my hand then on my sweater.  He shot a huge load onto me.

The warm sticky feeling helped me to get to my own orgasm.  It had to, when he came he stopped moving his fingers inside me.  I reached down to manipulate my clit to finish.  It was a huge relief to cum with him.

After I came I collapsed onto his chest.  Both of us had our clothes still on, but twisted in all kinds of strange ways.  It took me several long seconds for my breathing to get under control.  It had not returned to normal by any means, but I could at least get enough oxygen to my body so that I calmed down a little.

“God you are wonderful,” he said.

“Be sure you tell Lucas that,” I wanted to say, but I didn’t. I simply said. “Thank you, you weren’t too bad either.  I got off him carefully because I was in a little pain from the incision.  I wasn’t sure if it was the surgery or the knife wound that stung a little, but it didn’t matter.  I decided to forgo any more exertion and just drive home.

Once I was standing outside the car, with my clothes reasonably back to normal, I said, “Get your clothes on and go home Eddie.”

“God I want to go home with you,” he said.

“Not a chance,” I replied.  I was back in control by that time.

“Alright,” he said.

The wet sweater was uncomfortable during the drive home.  I did all the security checks before I opened the gate.  I was sure that Vlad would show up one day, just to prove he could.  Evidently it wasn’t the night for it.

“Hello there Mr. Cat,” I said as I got out of the car.  “How was your evening?”  He didn’t answer.  “I know you are the strong silent type.  You have had your dinner and your aspirin so I got nothing for you.  Except the offer of a warm room and a soft bed.  How about it.”

The cat looked at me and walked back to the woods.  He didn’t even wait till I left.  He wanted me to know that he could resist me.  “Playing hard to get aren’t you.  Well it won’t work.” I called after him.

I was sure glad that the sweater was cotton.  At least I could get the Asian chicks to wash it.  I would hate to take it into the dry cleaners and imagine the Bill Clinton jokes in the back room.  I fell into bed exhausted.  I was awakened in the middle of the night by one of those freak winter thunder and lightning storms.  There was a noise outside my door that sounded like a baby crying.  I picked up the 10mm, which I had been carrying since my meet with Vladimir, then I moved to the door.

When I swung it open a streak shot past me.  It took me more than a second to realize that I didn’t need to hit the floor or shoot at the Cat.  He had decided to come inside away from the flash of lightning and the boom of thunder.  He probably wasn’t thrilled by the prospect of the cold rain either.

I found him a dirty sweatshirt to curl up in, since he still wouldn’t come near me.  When I was pretty sure he was comfortable, I climbed back into bed.  I could actually hear his breathing.  It was fast and shallow.  He was frightened.

“Don’t worry sport, you are safe with me.  Well maybe not totally but a storm is probably the least of your worries, if you hang around with me.”  I smiled, then turned away.

When I awoke the next morning, I knew something was wrong.  I could no longer hear the Cat breathing and he hadn’t moved.  I moved to him afraid if what I would find.  I touched him for the first time and he didn’t move.  Rigor mortis had set in on him.  Before I could shed tears there was work to do.

I wrapped him in the sweatshirt, then carried him to a spot at the edge of the woods.  I laid him gently down on the pine needles.  I was surprised by how light he was.  He seemed to weigh almost nothing.

I knew from my previous explorations of my surroundings, that a shovel and a few other yard tools were stored under the cabin.  I found the rusty shovel and even with the sting of the incision in my belly, I dug a shallow grave.  Once the cat was in the ground, I took time to cry.  At least his last night was warm and dry, I thought.

I had finished depressing chore and sitting at my miserable little table with my third large cup of coffee, when the call came.  I looked at the screen to see the phone number.  I didn’t recognize it, but I knew who it was.

“Marina one hour, come alone.” I said cryptically.

“Right,” Vlad said and hung up.

I tooled up before my drive to the marina. The tools weren’t those for the garden. I also put on a thermal shirt to keep my core body parts warm.  Since the cat had long gone, I removed his empty milk an aspirin bowl from the concrete pad before I left the cabin.  It was yet another sad note to start miserable day.

I planned to do the meeting on the terrace of the marina’s office building.  The terrace overlooked the lake.  Anyone with a long range mike, would be seen on the lake for sure.  It was impossible to eavesdrop using that kind of device from no other angle.  It as as secure a meeting sight as any.

I stopped at Hardees again on the way to the meeting.  Breakfast and even more coffee was in order I knew.  It was going to be a lousy meeting, since the day had begun that way.

“So, you have completed your research?” Vlad asked. when I joined him on the terrace.

“It wasn’t hard, you must have been the darling of the Moscow press.  I mean they seem to have hung on your every word.”

“There aren’t that many honest policemen in Moscow.” he informed me.

“Okay, let’s get right to it.  I get that it’s personal with you and Ivan.  I get that you could probably never have found him in this country without the FBI task force.  I even get why you want to use me for bait.  What I don’t get, is why I should go along with such a stupid idea.”

“For one thing, he will come for you one day, just as I have come for him.  In Russia family is everything, No by God, it is the only thing you can trust.  So to kill a murderer’s family member is the most dangerous thing a person can do.”

“Yeah, I get the blood feud thing.  But I have a more immediate threat.  One I need to deal with.”

“Ah Earnest Davenport, I did some checking for you.”  With that he tossed a file on the plastic  picnic table.  “I have friends too you know.”

When I opened it, there was Davenport’s face staring up at me.  I read the report that said Davenport had boarded a plane for Eastern Europe, the next morning after the parking lot incident.  He boarded the plane in Washington DC, so he had put it in the wind immediately, when the call didn’t come through.

“What the hell was he doing going to Warsaw Poland?” I asked.

“Poland is so cash starved, that it has become a haven for dirty money.  Davenport had been hiding money there, as well as in one of those island sanctuaries.  The island money went for bail, but with the other money, he can live quite well in Eastern Europe.”

“Leave it to that shit to find a way to screw me,” I said.

“Only for a while.  First you help me kill Ivan, and then I will help you kill Davenport.  It’s like that movie ,where they trade murders, only we both kill them.” Vlad suggested.

“So you think I’m capable of committing murder?” I asked.

“If I did not think that, I would not be here.” he informed me.  “Plus you get the best of me, this one time.  Only one of them is on my kill list, both should be on yours.”

“Where is Ivan?” I asked.  “I know that’s why you were part of the task force.  You wanted them to find Ivan for you, so you fed them all the information they needed.  So where is he now?”

“You are such a suspicious bitch,” he said with a laugh.  “Ivan is in someplace called Kentucky or West Virginia.  He goes back and forth between them for his employer.”

“Some kind of courier?” I asked.

“Exactly a courier.” he agreed.

“And you have a plan? I assume.” I asked.

“Well I think I should give him a reason to come back here.  Something to motivate him to come visit you.” Vlad said.

“No way, I’m not going to sit around waiting for some asshole to shoot me in the back.” I said.

“I suppose you have a better plan?” he asked.

“If you can get the intel, we can hijack his ass and frame the local thugs.” I suggested.

“It would be a logistical nightmare,” he assured me.

“Well having Ivan and a couple of his thug friends in my hometown, doesn’t seem like anything but a nightmare to me.  I just won’t do it.” I admitted.

“Then I will lure him out without your help.” Vlad said.

“You need to rethink that.  I doubt there is anyone else in the world who would be willing to participate in this little venture.  So we need to find a plan we can both live with.”  I suggested.  “I’m not above being bait, but I want it to happen immediately and not in my home town.  I have killed too many people here.”

“I have a pipeline into the FBI’s investigation.  I can get all the latest information.  We can sit down and take a hard look at it together.”

“Since you know where I live, get it and let’s make a plan.” I suggested.

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10 Responses to 83 ships in the night

  1. jack says:

    Oh the twist and turns. This is really getting interesting. Thanks again for keeping the story going.

  2. Gordy says:

    Now why the heck did Vlad have to go and do the secret rendezvous thing over a mobile phone? And he broadcasts he has a pipeline into the FBI?!?!?

    Practitioners of bacha bazi are such dirty rotten sloppy Eastern bloc law enforcers. For such a simple story, this is beginning to resemble a giant bowl of spaghetti. Pull one loose end and nearly the whole bowl moves! It rocks!


  3. cindypress says:

    Ah but all the motives are so easy to understand. Nothing spy novelish about it. The Europeans all think Americans are too stupid it understand. Let alone be of any real use. Also Vlad tells us in the next chapter that Moscow police are not hampered by same rules as American police. Uh yeah.

  4. Gordy says:

    Simple is in the mind of the beholder…..or not. 😉


  5. Ron says:

    Damn! the cat died. I was hopeing he and Max would hit it off.

  6. cindypress says:

    Maxine isn’t capable of lasting relationships. I think.

  7. Jim Bairs says:

    I kind of thought the cat was a metaphor for Max. Tough, hurt and potentially mean to the bone. I hope the cat’s death isn’t a foreshadowing of Max’s future….

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