90 The Ivan Solution


I knew Jasper’s plan, but he didn’t know that I knew it.  That gave me a leg up on him.  He took us to dinner about 6PM.  I knew that the meeting would probably be around 8PM, so it became important for me to keep Jasper busy until then.  I wanted him to take me to the meeting at least to wait in the car.

In order to arrange that, I kept my hand on his penis all through dinner.  I kept it erect and Jasper as close to the edge as I could manage.  I wanted getting laid to at least share his thoughts with the business deal that was coming.  I dawdled through dinner, and made sure Sarah did as well.  I kept her turned on, so that she helped me keep Jasper in the mood as well.  It must have worked because around seven Jasper called his next in command and told him they would meet at the cabin.  I had no idea what that was, but I assumed that Vlad did.  I went to the bathroom.  There I sent Vlad a quick text message telling him where the meet was to be held.  He had thirty minutes to beat them to the site of the meeting, and to hide himself with a clear view of the killing field.  My job switched from gathering intelligence to preparing for the hit.

When the hit ended, it was my job to be sure Jasper left with the drugs and probably the money.  There was no way I could wrestle the money from him.  Not to mention that I really did not want him to know that I was involved.  It was about 7:30 when we left the sandwich shop headed for the cabin.

Jasper parked the car in the front of the badly rundown log structure.  I was sitting in the front seat when he said, “You two stay here and stay out of sight.  This shouldn’t take long.  If you get cold you can always huddle together for warmth.”  he said it smiling.  I have no idea why all men seem to get off on two women wrapped in each other’s arms.  I don’t get turned on seeing too men all huggy face. As long as I could work it to my advantage, I just accepted it.

Jasper left the car when his cohort Brian pulled up in a small van.  Brian parked much closer to the cabin than Jasper had.  They sat in the van waiting for Ivan from New York City.  Of course I wasn’t supposed to know that.  We must have waited a half hour for Ivan and his crew.  I knew Vladamir would be miserable in the cold.  Still there was nothing I could do to help, so I put it out of my mind.

What I began to do was to search the car for weapons.  I had a large workman’s knife I had purchased from the Home Depot which would do fine for close in work.  I checked the glove box just to be sure Jasper didn’t have a spare pistol in the box.  No such luck, but I did find the trunk release.  If it became necessary, I could check the trunk for weapons.  Sometimes there would be a shotgun or an automatic rifle in the trunk of a crew car.  I doubted these guys were that organized, but one could always hope.

With Sarah in the car it would be hard to check for weapons on the off chance I might need them.  My assignment wasn’t doing the hit.  It was my job to manage the aftermath.  It was my job to get jasper and his crew away from the site, so that Vlad could clean up before the bodies were discovered.  It wasn’t really my job to convince them to get he hell away, it was more to keep them from doing anything stupid.

Sarah and I sat whispering while we waited for the boys from New York city to arrive.  Jasper and his gun hand Brian were still outside the cabin.    It looked as though they were for sure going to met the Boy from New York City outside the building.

Without warning and seemingly from nowhere the big Lincoln SUV pulled into the yard.  Three men got out of the SUV and I did indeed recognize one of them.  I would not have known that he was the brother of the man I killed, had Vlad not told me. I had seen him before and I had no reason to doubt Vlad.

I waited and watched closely as the events unfolded.  Once the three men from New York City were out of the SUV, Jasper and Brian left the van.  Each of the men from New York carried a canvas duffel bag  .All of them appeared to be relaxed, as did the men from Kentucky.  I wonder how long that would last.  Jast as I had that though Ivan’s legs just folded up.  There was a sound but it wasn’t a shot or an explosion just a high pitched whining sound.

The other two New York thugs went for their weapons.  They were looking all around when another one of them collapsed and died on the spot.  The third one was in a panic trying to decide who to shoot.  It didn’t matter he was still exposed and the third crossbow bolt took him.  If any of them were still alive I would have been very much surprised.  Even so I knew Vlad was in a hurry to get to the cabin to check them and then disappear.

“Jasper, come here, we have to get out of here,” I shouted.  He might not have been all that respectful of me, but he at least recognized when I told him something important.  He came on the run.

“Brian get the drugs and get the hell out of here,” he shouted as he bent to recover one of the bags from the body of a Russian..  Once inside he spun the car around throwing gravel everywhere.  Jasper was in one hell of a hurry.

“Brain had better have picked up the other two bags.” Jasper said.  He was thinking out loud I knew, so I ignored him.  All I wanted was to get back to the rv park and get the hell out of town.  “Brian, where the hell are you?” he asked into his cell phone.

“I’m in the car and heading away from the cabin.  I have the drugs and I still have the money.  What the hell are we going to do?” he asked.

“We are going to call the Russians and ask them what the hell is going on.” Jasper said.

“Be careful, they are going to think we killed their delivery boys and stole the drugs.” Brain said.

“That’s why we have to get ahead of this.  I’ll make the call and arrange to deliver their money.”  Jasper said it then he took a deep breath, before adding, “Then we have to find out who did this.”

“Jasper, I can’t believe it’s anyone on our end.”

“It has to be someone here,” Jasper replied.  “If not, why bother to do it here.  Someone is trying to fuck us royally.”  He put the phone away, then took a deep breath.

“What happened back there?” I asked all excited.  “Are those men dead?”

“Shut the fuck up.   I’m going to drop you at your trailer.  You best forget you ever saw anything.  Do you understand me bitch?” he asked.

“Yes I understand.  Are you going to be alright?  You sound worried.”

“Those were some really bad fuckers.  Yeah I’m worried.  If they find out you were there you should be worried as well.”

“I’m terrified already.  I don’t need anything else to frighten me.” I said.

When he pulled into the space beside the rental trailer, he asked, “Where is your old man?”

“I don’t know to be honest.  He might have gone into Lexington to try to find us a place to hold a meeting next week.”

“You know Martha, I don’t know shit about you or you husband.  You might have had something to do with all this.” He suggested.

“Jasper how could I have been involved with anything.  I don’t know what you are doing or why you are doing it.  As for those men, I didn’t know you were going to meet them, when you dragged me along.

“Yeah I guess that’s right.  That husband of yours is useless, the only thing he can do is clean up after real men.  Alright you better get the hell out of town.”

“Not a problem, whether Edward has a place for us or not we are out of here tonight.  You have my word.” I said.

“To bad you have to go, you gave the best blowjob I ever had.”  With that he move over and kissed me with lots of tongue.  I kissed him back. I did not want to ring any bells.  “Why don’t you come back after this blows over.  I can find something for you to do.”

“I am too afraid to even think about coming back here.”  I said it with my voice quivering.  I was finding out that I was pretty good at acting.

After Jasper left I drank coffee and worried about Vlad.  Both about him personally and how his fortunes at that moment would effect me.  The car we had been driving slipped into the parking lot with Vlad looking perfectly calm.  He walked from the car to the trailer without any quickness in his step at all.  Vlad was perfectly calm.  I continued to worry about Vlad.  He was definitely no ordinary policeman.  It was too late to be worried, the deed was done and I was right in the middle of it.

He walked inside then asked, “Everything go alright?”

“It seemed to, but I don’t know.” I admitted.

“There is no way to know.  We will just have to wait to see.” Vlad said in agreement.

“So you are expecting someone?” I asked.

“Not really but if someone does show up, I want to be ready.” he said.

“Not me I want to be gone,” I suggested.

“That is one way to deal with it.” Vlad suggested.

“It goes against your grain I know, but it’s the only way to handle it.  We have to leave Jasper and Brad to the Russians.  Not only that we have to leave Jasper and Brad for the Russians.  That was the whole plan.”

“I’m not sure we sold it,” Vlad said.

“No, you are not sure I sold it.  Well I sold it Vlad.  You made the hit and I got them out of there so you could cleanup.  So now they are calling the Russians to report the problem.  We need to be gone when the Russians get here.  You need to be out of the country and Sister Martha needs to cease to exist.”

“Alright, I’m going to take  your word for it,” Vlad said.

“Good now lets get the braces out from under this thing and get it rolling before Jasper changes his mind about letting me go this easily.”

“If he comes here, he is going to disappear,” Vlad said.

“Not many other ways it can go down,” I said in agreement.  We were driving out of the of the holler by 10PM.  I was glad to kiss it goodbye and Sister Martha as well.  I hadn’t even given the apartment building a thought since I left town.

If the few did anything for the two weeks we had been gone, I would have been surprised.  “I’m going to drop the trailer off, then I’m going to drive to the airport in Washington DC and get on a plan for Moscow.” Vlad explained.  “You can deliver the car to the rental agency when you get home.

“It’s not nearly as satisfying an ending as I expected,” I informed him.

“It never is, if you don’t do the killing with your own hands,” he said seriously.

“Do you think the Russians will kill Jasper?” I asked.

“Probably not, most likely they will know it’s me.”

“And me?” I asked.

“I don’t think they will know it was you as well.  There are no images of you as Sister Martha.”

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4 Responses to 90 The Ivan Solution

  1. jack says:

    Fast and effective, but will there but consequences. But that is fore another chapter. Thanks.

  2. cindypress says:

    is anything ever as it seems.

  3. Mike says:

    This story keeps on giving. Thank you.

  4. cindypress says:

    Thank you for commenting.

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