111 this dont make us lovers


Since I had to entertain the TV clowns, I decided that we needed a trip to The Cop Out.  I had no idea which of the two clowns was on duty that evening, but I was pretty sure I would know soon enough.

“Hi,” I said into the phone. “This is Maxine.”

“Yes, I recognized your voice.  So what can I do for you?” Cheryl asked.

“I thought I would go to the Cop Out club for a drink after dinner tonight.  Would you like to come along and meet some local public servants.”

“Cops,” You are kidding?” she asked.

“Cops, Emts, firemen, and a nurse or two,” I suggested.   “And this isn’t a date or anything.  You just seem like you could use a little time out.”  I knew for a fact that Mike or Gwen was listening so they had been informed of my intentions as well.

“So, it isn’t a date, but we are going together?” she asked.

“Exactly,” I replied.

“So what about dinner?” she asked.

“Well sometimes I stop by the pizza and pasta pit for take out.  I usually get enough to treat the place.  I try to stay on the good side of everyone there.  I never know when I will need one of them.  I also never know which of them I will need.”

“You really are serious aren’t you?” she asked.

“Oh yes, so are you interested?” I asked.

“No strings attached?” she asked.

“No strings and if you are uncomfortable, we will split immediately,” I suggested.

“Alright what time?”

“8PM is usually the best time to get there.  Say we leave around 7PM to get the pizza first.” I said.

“That’s two hours from now, so sure why not.  I have time to take a shower and get all pretty for the cops,” she said in an extremely sarcastic tone.

“Good, I’m sure they will appreciate it,” I replied.

“So how should I dress?” she asked.

“Dress as if what you wear, will determine the outcome of the evening,” I said it with a giggle.

“You really are evil Maxine,” she said.  Then she laughed and the phone went dead.

I called Mike next.  “Hey dude, did you hear that call?”

“Yeah, I got it.  I’m going to send Gwen with you.” he said.

“Send Gwen, so you are the one in charge?” I asked.

“Pretty much, since Gwen got involved with Lucas, Marty and I aren’t sure where her head is.  Marty put me in charge of getting it done no matter what.”

“Fair enough, will she be bring Luke along?” I asked.

“No, she will not be bringing Lucas along.  Marty had a talk with her about priorities.” he admitted.

“Then tell her I will be leaving here a little after seven in the cruiser.” I suggested.

“Right,” he said.

After the call ended, I reheated a cup of coffee in the microwave and tried to decide why I had invited Cheryl.  I guess I was bored and wanted to shake things up at the Cop Out.  Cheryl, with that body, would do that for sure.   It should also be good for her ego as well.  Plus it would just be good TV, I expected.

Cheryl showed up on time and we picked up the pizza before driving downtown to the club.  “You are kidding, this club isn’t on main street, for real?” Cheryl asked.

“Oh yes, right in the center of downtown Aster,” I said with a laugh.

“Okay, but I promise you, if one of these jerks touches me, I’m going to break his finger,” Cheryl said.

“You can do that?” I asked.

“You aren’t the only bad ass bitch around,” she said smiling.  I put my finger to my lips to remind her of the microphone.  Cheryl nodded

“So let’s go dance with a civil servant,” I suggested.

“Why not?” Cheryl asked.

Once Cheryl removed the old navy pea coat, she was an instant hit.  She had boobs as far as the eye could see, and cleavage a man or woman could get lost in.  She saw me staring then asked, “Are you sure that we are just going to be friends?”

It was damn hard but I answer, “I’m sure.”

“You are an idiot,” she said with a hardy laugh.

“I know,” I replied.  I had spread the pizza out on a table.  Everyone knew that it was a sign for them to take whatever they wanted.  From the pizza assortment, not from Cheryl.

Before I knew it Cheryl was dancing with cops I recognized and men I didn’t.  Those were mostly medical people of some kind, I felt sure.   I danced a few times with men and even a woman or two before Blevins showed up.

“Well detective Blevins, it is good to see you again,” I said light heartedly.

“Good to see you too max, is the blond with you?” he asked.

“Not the way you mean, she is a tenant,” I replied.  “I thought I would show her around.”

“How nice of you.  Usually when you do that. someone I know steps in a pile of shit.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Jerry and Mosby is what I’m talking about.  He went into a tail spin after she left town.  You get one girlfriend of his killed and run off another.  You aren’t good luck for that officer,” Blevins said.

“Bullshit Blevins, he got the best sex of his life because of me.” I said.

“I will have to ask him to verify that,” he said.

“Tell him I said, he has my permission to kiss and tell this one time.” I smiled.

“To me this one is prettier.  Mosby was too young for my taste, this one is perfect,” he admitted.

“Well give it your best shot,” I suggested.

“I think I will leave that to the younger guys,” he said.

“Don’t forget the girls,” I suggested.

“Oh does she bat left handed?” He asked.

“I don’t have any idea, but I don’t rule anything out.” I suggested.  I had no idea how long Gwen had been in the club, but when I looked up she was sitting in the corner filming.  Her camera was pointed alternately at Cheryl and then at me.

Before I knew it, my cheap digital watch read midnight.  I left the table I shared with Blevins and went to the dark corner where Cheryl sat with a much younger woman.  “Hey Cinderella your driver is about to turn into a Mouse and your coach into a pumpkin.  Are you about ready to leave?”

“Max this is Lucille.  Lucille is a paramedic for the county.  Isn’t that fascinating? Cheryl asked.

“Yes it certainly is fascinating.  So you want to leave with me, or catch a ride with Lucille?” I asked.

“Lucille honey, I have to go home now, but you have my number,” Cheryl said.

“Sure, I’ll call and we can do something one day,” she said smiling.

“Time to go,” I said as the two of them looked longingly into each other’s eyes.

Once we were in the cruiser and headed home I asked, “Well did you have fun?”

“I had a wonderful time.  I want to thank you for taking me, even if it wasn’t a date.”

“You are welcome.”  I barely got the words out before I felt Cheryl move closer and rub her index finer under my nose.  The smell on it was unmistakable.  “I am going to make a wild guess, Lucille?”

“You are so smart,” she said.

“So now I know,” I admitted.

“Now you know,” Cheryl said.  “No strings attached.”  She paused a few seconds then said, “I have her number, if you would like to try her.”

“I don’t think so, is that what you want?” I asked.

“No I only want you.  Well I only want you right now, but I’m not looking for a commitment, just someone to keep me warm tonight.”

“I can do that,” I said softly. “But keep you warm is all that I can do.”

“It’s a start,” she said.

“So your place or mine?” I asked.

“Yours,” she said with a wink.  The wink told me that she remembered the camera and didn’t care.

Neither of us had enough to drink to blame anything on the alcohol.  I pretty much decided that nothing would happen but cuddling.  Anything more would have to be spur of the moment, and that would almost surely be the case.

Once inside the warm apartment clothes started to fall off us as if by magic.  First it was the coats which was the normal thing when coming in from the cold.  The coats were followed by my heavy sweater.  It had been worn to stay comfortable while sitting in a drafty bar.

After her coat anything else Cheryl removed would have been less than modest.  She wore only a low cut lightweight sweater and jeans over her foundation garments.  I was sorely tempted to kiss her, but resisted the urge long enough to start a pot of coffee.

“Are you doing okay?” I asked.

“Better than you it would seem,” Cheryl said.  “I’m not having an identity crisis.”  She waited a few seconds then went on, “I jumped on this apartment because of your reputation with the ladies, as much as anything else.”  Cheryl was being brutally honest with me.

“I honestly didn’t know,” I admitted.  “Like everyone else I thought, you and Johnathan were lovers.”

“I’m sure you did.  I wanted you to think that.  You would never have rented to me, if I came on to you.  I knew that,” she said.

“How did you know that?” I asked.

“Once we visited, Johnathan had you investigated.  I guess it was more research than anything else.  He was, and probably still is, concerned about your lifestyle.  Not just the men and women but the other stuff as well.”

She paused to stare at me a moment then went on.  “We discussed it.  He asked if I could take care of myself around you.  I assured him that I could.”

“Ah well, I am glad you took the apartment.  The only other person I ever rode the bikes with. and I are in different orbits these days.”

“Mosby?” she asked.

“You do know a lot, but not Mosby.  My former parter Lucas.” I said

“Ah the boy wonder, too bad about him and the moron,” she said.

“Damn Johnathan really did do a number on me.”

“He has way too much money, and nothing to spend it on these days.” Cheryl said.

“Too bad he and I aren’t lover’s, I could help him out with that?” I said.

“No you wouldn’t,” Cheryl suggested.

“You are right, I wouldn’t.  So, as the saying goes, are there boys on the side?” I asked.

“Now and then, but they are like a dieting woman’s desert.” Cheryl replied.  “Something for a very special occasion.”

“With me it’s more a cake and ice cream thing.  I like both equally,” I said.

“I won’t hold that against you,” Cheryl said.

“Damn, I was hoping you would hold things against me.” I smiled at her even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do.  Cheryl left her stool at the registration desk and walked into the tiny kitchen.  She walked right up to me and then she kissed me.  It was a warm friendly kiss at first.

The key phrase there is at first.  As kisses often do, it took on a life of it’s own.  First it was deep breathing and then lots of tongue movement.  That was followed by grinding from both of us.

Cheryl might not have had a penis to rub into me, but she did have a prominent pubic bone which was more than a little stimulating.  In other words kissing Cheryl was just as stimulating physically as kissing any man.  The pressure from her hips was more exciting than any women and equal to most men.

The coffee got ignored.  We moved quickly to the bedroom where exploring each other would be much easier.  I killed the lights even though I knew that it would make no difference to the new low light digital cameras.

I quickly managed to undress Cheryl.  It was more difficult for me to undress her, than it was for her to undress me.  My clothes just fell off me, but hers were molded to her body.  Everything she wore seemed to want to stay in place to protect her.

I took some doing but I finally had her breasts free.  It took only milliseconds for me to find her nipple in my mouth.  I sucked on it gently at first, then harder and harder until I was savaging it.  Cheryl moaned in pleasure.

Her hands ran through my still growing hair.  It was at least two inches long by that time.  Almost enough for her to grip.  Certainly enough for her to clasp between her spread finger to help with her hand hold.  It was an amazing feeling to be be suffocated in her soft fatty breasts.  She gripped tight and pulled me harder against her breast tissue.  I hoped that I was bruising her.  I wanted her breasts to feel me even after I was finished with them.

I had to use both hands to hold her boob to my mouth.  Maybe I didn’t really need to hold it up, but I loved the feel of her breast in my hand as well as my mouth.  I was becoming fixated on them.

She was actually the one who moved my hand from her breast to her pubic mount.  I was surprised to find it naked.  My finger glided easily over the steep mound of her pubic bone and slipped between the folds of the hood guarding her clitoris.  Her hips actually left the mattress when I touched her clit.  The tension and grinding of her hips against my hand told me she was having an orgasm.  It is always an amazing feeling to be connected to a woman when that happens.  It was even more amazing with Cheryl.

Since she had hardly been touched when she came, there was a extra thrill about it all .  It told me that she was going to be an amazing lover.  I let my fingers slip from her clit to her vulva.  I slipped two fingers inside her.  I felt her body trying to grip and pull them in deeper as her muscles spasmed uncontrollably.  I pumped at her body until she seemed to calm down almost instantly.  When she was calm I began to nurse on her again.  She cradled me until her breathing returned to normal.

“Thank you,” she whispered into my ear.  “It was all I hoped it would be.”

I thought I had been dismissed and that would have been fine as well.  Instead she rolled me over onto my back and she began to run her hands over my body.  It was an amazing feeling.  Her hands were rough.  I suppose at some point she must have done hard work with those hands.  She rubbed me almost raw with her rough hands, then she kissed it all better with her soft lips.

She roughly massaged my nipples until there was pain, then she kissed and sucked on them until they were on fire.  My hips were moving long before she slipped her finger onto my clitoris.  When she did, she rotated it in small tight circles.  First clockwise then counterclockwise.  Without warning I exploded into an orgasm just as she had done.  Even while I was in the midst of the screaming sensation, she forced her four fingers hard into my wet pussy.

I was stretched to the point of burning, but I still tried to suck them in deeper.  I fought with my hips trying to drive her fingers deeper inside me.  All the while my mind was in a different place.  I had no control over what my body was doing.  It was on erotic auto pilot and it was a good thing.  Otherwise I would have just shut down.

Unlike Cheryl my body didn’t shut down, it demanded more.  I pulled her down to me for a deep kiss then totally out of character for me, I pushed down hard on her shoulders forcing her head between my spread legs.

I began to climb toward another orgasm as I felt her rough tongue snake along my pussy lips.  The almost electric sensations her mouth was creating drove me mad.  I was way out of body, when I came again.  I came so hard I might have broken her nose, if she had been in the right position.  I was unable to do anything but lay in one place and feel my body twist and silently beg for more sensations.

I was still shaking when my mind rejoined my body.  I felt not at all tired or satisfied. I wanted still more.  I pulled Cheryl up from between my legs kissed her deeply then rolled her onto her back.

Without any preliminary I went down on her.  I kissed her clit and licked it up and down until she was moving her hips in a steady motion, then I changed the direction.  I began to manipulate her clit in a side to side motion.  She lost it at that point.  She pulled at me and tried to force my face inside her.  I worked hard to please her.  When she finally calmed down again, we held each other trying to regain control of our bodies.

She actually spoke first,  “You know this doesn’t make us a couple.  I’m not sure what it makes us, but definitely not a couple.”

“I don’t care what it makes us, but there is one thing for sure.” I said.

“What is that?” she asked.

“We are not going to be able to sleep in this bed tonight.  It is soaking wet and cold.” I observed.

“Then it’s a good thing that I live next door.” she replied.

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8 Responses to 111 this dont make us lovers

  1. Jim Bairs says:

    It’s hard to believe that this whole scene was filmed and blurred or not, it’s going to be graphic. I can just imagine a scene from one of the current “reality” shows that goes this far.

    If Max doesn’t care that this sort of sex play is filmed and shown it certainly shows her “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

  2. cindypress says:

    remember she told mike if the scene ever got out she would kill him. There is an understanding that it wouldn’t go past fade to black in acceptable television. Aslo look how many amateur videos of guys and their wives having sex there are out there that accidentally got revealed after the divorce.

    Plus in this scenario Max gave Cheryl the chance to move it to her apartment, and Cheryl knew there were cameras. She is the one I’m worried about her dad might see it one day. Max has always said you can’t blackmail me because I just don’t care. Remember Julie threatening to blackmail her with video.

  3. jack says:

    More than WOW that was some great action. Sparks are going to follow later on that is for sure . Thanks

  4. cindypress says:

    It’s going to be tough to strike a balance.

  5. Peter Sauve says:

    Great chapter.


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