110 last hours of freedom

110  Last day of freedom..

By the end of the day Mike would have my apartment, and me wired for pictures and sound.  I needed to explain everything to Cheryl.  Hopefully, Lois and the others would have nothing compromising to say to me, or me to them.  Cheryl on the other hand might get outed by accident.  If that happened, it would be difficult for me to cover.

Since I had Cheryl on my mind the night before, I hadn’t slept well at all.  When she arrived I tried to find the right time to explain. I waited until the bikes were parked outside, and we were seated at at table inside of Hardee’s before I began my explanation.  It was hard for me to concentrate with her wearing that very tight thermal top and tight jeans.  In just three days she had gone from a well fitting soft knit tee shirt, to a tight thermal top like mine.  I had nothing to put in my top compared to Cheryl, whose top runeth over.

She was showing off her body and who could blame her.  The top was so full that no one took their eyes off her.  She obviously enjoyed the attention any woman would have.  If I had her body, I would be doing the exact same thing or much worse.

“You have obviously been shopping,” I observed.

“Yes I have.  Do you like my outfit?  We sorta match,” she said.

“Honey there is no way we are ever going to match.  You could wear a flour bag and be gorgeous and I could wear a Paris gown and look like  a pig.  But yes I love the outfit on you.  Mine is pure function, but on you it just glam as hell.”

“Why thank you Maxine,  Even if I did have to force the compliment from you, I appreciate it.” Cheryl said.

“You should be able to tell how I feel about you from the way I look at you,   You should also be able to tell from the smile I wear, when men look at you the way they do.  I think you are beautiful and I’m proud to be in your company.”  The little speech would help her self image, I hoped.

“I know, I just needed to hear you say it one time.” she smiled at me and I almost melted.  I was going to have a problem, but we needed to work things out quickly.

“Cheryl, starting sometime today they are going to have me and my apartment wired for sound and pictures.  People will be following me, and maybe even you, with a camera and listening to all our conversations.  They are going to be looking for things to make a good TV show.  Those are things you might want to keep off TV.  So be careful what you say and when you say it.  Always think before you speak, or do anything you might regret seeing on TV.  Trust me you have to be very aware.  I went through all this a few months back.”  I said it then waited to see if she would tell me anything,

“When I signed the release I read it very carefully.  I even had Johnathan’s lawyer read it.  He was very careful to explain it all to me.  I am pretty good at keeping secrets.” she informed me.

After eighteen years inside, she would be damn good at keeping secrets.  “Okay, I just wanted you to know this would be your last chance to speak freely.  After this morning just be aware.” I said.

She got very serious and a hardness came into her eyes as she said, “Maxine, I am always aware.”

After she made that announcement she returned to having her breakfast with a smile.  The smile was for her audience.  The group of men who were fascinated by her long blond hair and her big boobs.  I couldn’t say that I blamed them a bit.

“Now, I want to have easier access to my bike.  How are we going to manage that?”  It was the most assertive thing I had heard her say.

“I will have to give it some thought,” I answered.  I could not give her any control at all.  I knew that for sure.

“Right now Johnathan’s driver comes over from Tryon twice a week to drive me around.  I would like to change that to an on call status.  So it’s important that I arrange my own transportation.  I don’t really want the hassle of a car, so I need access to the bike all the time.”

“I have a rule about things stored outside the apartment, but maybe I can figure something out.”

“Maybe I should go back and get the bike with the removable engine?” she asked.

“You don’t want to store that engine inside your apartment.  They smell of gasoline.  Actually all you guys need storage, I should have thought of that when I converted the place.  Let me do some research and I’ll figure out something.  In the meantime get your self a good lock and a bike cover.  You can store it on the side of your apartment.  Park all the way back by the fence in the rear corner.  You can get a little protection from the winds back there.  We can get you a small sealed container to keep a quart or so of premix gasoline under the cover as well.”

“Very cool, so are you ready to go walk?” she asked smiling.  She obviously felt that she had won a round.  I could tell I needed to be careful not to let her take control.  It was another good reason not to become her lover.

We were about half way through our first lap, when she asked, “Where did you get your trailer, I want one of those.”

“The preacher’s bike shop can make you one for about a hundred bucks,” I suggested.

“Very good, I will give him a call when we get back.  I bet he can find me the right kind of bike cover as well.” she said.

“He most likely has one in stock.” I agreed.

We were sitting on a bench sharing the last of the coffee before we started the ride for home, when she asked, “When did you find out?”

I looked at her and wanted to ask, find out what, but I knew better.  I wouldn’t want her to play games with me.  “One of my friends told me yesterday.  Not all of it by any means, just the cold on paper facts.”

“Anything you need to ask?” she suggested.

“Not really, but if you need to talk feel free.” I replied.

“I don’t need to talk about any of it,” she replied convincingly.

“Then don’t,” I advised her.  “Just remember we are going to be wired after today.  Try to be careful these TV guys are not idiots.  Even if that Gwen chick might act like a moron.”

“I get the impression she feels the same about you,” Cheryl said with a chuckle.

When I got back to the apartments, Mike was ready to start work.  The first things he wanted to do was to explain how everything worked.

“Mike I don’t give a crap how it works.  Just tell me what I need to do to be safe.” I explained.

“Okay just a quick over view.  I tapped into your security feed for the outside shots of the place, if I need them.  I am going to install a couple of wireless cameras in your apartment.  Be sure to close your bathroom door when you need privacy.  I can’t see the shower, but if you walk around, there might be some reflections or something.” he admitted.

“So, do you have a good shot of my bed,  in case I get lucky sometime during the next six months?” I asked.

“Yes, but we promised no x rated video.  I will fade to black somewhere along the line.  Of course I will see it, but I promise I will destroy the footage.”

“I have more than your word for it.  If that footage shows up anywhere, I’m gonna have your ass, and you know it.” I said.

“Yeah I know it,” he replied grinning.

“If these cameras are wireless, how do I know they won’t get picked up by some hacker?” I asked.

“They will only transmit 50 feet.  The hacker would have to have my encryption codes and be parked inside that area to do it.  That’s way too sophisticated for a random hack and if he tried we would notice him parked that close.  Of course, nothing compromising goes on line.  It’s a direct camera feed to my control room in the apartment over there.”  He said it waving toward unit six where he was staying.

“I’m going to trust you here, but like I said before, you better be right.”

“This is for you as well,” he said handing me not so small plastic capsule.  It was a little bigger even than those red caps they use to stuff worm medicine down large dog’s throats.

“And what do I do with that?” I asked.

“Its a microphone and transmitter,” he said.  “It will transmit about 100 feet.  It is encrypted as well.  Not much chance anyone can find the frequency, then figure out the encryption software, and be parked within a hundred feet without us knowing it.”

“So where do I carry it?” I asked.

“That’s the beauty of it.  You can carry it anywhere you like.  Anywhere it will fit that is.”  He saw the look I gave him, then added.  “In your purse, in a pocket, it’s a little big for your ear and you probably won’t be able to swallow it easily, but any other orifice would work.”

“You mean shove it up my ass?” I asked.

“It would depend on how much chance you felt there might be of a search,” he suggested.

“Well, I have had bigger things up my ass and other places as well.” I said.

“I was pretty sure of that,” Mike said with a smile.

“Just get to it, and for now I’ll carry it in my the pocket of my jeans.” I said sliding the over sized capsule in my front pocket along with my keys.

Mike installed the cameras in just over an hour.   Since everyone was supposed to know that they were on TV, he made only a token attempt to hide them.  Well, those in the heat of passion might not know.  If they wouldn’t sign the release, Mike would just scramble their pixels for them.  He also added a cutoff for the surveillance camera inside the apartment.  It would somehow know when I was home and go to fuzz.  Then go back to broadcasting, when I left.  I had no idea how that worked, nor did I care.  I assumed that it had something to do with the capsule, but I didn’t ask.

He and Gwen couldn’t film me 24 hours a day, but they could be there often enough to be pests.  Even worse, they needed to be entertained.  I couldn’t be just my usual stay at home old lady self, I had to actually go out and do things, even when I wasn’t working for Swamp Thing.

“By the way,” Mike said as he was ready to leave my apartment.  “We have hired two more camera people for this gig.  They won’t be working the whole time but they will drop in now and then to shoot the secondary characters for a day or two at a time.

“So their lives will be in turmoil as well as mine?’  Mike nodded.  “Good,” I said with a grin.  No free lunches, I thought.

Everything was done and I was on the air by three in the afternoon.  Then things went back to more or less  normal.  At least as normal as possible with a 500 pound gorilla in the room.

Cheryl came over after she was sure Mike had gone.  “Maxine, I need the bike.  I am going to the bike shop for a trailer and cover.” she said smiling at me.  Since she was dressed to ride, her assets were hidden from view for at least a while longer.

“Sure come on back and I’ll let you in the storeroom.” I suggested as I led the way to the back of door of my apartment.  Once we were in the storage room, I leaned very close and whispered in her ear.  We are on the air audio, but so far no cam in the storeroom.”

She nodded.  Ten minutes later the bike roared into live and she was gone.

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6 Responses to 110 last hours of freedom

  1. jack says:

    very nice ,good build up looking forward to the action . thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    just trying to keep it interesting and reasonable.

  3. Eric says:

    I really like the Cheryl angle. I hope she becomes what Mosby should have been. Or is she the new Mosby…another plant for the new show? Hopefully the former and not the latter.

  4. cindypress says:

    Cheryl is destined to become more than Mosby was for sure. What I’m not quite sure.

  5. G says:

    The Cheryl character will have to be in-but-not-involved too much or this is going to be another Shakespearean tragedy eventually. Of course, Max seems to be fine with that type of life. I admire that she isn’t the typical brainless modern American that MUST be entertained during most of their waking non-work hours.

  6. cindypress says:

    Glad you can see that Cheryl is going to be a problem for me if not for Maxine.

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