147 Was it good for you



It wasn’t quite dark when Alex and I met on deck.  “I am going to call a meeting of the crew and the wives to tell them what to expect.  That would be the ideal time for you to slip your speed boat into the water.” I suggested.


“It Isn’t a speed boat.  Its an unsinkable raft made mostly of parachute nylon covered Styrofoam.  It has an electric motor so not much speed, but it is quiet.  Nonetheless you are right, if they don’t know what I’m doing ,they can’t testify.” he said.


“Exactly, can you manage with two of the friends?” I asked.


“Sure, I just need one to hold the boat steady and one to keep their heads down while I blow the shit out of their boat.” he said grinning.


“You love this shit don’t you?” I asked.


“You fucking well know it, and  you do to.  When this is over I’m going to start a security company.  Piss on it, I have more money than any one man could spend in a lifetime.  It’s time to have some fun.” he said.


“It ain’t always fun, but do what you think is best.  So keep your powder dry and shoot straight,” I said.  “Oh if you can spare him, leave me the teacher, he knows the most about the radar and the ships controls,” I admitted.


“How about you get the drunk, as you call him, and the teacher, can you do it with them?”  he asked.


“No, but maybe I can hold them off till you get back.  That is if they even come.” I said.


“You know damn well they will come.  We are most likely going to pass right by them.  If I see them what do you want me to do?” he asked.


“Go for the fucking boat.  If we can’t hold them off, then life is just gonna suck a little more today.”


“So here is what is going to happen,” I said to the captain and the three man crew a half hour later.  “We are going to keep watch with night vision goggles.  If they come, we will try to keep them off the ship.  If they do get on board, you have two choices, fight or try to surrender.  I don’t know how receptive they will be to taking prisoners, after we kill a few of their friends, but that’s up to you.  If you want to fight, I can find you a weapon.  After a while there will be plenty laying around.  If you change your mind and want to shoot someone, pick up one and pull the trigger.”


“Do you think the three of you can hold them off?” one of the crew said a little shaken.


“We are sure as hell going to try,” I said.


“Would you mind showing me how to shoot one of those things.  I think I want to be on deck, not trapped like a rat in a can.” Mary Ellen said.  She got a whole lot of respect for that.


“Might as well count me in as well,” Alice said.


“You would do better in the galley with the antibiotic cream and hot coffee,” I suggested.


Not only did I give Mary Ellen my Glock 20, I gave her a walkie talkie.  Alex had bought them from Radio Shack, I’m sure, but they worked just fine.


I went to the rear of the ship.  and found the drunk standing there with his goggles scanning the ocean carefully.  “I know you don’t think a lot of me.  I have done a lot of stupid weak things Maxine, but you can take this to hell with you. I will not let you down tonight.”


“I never thought you would,” I said smiling my best smile at him. “I’m going to send the Teacher back with an extra shotgun for you.  If they start up the sides of the ship pump a few of those at them.  They might have second thoughts.”


“Can’t hurt,  You know I haven’t held one of these since I was a kid,” he said pointing to the M16 rifle.  I sure as hell killed a lot of men with it then.  Didn’t even know why I was doing it.  This time I know why, and it feels a hell of a lot better.”


“Good, lets do a few of them a favor, and send them to paradise to collect their virgins.” I said.


“Bet your ass,” he agreed “Me and the teacher can handle this end of the boat.  Just as long as we run out of bad guys before bullets.”


“Keep your head down, Alice is our medic tonight, and she don’t need the work.” I said smiling.  If they all needed to be macho to keep it together, the least I could do was play along.


“Teacher, I need you at the back of the boat with Alice’s husband.  I swear I didn’t remember his name and I refused to call him the drunk that night.”


“You mean Bear, yeah I’ll go back and stand beside him anytime,” he said.


“Stop by Alex’s cabin and pick up a couple of shotguns.  Use them if they try climbing the sides, or if they get on the boat.  Watch for RPG’s I’m sure they will have them.”


I was surprised to see the captain walk into the control room.  “You are releaved Maxine, I will take the controls.”


“You will be safer in your cabin below,” I suggested not at all derisive.


“Safe is for another night, When you stand with real heroes, it’s hard to find a place to hide from yourself.”  He said it with a huge smile.  “Besides, when this is over, I expect you to fuck my brains out.”


I  laughed, “If that’s all it took, you should have told me sooner,” I said.


When I was alone at the front of the ship, I asked out loud, “Well Gunny, what have I forgotten?”  Since he didn’t answer I figure I had it more or less right.


“We got them about a hundred years off in a small boat,” the teacher’s voice said quietly.


“Tell them to turn away or you are going to fire on them.  Give them ten second then put two rounds in front of them.  If they continue, or they return fire, kill ever damn one of them, before they get to the ship.  RPG gunners first, those are the biggest problem.  Don’t fire from the same position too long at a time.  Keep them guessing.


I heard the Teacher give the warning just as I spotted a boat load of men on my left probably as far out as the ones in the read.  I used the bullhorn to give them a warning, then put two rounds in the water ahead of them.  The boat slowed as I watched through the night scope.  When a man stood up with an RPG I shot him while he tried to take aim.  Then I fired on the boat.  then I heard the distinctive sound of the M16 and the Ak47s from my rear.  They were exchanging fire at the back of the boat.


There were eight men in the small boat in front of the ship.  I killed six of them before I heard Mary Ellen on the Walkie.  There are men climbing over the rail on the side.  I grabbed the shotgun and ran for the bridge.  I got to the men just as they started up the ladder to the bridge.


I killed the one in the lead with a full load of buck shot to the face.  The other three turned toward me and opened fire.  I took a hit somewhere low on my body.  It was in my thigh or calf, I could not tell which.  I pumped and fired the shotgun from my prone position the deck, as I rolled to a bulkhead.  I got one more of them while I was trying to get out of the way.  I know there were two more on the ship and probably two more in front ready to come aboard.  I reloaded the shotgun, as I crawled toward the bridge dragging my bloody leg behind.  I heard my Glock go off three times inside the bridge.  Then a bad guy backed out the door. I put a full load into his back.  I felt I could justify that back shot, if need be.


Nobody else and no more shots came from the bridge so I moved to the front of the ship.  I was leaving a wide trail of blood as I moved.  One of the guys in the small boat was just climbing over the rail so I gave him a full load of buckshot to the chest.


I was waiting for the last one to come over the rail when I heard the explosions.  There was one followed a few seconds later by a second.  I knew from the direction of the fireball that our pirate trouble were just about finished.


“You Chrstian bitch. I am going to rape you, then kill you,” the voice said as he kicked my shotgun away and kicked me in the ribs.  I almost lost consciousness, but I fought to stay awake.  I wanted to see the end too badly to pass out.


He stood over me while he pulled down his pants.  I managed a laugh as I pointed to his respectable sized penis.  “Is that all there is?”  I laughed again and he spit on me then pulled hard to get my pants and panties down.  Now that hurt like hell.


Even though I was covered in blood, he climbed on top of me.  He was trying to get the proper alignment, when he got the surprise of his life.  Maybe it wasn’t the surprise of his life.  Maybe it was the surprise of his after life.


All those hours while I sat outside in the shade of the bridge, I had been using a whetstone to sharpen a butter knife.  I chose it because it was easy to conceal.  I found out from Cheryl that they made excellent weapons.  I also found out from her the best place to shank a guard or another inmate.  I would have to remember to tell her how good the shank worked in the throat of a pirate.


I was again covered in the blood of a man, who wanted to rape me.  It was getting to be a habit and I didn’t like it at all.  As I worked my way to a standing position I tried to think of something to say to the almost dead man.  I finally came up with, “Was it as good for you, as it was for me.”   Sadly he didn’t answer.


Mary Ellen came from the bridge in time to ask, “What the hell happeneed?”


“I think we just kicked some pirate ass,” I said.  Then I picked up the walkie Teacher, Bear are you there?”


“This is Bear the teacher is dead,” he said with tears in his voice.


“Did any of the guys who boarded the ship get to you?” I asked.


“I haven’t seen anyone,” he replied.


“Well keep an eye out, I’m not sure how many there were.” I said.  Then I heard th sound of an AK 47 coming from below decks.  I just couldn’t get down to check on it.  I tried to stand but there was no way.


Mary Ellen picked up my shotgun even though it was covered with my blood.  “Be very careful with that,” I said hoping she would put it down before she killed the wrong person.


“Not to worry, I used to rabbit hunt with daddy, when I was little.”  With those words she entered the doorway to the cabins.   I looked at my watch the whole thing had lasted way less than half an hour. Then I finally gave in to the warm sleepy feeling.


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8 Responses to 147 Was it good for you

  1. John says:

    Great chapter! Way to leave us hanging. I can’t wait until tomorrow.


  2. Eric says:

    Wow! I cant wait to see hiw this ends. Great stuff!

  3. jack says:

    Hopefully Maxine will be fit to fight again quickly. I don’t remember anyone being a medic on the roster, Alex may have to call the US navy to get one there in time. I pray that the teacher and the pirates are to only dead. Nail biter , thanks.

  4. g says:

    Sounds like the beginning of a new story in the making here. I’m listening, but I don’t hear any fat ladies singing. Too bad the teach didn’t make it, I liked him. Of course I like Mary Ellen too, she sounds like a good partner for the sequel. After Max recovers, and despite a gimpy leg for a souvenir, I’m guessing that if Mike survives he is done with action-adventure for awhile.

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