126 The Chief with no Indians

126 chief with no indians


The TV kids were surprised when Haymarket’s chief of  police pulled into the drive.  Neither Martin nor I were, but we tried to pretend,


“Record every word and video every move that son of a bitch makes,” I demanded.


“You two stay inside, we will take care of this,” Martin said in agreement.


“So you staying or leaving?” I asked, when we were on the porch.


“I’m going to be here, till I’m gone,” he replied.  It was vague but I knew what he meant.  He was in the shit as long as he was with us.  No matter how he felt about it.


“So Officer, what brings you here?” I asked.  


“Just wanted to ask a few questions,” he suggested.


“Sure you can stand right there and ask.” I said.


“What about those dogs over there?” he asked.


“What about them?” I answered his question with my own.


“You didn’t have them the last time I visited.  Do they bite.”


“No idea, they wandered in this morning all hungry and shivering.  We fed them and they found a place to curl up and get warm.  I expect they will stay around until they get a better offer.”


“So they don’t belong to you?” he asked


“No and we don’t belong to them.  They seem to have just chosen to hang around a while.  So if that’s all you wanted to ask,” I said.


“The dogs are not why I came.  I want to know where you were at ten last night?” he asked.


“I was here at ten.  Where were you Martin?’ I asked.


“I was here as well.  The other two were here I know.” Martin said.


“Well Chief, it looks like we were all here,” I said.


“So you don’t know anything about a fire at the Atwood farm?” He asked.  Before I could answer he added. “Can you shut those dogs up?”  The dogs were making a hell of a racket but they were keeping their distance, so seemed pretty harmless.


“I don’t think they will listen to me, since I just met them this morning but I will try.”  I turned to the Mutt and Jeff and said, “Hush up.”  They fell silent for some reason.  I turned back to the cop.  “I don’t know a thing about any fire and neither does anyone else on this property.  So is that all?” I asked.


“Maybe we should go downtown and talk about this in my office?” he suggested.


“We won’t be doing that.  See Chief you have no jurisdiction here, and you have none at the Atwood farm, so we won’t be going anywhere with you.  Now if you want to bring one of those nice GBI cops back, we can talk.  I think they do have jurisdiction.  If you have some other trumped up charge, you are going to need swat to arrest us, and then it’s going to get sticky for you.” I suggested.


“You aren’t being very friendly,” he said.


“We can bring you a cup of coffee, if you like, otherwise we are through here.” I said.


“Well I guess you don’t want to end this before it becomes a war?” he asked.


“End what?” I asked.


“That’s what Blain Atwood wants to know.  Exactly what is it you want?” he asked.


“You are one sad little man,” Martin said.  “A cop running errands for a coward and a bully.” Martin said.


“This ain’t about me,” the Chief said.  “It’s about preventing more killings.”


“So far the killings have been the other guys.  I’m not sure there is anything we need to talk about,” I admitted.


“Then I will tell Blain that,” the Chief said.


“Yeah do that,”  Martin agreed.


After the chief left Martin turned to me and said, “I thought you wanted a sitdown with those guys.”


“That struck me as hinky.  I don’t want to walk into a trap.” I said.


“So next time they ask for a meet, we set the conditions?” Martin suggested.


“Exactly, if we are going to put our lives on the line, we are going to choose the place,” I demanded.  “And that’s what I will say to Atwood or his lap dog.”


“So any idea where?” Martin asked.


“That depends on you.  Can you hit anything with a sniper rifle?” I asked.


“I do okay,  What do you have in mind?”


“A meeting outdoors somewhere with you and my .22 magnum sniper rifle.”  It was the only plan I could come up with.


“I like it, but I have an M40A1 in the SUV.  It might do a little better job.” Martin suggested.


“Well, you are the expert,” I said knowing his weapon was superior to mine in range and hitting power.  Mine would do fine up to 300 yards, and would kill a man easily with a well placed round, but it had to be a well placed round.


“In that case let’s go find a place.  Every town has a park of some kind.” Martin suggested.  “The problem for us is that we have made such a big deal out of audio and video taping they will expect you to be wired.”


“They are going to insist on searching me.  I get that okay.  I don’t even mind.  Mike has a Mic which I can shove up my ass.  He swears it will work fine.” I said it smiling.


“An ass microphone, what will they think of next.” Martin asked smiling.


“Our next problem is how much do we tell the kids.  They have to know about the meet, but how much about the plan?” I asked.


“It’s your plan you decide.  I’m just the trigger man here,” Martin said smiling way to big.


“Well, we can’t leave them alone and we can’t all go together so how the hell are we going to scout out a place?” I asked it out loud to hear myself think as much as to ask for advice.


“Stash them somewhere safe and we go scouting,” Martin suggested.  It made perfect sense, if there were anyplace I felt that they would absolutely be safe.


“You tell me where you think would be safe?” I asked.


“Your plan,” Martin said smiling again.


“Courthouse in the county seat,” I suggested with a smile.  Where that came from, I had no idea.  “We just dump them and tell them to go watch a trial.”


“Beautiful, there will be hundreds of cops in and out of a courthouse.  We can use the burn phone to tell them when to come out and get into the car.  I love it.” Martin said.


“Good that is the solution to one problem.  So let’s get them moving, so that we can go look for a secure meeting site.”


“Secure for us but dangerous for them.” Martin suggested.


“I certainly hope so,” I replied.


The two TV producers were installed at the county courthouse twenty miles away in a town three times the size of Haymarket.  When we got back to Haymarket we began searching for a meeting spot.  Just in case the Atwoods really wanted to meet rather than just kill us.  


It took just an hour and a half to find a satisfactory spot.  It was a softball field on the city’s one real park.  The field wasn’t locked so we could all just walk onto it.  There was a clear unobstructed view from the top of a concrete block concession building.


“It’s going to be cold up there,” I said.


“Most of the places I have been it was hot as hell.  Cold will be a nice change,” Marting replied.


“Fair enough, if they ask for a meet again, we do it here or not at all.”  Everyone will feel safe in the middle of the field.” I said.


“I sure as hell wouldn’t,” Martin said.


“Is there anywhere you would feel safe, with this degree of threat?” I asked.


“Good point,” he replied.


It was after 2PM when we retrieved the TV crew.  “So what do you guys want for dinner?” I asked.


“I want answers,” Mike said.


“It is like I told you we went to find a place for a meeting with the Atwoods, if they decide to request a meeting.”


“Why did you stick us here for most of the day?” he asked.


“To keep you two safe.  Also, so that we didn’t have to worry about you so much that we couldn’t get our jobs done.”


We were almost home before Mike took his fancy phone out to check the camera footage.  We got a problem.  The chief’s car is in the drive but he isn’t in sight.  He must be inside.”


“What about the dogs?’ I asked.


“They are pacing back and forth on the porch,” Mike informed us.


“Well, we do have a problem.  He has seen everything we left in the house.  In my case it’s the weapons, even though there aren’t that many left.”


“All my stuff is deeply encrypted.  There is no way he could get to it.” Mike said.


“Well, he could have seen my fancy panties,” Gwen said lightly.


“Martin?”  I asked.


“I have nothing in the house but a change of clothes.  However we need to stop this shit right fucking now,” Martin said.


“I agree.  The Atwoods are convinced we are dangerous and I’m sure they have convinced  the chief, so let’s go in and scare hell out of him.”


“You mean fake it,” Gwen said.


“Sure fake it, that’s what I mean,” I replied as I watched Martin smile behind her back.


“We go in hot, I’ll go around back in case yo u flush him out.” I said.  “You three make a lot of noise and demand that he come out.  You know the drill.”


When Martin hit the brakes it was only after he spun the car so that it was between me and the house.  I jumped out and headed for the woods.  I circled around the house while Martin and the others left the car from the passenger side.  They kept the SUV between them and the house.  Martin did the talking.


“You in the house come out with your hands empty and behind your head.  Do it now.” He demanded.


“You do know I’m the Chief of Police?” was the answer he got.


“What I know is that you broke into our house.  You come out or we are coming in.   You won’t like what happens, when we get in there.”


“If you try to come in, I will shoot you,” he said.  All that back and forth took longer than it sounds here.  The reason I know is that I had time to slip in the house from the rear while the Chief’s attention was on Martin.


“And if you shoot him, what the fuck do you think I’m going to do to you?” I asked with the 10mm pointed at his head from behind.  “Put down the weapon and put your hands behind your head.”  I used his own cuffs to secure him just like they taught in the air police school.


“You guys can come in now,” I said once I had him cuffed and sitting on the floor. “Now what the hell did you think you were doing?”


“Nobody was home and I needed to use the bathroom,” he said as if anyone would believe that.


“What have the Atwoods told you about us?” I asked.


“Only that you were dangerous.  That you might even be a big city dope gang.” he said pretty confident that his badge was going to save him.


“Chief you are going to tell us everything you know and answer all our questions honestly and quickly.  Do you know why you are going to do that?”


“I’m not going to do that at all.” he said.


“Martin, he broke into our house and threatened us, don’t you think it would be fair if you did the same to  him and  his family?”


“I most definitely do,” Martin replied.


“Get his wallet, drive to the address on his ID, and corral everyone in the house.  Then lets see how the Chief feels when he listens to them die one by one.”


“What do you think Chief?  Does that sound fair to you?” I asked.


“You wouldn’t do that,” he said but with much less confidence in  his voice.


“Start with any kids you find in the house, then go to the wife.  Be damn sure mommy dearest sees her children die.” I said to Martin.   Then to the Chief I said, “We are experts at what we do, so how about it want to answer or listen to your family die.”


“You are bluffing,” he said.


“Irish go for it,” I said with a sick smile.


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10 Responses to 126 The Chief with no Indians

  1. Maxine, thy name is hardball. Oooh there goes another cold chill down my spine.

  2. Eric says:

    Wow. This story is really building up the tension and thrills. Can’t wait for the next chapters.

  3. cindypress says:

    I wish to hell I knew what the next chapter was going to be lol. I’m going to get on my bike and ride till I get some idea.

  4. Havalee says:

    What?!? You mean you have to make it up? It’s not like they’re living their lives like a reality-soap inside your head? *gasps in shock*

    Seriously, this story is like a high stakes poker-game between hitman and she just raised the stakes with a gold-plated .45

  5. cindypress says:

    it does play out in my head I just have to give it a clear mind to work in. What I usually do is see a scene from the next chapter and then write to have it make sense. And I had tomorrow scene come to me I just have to write it down. I would bet no one guesses it.

  6. G says:

    If he doesn’t have a family or bite, they’ve got a problem. Also, Batwood’s would likely have a lookout posted to watch their messenger boy. At least he would be required to check-in with them, so they will know he’s been ‘delayed.’

    Of course, they could make it look like he’s come over to their side. The Deepwoods boys would likely ‘handle’ him then. All it would take is to look up the ‘boyz number on his mobile, plant a bug on the good chief and send him packing packing back to his owners. He would either call them or go see him and they would likely reveal some details. Then Max or Martin could call them from a payphone and tell ’em to thank their ‘informant’ for telling them about xxxxxxx the next time they seem him. I don’t think they would be amused, and would likely take him out.

    But, what do I know about such things. Besides, that would be very Machiavellian and murderous for someone as sedate and calm as lil ole me.

    I do know that there are a number of women reading this story that haven’t said so much as ‘hi there.’ What’s up with that? Where are your manners, I know that you were reared better than that! All it takes is a, “I hate Gwenn….love Max…am in love with Max….love the sex…err, okay maybe not the last one….but, still. Make a comment and say hello! Bonnie isn’t just writing to testosterone poisoned macho-men, you know? 😉


  7. cindypress says:

    A very good idea, but they are going to know for sure he has gone over. What they do to him is up to them. I have a feeling they are more worried about Max and Martin at the moment. The turncoat chief my well have some use to them yet.

    I would hope there were some ladies reading but I honestly don’t know who the other two readers are.

  8. G says:

    Bonnie, just settle for women or female readers. Pushing for ‘ladies’ might be too much honesty to expect. Every ‘lady’ I’ve ever ‘known’ got apoplectic at the very thought someone might suspect that they secretly swoon, perspire, and moisten when thinking about kissing and being kissed or licked and licking another woman. They would surely die if expected to admit they were following Max and fantasizing or Jilling off here. :O

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