135 call a spade a shovel



The timing was correct almost to the minute, when the knock came on Cheryl’s door.  My reaction couldn’t have been more inappropriate.  “How the fuck did she get through the security gate?’ I asked Cheryl.  “If you have somehow gotten Kate a key, I am gonna throw your ass out of here.”


“Shut up and open the door,” Cheryl demanded.


I looked through the spy hole in the door to see Gwen standing outside.  “What the fuck are you playing at now?” I asked, just before I opened the door.


“Gwen, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked not at all gently.


“Cheryl agreed to a in depth interview.  She called a few minutes ago and told me to come over.  Why is this any of your business, anyway?” she asked in snappy voice.


“Good point,”  I turned by back to her, then said to Cheryl, “Good try but I’m not interested in this game.  You need to find another player hon.”  I said it as I turned to leave.


“What the hell is she talking about?” I heard Gwen ask, just before I closed the door.  It was a short walk to my own apartment.


I should have been angry, but instead I found it amusing.  I wondered how long it would take Cheryl to bring Gwen over, or if she could.  It was all smoke and mirrors with Gwen. To her nothing was real.  After all her whole live was about Illusion.  Yes it really was all smoke and mirrors to her.


Since I had already had dinner, and I wasn’t going to be playing house, I decided to just catch up on some TV shows I had missed.  The Internet was great for that.  I was shocked to see that on one of the major cable stations, there was a promo for my silly reality TV show.


The voice over was by some gravely voiced dude.  I had no idea who he was, or if he was supposed to be someone I should know.  “Maxine Stone is a real Private Eye, not some TV show bullshit,” he said.  “If you want to know what her life is like, take a look at the old web TV shows.  They were made of her real life last year.  If you already know, then hang on to your hat, because Max is back and more bad ass than ever, in her new Realty Network show, Meet Maxine.  The things she does, and is willing to do, will blow your mind.  I have to warn you, this is not for minors or the weak of heart.  The isn’t just reality TV.  It is real life at it rawest caught with hidden cameras.”


There was more bullshit, but it was hard for me to watch.  They were running bits and pieces of the old shows, along with out takes of the new stuff as well.  At least I finally knew what everyone was talking about with the new promos.  Those things as much as told people that I was a foul mouthed skank.  Well I am pretty graphic in my language, and my life too, I admit.  Even so no woman wants to be portrayed as so slutty that you can’t let your kids meet her.  I had to wonder, if that was true in real life as well.  I mean did people avoid me, because I was to ‘earthy’ as my mom used to say.


I decided that I needed a real drink.  Instead of the Cop Out, I drove the the liquor store.  I sprung for a fifth of Canadian Club whiskey.  I usually drank some pretty rank bourbon, but I was in a mellow mood.  I stopped by the convenience store for ginger ale.  It was the same store where I had stopped the robbery a couple of months before.


“Miss Max,” The Korean owner said in here sing song voice.  “How you been?”


“I have been fine, how have you been?” I asked.


“Very good,” she said.  Her accent was heavy, but her English was really quite good.


I walked back to the cooler containing the sodas.  I returned to the cash register walking slowly through the store.  I picked up a bag of chips, then checked out.


“You be careful,” I said.


“I think you need to be more careful than me,” she said smiling at me.


“I’ll keep that in mind.”  I said waving as I went out the door.


Once I got home, I poured myself a stiff drink then began to watch TV on line.  Not streaming TV, but on line reruns of shows from the last three weeks.  The more I drank the less interested in the shows I became.  Finally after four drinks, I wasn’t even paying token attention to the shows.


“Screw this,” I said aloud.  I closed the site and pulled up an adult chat room from my bookmarks.  Once I got through all the bullshit I signed in as lostlady41.


On an adult chat site a woman just needs to sign in.  It is guaranteed that the men will find her.  After I signed in the windows began to pop up all over the place.  Mostly it was guys who claimed to be teenagers looking for older women.  The second most common pop ups were from men asking, Do you have a daughter.  Those I closed immediately.  The young guys I usually took the time to explain that I didn’t chat with younger men.


Hey lost lady, how are you?  The pop up from Daddy 24 read.


I’m just fine how are you? I typed.


Horny, his answer read.


Asshole, I typed.  Then put his ass on ignore.


Hello slut, the next one read. it was from someone called ‘mean daddy’.


Sorry you have the wrong person… Bye.  I typed.


Hey Max it’s good to see you again.  The words came from SimonSays.


Good to see you as well Simon.  I haven’t seen you in a while, I wrote.


Ah so how is the job? he asked.


The job is fine, how is yours? I asked.


Good, boring but good, he wrote


All jobs are boring at times.  What is it you do again?’ I typed.


You know damn well that I’m a tax attorney, he wrote.


Ah yes, just testing you, I answered,


I know you still don’t believe me, he wrote.


Never believe anyone on the net. just have fun, I replied.


Then you aren’t a woman, you are an old man with a big belly. he suggested.


Absolutely right,  I have a huge red penis in the nightstand beside my bed, I admitted.


We have been chatting for over a year now, I feel like I know you, and I feel like you know me, he wrote.


Not at all, when there is no mystery left, then I am history, I wrote.  Also it hasn’t been a year.


Then let’s drink to mystery, I assume you are having a drink?

Of course I am.  I never come here unless I am having a drink, I replied.


I think you also have to be bored to come here, he suggested.


That too, I typed.


So what are you wearing? he asked.


Jeans, a v neck sweater, panties, and a bra, I replied.


What kind of panties? he asked


You should know by now that I only wear bikini panties, I replied.


Of course, you are wearing way too many clothes to be talking to me.  Simon says take off the sweater.  he wrote.


It will be really difficult to do that tonight.  I am being filmed at the moment. I replied


Why are you being filmed? he asked.


I’m not home.  I’m at an Internet access point.  The spaces here are videoed.  Just to prevent this kind of thing.


Then reach down under the desk and rub you cunt for me, he wrote.


I slipped my hand under the desk so that the camera couldn’t see me.  Yes I lied about the Internet access place, but I was being filmed.  I rubbed the space between my legs even though it was outside of my jeans it still felt good.


Are you doing it? he asked


Oh yes, I replied.


How does it feel?’ he asked.


You know it feels damn good. I replied.


Then tell me it feels good to rub your cunt, he demanded.


It feels good to rub my cunt for you, I replied.


Do you wish it was me rubbing it for you?” he asked.


Oh God yes, I would love to feel your hands on me just like this.


Even if we were being filmed? he asked.


Yes, even if we were on tape,” I replied.


Now open your jeans and do it right, he demanded.


They could tell when they checked the tape that I was masturbating, but they couldn’t see the details for sure.  That being the case, I did as I was told.


Do you want to be naked for me? he asked.


Oh yes I want to be naked for you. I replied.


Do you want to cum for me? he asked


Oh yes I want to cum for you. I answered


Then do it.  rub your clit and finger fuck your cunt until you cum hard for me. he demanded.


I did it and was on the edge of an orgasm when he wrote.  Say it out loud.  Say you need Simon’s cock, he demanded.


I wanted to refuse, but I just couldn’t I said the words to the camera and then I came for what seemed like several minutes.  It took several more minutes for me to compose myself.  I knew either Mike or Gwen would review the tape tomorrow and see me masturbating for a stranger on line.  What they would do with the tape was anyone’s guess.


Did you cum for me, slut? Simon asked.


You know I did, i wrote with shaky hands.


Good then go to bed and dream of my cock, he wrote. and was gone.


I went to bed alright, shortly after I signed off, but I didn’t dream of SimonSays.  I dreamed of Cheryl and Gwen.  Lucas even made it into the dream.  It was a terribly erotic dream.  I awoke in the middle of the night and masturbated again.


I awoke at 7AM which was about average for me those days.  The phone rang withing minutes of me leaving my hot shower.  “Why didn’t you tell me that you had found a place for Helen to open a diner?” Cheryl asked.


“I honestly didn’t think about it, since it was just a building.  Did she and Jack go look at it?” I asked.


“They went last night and again early this morning.  They are going back after we get all the trucks out.  I think they like it.”


“It would be nice to have a place to sit down and eat, her food.  She has better food, than any of these fast food places.” I said honestly.


“I know.  It is really a hell of an idea.  I would love to work there.”


“You know that it isn’t cooking,” I replied.


“I can work something out I’m sure.  It doesn’t take much cooking to run that kind of place.” she said.


“I would wait patiently to see what is going to happen, before I jumped into anything.”  I meant it to be helpful.


“Well, I am not you and you are not me, as you pointed out so clearly last night,” she said.


“Speaking of last night, how was Gwen?” I asked.


“Fuck you Max,” she said.  “I have to get back to work.”  Then she was gone.  The connection was broken.


I dressed as warm as I could, then went for my bike ride.  I had breakfast and walked at the mall.  I got all that done before I arrived at Jen’s office for our 9AM conference call to the rich guy in Europe.


“So Jen, call the wacko and lets see, if he is reasonable, or just out in space somewhere.” I suggested.


“Give him the benefit of the doubt Max.  We have no idea what his true motives are.”


“I doubt that it is anything more than blood lust, but I will let him tell his side of it.”






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6 Responses to 135 call a spade a shovel

  1. bigguy323 says:

    Well, this wasn’t my favorite chapter. The internet web sex is not my gig and I don’t really like Max when she’s too submissive. I think she shines when she’s in control and kicking butt.

  2. John says:

    Great reading! Can’t wait to see what happens on the cruise and with Cheryl!

  3. g says:

    I wonder if the strange European gentleman also buys used women’s panties? Quite a setup, with Cheryl too. She sounded quite pissed at a missed opportunity, or perhaps making head-game Max mysteries. Time will tell…..indeed!

  4. cindypress says:

    I haven’t figured out who the pantie buyer is myself. we may never know.

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