Blood and tears-no sweat

“Now Chief since you came to your senses and decided to talk, I’m going to give you a warning, as I always do.  I’m going to be asking you Questions about the Atwood brothers.  You are going to answer them truthfully.  The reason you are is because if you don’t, first we kill your family then we chop you into little pieces until you talk.

You will talk in the end, if you don’t talk, we have to kill what is left of you.  The only question for you right now is, are the Atwoods more important than your family?  You might also want to ask yourself this, are the good old farm boys, as bad as my friend, the Irishman, and me.”

“I already said I would talk,” he said bitterly.

“Good, but you should know that we already know a lot about the Atwoods.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here.  Now I will ask you questions to which I know the answers.  They will be mixed in with the questions I don’t.  Obviously you could lie to me, but you don’t know to which questions I know the true answer.  If you lie to me and I catch you, The Irishman is going to leave and kill your whole family.  There will be no reprieve.  Do we understand each other?”

“Yes I understand,” he said.

He had a little too much confidence to make me feel comfortable.  “That’s yes Ma’am from now on.  You are working for me now, or you are dead.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.” he replied.

The GBI had given us just enough information to ask questions that were probing and also convinced the Chief that I did indeed have information.  He had no idea how much information I had.

So for the next hour I questioned and browbeat him.  Mike recorded it all as we went.  When I thought that I had everything I could get from him, I said, “Chief you are going to do one last thing for me.  Then if you are half smart, you are going to take your family and get the hell out of Georgia.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am I understand.”

“Mike get those files off to our friends in Atlanta,” I said before I turned to the Chief.  “Now you go tell Blain Atwood that I will meet him at the outfield fence of the softball field in city park.  I will be there at 4pm this afternoon.  If he is there we can work a deal, if not, one of us is going to die.  He should know that I have the better gunslinger.”  I opened the cuffs on the chief, pushed him out the door, and watched him stumble to his car.

“Did you scare him enough,” Martin asked.

“We won’t know that until about five this afternoon.” I replied.

“The time is good.  It will put the sun in their eyes not mine,” Martin said with obvious approval in his voice.

“Got to get lucky now and then,” I replied.

“Right,” he said smiling.

“So here is the deal.  If you can cook up some kind of repeater, so that you can monitor the audio and video from here, then you will be a lot safer,” I said to Mike and Gwen.

“I have one.  If you can get it within a hundred yards of the Mic. I can monitor it here.”

“If you give us a video camera that we can just sit on the roof and point it in the general direction.  You can have some images of what goes down,” I suggested.

“They will be lousy images, but better than nothing,” he suggested.

“We got two hours Max, you wanna screw?” Mike asked.

“No thanks, but listen you keep a sharp eye out.  I have a feeling this is going to be like my C.O. used to say about spies.  “The bad thing about turning a man, is that he can be turned back again just as easily.”

“Right,” Mike said almost ignoring me.  “I knew he didn’t think anything could happen to him.  Too young and stupid I suspected.

For the next two hours, Martin and I drank coffee and worried.  Well for the first hour anyway, after that Martin went out to zero his scope.  I tested the microphone to be sure that Mike could really hear it from inside my body.

“It’s not really a microphone.  It’s more a receiver and transmitting unit.  Your whole body is the Mic and the antenna,” he explained.

“I don’t care just so long as it works, I don’t want to have done this for nothing.” I suggested.

“You get them to admit to sending the men to kill us, and we will put his ass in prison.  I guarantee you nothing will go wrong with my equipment.”

After the equipment check I drank coffee and worried.  I worried because there was too much that could go wrong.  I knew that a plan, as loose as the one we were using, could easily get us all killed.  I just couldn’t come up with a better one.

“Unless they were complete idiots, they were going to guess that the chief had gone over, but that didn’t matter to my plan.   If they killed him, that was fine with me, if they chose to turn him back, that was okay as well.  We already had what we wanted, intelligence.  We had sent the GBI enough information to start a wide ranging investigation.  It was mostly what questions to ask, and of whom to ask them, but it was a starting place.  It was probably more than they had before we rode into town.

Time was running out.  Martin and I loaded his equipment and Mikes camera complete with repeater into the SUV.  Before we could drive away, Gwen came out and kissed Martin with a lot of tongue.  I wasn’t at all surprised, nor was he.  I was surprised, when she kissed me exactly the same way.

Then she whispered, “Just for luck.”

“Of course,” I mumbled as I got into the SUV.

“Be careful, you know they are going to be extra careful,” I said to Martin when he stopped the SUV behind the concession stand.

“You to lady, you piss me off sometimes, but I don’t want to lose my first client.”  He said it smiling, as he used a ladder like I had never seen to climb the back wall of the concession stand.  The ladder had a single center pole and folding steps on each side.  He flipped it once and it became a ladder.

He was about half way up when I walked onto the field.  I felt naked since I left my 10mm Glock under the seat of the SUV.  I have to admit that I was so scared I had to pee bad.  I have no idea why, but before the shit starts I always have to pee, but the urge is gone with the first sign of action.  I knew that once I saw Blain, I wouldnt be able to pee, if my life depended on it.

I tried to be calm as I walked through the chain link fence.  As I walked over home plate, I could feel eyes on me.  I could only hope that they were Martin’s and his alone.  I walked to the pitcher’s mound and over it, I walked over what would have been second base, it the bases had been out.  Like most places, they were put out only for games and removed immediately after.  The walk to the center field fence made me very nervous.  I was in fact terrified.

I waited in the cold for about  twenty minutes before I saw the Italian sports car pull into the parking lot.  I watched Blain step from the car and walk the same path I had.  It took him only three or four minutes to reach me.

“Are you armed?” he asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Too bad, I am.”   He reached behind him and came out with what looked like a 9mm semi automatic pistol of some kind.  “You probably think that you don’t need to be armed, since your man on the roof has a high powered rifle on us.  The only problem with that is that my brother Thomas was there waiting for him.  I didn’t pull into the parking lot until I got the text message that your friend was dead.  I think you put it best.  “Gutted like a fish.”  He waited for my reaction.  “You are good, you have to be concerned, yet you are still acting calm.  I know you aren’t calm, but you are acting very well.”

“I’m not at all calm, more curious.  How did you know?” I asked.

“I knew because it is what I would have done.  I figured you were almost as smart as me.”

“Almost?” I said.

“Yes, now please turn and walk to the pitcher’s mound.” Atwood said.

“I don’t suppose you would like to talk this out?” I asked.

“So your friends back at the house can record it.  The only problem with that is they need power to make a recording, and we cut the power just before I drove in.”

“We, you mean you and the Chief of police?” I asked.

“Yes, by the way he said he would get you, if it was the last thing he ever did.  Well cutting the power was the last thing he ever did, but I promised I would do it for  him.”

“So you killed the poor man?” I asked.  I was doing it to keep him talking and also in the hopes that Mike had foreseen that possibility.”

I was standing on the pitchers mound when he answered me.  “He had a fatal accident.”

“I’m sure,” I replied.

“Now Maxine, I know it is cold but I want you to take off  your clothes.”

“You are going to let me die of exposure.  That’s not very sporting of you,” I suggested.

“Just do it bitch,” he said angrily.

I removed the camo hunting coat first.  “It’s not very easy to do a sexy strip, when you are freezing,” I commented.  He just waved me on with his pistol.  I removed my sweater, thermal tee and bra leaving me naked to the waist.”  I tried to smile, just to release the tension.  I couldn’t make it happen.

“Don’t stop bitch,” he snapped.

I opened the jeans I wore.  It was difficult to work them over the thermal bottoms.  I did manage to get them and the thermal long pants off.  As I stood in just my bikini panties, I was too frightened to be cold.

“Take them off too.”  I did as I was told.  “It appears that you didn’t come wired after all.  I guess sending the cooker and his friend to kill your geeks wasn’t necessary after all.  But what the fuck, it’s just more bodies to throw down a mine shaft.”

“Dead man and women tell no tales,” I admitted.

“Exactly, now get on your knees.  You are going to give me that blow job now.  And when I cum, you are going to die.  I wish you could tell me what it feels like to have a bullet in your brain and a mouth full of cum at the same time.  The longer you make this last the longer you live.  Now take my dick out and suck, or it ends for you right now.”

I guess I always wondered when and how I would die.  I certainly never would have guessed the way Blain Atwood had in mind.  I unzipped his trousers, then I worked his cock out,  I stroked it a few times but it was just too cold to bring it to life.  I had to take it into my mouth to warm him up so that it would at least get hard for me.

The warmth of my mouth worked magic on his cock.  It always does.  I could feel it growing in my mouth.  I would have enjoyed the sensation, if I hadn’t been expecting a bullet in my brain at any second.  I felt him begin to move his cock in my mouth.  I could feel him tense as I sucked against my will.  It was just too well connected in my primitive brain for me not to suck and move with him.

I felt him speed up his movements and I knew that I only had seconds to live.  I had to force myself to do it, and I knew that it meant he would shoot me instantly but I bit down as hard as I could anyway.  They say the force of a human bite is equal to that of a wild animal.  I don’t know, but I felt my mouth fill with something.  I knew that it was either blood or semen, I wasn’t sure which.

I heard the shot and expected the world to go blank.  Instead I felt myself covered in a warm liquid.  I hadn’t realized that I had my eyes closed, until I opened them to see Blain Atwood laying beside the pitcher’s mound.  I had a good sized piece of his cock still in my mouth, and his face was missing.

My reaction was to sit down in the dirt and cry.  What the hell, I needed a good cry, it isn’t every day that I have a severed cock in my mouth and a honest to god blood bath. I have no idea how long I cried.  When I got control of myself, Martin was standing quietly watching me.

“You are alive,” I said through my tears.

“Sweetie, a lot better men than Thomas Atwood have tried to put a knife in me.” Martin said.

“Who, who sent the text to Blain.”  I asked still shaken.

“I did of course.  I used Tommy boy’s phone.  You are not the only one who can think on their feet, you know.”   Martin said.

“We have to get to the house,”I said.

“No, you have to get dressed.  The state police are on their way.  I called the house, when I heard Atwood say he sent the cooker over.  Mike seems to have learned to use a shotgun somewhere in Boston.  He killed one with the first round, and the other one took off running.  He is probably in South Carolina by now.  Mike is an amateur he couldn’t shoot him in the back.”

“Then it’s over,” I said breaking into tears again.

“God, it’s a relief to see you cry.  I was beginning to wonder, if you were really a woman.”

“If you ever tell anyone you saw me like this, I will kill you.  You ain’t that hard to kill.”

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10 Responses to Blood and tears-no sweat

  1. Eric says:

    If Martin killed Tommy before Blain ever left his car, why did he let Max get naked and blow Blain? What was the point? I kind of missed the reasoning there.

  2. Jim Bairs says:

    I ask the same question. Why allow Blain the chance to kill Max? As soon as he threatened her he should have died. I don’t understand. Help us….

  3. Fred says:

    Wow totally unexpected. Well done.

  4. cindypress says:

    This is all going to be explained in the next chapter. But they are excellent questions and I’m sure Maxine want to know the answer to that as well.

  5. Havalee says:

    Well, they were being recorded and all… It’s bad television killing people in cold blood without justification and such, besides this way the chances on doing time decrease significantly.

  6. cindypress says:

    half right and very significant the video feed was going to the house to be recorded Martin couldn’t stop it without incriminating himself. there is a second reason in the next chapter.

  7. I gotta secret or at least I think I do…. I will wait till tomorrow so I don’t mess it up for everybody else… or get it wrong and look like an old fool…. old yes I am but hopefully not to much of a fool. Way to go Bonnie, I think my wife is in love with you. That or she is thinking about doing a Bobbit on me. Well either way she sure is smiling.

  8. cindypress says:

    You might think you have it worked out but I expect there is a surprise in the next chapter for everyone. Probably the last surprise for a while. LOL….Give your wife a kiss from Maxine anywhere you like.

  9. done, she called me an old fool then kissed me where I like best….

  10. cindypress says:

    Then life is good. lol

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