145 on the cusp

“You did good, with Mary Ellen,” Alex said to me.


“I’m sure she thinks the motivation was pure jealousy and she would be a little right,” I said it with a laugh.  “Anyway that’s one problem out of the way.  We need to talk about the captain.”


“What about him?” Alex asked.


“He says he is going to surrender the ship and cargo, if we are challenged,” I informed him.

“Well, he sure as hell isn’t going to do that,” Alex replied forcfully.


“Well then you need to search the belongings of the crewmen.  I don’t want to see any surprise weapons on crunch day, if there even is one.” I said.


“I can do that, I’ll take one of the guys and do a shakedown inspection.  I’m writing their checks, so they better go alone or they are gone at the next stop.” He informed me.


I went back to working on my tan while Alex conducted the search personally.  I was almost asleep in the shade of the wheelhouse, when he returned.  “Well were there any surprises?”


“I’m pretty sure one of them is gay, but no guns or explosives,” he admitted.


“Then the captain will have to pass out weapons, if he intends to surrender the ship.  People with weapons don’t look very docile to pirates, I’m sure.  So he isn’t going to want to show weapons.  It’s kind of a toss up whether he and the crew will try to stop us.  My original plan should work.  just add him to the rest of the crew and detain them in the mess hall until the issue is resolved one way or another.”


“Always something ain’t it,” Alex suggested.


“Usually and seldom are they good things.  I figure we need to just play along with the captain since he thinks we are gun runners.  He might just be on the pirates payroll and not know it.  They are getting information somewhere.  At least, I think they are.  They may be just random acts.  Like if you cross their path on the right day of the week, when the stars are aligned just so, but I doubt it.”


“I know it’s hard to believe in random events, but I guess now and then they do happen.” Alex said.


“Do you know where your friend Jeff stopped before he got to the Somalia waters?” I asked.


“Some little port I can’t pronounce.  It was about a hundred miles north of Somalia.” he informed me.


“Then we should stop there as well.  That might be the link to the pirates.  Put in for fuel or something.” I suggested.


“That sounds like  reasonable plan.  We can be as sloppy as possible with our security and maybe someone will bite.” he said in agreement.


“This part of the trip was supposed to be pure vacation, but it looks like there are lingering issues, like the captain, and Mary Ellen, which are going to make me work after all,” I said, and then I laughed.


“I guess I am paying you for an hours work and to make sure things go our way.  That’s a hell of a pay rater for an hours work.”


“It would be, if there weren’t the Captain and Mary Ellen type issues coming up during my supposed downtime.  Did that sound a little like Gilligan’s island to you?” I asked with a laugh.


“Nobody is going to mistake me for the professor or Mr Howell,”  he said smiling


“Or me for Ginger,” I admitted.  Let’s drop that train of thought, before we try to figure out what shows that cast of oddballs you have assembled, might be from.  I don’t think many of them are comedy material.”


“I can agree with that for sure.  So tell me about this TV show of yours?” he suggested.


“No way, that thing isn’t mine and it is what it is nothing more, I hope.” I replied.


“What does that mean?” he asked.


“It means, I hope they don’t try to make the show more dramatic than it really is.  I don’t need people calling me looking for drama.” I admitted.


“Yeah, that could be a problem, I suppose.” he said.  “I found you because we have mutual friends.”


“Actually we don’t.  Those guys are sponsors of the show.  Trying to clean up their crappy image.  They want to show a kinder gentler side of Mercenaries.  I don’t know how they plan to edit the shows to do that.  It looks to me like the gigs they want to send me on are just to make good PR.  Of course this is just the second one.”


“They have nothing to do with this gig,” he said.


“Don’t kid yourself someone is matching your ten grand, or I might not be here,” I admitted.


“Those guys are matching my pay for  you to be here?” he asked.


“I didn’t say that.  I  have no idea where the money is coming from my lawyer/agent said the show was matching it.  Who, at the show is anybody’s guess.”


“I’m not sure I like that,” he said


“Why is that Alex.  You got me on a half price sale.  You should be thrilled.”


“Well, we still don’t know if you are worth what I’m paying, let alone twice that,” he said.  There just a little edge to his voice.


“Well by the time you find out, it is going to be too late to ask for a refund.  You trusted the opinion of the Admiral, until you found out he had an interest in the outcome of the game.  Do  you think he would lie to you just to plant a ringer on you?” I asked.


“No of course not.  He and I go back all the way to the Delta and the DMZ .” Alex said simply.


“Then you need to just trust him and me.  I can keep you guys out of jail, and still get your lessons taught.”


“Okay, I’m going to take a walk about this small ship,” he said.


“Where is everybody else?” I asked.


“In my cabin playing poker.  I got tired of it.  Mine is the only cabin big enough to have a game.  I have no idea what they will do when I tell them to leave.” Alex explained.


“Well they can’t come to my cabin.  There isn’t enough to room to cuss a cat in there without getting hair in your mouth.” I laughed as did Alex.


Time passes slowly at sea.  Everyday in the Med was just like the day before.  It was quiet and peaceful.  Sleep was easy to come by, as was sunshine and good food.  It was like paradise without the snakes. Unless we had one in our midst without knowing it.


On the third day the Captain seemed to be sailing around in circles.  He explained that he wanted to enter the canal early on the forth day.  We could be out of the canal and into the Red sea the same day that way.  Traveling down the canal was a real experience.  I saw land all around as we just steamed along toward another waterway.  It was dark when we entered the red sea but we were again in open water and I felt like that was a good thing.


By the time we punched into the gulf of aden, it was four days and a lot of temper flair ups later.  The closer we got to Somalia the shorter tempers got.  On our last day in the Red Sea Alex moved the heavy weapons to his cabin.


“If things turned rank, it should be in the next two days.  After that, we would be just cruising around hoping to stumble into the path of the bad guys.  That last night I answered a knock on my door to find Mary Ellen in the hallway.


“Now what can I do for you?” I asked.


“Something is about to happen isn’t it?” she asked as an answer.


“What do you mean?” it seemed to be a night filled with questions.


“Everybody is on edge.  I know you are all here to do something dangerous, it’s why I insisted on coming.  My life is a total bore, since I got married.  I hoped that this would be a fun trip.  It hasn’t been yet.  Will it be dangerous tomorrow?” she asked.


“We will be in the Gulf of Aden tomorrow, and then it might get a little hairy,” I suggested.


“My husband is passed out drunk and I’m scared.  I don’t want to be alone.” she said softly.


“Mary Ellen, you really shouldn’t be here like this,” I replied.  My resolve was melting. so I meant exactly what I said.  She should not have been at the door to my cabin.  I honestly did not mean to do it but I moved aside to allow her in.


She was in my arms within seconds of me closing the door.  Mary Ellen might have been new to it all, but she had no problem kissing me with as much passion as anyone I ever kissed.  She was turned on and pressing hard against me.  So hard that within seconds I was as hot as she was.


I moved my hands so that I could cup her large firm breasts.  There was the soft fabric of her halter top between us, but I made quick work of the tie behind her neck, so that I could pinch and squeeze her nipples unhindered.  As i did so, I felt her mouth go slack, she was lost in the feeling.


I knew when a man or a woman was wrapped so tight something had to give, so I dropped my hand to the waist band of her shorts.  The band was elastic so slipping my hand inside was easy.  I moved closer and took one of her nipples into my mouth as my hand found her smooth pubic mound.  There was a day’s stubble but otherwise it was smooth.  I parted the slippery cover of her clit and began to manipulate it.  I rubbed it in slow circles until she gasped against my mouth.  I was soaked from just doing things to her.


“Now you do me,” I demanded.


“She lifted my tee top and massaged my breasts.  Like her I didn’t have a bra to deal with.  She managed to turn me on to the point of near orgasm.  She bend forward then took a nipple into her mouth and nursed on it like a baby would I’m sure.


I felt her hand unclasp my shorts and enter my panties.  Within seconds she had found my clit and was rubbing it gently.  I was begging her silently to go faster.  She must have read my mind because she sped up her manipulation and I exploded into an mind blowing orgasm.


I slipped to my knees as much from the reaction to the orgasm as I did to reach her pussy.  I opened it with my tongue and sucked on the wet slippery opening.  Mary Ellen began to orgasm again instantly.  Not only that, she was pulling my head to her as if trying to get me inside her.  I wished as I had often that I was a man and had something to fill her with.  That is what she really wanted at that moment.  In five more minutes it wouldn’t make any difference at all to either of us.


I continued to lick and suck on her until she was worn completely out.  When I stopped she collapsed onto my bed as she was been trying to do for several minutes.  She wanted to collapse, but she also didn’t want to lose contact with my tongue.


I sat beside her on the bed and held her will she came down from it all.  When she had recovered I pushed her onto her knees in front of me.  “Do it,” I said in a strong voice.


“I never have,” she replied.


“You won’t be able to say that in the morning, now do it,” I sounded much more demanding than I felt.  I just felt that it was time for her to get all the way into it.


She wasn’t experienced but she made up for it in enthusiasm.  When I came, it was with gut wrenching intensity.  Mostly because I knew she was new to it and hadn’t really wanted to do it at all.  I just didn’t care what she was feeling.  I was finally relaxed.










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  1. Eric says:

    Just what our girl needed before the shit hits the fan. Nice chapter, Bonnie.

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