168 the circus came to town



I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the two of them spending the night at my place.  They could walk two doors down and stay at Cheryl’s with no cameras.  Even though I knew the camera was part of Cheryl’s plan, I wasn’t convinced.


It took Cheryl walking to stand behind me and whisper in my ear to convince me.  “You do remember how it felt to have my cum on your face don’t you?”


I just nodded.  Lindsay was staring at us. I would have expected anger or hate in here eyes.  Instead, what I saw was pure lust.  It looked as though Lindsay was more into it than I had though.


“Come with me girls,” Cheryl said as she led the way to my bedroom.  Every circus needs a ringmaster, and that night it was Cheryl.  She had us both dancing to her tune and entertaining her.  How she was able to do it, I have no idea.  Some women, and men too, are just able to pull that off.  Yes of course, I am attracted to them.  It looked as though Lindsay had discovered that she was as well.


It started with both of us kissing Cheryl, then with us kissing each other.  It was a scene. I just didn’t quite get.  Usually there was a man involved, which made is so much easier.  At some point during the night Lindsay was between my legs and Cheryl stood over her giving directions.  Surely Lindsay knew what to do, I thought.  Whether she did or not, Cheryl was telling her in detail where and when to lick me, and when and were to suck on me.


Then she said to me, “It’s time to take Lindsay’s ass cherry.”


“Are you telling me that no one has ever done that to her?” I asked a little surprised.


“Not even me,” she said.  “I have been saving it for a special occasion.  I think this qualifies.”


“What do say Lindsay?” I asked.


“Whatever you want.  Tonight I will do anything,” she said to me gasping for air as she spoke.


Jesus what have a gotten myself into? I thought.


“Then get on your hands and knees and spread your ass,” Cheryl said.  Since Cheryl had been in my place many times, she knew where I kept the KY.  She liberally dosed Lindsay rectum with it.  “Get it,” Cheryl demanded of me.


“I went to my chest of drawers to remove the dog’s chew toy.  It was just several hard rubber rings on top of one another and hollow in the middle.  It wasn’t especially long or thick.  It was just shaped for maximum stretch and release as it worked it’s way in and out of either passage.  Cheryl coated it with lubricant, then began to force it into Lindsay’s ass.  Lindsay didn’t scream but her grunt was loud and she whined as well.  Cheryl was more of a master with that thing than I was.  She paused for a while letting Lindsay adjust to the first ring, then forced in another, and another, until all but the last one was inside Lindsay.  Then she slowly worked the chew toy out.  It was very erotic to watch.  I found myself with my finger inside myself as I watched.


“Help her,” Cheryl demanded after several strokes.


I moved to be beside the groaning Lindsay.  I put my finger on her clit and rub it in circles.  Lindsay exploded into an orgasm even though she had already had several.  The one she experienced with the chew toy in her ass was by far the strongest.  From my own experience I knew that her muscles were clamping down hard on the probe.  It would be just as difficult for her tomorrow as it was at the moment.  She would spend most of the next day in the bathroom trying to have a bowel movement, but it would mostly be a false urgency created by the inflammation caused by the probe.


“Well we got her cherry,” Cheryl said happily.  She was proud that before it was over Lindsay was begging, “Fuck me harder.”  I wasn’t shocked, but I was surprised that an ass virgin reacted that way.  It usually took several times before they could feel anything more than pain.  Then again, Lindsay could be a pain slut.


The circus folded it’s tent about 4AM.  The two of them left, probably so that Lindsay could say goodnight and get her sore ass home.  I didn’t ask about her kids or her husband, because she wasn’t my problem.  She was definitely Cheryl’s problem.


I got three hours of rock hard sleep, before my alarm rang.  When it did I managed to drag my ass to the bathroom for a quick wash and hair brush.  I felt like hell, but I got moving anyway.  Since Cheryl wasn’t going to be at Helen’s sit down, I decided to drive to Hardee’s for breakfast.  Since Helen opened, I had been through her brown back breakfast menu twice.  I needed a break.


Several of the regulars remembered me, so it was like a reunion.  I caught up with their lives, but told them nothing about mine.  Most knew about the leg injury from the news report and the follow up reports raising hell at the news report.  I just laughed at all the news whores.


When I met tiny dancer at the mall a half hour later, she asked, “Well are you about ready for those stretching exercises?”


“I don’t think I’m quite ready.  It still hurts to walk normally.  I have to kind of stiff leg it to keep the bending down to a bearable amount.”  I said.


“Well keep moving it and I will be here when you are ready.  By the way I’m looking forward to your TV show.  Those promos are very intriguing.” she said.


“Are you sure you won’t be shocked?” I asked.


She laughed and said, “You obviously know nothing about the intrigue in a ballet company.”  Then she walked away still wearing her warmest smile yet.  Those must have been some memories she was reliving.


I got home from my walk and remembered that it was may day to visit Ed’s son Jeff.  Jeff was also my doctor.  Since the surgery had been in a different country, Jeff was doing the follow up.  His appointment was at 2PM. so I had plenty of time.


Jen called around 10AM she wanted to set up her appointment with me and Gwen for 2PM as well.  I told her no way.  I wanted to get my leg looked at and my requirements updated.  She couldn’t find another time that worked for her until the next day.  So we made it 11AM the next morning.


“Maxine, I’m coming down for that meeting tomorrow,” Mike said on his call to me just after noon.


“Good, we need to make a plan with everyone’s concerns expressed.  This is going to be tricky.” I suggested.


“I should be in tonight.  It will probably be late.” He said.


“Well you have two peons here, surely one of them can meet you,” I suggested.


“What do you think of Earl?” he asked.


“I don’t know much about him, but he seems a little volatile, other wise I like him fine.” I said.


“You wanted someone who wouldn’t just standby while you got shot, remember?” he asked.


“Well, All I know so far is that he will defend his manhood.  Not sure what he will do, if it isn’t about him.” I said.


“You can only know what will happen, after it happens.” Mike said philosophically.


“Yeah, I suppose that is true,” I replied.


After Mike rang off I tied up some loose ends around the house.  I began reading over the Smiley case file, but had to stop to head out to Jeff’s office.


“So how is the leg?” Jeff asked.


“The leg is coming along I think, but you tell me.” I suggested.


“Maxine, I can’t tell you how to feel.  It looks good and clean.  There doesn’t appear to be any infection at all.”  He spent a few seconds manipulating my leg and watching my face as he did. “Maxine I would say you are doing above average on the rehab.  Be careful not to let up on it.”


“So what are my limitations?” I asked.


“At this point do whatever you can stand, for as long as you can stand it.  Don’t try to be an over achiever on this one.  Just take your time and do it right.”  Jeff was all smiles as I left the examining room.


I spent the rest of the afternoon reviewing Smiley life and times.  I put in a few calls to Lucas to have him do more research.  I had a couple of pages to add to the package on James Smiley before I called it a day a 9PM.


Since I hadn’t had a lot of sleep the night before, I went to bed shortly there after.  Frankly I forgot all about Mike, until he called me around midnight.  If he had looked at the room monitor he would known that I was sleeping.


“Maxine I just checked into a motel out on the interstate in Tryon.  I must be twenty miles from you, could you give me a ride to the meeting tomorrow.  It is too late to get a rental car now, and I will be flying out right after the meeting.”


“Sure, but why me?” I asked.


“Come early enough and I’ll take you out for the stupid fruit pancakes you like so well.  We can get a little talk in first.”


“Fine,” I said as I hung up the phone on him.  Then I rolled over and was asleep again in seconds.


I took my first morning shower in a while that next day.  I loved it.  I washed my thin hair over and over, it was a thrill to feel really clean for a change.  It was a bit difficult to get in and out of the tub, but I managed it  by bracing against the vanity.


I was in such a good mood that I was determined not to get depressed that day, no matter what came my way.  “Good morning,” I said cheerfully, when Mike opened his door at 8:30 AM.


“Well aren’t you just a little Mary Sunshine this morning.  It makes me want to puke,” he said smiling.


“The weather is beautiful just a little chilly, but the sun is shining brightly,” I informed him.


“What the fuck are you on and how do I get some,” he asked stepping from the room.


He hadn’t even invited me into the room.  I wondered if Gwen was still asleep.  “So wake Gwen up and we can take her with us,” I suggested.


“What makes you think she is here?” he asked.


“I saw her rental car in the parking lot,” I lied.


“Let’s just keep that bit of information to ourselves.  It seems Earl has a new friend and wanted some space.  Since I was going to have an extra bed, she come over.  It worked out better for everyone.”


“Of course it did,” I said with a knowing smile.


I was pouring strawberry syrup over my pancakes, with strawberry pieces in the batter, when Mike began his serious conversation.  “The Network is hot for this sting to be on camera, even if we have to black Smiley out of it.”


“Why don’t we save all this talk till Jen is present.  I’m not sure what the legals are,” I admitted.


“We talked to the legal department of the network.  No offense Max, but they are more experienced in this kind of thing.”


“But their loyalty is to the Networ, not to me.  With Jen I get my own advocate in the ring.”


“Alright I don’t like this, but we can go along for now,” he said.


“No Mike you are going to go along period, or I will blow you guys off.  There are clauses in the contract with you.  You know Jen loves to file suits.”


“We will see what the meeting this morning is about, before I make any decisions,” he said.  That led me to believe that he either had or planned to squeeze Gwen out.  It was an interesting discovery, but of no real interest at the time.


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4 Responses to 168 the circus came to town

  1. jack says:

    I’m not how sure how Gwen will take being squeezed out . She may have a violent side to her. I seem to remember from another chapter that she viewed this as her way to the bigtime.

  2. cindypress says:

    im not sure either we probbly have not seen the end of her

  3. g says:

    Covered-Up Undercover Lover Cut From Deal Blows Some-times Lovers Cover in Fit of Scorful Fury!

    So read the tabloid headlines in the supermarket checkout line. We all know those things are as true as Professional wrasslin!

  4. cindypress says:

    None of it is real or is it.

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