118 all night long

A full shot of adrenaline makes me horny as hell.  It must work that way for other people as well, because when we got home Red and I went into the bedroom.  He even locked Mike and Gwen out.  When I looked at him questioningly her said, “Unless they want to join in, fuck em.”  At that point he pulled me to him.

We both smelled of beer and cigarette smoke.  Neither of us smoke, but it looked as though we were the only ones in Georgia who didn’t.  The smell was disgusting, but I didn’t give a crap.  My body was screaming to be filled and at that point I didn’t much care who did it.  Now and then my biological response system just takes over and ignores my better judgment.  I think that it is similar to how men’s biological response system works all the time.  I knew what we were doing was stupid.  We were still operational, but I just didn’t care.

Red and I were holding each other and kissing.  I was pressed so tight against him that I though I might just melt into him.  My body was screaming, so I ignored my female instincts to be ladylike.  Instead I began to tear at his clothes.  He was pulling so hard at my sweater that it would never be the same shape again.

I managed to get his cock out before he got my bra open.  I stopped to help him, just so he wouldn’t get frustrated and cause me even more pain.  The hard kissing with my split lip was causing me plenty without him adding more.  I stripped naked just to make things easier and quicker.

“I want that blowjob Asshole Atwood ain’t gonna get,” Martin said loud enough for Mike and Gwen to hear.

“Geese Irish,” I have a busted lip.” I said.

“I don’t care, suck my dick you slut,” he said it again.  That time in an even louder voice.  One loud enough for everyone within a mile to hear.

I knew it was the heat of passion more than anything else that caused him to act that way.  It made me even hotter.  I couldn’t wait to feel his cock in my mouth.  I dropped to my knees.  I kissed his cock, but I was just too out of it for subtleties.   I stuffed his cock in my mouth and began to maul it with my tongue and upper pallet.   I worked his velvet smooth cock hard against the roof of my mouth, then push hard on it.  I know he had never had a pussy that tight and I know it must have been at least a little painful for him, but I just didn’t care.  At that moment I would have fucked him and any two other men, I was totally out of control.

Every time I forced his cock into my throat I felt him pull on my short hair and groan.  I knew that he was close to shooting, but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing.  I drove his cock painfully into my throat.  I had totally forgotten the pain in my mouth.  I just wanted him to cum, so I could feel his body jerk and spasm for me.  I wanted to know that I had control of him.

He had more strength than I would have given him credit for.  He pushed me off his cock, took a deep breath, then turned and bent me.  I went to my hands and knees willingly.  I reached between my legs to guide him into my hot slippery body opening.  I needed his cock and didn’t want to waste even a second while he tried to find the opening.

I felt his cock slip through my lips and begin to move inside me.  Every inch he went in raised my excitement level.  I was riding giant waves of lust as my body worked its way toward orgasm.  I felt Martin’s body pressed as tightly against me as it was possible for him to do.  He was trying to drive even more cock into me than he had.  Then he quickly pulled back and drove painfully against me again.  He was trying to torture me with his cock.  I could feel my body fighting to respond as quickly as he pistoned into me, but it was hopeless.  I could not process all the feelings.  My body was lost in it’s own sensory overload.  It didn’t matter who was doing what to me as long as it kept going.  Then the world just went blank.  I mean it was just gone for a second or so.  When I returned to life, I no longer cared about the Atwoods or anything else.  I just wanted to lay there in my sex induced coma and respond to my body’s signals.

First it was convulsions, the it was hot flashes, then tremors, then cold wet sensations between my legs.  I felt it all and reveled in each one of the feelings.

Before I fully recovered, Martin, who had his cock buried in me while I came and then came down, began to withdraw it.  “Clean me,” he whispered.

I turned still on my hands and knees to find his cock at my mouth’s lever.  I sucked it deep inside my mouth.  I tasted his cum and also the stale taste of my own body.  I loved the taste of both, so I was lost in my own world again.  Martin knew me well enough to just let me suck and slobber over his cock until all the taste was gone.

“You do love that,” he said smiling at me.  “Nobody else I ever fucked loves the taste of cum and stale pussy like you do.” he said continuing to smile at me.  “You are the total slut in bed.” he said more seriously.

Then he did the strangest thing yet, even for him.  He walked to the door and asked, “Either of you want to fuck her.  She is willing?”  I lay on the air bed to see if anyone would show up, no one did.

It was hard for me to believe that it had only been 30 or so minutes since Martin and I arrived home.  I staggered into the living room to find them all trying not to meet my eyes.  Screw them all, and I probably would have ten minutes before, I thought.

“Mike, do we have a camera on the driveway entrance?” I asked my voice still quivering.

“Yes, I have been keeping an eye on it since Martin left the first time.” he replied.

“Good we will have to take shifts monitoring it for a while.  I think I poked the hornet’s nest tonight.” I said to them all.

“I’ll say,” Gwen agreed grudgingly.  “You might just get us all killed.”

“Most likely tonight nothing will happen, tomorrow you can leave.  Actually you have a car here you can leave now, if you want to live forever,” I suggested.

“Mike, can you get us a camera to monitor the Atwood farm.  I can plant it tomorrow night if you can have one ready.” Martin said.

“I can have a camera ready in a couple of hours, if you need it tonight,” Mike replied.

“That would be great.  If you get it ready, I can put it in place before sunup,” Martin said.

“It’s 1AM,  I can have it ready by four or five,”

“It doesn’t get light till six, but I would feel better at 3AM.  Maybe tomorrow would be better.”

I still wasn’t completely steady on my feet as I returned to the bedroom.  From the corner, I removed the shotgun which I had wrapped in a sheet when I loaded it into Martin’s SUV.  I had brought the new Mossberg pump short barrel shotgun, not the antique Winchester pump with the hammer.  I bought the Winchester only becaause it was supposed to have been used in the prison on Alcatraz island.  I have no idea, if that story was true or not.  I came to like the style well enough to have paid for the shotgun regardless.

I loaded four shells into the magazine of the shotgun and racked one into the chamber then put another into the magazine.  The shotgun would go beside the monitor from that time forward.  It would always be loaded and always ready in a hurry.

“Are yo u okay?” Mike asked.

“I’m fine just a little hung over from too much sex,” I replied.

“Yeah, I don’t think I ever saw a woman so drugged looking, just from getting laid,” he admitted.

“Well it’s the endorphin overload.  Between terror and orgasms, it is hard for the body to recover from it all.” I said it not even caring whether he understood or not.

“I get it, I was once in a car crash.  I wasn’t hurt, but I was unbelievably horny for a week,” Mike admitted.

“Yeah, that’s how it works on me as well,” I said in agreement.

“If no one objects, I’ll take the first watch.  I can’t sleep anyway,” I suggested.  Unlike men, that much over load didn’t knock me out, it just had me wired.

“Not at all,” Mike replied.  Since no one else objected.  I watched the screen while Mike did whatever boy geniuses do.    When my two h ours were over, I was supposed to wake Martin.  He was supposed to be on line from 3AM till 5AM, then Gwen took over till 7AM when I came back on.  Mike was building a camera, so he was exempt from the watch.

It was a boring night.  Nothing happened, so Mike and I talked some.  “So Mike do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Sure, we aren’t all that serious, but I guess she is my girlfriend.   I mean we have sex whenever I’m in Boston.  If she is doing it with anyone else, I don’t know.”

“Honey, if you don’t know, then for you she isn’t.  You don’t need to know anything else.”  He nodded and then went back to his camera.

After several minutes he asked, “Would you really have had sex with us all tonight?”

“I would really not have enjoyed it with Gwen, but honestly I probably would have.  I was out of my mind for a while.  The Irishman knew it to.”

“Maybe I should have then,” he said with a wicked smile.

“Too late now kid, and the offer may never come around again.  But I bet it will make great TV.”  I laughed.  Then a long second or so two later, Mike laughed as well.

When my shift ended I was happy to wake Martin.  I wasn’t sure how effective he would be, but it would be interesting to see.  I wasn’t sure her would make it out of bed at all.  I was more than a little surprised when he was instantly awake and alert.  I guessed that it was training and experience.  My next concern was about Gwen.  I was concerned but not enough to take her watch.  It was my guess that Mike would keep her awake.  They both knew to wake me and Martin, if anything happened on screen.  I was very specific, in that I didn’t care how small it seemed, wake me up.

Somehow we made it through the night.  I drank coffee and looked at the screen for several minutes the next morning before the car turned into the drive.  “Mike take a break from your camera and get the Irishman and Gwen.

Martin came with a M4A1 carbine in his hands.  He looked at the screen then said, “No time for an ambush,” he suggested.

“Go out the back door and into the woods before they get here.  We can at least get two different firing angles on them.” I suggested.

“You gonna be okay in here?” he asked.

“Go before it is too late,” I said.  I had no idea whether we would be okay or not.  I did trust that Martin could finish anything I started.

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4 Responses to 118 all night long

  1. G says:

    Whew! Those sex scenes and especially the motive dialog are just too real for comfort. Get outta our heads! 😉 I thing that’s what I like best about your writing style, you spell out the motive instead of just making it a stroke story. Whew again!!!

    Sounds like something, or somebody, interesting this way comes! I wonder if its the Grimy Brothers or somebody else? Friend, or foe? Time for two-a-days….please? 😀


  2. cindypress says:

    If I write any more every day I won’t have time for a real life. The visitor is going to be a surprised. I just figured out who it was I few hours ago myself. Yes sex without a reason is just an accident.

  3. jack says:

    Fight on the way and hot action in bed a good combination. Tanks

  4. cindypress says:

    Doing what I can to keep us all entertained.

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