108 not a totally wasted day

I was awake, showered and dressed at 7:30AM, when the knock came on my door.  I hadn’t really expected Cheryl to show.  Sure, she was all excited the night before, but who knows what a soft party girl will really do in the harsh light of a cold morning.

“Good morning, you better bundle up Max.  It is gold out there.” Cheryl said.  She had only been ten feet, as far as I knew, and she already felt the cold?”  It is going to be an interesting morning, I thought.

“Oh, I’m sure it is,” I replied.  I picked up my final piece of riding gear, the slightly thermal nylon pullover parka with the hood.  When we left the store room, the bikes were both running and I was covered, with only tiny patches of skin exposed.  Cheryl had more exposed but looked gorgeous.  Oh well, it wouldn’t take long for us both to know how she handled it.

I led the way through town to the Hardee’s fast food restaurant.  It was no more than a ten minute ride, but it felt longer in the bitter cold morning.  We parked the bikes in a spot on the front, by the road.  Might as well attract some attention, I thought.

“So you okay?” I asked Cheryl.

“Hell, I’m better than okay.  That’s almost as much fun as sex,” she said.

“It’s more fun than some of the sex I have had,” I replied.

“Come to think of it, you are right,” she said as we walked toward the door of the restaurant.

I must admit that we got a lot more attention taking off our outer wear that morning.  When it was just me, hardly anyone noticed..  I didn’t mind sharing the attention, I even enjoyed the view myself.  Cheryl was a knock out blond.  She was just a very few pounds over weight, not enough for men to notice.  The great things was that her body, both top and bottom, matched.  Mine didn’t match at all.

When Cheryl stripped down to the tight wool pants, and even tighter sweater, men began to drool.  Even her tiny little belly fat was gorgeous.  We left the outer wear in a booth and went to the counter to order.   While I filled up my delta cup and ordered breakfast, Cheryl was very attentive.  She mimicked me as much as she could.  I figured she was just feeling a little lost and trying to fit in.

More people than usual nodded and said good morning.  Cheryl was proving to be a real asset, sort of like a flashing sign.  Frankly, I was enjoying watching her enjoy the attention.  She seemed to light up under all the glances of obvious admiration.

“I have never had breakfast inside one of these.  This is just so damn cool,” she said.  I suppose there were people who had never eaten inside a fast food restaurant, but I sure as hell didn’t know any of them.

“Glad you are enjoying it.  To be honest I’m enjoying the company.  You do know that most of this attention we are getting is because of you?” I said.

“Bull, these are your friends,” she said.  Then a second later she added,  “Aren’t they?”

“Sweetie most of these people ignore me, when I’m here alone.” I replied honestly.  I waited for her to respond.  When she just smiled, I changed the subject. “Are you a wanted criminal?” I asked.

“Lord no,” she replied with a strange look.

“In witness protection or on the run from some dangerous drug cartel?” I asked smiling.

“You are kidding right?” she asked with one of those things that could have been a conspirator’s smile.

“Yeah sort of,” I admitted.  “You know that I have a rather colorful past?”

“So I have been told,” she admitted.

“Some idiots want to make a reality TV show about my real life.  If you go along, you will be part of it.  They will pay you of course.  That is something their people will be talking to you about.  I just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t be in any danger.  I know the background of all the other tenants, and they should be okay with it.  I wanted to be sure that you would be.”

“Hell, I think it sounds like fun.  The real sluts of Aster,” she said with a laugh.  “Only people just think I’m a slut.  I’m not really.”

“In spite of the evidence to the contrary, neither am I,” I admitted laughing.  “Good then we are cool?” I asked.

“We most definitely are cool,” she replied smiling warmly.

“Good, then let’s fill up my coffee cup and go take a walk.” I suggested.  We did just that.  Cheryl was as big a hit at the mall as she had been at breakfast.  More people smiled and spoke to us, while staring at her flopping boobs.

“If we are going to walk like this, I need a better bra,” she informed me.

We got home at almost 10AM.  Cheryl left for her apartment and I cleaned up after my ride.  I didn’t really need a shower, but I did need to scrub my hands.  They had the smell of exhaust and gasoline on them.

Just before noon I had a call from Lois.  “Maxine some woman just called me to set up an appointment.  She wants to discuss a TV show.  Is that some kind of con?” she asked.   “She said you were involved.”

“Can you come over and I’ll tell you what I know.  You can decide about seeing her.  Was her name Jen?”

“No it was Gwen something or other?” Lois said.

“Ah come on over and I’ll fill  you in.”  It wasn’t two minutes later that the knock came to my door.  “So come on in.  I  have some coffee going.”

“Okay, the coffee sounds good.  I had no idea you were a TV star Max.” she said laughing.

“Trust me I’m not.  Here is what this is all about.”  I explained all that I knew to her.  When I finished, I gave here the same option as Cheryl.  “Tell them to go to hell or take the money and play along.”

“Hell, I like money and being on TV will be fun.  You promise you aren’t going to bring anything dangerous home with  you?” she asked.

“I am most definitely not going to be bringing anything home with me.  All of the work I will be doing for the Redheaded Stranger will be out of town.  I will also be using fake IDs, so it should be anywhere from very hard to impossible to trace me.  If you are worried about your safety, the TV folks will pay to move you to a different apartment.”

“Heck Max, I was hoping for a pistol that’s all.” she said.

“Now we can probably do that, but it’s safer if you don’t have a weapon.  If anything out of the ordinary happens, call me and I will take care of it.”  I was beginning to wonder if I had done the right thing by agreeing to do the TV show.

“Well, I can tell you right now, I’m going to take the money.  It sounds like a blast to me.” Lois said.

“Lois you can’t tell anyone until the first contract period is over.  Not even your kids.” I informed her.

“Oh this just gets better and better,” Lois said laughing.  “Now I’m in a James Bond movie.”

Gwen had obviously made it into town ahead of Mike.  She had probably decided to come back for a visit with Lucas regardless of my decision.  It was as good an excuse as any to try to figure out a way to weasel out of the contract.

I expected to hear from the EMT cowboy and Sarah Beth before the day ended.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Sarah Beth had already spoken to Gwen when she called me at 1PM.  She wanted to know if they would really pay her.  I told her that they damn will better or there would be hell to pay.  She seemed to accept that.

“So is this a porn shoot?” the EMT Cowboy asked.

“No it isn’t porn at all.  It might be R rated now and then, but not XXX.” I replied.

“Damn, I was hoping that it was.  That Sarah Beth is a cute chick,” he said with a leer I could feel over the phone.

“Down boy, I promised her grandparents that I would take care of her, and I take that kind of promise seriously.” I advised him.

“What if my intentions are pure?” he asked.

“That might be a different thing, but they aren’t. I can tell from your voice,”  I did laugh to make it easier for him to take.

A short time later, Mag7 blasted from on the top of the row of file cabinets in my bedroom.  I found the phone and said “Hello.”

“Max, it’s Cheryl how about we take a ride?  I need to buy some groceries and I would love the company.”

“You’ve got it,  I need to get away from this damn phone.  How much are you planning to get at the store?” I asked.

“Not much that little basket on the handlebars won’t hold much,” she said.

“Ah but honey, I have a small aluminum trailer we can put on your bike.  With it you can bring home not just the bacon, but the eggs and toast as well.”

“Very cool, I swear Max you are the best,” she said.

“Remember that when I have to scold you about something or other,” I replied.

“Okay, I promise that I will.” she said.  “How about fifteen minutes?”

“Sure come on over, it’s a little warmer now.  I won’t need all the Eskimo gear. “

We rode to the grocery store where she bought enough of everything for one or two people, no more.  I walked the aisle with her just looking and talking.  When we got home, I had messages from Gwen and the Redheaded stranger.  Gwen wanted me to call and left a number.  Martin said he would call back.

“Gwen, you don’t start for a week what is all this talking to my tenants?”  I said it as a challenge right up front.

“No Max, our agreement was that we start as soon as we find anything to shoot.  You and Executive Security Service start in less than two weeks.  We have that long to be ready to shoot but we can start anytime we want.”

“It’s not worth the effort to argue.  So what do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to tell your tenants and other friends that it’s okay to talk to me.”  she said.

“When you are going to talk to them, call and give me a heads up.  I’ll keep the phone with me, so that you can call me and just hand them the phone.  I’ll tell them then.  It will be better that way.” I said.

“Like you said, it ain’t worth arguing.” Gwen suggested.

Cheryl was the first to call.

“Max what should I tell this woman?” she asked.

“Cheryl, you can tell her anything about yourself that you want.  Tell her only things about you that you wouldn’t object to your mom knowing, because she just might after this.  I expect that the more engaged you are with these people, the more you will be in the show, and the more money they will pay you.  Of course you aren’t going to get rich from them I’m sure,”

“I know, but at least it is money I made myself,” she suggested.

“You can always talk to Johnathan before you sign anything hon,” I suggested.  “Once you sign that release, they can use anything you say to them and anything they shoot of you in a public.  They are going to follow me around, and if you are with me, then you are fair game as well.  That is if you sign the release.

“I understand all that, and Johnathan will just tell me to do what I want.”

“Then as long as you understand, pick your poison.”  I suggested.

I gave everyone the same advice when they called.  Gwen seemed to be satisfied with that.  Martin the Irishman aka the Redheaded Stranger, never did call back.

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2 Responses to 108 not a totally wasted day

  1. jack says:

    The plot thickens. Action is anticipated. thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    thickens like gravy have to do something with all this fat.

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