97… 4AM visitor

Kate’s car was parked outside the apartment’s courtyard.  There were no parking spaces anywhere else, except for the one space in the alley behind the building.  That space was located beside the utility room.  I parked there, but only after I looked over the whole courtyard using the images from the surveillance cameras stored on line.  I went through the rear door of my apartment.  Since it was the only apartment with a rear door there was no incentive for the other residents to park back there.  They would still have to walk all the way around.  Not to mention that there were tow away signs and I planned to call the tow trucks.

Once inside the courtyard I stopped and listened carefully to the sounds of the night.  There was nothing out of the ordinary.  The walk lights along the path from the gate to the building came on as they sensed me in the area.  Those kinds of sensor switched lights had become very inexpensive and available everywhere.

The downside to all the security for the residents was a thirty foot walk from the parking lot to their doors.  Not a big deal until it was raining, snowing or even bitter cold.  It wouldn’t be a lot of fun with an arm load of groceries.  I was planning to suggest a small folding grocery cart and a golf umbrella in the tenant’s car at all times.  We would just have to see how all that worked out.

Since they removed the drive through overhang and windows, my unit looked just like everyone else’s.  That was a good thing I thought.  I didn’t need to be all that easy to find.  But I knew that Martin would, and he most likely would do it that very night.  He had to know I made him, since he wasn’t trying to hide his identity.

My guess was that he would drop off Kate, then circle the block.  Most likely he would come park on the street, walk through the alley and try the rear door.  Well all that was, if he had a death wish.  Even thought I figured him to be from Swamp Thing, I had no intention of holding a professional at gunpoint while I asked.  I planned to blow his ass into next week, so he better be good.  My guess was that he knew I was expecting him.  “So Martin,” I said aloud.  “Let’s see how good you are, and if I’m worth recruiting.”

I will give him this, he wasn’t a rabbit in bed obviously.  He didn’t show until 4AM.  I had spent a lot of nights awake checking parking lots, so it was a magnificent thing to have the cameras.  I sat in the dark, but in the corner of my bedroom on a big ole pillow sipping coffee.  It was quite a step up from the back of a cold van with cold coffee.

I saw his SUV pull in beside Kate’s little foreign thing.  Then I watch both pull away after a few minutes.  After that I was wide awake and very careful to make no noise.  When he came he was quiet, but you can’t be absolutely quiet breaking into a place.

“Don’t Shoot Maxine, I come in peace,” he said from the kitchen.

“What makes you think I’m not asleep?” I asked.

“If you were sleeping, knowing what I allowed you to find out, I wouldn’t need to talk to you at all.” he said reasonably.

“So how was the bonus I threw you?” I asked.

“Enthusiastic,” he replied with a laugh.  He paused then went on, “How about some light while we talk?”

“Oh are we going to talk?” I asked.

“I certainly hope so, I spent a week scouting you out.” he admitted.

“Let me see if I got this time line right?  I survive my little road trip with Vlad, and you begin scouting me out, as you call it, while they finish my apartment building.”  He nodded.  “Now that it is finished, you are ready to have a chat?” I asked.

“Exactly, who said women weren’t intuitive?” he asked.

“Some man no doubt,” I replied.  “Turn on the light.’  When he flipped the switch on the wall, he was probably expecting a lamp or low watt overhead light.  He had to be shocked by the florescent snake like bulb hanging from the ceiling.  It was the equivalent of a 150 watt incandescent bulb.  I watch as he involuntarily shrank back.  It was an interesting effect, but predictable.

“So Martin, if that is your name, what can I do for you?” I asked.  “More to the point what can I do for Swamp Thing?”

“Edgar said you renamed everything.  I can’t say that I disapprove of Swamp Thing.”  He paused, and when I didn’t respond he went on.  “We are setting up a list of operatives we can call on for domestic security operations.  We need women, even more we need women with your unique qulifications.”

“Oh and what do you think those are?”  I asked.

“Let’s not play games.  We know you will sacrifice your body to get the job done.  There aren’t many who will do that.  You are also willing to trip a trigger without hesitation when it is necessary.”

“Or stand bye and let someone else do it, if thats what the mission calls for.”  I added that, since he obviously knew about me and Vlad.

“That to,”  In other words you are a smart, resourceful, and dedicated operative, just what we need.” Martin said.

“Not to mention a middle-aged white woman who doesn’t look like a hired killer.  Thanks but I’ll pass on the assassin job.”

“You know I wouldn’t be here if it were that.  This is a counter assassin position, if you need a name like that.  Your job isn’t to kill anyone,  It’s to keep the client alive.” he said.

“Sweetie, if it wasn’t to kill people, you would be out hiring college kids?” I suggested.

“Actually we do hire college kids as well, but sometimes we need their mother as well.”  He didn’t try to soften the impact of his words.  He knew that I would respect him less if he did.  “You have one more big plus.”

“What is that?” I asked.  “You have a safe house.”

“Oh no, this is not going to become some kind of viper’s nest.  I will not be hung by the Army of the Potomac,” I said.

“Come on you have to admit, 3K a month not to deal with tenants would be a nice hit.” he suggested.

“So you don’t want me to go out on assignment, just stay here and run the safe house when you have a tenant?” I asked.

“Something like that.  You have connections with the local Police.  Those would make you a real asset in a safe house situation.” he said.  “I can’t promise that we won’t need a middle aged lady to get lost in the crowd now and then, but mostly it will be run the safe house.”

“I need to think about it,” I said.

“Sure, take your time.  Just don’t rent any of the units until we talk about it please.  We would want you to rent a couple of them so the place doesn’t look deserted, when we aren’t around.”

I laughed, “Sure a cop, a fireman and a paramedic go into a shootout.  Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.” I said.

“Point taken, they do have to be special people.  Ones who know about you, but not about Executive Security.” he said.

“Yeah something like that,” I agreed.  “I had planned to rent to seniors, but you don’t want their kids here asking questions about mommy’s safety.”

“Yeah and students would want to rush out and get themselves killed.  Probably by one of us, since they would just be in the way.  We probably need to give the tenants more thought, but the place is ideal.” he said.

“Yeah well, you give it some thought and I will do the same.” I agreed. “Now if you will show yourself out, I would like to get to bed.”

“I don’t suppose you would like some company?” he asked.

“God, men are such dogs,” I said.

“I take that is a no,” he said.

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

Martin came to me smiling.  I could tell even after he turned out the bright overhead light.  “So are you Irish?” I asked.

“Yeah, somewhere back in my history.”  He said that just before he kissed me.  I could smell Kate’s scent on him.  Rather than turn me off, it was even more erotic.  That and he was ten years younger as well.  One thing about people who live and love on the edge, they don’t have near the number of hangups as the general population.  With us it is more take what you can, when you can.

As he kissed me I began to understand what Kate saw in him.  He had a nice thick lump in his pants.  As I kissed him, I felt that warm sensation in my tummy and gave into the feeling.  I didn’t need love, I just needed someone to hold me.  Sure I was more than willing to have sex with an almost stranger to not be alone that one night.

Besides there was something rather interesting in screwing someone right after they had screwed someone I knew.  Call it a desire for the kinky side, or just over active curiosity, but I really wanted to know what he was like .  Probably so that Kate and I could compare notes, if she ever showed up again.

I felt him lift the tee shirt which I had dressed in for the wait.  I felt his rough hands on the softer skin of my back.  The contrast was maddening to my over stimulated body.  I loosened his belt in response.  I couldn’t work his pants down but I could slip my hand inside his shorts.

His penis was warm and only semi rigid.  It felt wonderful to my touch.  My touch must have felt good to  him as well, since he moaned against my lips.  I felt him apply pressure to turn me, so that he could kiss my neck and manipulate my breasts.  His hands were magic and I dissolved into him.  When I felt his fingers move over my thin pubic hair, I knew that I would cum very easily. I was already on the verge of an orgasm.  When he manipulated my clit, I pushed my butt hard against his still covered penis.  I was trying to force an orgasm.

I felt him release me for a few seconds then he pulled me to him yet again.  When he did I realized that he was as naked as me.  I also realized that his penis had hardened completely.  It was trying to force it’s way inside me.  He pushed me to the bed, then down on it.  He turned me from my hands and knees onto my back.  Before I knew it he was between my legs licking and sucking on my swollen lips.  When he moved to lick and suck on my clit, I exploded into a huge orgasm.  Instead of releasing me he kept licking and sucking on my clit until I was again close then he forced his penis inside me.

I felt his thick cock spread me open and I was in another world completely.  His hard smooth cock spread the opening to my body.  I could feel the pain as ligaments holding my pubic bone were stretched.  While Martin drove his magical cock into me without mercy, I got lost and began floating in some alternative place.  I even helped him drive his cock painfully hard into me.  I helped him pound me, and it made me ache to have him to be even deeper inside me.  It seemed as though the pounding would never stop, nor did I want that to happen.

I was on the verge of a second orgasm when I felt him stiffen.  I knew he was on the verge of emptying his semen inside me.  I was close enough so that I beat my hips against his rigid body until I exploded as well.  It took several minutes for me to return to any real world thought.  I didn’t even try to assess Martin as a lover, I just accepted that he was great in bed, and move on with to my mundane thoughts.

“You know I can’t let this interfere with my decision about the place,” he said.

“Nor can I,” I admitted.

“You know I’m going to tell Kate,” he admitted.

“So am I,” I said smiling at him.  I knew that he was running a game on me and I didn’t care.  He was finding out, if I would be easy to blackmail.

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6 Responses to 97… 4AM visitor

  1. Jim Bairs says:

    God, our girl is SUCH a SLUT. Ya, gotta love her…

    • cindypress says:

      I thought the most interesting comment was when Kate said I have to tell you I never made love to a woman and Maxine says, don’t worry I have….

  2. Way to go slutzilla… where was she when viagra still worked for me. LOL

    • cindypress says:

      Maxine is my slutty friend. The one who can pull off the lady to a stranger on the street or someone in a business situation, but at heart is in it for the thrills.

  3. jack says:

    Hot action with suspense added to boot. Thanks

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