out of story note.

Since a misspelled word in a chapter title caused a problem for some of our readers, and since the blog space did not catch the error, I have decided to no longer title chapters.  The names add nothing to the story and if it is confusing, then it is a negative not a positive.

Now if I can managed not to use the same number twice we should be good.

Now I have readers who want the chapters titled… I agree it is easier to go back to find things, if they are .  So for 24 hours we will take a vote.

Yes…. I want the chapters titled i can live with the spelling mistakes

No… the spelling and grammar in titles is a problem for me.

Be heard this is an interactive project, since it is an on going soap opera…

Since we are talking out of story here, the comments by the readers have a definite influence on where this story goes.  So comment and be a part of it all.  It’s your story so tell me what you like and what you dislike.

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sorry it is a mystery.
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52 Responses to out of story note.

  1. Jim Bairs says:

    Does spelling really matter in this context? Since reader complaints matter, I like having the chapter “titled”.

  2. John says:

    Put me down for titles. I figured any typos are due to the speed and regularity of your posts. Someting I GREATLY appreciate.

    • cindypress says:

      I honestly have time to type the story into the word processor, then proof read it twice and that about all i can do and meet my self imposed deadline. Thanks for understanding.

  3. Bill Hobart says:

    I agree with Jim Bairs!

    PS You can always use a word processor to type the chapters then up load the finished story.

  4. habssr says:

    I am happy either way just as long as you continue to post.

  5. cindypress says:

    That’s how I do it. I give the chapter a number then i write it. I proof / rewrite it twice, then post it into the blog. There is a place in the posting for a title so I give it one. Something to give me an idea where to look if i need to reference something.

  6. Havalee says:

    ‘Yes…. I want the chapters titled i can live with the spelling mistakes’
    Somehow the titles add to the whole and so what if the spelling isn’t always 100%, that’s not uncommon with one-liners.

    And keep up the good work, Maxine’s World is still more interesting then my own 😉

  7. jack says:

    Makes no difference to me. I can live with it either way, I see both sides of the issue. Just please keep Maxine going.

  8. voithdriver says:

    leave the titles in, to echo the above posts, it makes no difference as long as we have a good tale to read, I look forward checking in and finding more titles to indulge in.

  9. Darrell Hawkins says:

    Yes…. I want the chapters titled i can live with the spelling mistakes

    this is a FUN story


  10. Auld Mac says:

    If spell checkers hadn’t been invented I still be trying to get out of the thrid grade. Misspellings and typoz, like shit happens. Keep the status quo.

  11. cindypress says:

    looks like it will be more shitty spelling happening.

  12. LaMonte says:

    Titles please! Even if they are tittles…

  13. smoke says:

    Status quo works for me. I just ignore the typos. I like your sense of humour on the titles..

  14. Yes…. I want the chapters titled i can live with the spelling mistakes

    Oh go get a job… A rose by any other name still stinks. I have to work with way to many anal retentive people as it is. I love your work Bonnie, so keep on keepin on. Love, Donald and Vi (the English Professor)

  15. Sangrant says:

    Titling is nice. Wo cars abot splling

  16. cindypress says:

    My excuse is that the bitch spill chick was on vacation. Never around when you really need her.

  17. PMAC says:


  18. Forrest Stevens says:

    Titles – yes. they are fun.

  19. -wife says:

    Yes please keep the chapter titles.

    -wife of another reader

    • cindypress says:

      yes it seems that is the readers choice and I decided that I would go along with them. Thank you and please feel free to comment on anything that strikes your fancy. Most comments shape how the story goes.

  20. Ralph says:

    There is always some jerk egotistical critic looking for the “fly sh_t” in the pepper. Joke em if the can’t take a f__k or an error! Do it your way Bonnie. Its obvious you enjoy telling about Maxine and with your readership, you must be doing it right. BTW Thanks. Ralfb

    • cindypress says:

      Well I had no idea that the titles were this popular. As for the guy I think he was trying to do me a favor. So I’m going to continue doing what I do and try to pay a little more attention to spelling. Most likely it won’t do any good but hey life goes on.

  21. g says:

    Give ’em a Lick an a Promise….then move on! 😉 Indeed!

    Baby-steps….we are taking baby steps here. We have a feedback post…maybe story suggestions of how Helen’s step-daughter busts Mr-Sleezo-CPA’s balls into something like marinara sauce would be helpful? Hmmm.


  22. cindypress says:

    I had forgotten all about helen’s step daughter.

  23. John says:

    Please use titles. I find that your titles add to things for me. :)))

  24. Ron says:

    This is supposed to be fun! The titles are fun for me but you are the one that counts. What pleases you? BTW; great job!

  25. pics says:

    Titles, for sure

  26. Eric says:

    I think it is fun to have titles, so keep it up if you want. They add to the overall experience. And who cares if the are a few spelling errors. We all know what you mean. The story is the important thing. Bonnie, keep up the great work. We love Max..we love reading about her life..and we love you for creating and sharing her with us.

  27. Finbar Saunders says:

    leave the tittles in. Speeling mistackes and everything 🙂

  28. Peter says:

    Since I was one of the people that mentioned the spelling mistake, all in fun of course, I did not expect this to get so out of hand. I will refrain from expressing negative words about spelling and grammar in the public forums and just enjoy the stories.

    I vote for keeping the titles in the chapters.

    • cindypress says:

      Peter I meant no offense by planning to drop the titles. I honestly thought it might be confusing and they are not the first line of the chapter or anything so they serve no real purpose to the story. But if people like them then I will stay with them. It is their story as much as mine. A whole lot of the things int he story come indirectly from comments made by readers.

  29. Chuck says:

    Havens to Mergatroid. YES. I have always had s
    A spelling problem so to me it is no big deal. I beleave it was Andrew Jackson who said “It is a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” It was something like that.

  30. Don says:

    Title the chapters.

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