134 the cruise and how to use it



“You are going to have to do better than that, I don’t understand.” I demanded.  I was standing in her office when I said it.  I had gone there, rather than finish the discussion on the phone.


“Some rich guy decided it would be fun to go big game hunting off the coast of Somalia.  He chartered a cruise ship or a yacht, whatever.  I’m not sure what it is really.  He and a few of his friends are going to go cruise and hope they get attacked.  They want the thrill of combat again.  I think he is a former ranger or green beret, some such shit.  Anyway it’s kind of a reunion cruise, more than anything else.” Jen said.


“So why the hell do they want me?” I asked.  “You know, I’m not okay with murder.”


“It’s for bait.  They need the cruise to look legit.  So they need a wife for the captain.  or girl friend for one of the friends, I’m not sure which.  You won’t be required to pull a trigger, except in self defense.  Come on Max, it’s only two weeks, and they really need a babysitter.”


“In two weeks Jen, I could be very dead.  Not to mention taking Mike and Gwen down with me.”  I thought about it another minute then said.  “Well maybe they aren’t  a good enough reason to refuse, but you know what I mean.”


“It’s up to you.  Think about it and let me know.” Jen said a little disappointed.


“What’s the payday?” I asked.  I knew Jen well enough to know there was a real payday involved.  Even though it wasn’t her money, she loved the game anyway.


“Ten K from the cruise guys and another ten from the TV people.  They want excitement they have to pay.” Jen said.


“That’s a lot of money for a two week job,” I suggested.


“Yeah well like you said, there is a certain amount of danger involved.  I figured that would appeal to you though.  You probably would have done it free. if they had come to you without the TV crap.”


“Are you sure they want the TV people filming their little safari?”  I asked.


“That’s another reason they want you.  If anyone can keep them out of prison, they figure it’s you.”  Jen said it with a smile.


“There is no way to make this look like anything, but what it is.  It’s an ambush to commit murder.  This will only work, if you make the trip legit, and then these guys sign on as security.  Then they have to conduct themselves, as if they were providing security.  In other words respond only.  The can’t set an ambush.” I said.  “You need to find out more about the boat, then get some papers on it to cover why it is in the Somalia waters.  A church aid delivery mission, something like that.  Then the guys on board will have to just hope the pirates take a run at them.  If you can talk them into all that, then they have a chance of walking.”


“Okay, let’s set up a conference call with the guy who leased the boat.  Maybe we can work out some kind of cover with him.” Jen suggested.


“Go for it,” I replied.


“Oh by the way as a bonus, I have the GBI sending your weapons back.  They said you could come get them, but I worked it out so they will ship them instead.”


“That would be a target the Pirates can’t pass up.  An arms shipment would bring them out.  Try to find someone who can leak that to the pirates.  Then find a legal cargo to put on board the ship with the proper documentation.  When the pirates come, the crew refuses to give up, so there is a fight.  The security force does the best it can.  God knows it isn’t what we wanted.” I suggested.


“That will play, of course now the TV people know and it’s moot,” Jen said.


“Actually they don’t know,” I showed her Martin’s Bic lighter that wasn’t a lighter at all.


“So, if I can make it kosher, are you in?” she asked.


“Set it up, so I feel we have a bullet proof plan, and I’m in.  Once my weapons arrive that is.”


You don’t need a weapon, those guys are going to do the gunslinging,” she said.


“It’s to protect me from them,” I said with a laugh.  “All that life or death shit, makes men horny as hell.”


“So it does,”Jen said with a giggle.


I left Jen’s office since the call would have to be arranged for the next day due to the time difference.  The drive home had me thinking. I didn’t want to kill pirates, but maybe I could at least make sure they right guys got killed, if there is such a thing.  I would really feel bad, if I found out later that it was some poor fisherman that got killed.


When I arrived home, it was late afternoon.  Even I knew that it would be approaching midnight in Europe.  I assumed the organizer of the trip would be somewhere in Europe at the moment.  Jen had said that she needed an answer the next day, so I needed to think.


I was tempted to stop by to see Lucas and Ed, but thought better of it.  Lucas was most likely still under Gwen’s spell.  I would hate to have him asked me about her.  I had no idea what her status was at that time.  Ed on the other hand would be bugging me to come back to the office to work.  He always said I should work from his office.  I was sure he just missed Helen’s breakfasts.  She came by the office a lot less frequently, since I moved out.


When Helen hit the active part of my brain, I thought about finding her a retail outlet store.  That was what would work best for her, rather than a restaurant setting.  I thought hard about all the buildings, which I knew were vacant and for rent.  Nothing seemed to fit the bill.


Just as I was about to give up racking my brain, I noticed a used car lot with no cars.  What it did have was a one and a half story brick office building.  The dealer had never had a shop of any kind, so the building was just one large room.  The showroom was big enough to feature two cars and three banking partitions.  I knew because I swung in to give the place the once over.


I had a feeling Helen and Jack could get a good deal, since the economy was down.  Most every night on the news, there were stories about how bad the auto industry was suffering.  I didn’t expect that there would be much demand for the spot.


“Hey Helen it’s me Maxine, I am calling to tell you about a place you and Jack should look at.”  It was the message I left on here cell phone’s voice mail.  I also left the address and the few details I could get from a quick look.  I also sent her the information from the sign on the front door.  I had no idea if the space would be suitable or not, but it at least showed that I had the outlet on my mind.


I met Cheryl at my front door twenty minutes later.  “So are we on for dinner?” she asked.


“We are always on for dinner,” I replied.


“Only if you are around.  I think you are especially antsy today.  My guess is you are getting ready to leave me again,” she said.


“Actually, I do have a job offer.  I’m considering it at the moment.  It’s only a couple of weeks though.”


“And of course it is just a walk in the park,” she said.  “Before you answer, I have seen some of the tape from Haymarket.”


“It won’t be like Haymarket, I can assure you.” I replied.


“I want to come with you,” Cheryl said.


“Absolutely not, I don’t want to be worried about you, when I need to act.  Besides Helen needs you or she wouldn’t have hired you.” I said reasonably.


“You should not be doing this at all, if it is so bad, that you would be that concerned about me.  Plus I can take care of myself,” Cheryl said.


“The answer is still no on this one. but I will think about it if something else comes up,” I replied.  “Now lets go to dinner.  What do you want to eat?”


“Besides you, how about Mexican?” she asked.  “Helen and I don’t cook Mexican.”


“Sure, I love heart burn,” I said laughing.


“I’ll make your heart burn, when we get back,” Cheryl said.


“Promise me anything, but give me heartburn,” I suggested.


“I wish it wasn’t so cold.  I would love to do take out and go eat in the park.  After dinner I could make you eat me in front of god and everybody,” she said.


“I had no idea that you were such an exhibitionist,” I replied.


“I’m not.  You would just hate doing that and I love to see you do things you are afraid to do.  You are so cute when you are in distress.  You are a woman with a gun, who takes no shit from anyone.  Yet you would be looking all around to be sure no one sees you with your head between my legs.”  Cheryl laughed after she said it.


“You know when you talk like that it turns me on,” I said.


“Of course I know, you love being dominated.  I don’t think you are a submissive.  You just prefer to lose the fight and get on your knees.  At least that is my take on it.” Cheryl said.


“My take is I just do what I feel like doing at the time.  There is no rhyme or reason to it. just me reacting to you.” I said.


“Take that hard bread stock and put it inside you.  Then give it to me to eat,” Cheryl demanded.


I slipped the bread strick under the table, and worked it inside my body.  I left it inside me only a few seconds.  I didn’t want it to get soggy.  I, on the other hand, got very soggy when I watched Cheryl eat it with her salad.  She smiled a lot while she did.


“How do you feel about having Katy join us?” she asked with an evil smile.


“I don’t think that she or I wold be comfortable with that,” I replied.


“Of course not, that really is the point.  Doing things you don’t really want to do reinforces my dominance over both of you.” she said.


“I suppose there is truth in that,” I said in agreement.


“So, should I call her on my cell phone?’ Cheryl asked.


“Do whatever you feel is the right thing to do,” I replied.  I refused to be trapped into any word games with her.


Cheryl picked up her phone and punched in the speed dial.  “Be at the apartment in a half hour,” she said.


“So, I guess Kate is going to be the entertainment tonight.”


“I would say that remains to be seen,” she said.


“You did know that you can really be a bitch?” I asked.


“Of course I know that, and I also know that’s what you love about me.  I remind you of yourself.” she said with a laugh.


I left the tip, then took the check to the register. The bill was reasonable, since most of the places we ate, got chosen for the food not the status.


“So are you remembering what Kate’s mouth felt like on your cunt,” Cheryl asked.


“I wasn’t, but I am now,” I replied.


“She has a sexy little mouth doesn’t she?” Cheryl asked.


“Yes, she does have some talent there, but she isn’t as experienced as you and I,” I replied.


“She will quickly learn what she doesn’t know now, with the two of us teaching her.  It would be a little easier, if you two liked each other.  Not nearly as much fun for me, but easier,” Cheryl suggested.

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4 Responses to 134 the cruise and how to use it

  1. I just know I am going to regret Vi reading about the bread stick. She already asked me which I like better: garlic or onion flavor.

  2. cindypress says:

    sounds pretty good to me you are a lucky man and which was it

  3. jack says:

    Sounds like things are going to get heated up again.I think they gad better take some real fire power on this cruise.

  4. cindypress says:

    Surplus law missiles is about all a true civilian can get these days. I expect that even those are regulated. Might be easier to get Russian rpg. Those things are everywhere I thing. At least they are all over the evening news.

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