89 tagging the jasper


Vlad and I spent three more days at the campground.  He slipped out every night and I pretended that he was still in the trailers.  It wasn’t like summer when people would have been moving around, but still it didn’t hurt to have me go outside and call his fake name.  “Edward are you making the coffee or should I come do it.   Oh alright you men are helpless.”  That kind of thing at least once a night.  I also slept with the door unlocked while he was gone, but the 9mm was always close at hand.

During the daylight hours we went for drives around the holler.  Everything was within easy reach, so Vlad swore that he was ready for the meeting.  I  had my doubts but I trusted him.  The call came in exactly a week after the meeting that we didn’t make.  I expected that it was just a coincidence.  Surely they weren’t stupid enough to meet on the same day every week.  Especially since they went to all the trouble to move the meeting place around each time.

I did learn one thing during my time in the military, people will always surprise you with their stupid actions.  Even people. you believe to be intelligent. will act stupid from time to time.  No other one thing brings out the stupidity of the human animal more than interpersonal relationships.  Okay to call it what it is, people act stupid mostly to get laid, it seems to me.

“The call came telling us that Ivan had left with product.  It was up to us to figure out where the meet was to take place.

“I figure our best bet is to stick to Jasper like glue.  Maybe he will give me a hint.” I said.

“It would be nice to be there first, but if not I can follow Jasper to the meet.  That would be a lot easier if you planted a tracking device on him.” Vlad suggested.

“And you just happen to have one?” I asked.  Rather than answer Vlad handed me a disk the size of an American quarter, maybe a little thicker.  I put the disk in my purse for the time being.  “So you have been planing all this from the start?”

“Well I have a few things I managed to pick up along the way.  Look Maxine, I knew what I was going to do when I came here.  Meeting Blevins, who told me about you, was just a beautiful accident.  I could do this without you, but it wouldn’t be as easy.  Not that it is going to be easy at all,” he hurried to add.

“I guess I need to go find Jasper, but to be honest it seems a little early.  I’m just afraid that he will leave the holler without us seeing him at all today.  If he does that, we will be starting all over again.”

“If he doesn’t have the meeting in the holler. we might have to just swoop in guns blazing and take our chances.  Have you considered that possibility?” Vlad asked.

“The numbers will be all wrong, but yes as a last resort I considered it.  I don’t like it for sure.” I admitted.

“Nor do I, but I am not leaving this valley with Ivan still breathing.”  Vlad was quiet and very serious.  I knew how he felt.  In his mind he was on a mission.   Maybe it wasn’t a mission from God, but it was a mission none the less.

“Give me a ride into town and I’ll see if I can’t plant this coin on Jasper.”  Vlad nodded as he removed his heavy coat from the back of a chair.

“While you are gone, I will clean and check out the weapons.” he suggested.  I nodded my agreement.

Vlad dropped me in front of the community center.  It was where most of the people who didn’t have jobs went to spend their time.  The community center had computers and even WIFI if you wanted to use your own computer.  I used a dummy computer Vlad had bought for the trip.  It had no incriminating information on it at all.  I waited at the community center an hour but Jasper never showed.

“No Jasper,” I said to Vlad over the phone.  I’m going to the sandwich shop to see if he shows there.”

“Very well Maxine please be careful.”  Vlad said into the phone.

“I will do my best for sure,  You be careful as well.  He might at least give killing me a second thought, he won’t you, neither of them will.”

“You do know they will be coming for you as well, it this doesn’t work perfectly.” Vlad said.

“I know but thanks for reminding me,” I said with a laugh.  I quickly changed the subject because Jasper walked in.  “My, my our boy just came in with a girl his own age.”

“Be careful, he might not be in any mood for you,” Vlad said.

“Maybe not but I have to at least give him the chance.”  I shut down the phone, then finished my sandwich.  Jasper had a tray full of food when he headed my way.

“Move over bitch,” he said to me.

“Jasper, don’t talk to me like that please,” I asked.  I didn’t really care what he said.  I was just staying in character.  Jasper would be lucky, if the Russians didn’t cap his ass within 24hours of the hit.  That was payback enough for me.

Jasper sat beside me and the girl sat across from us.  She didn’t seem to mind all that much, so my guess was that it was true love.  In the crowded booth slipping the fake coin in his pocket was easy.  He was all marked up within two minutes of his arrival.  The next move should have been Vlad’s.

“Did you miss me bitch?” he asked with his sandwich in his hand.

“Why would I miss someone with that foul mouth?” I asked it to answer his question.

“Because you loved sucking my dick, didn’t you?” he demanded as he grabbed onto my arm.  His grip hurt but not so much that I had to answer, but I did anyway.  I wanted  him to keep me around a while.

“Yes I missed you,” I replied.

“Good that you admit it.  Some girls try to play hard to get.”  He paused then looked at me seriously.  “What about your husband?” He asked.

“What about him?” I asked.

“Doesn’t he object to you sucking other dicks?”

“He doesn’t like it, but I have the gift.  He knows that it is my gift that provides for our needs.”

“I see, do you use your girts often,” he said with a wicked grin.

“Not the ones you mean.  Those I only use when I must.  I do not enjoy that with strangers.”

“I shot cum in your mouth.  We aren’t exactly strangers any more.”

“No I guess we aren’t.” I admitted.

“Sarah and me are going to have a party, you should come along.” he suggested.

“I don’t think Sarah would be comfortable with that and it is her party,” I replied.

“She will be comfortable with it, if I tell  her to be.” Jasper said confidently.  I could see the fear in the young girl’s eyes.  I knew it was all new to her, why she was involved with slimy Jasper was beyond me.  Of course she might have felt the same about me.

I needed to stay with him for the whole afternoon, so she was just going to have to live with it, I thought.  I nodded my agreement then looked down.  I didn’t want to lose my character the sweet Sister Martha.  Only Jasper was supposed to know better and now Sarah.

I rode in the rear seat of Jasper’s car.  He drove to what was most likely some relative’s house.  If not now then maybe it had been at one time.  It looked pretty much abandoned, except that Jasper walked right in and turned on the lights.  He obviously lived there at least some of the time.  Hell he might live there all the time, I had no way of knowing.

Once we were inside and the lights on, Jasper lit the oil stove.  The one room was warm quickly.  We were all three sitting on the sofa shortly after lunch, when he pulled me to him.  He kissed me then pushed my face to his lap.  I knew that Sarah was watching as I unzipped his pants, then worked his just so, so cock out.

“Love that dick don’t you baby?” he asked.

“Yes, I love your dick,” I said as I kissed the head of it.

“Sarah have you ever sucked a dick?” he asked.

“No, I never have.” she answered.

“Have you always wanted to?” he asked.

“No, it looks so gross,” she explained.

“It is gross, Sister Martha?’ he asked me.

“No it feels wonderful to have a cock in my mouth.  I feel so nasty and so sexy at the same time,” I explained.

“Oh yes Sister Martha is a nasty cocksucker alright.  Aren’t you Sister.”

“Yes, I am a nasty cocksucker for  you Jasper.” I said.

“No bitch, you are just a nasty cocksucker period.  Aren’t you?” he demanded.

“Yes, I am a nasty cock sucker,” I replied.

“Show Sarah how to suck dick you whore,” he demanded.

I looked up into her eyes pulled off his cock and said, “Watch what I do.”  Then I bent back over his cock and accepted it into my mouth.  I sucked and move up and down stroking him with my mouth.  When I was into the rhythm. I took her hand and gently guided her down beside me.  I pulled off his cock then pushed her head down until she kissed the head of his cock.

“Lick his dick,” I said gently in her ear.  Jasper most likely did not hear me.

She began to lick his cock as she had seen me do.  Then without being told she took it in her mouth.  Not all the way to her throat but deep inside her other warm wet place.  I couldn’t believe how it turned me on to see her sucking his cock for the first time.

“Just relax and force it into your throat,” I said gently.  She tried but she was frightened.  I wasn’t worried I knew Jasper was a big enough prick to force her.

After she pulled away to gasp for breath he said to her, “I am going to cum in your mouth Sarah and you aren’t going to pull away this time.  Do you understand?”

She just nodded.  I waited until she had his cock in her mouth and was trying to relax.  I slipped my hand inside her blouse and massaged her breasts.  I also manipulated her nipples the way I liked to have mine done.  When I felt her tense a little, I move one to finger her vagina.  She was hot and wet.  She clung to me and she shivered as she orgasmed.  I enjoyed feeling her cum against my fingers, and with his cock in her mouth.

When everyone got through and were again themselves it was 6PM.  “I’m hungry for real food.  Let’s all go eat somewhere.” I suggested.  I said it with my hand wrapped around Jasper’s dick.

“Well, I have got some business, but not till eight, so sure let’s go eat.  It’s the least I can do for  you two.” he said.

“Yes it is,” I said with a giggle.  Sarah joined in.  I tried to drag out dinner as much as possible.  It was well after seven when we finished.  “You two are going to have to wait for me the the clover leaf while I take care of my business.” Jasper said to us.

“Bull, you have me all hot and bothered.  I’ll just wait in the car till you are finished then the three of us can start again only this time you have to take part Jasper.”

“You mean like fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes like that,” I agreed.  “Right Sarah?” I asked.

“Right Sister Martha,” she agreed quietly.

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2 Responses to 89 tagging the jasper

  1. Pretty good, other than titling the chapter 90 and it being 89…something I find I do too often myself on my blog.

    It’s getting exciting again!


  2. cindypress says:

    you are absolutely right. Shame on me It was 89 the whole time I wrote it then 90 on the blog.

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