132 Al’s Panties

Cheryl was coming home from work, when I left for Big Al’s Pawn Shop.  “Where are you off to,” she asked as I passed her on the walk.

“I have to see a man about a bike.” I replied.

“Are you going to buy another one?” she asked.

“No somebody stole mine this morning and I’m going to go discuss it with  him,” I said.

“Not without me you aren’t,” she said as she turned back toward the gate.

“No Cheryl, this could get messy and you are on parole,” I tried to explain.

“I won’t carry a gun and I won’t shank him, but I might kick him in the balls.  Let’s go,” she demanded.

“If I take you, then you have to do exactly as I say?” It was a question and she knew it.

“Alright exactly as you say, no questions, just do it.  I know the drill, so let’s go.”  She seemed excited.  I didn’t think that it was a very good sign, but I went along with it against my better judgment.

Gwen came out of the TV apartment as we were about to pass it.  “Why don’t we car pool?” she suggested.  “You never know when you might need a video file.”

“Girl power,” Cheryl said with a smile.  The smile she gave Gwen worried me as much as her wanting to come along in the first place.

“Sure why not,” I knew that the necessity to keep the two of them safe would keep me from doing anything stupid.  We decided to take the Cruiser.  It had a bit more room than the rental car, which Mike and Gwen shared.

“Get your GPS thingie,” I said.  “We might need to do a few more errands one never knows these days,” I admitted.  The hood, as the cops called the area around the project, wasn’t all that far from West End, were my converted motel was located.  Not in miles, but in attitude it was a million miles away.  West End was poor rednecks, but they all worked at something it seemed.  Very few of the poor people in the projects had jobs.  I didn’t even want to know what most of them did for money.  I just wanted to know that they kept it away from my part of town.

I followed the directions from the GPS lady.  She knew what she was doing alright.  She led me to the parking lot of Big Al’s Pawn Shop without a single misstep.  Big Als was a converted three bay 40‘s style service station alright.  The bay doors had been switched to glass store front windows when the Korean family owned it.  Big Al had those windows covered with security bars.

“Jesus this place looks like a mini prison,” Cheryl said.

“Well in this case the bars are supposed to keep people out,” I said.  But you could be right maybe we should check for signs of white slavery while we are in there.”  I was being frivolous

“Couldn’t hurt.” Cheryl said.. “She doesn’t talk at all does she?” She meant Gwen.

“Just if she want’s something from us.  She is the chick that isn’t really here.  Do not look to her for help of any kind.”

“Then it’s like she really isnt here?” Cheryl asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like.” I agreed.

We left the car with Cheryl and I walking side by side and Gwen following while seeming to talk on her cell phone.  I knew from my discussion with Mike earlier, that it was a pretty high tech camera not a phone at all.

I walked through the door and was confronted by a rather large white man with a bald head.  Since he didn’t smile, I didn’t either.

“I need to see Big Al,” I said to  him.  Somehow I figured him for the muscle, not the brains of the operation.

“I’m Big Al, and I know who you are Ms Stone.  I have been expecting you,” he said.  When I saw who was speaking, I wanted to laugh my ass off.  Big Al was under 4 feet tall.  He was what we used to call a midget.  Now, I think they are called little people.  Can you say politically correct, hogwash.

“Then you probably have already worked out your story.” I suggested.

“Why would I need a story?” he asked.

“One to keep me from calling the police,” I suggested.

“Seems to me you are short on evidence of a crime.  You did take your bike back after all.” he said smiling one of those smart ass, catch me if  you can jail house smiles.

“Okay, then we have nothing to discuss.  I will be happy to call the cop de jour anytime. You might want to rethink the ‘you are short on evidence’ thing though.  Since I have a video of the incident at your warehouse..”

The one where you stole the bike at gun point?” he asked.

“That would be the one, where your man explained that the bike came in only an hour before I arrived.  Also the one where he explains the boss handles all that kind of thing.”  Okay it never happened like that, but I figured I might as well give it a try.

“So you have a gun in his belly and he tells you what you want to hear.  I don’t think that will do me any harm.”

“I would be willing to bet that the local cops or the DA has a file on you.  Probably the FBI as well.  Interstate movement of stolen merchandise is a criminal offense.  If they don’t have a file, I bet I can get one started.”  I paused then added.  “I bet I can also fill that file in a week.  It’s what I do remember?”

“Alright let’s negotiate,” he suggested.

“All I want to know is who placed the ordered for my bike,” I demanded.

“His name won’t mean a thing to you and I would like to keep him as a customer.  How about I just explain the why, that will be more than enough I’m sure.”

“So what do you want in return for this information, that may or may not be enough?” I asked.

“First of all we both forget this unfortunate incident,” he suggested.

“I think, I can manage that,” I replied.  I didn’t any any desire to get the cops involved.

“There is more, I want a pair of your panties.  Ones you have worn.”

“Why, you little pervert you,” I replied. I found it amusing not at all disgusting.

“They aren’t for me.  Let me explain about the bike.  When I do, I think you will also understand about the panties.

“Why you sick little pervert.” Cheryl said to him.  Then to me she said, “Lets just beat it out of him.”

“Let’s at least hear him out.  There is plenty of time to beat him, if he is holding back.”I said.

“Are you forgetting about hulk over there by the door?”  he asked.

“Not at all, I plan to shoot, and plant a cold gun on him.  It always works with thugs,” I said smiling sweetly.

“Okay, I got a call from a guy I know in New Jersey.  He wanted to know, if I lived in the same town as you.  Your information from the online TV thing has gotten around.”

“Okay, so you told him sure, we are practically blow buddies,” I suggested.

“Not quite, but something like that.  He said he had a customer that would pay big money for things that had been used on the TV show, since they were also used in your real life, they have an even higher value.”

“So how much was the bike going to bring?” I asked.

“He said my cut would be ten grand,” Al said.

“Ten grand for a five hundred dollar motor bike?” I asked.  “Why would anyone pay that.”

“Because you rode it in that Online TV show thing.  You are a sensation and the hyping of this new show only makes the old ones more popular.  They have a big time cult following.  The new show will get a TV audience, but the old one has an online audience in addition to the TV one to come.”

“Al, that is the craziest thing I ever heard,” Cheryl said.

“Crazy or not it’s a fact,” he said.  “They are hyping the show as the sexiest thing ever on cable TV.  That pair of panties you are going to give me will be worth a thousand dollars at least.  Just give me the panties and a note saying that you really wore them and I can sell it for a grand in a day.”

“This is freaky,” I said.  “I’m not sure that I’m ready for this kind of thing.”

“Every girl wants to be a celebrity.  Just sit back and enjoy it,” Cheryl said.

“Wait till it’s you they want to put on the spot, and trust me Cheryl it will be you next.  You are more attractive and more interesting than me.  You are going to be a big reality TV star.  If they are desperate  enough to take me, they will fall all over themselves to line you up.”

“They aren’t knocking my door down,” she said.

“Wait till the audience sees your body.  They will kick me to the curb, I guarantee it.”

“So are we through here?” Al asked.

“Not yet, you are going to stop stealing from me.  You are going to tell  your customers that I am off limits.  If you want my panties you are going to pay for them.”  I didn’t mind that he had them at all.  I just didn’t want to give  him anything.  It would be a bad president to set.

“How much?” he asked.

‘Two hundred bucks and I’ll go into the back room and take them off right now.” I suggested. Big Al didn’t bat an eye.  He reached into his front pocket to removed a roll of bills.  From the roll he removed two, one hundred dollar bills, then he laid them on the counter.

I left the bills on the counter and went through the doorway to the back room.  “Cheryl make sure Al doesn’t try to take a free shot,” I said.

“You heard her Al, keep away from the doorway.”

Once in the back room, I found a spot not in the line of sight from the front of the store.  I quickly removed my jeans.  Since I had taken time to change from my bike gear, I was able to remove the bikini panties easily once the jeans were off.  I was naked below the waist for only a few seconds, then I quickly replaced my jeans.

“I walked out holding the panties in my hand.  I picked up the two hundred bucks, then deposited the panties onto the counter.  Pleasure doing business with you.  Maybe we can make a deal again some day,” I said as Cheryl, Gwen, and I left.

Once we were in the car I said, “Okay what can we do at 2pm that costs $200 bucks?” I asked.

“Shopping, you said that you need new clothes.  Let’s go buy you something sexy.” Cheryl said.

“Something I would never buy for myself.  Cheryl you pick it out.” I said in agreement.

“In that case it’s off to the mall, not this little one here.  We need to go to the big one over in Tryon.” she demanded.

We went from store to store looking for just the right thing.  The right thing to Cheryl not me.  I would have been happy with any of the dresses we saw.  Most were just simple wool that were overpriced but as long as it was less then $200, I was willing to go along.

The last dress we looked at was not black as I had expected.  It was a very low cut red dress.  Since my boobs were small it would look pretty good, I thought. It would be impossible to wear a bra, since the dress had a halter top with a deep opening in the front.  The opening went even below my breasts.  I would have to be careful not to bend over in that dress,

I could tell that Gwen had been in heaven all afternoon.  What she had, was some really good footage of Cheryl and me.  Cheryl was going to be a hit I just knew it and Gwen did as well.  Then I realized that off and on Cheryl had been smiling a little to warmly at Gwen.

I wondered if Cheryl planned to try to convert Gwen, in order to get more air time.  It sure seemed as though things were moving that way.  Then I realized that I didn’t really mind even if she did.  I didn’t mind anymore than I had objected to Kate’s being in her place when I returned home from Haymarket.

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4 Responses to 132 Al’s Panties

  1. Well now you gone and get me in BIG trouble. I asked the missus to buy a new “red dress” and I appear to have been a little to specific. How was I to know she is now reading your story too. Oh well the swelling should go down pretty soon.

    I hope Cheryl doesn’t break Maxine’s heart to badly. That Gwen is sure a fickle bitch, kinda reminds me of my fourth wife.

  2. cindypress says:

    Forth wife lol. I’m glad your wife is reading it as well. Keep you honest.

  3. jack says:

    Wonder what being cooked up with Gwen? Thanks

  4. cindypress says:

    I have no earthly idea. Something I’m sure.

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