178 It’s a family thing

I passed over the sexy red dress and went for the simple black dress.  I didn’t wear any jewelry but I did wash and brush my hair.  I blow dried it to give it some body, which was very little.  Two inches of hair is going to look like two inches of hair no matter what you do to it.


I looked at myself in the mirror and I still saw myself, just in a black dress, instead of my usual jeans.  I was pretty disgusted with my looks, when I left the apartment.  I drove the cruiser to Tryon and then to the Downtown Hotel.  Inside the hotel there were three restaurants.  Since Bernard hadn’t specified which restaurant, I called him on his cell phone.  It took a while, but he finally answered.


“Where the hell are you?” I asked quietly.


“The one with the fancy French name, where else would I take Laurance for dinner?” he asked.


“You are kidding.  Her name isn’t really Lawrence is it?” I was wondering, if I had been fooled by a transvestite.


“It’s Laurance the French pronunciation,” he said.


“So what does her plumbing look like?” I asked with a giggle.


“I’m sure it is just like yours dear, now come say hello then leave us alone to finish our meal.  And you owe me a hundred bucks,” he said with a laugh.


Tiny Dancer was older than Bernard, hell I was older than Bernard, and Laurance could have been my mother.  Nonetheless she was gorgeous,  The dress she wore fit her like a second skin.  Not tight, it just fit her trim body perfectly.  I walked to the table then said, “Hi there you two.”


“Well, what a pleasant surprise,” Laurance said.


“Yes what a surprise,” Bernard said sarcastically.  I just smiled sweetly at him.


“I just wanted to say hello, I’m headed somewhere a bit less glamorous for dinner.  Bernard said you would be here and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see you all dressed up.  You are as gorgeous as ever,” I said with a smile.  “And Bernard you are quite handsome.”


“Thank you,” Tiny Dancer said with a smile.


“Yes, thank you, now hurry along you will be late,” Bernard added.


I really didn’t have anywhere to go, but I decided to swing by the slightly upscale restaurant and lounge beside the state university.  Since it was the state university, it was much larger than anything in Aster.


The thing I loved about Rosewater’s was it’s old time charm.  It was in an old mansion located a reasonable distance away from the college for a hundred years.  Then during a growth spurt, the college got far too close for the daughter of a mill owner, and her doctor husband.  They moved out and it worked it’s way down to the restaurant and lounge.


The thing I also loved about Rosewater’s was that it had live music, in what had been the ballroom of the mansion.  It was a small mansion so the ballroom seated about a hundred guests for dinner and the live music.


Unfortunately the live music the night I wandered in was Jazz.  To me jazz was like someone gave four deaf men an instrument.  Then told them to make music.  Most of the time nothing seemed to fit with the other musicians.  I know I’m a redneck, but I just dont ‘get’ jazz at all.


“I did have a nice dinner before I moved to the patio for my one real drink of the evening.  The patio is also where the kids went to mingle.  I was old enough to be their mother, but it had never bothered me.  Usually there were at least one or two young people who weren’t bothered by it either.


Even with the horse head cane, or maybe because of it, I managed to attract some attention.  On the patio nobody danced, they just wandered around.  I leaned against the wooden rail drinking my white wine cooler.  The way Rosewater’s made the cooler it was mostly a smooth lemonade.    I was enjoying the drink, when a much younger man approached me.


“I have a bet on with my friend over there,” he said pointing to a young woman his own age more or less.


“Oh really, what is the bet and should I get in on it,” I asked.


“Ah I don’t think we can let you in on the bet, since it is about you,” he suggested.


“Oh my what is the bet?” I asked.


“You look awfully familiar to her.  She thinks that you are some kind of TV personality?” It was a question.


“I’m not really, but I did make some promos for one of those new boring reality shows, they are going to do.” I said.


“Meet Maxine, right?” he asked.


“Yes that is the one,” I admitted.


“Then you had that show on Utube,” he asked.


“Actually, I didn’t have it.  A client had the images made and he used it as advertising.  It just went viral, I think they call it.”  I said.  I knew exactly what they called it.  I just wanted to appear dumb.


“So would you let us buy you a drink?” he asked.


“I have a drink, but I would like to meet your friend and tell her that she won.  Or you could come sit with me.  I said it even though I didn’t have a table at the time.  It would be a minor problem to find an empty table inside the French doors leading back into the mansion.


It would be wonderful, if you came to say hello to my friend.” he said.


“That’s fine.  What is her name?” I asked.


“Her name is Cindy,” he informed me.


When we arrived at the piece of the terrace occupied by Cindy, I spoke first.  “Hello Cindy, I just came by to tell you that you won the bet.”


“I knew that was you.  John, John hasn’t even seen the Utube vids yet.  He is a bit of a dork,” she said laughing.


“Dorks can be fun too, they are so anxious to please,” I said with a laugh.


“Oh God, you do know,” she said.  “So tell me how do you find all those wonderful men?”


“Kind of like tonight, they find me, I just give them a lot of encouragement.  Also it helps if you run in the circles where strong men travel.  You aren’t going to find a bad assed cop at a church social.  I can give you the name of a bar in Aster where the cops, nurses and paramedics hang out.  If you want to meet fun people, go there.”


“Do you hang out there?” she asked.


“I did until recently.  We had a bit of a disagreement about who was welcome and who should stay away.  So I chose to stay away.”


“Do you still live in the cabin by the river?” she asked.


“No I bought an old motel and turned it into a high security apartment building.  I live there with four other units.” I said.


“Wow, I would love to see it,”John, John said.


“Well John, John there are camera’s everywhere.  If you came to my place and wanted to hang out, it would be on TV in a few months.  Probably something you should give  a serious thought.”


“I’d do it,” his girlfriend Cindy said quickly.  She looked at me, then said,  “You know make out on TV.  They would do that face fuzz thing wouldn’t they.  You know like they did on Utube.”


“Yes or else just insinuate that we were doing it and not show anything.” I admitted.


“So, if we wanted to have a party, the three of us, you wouldn’t mind? Cindy asked.


“You seem like nice kids, so I would go along with it, but only because it has been a while, and I’m in the right mood for it.” I said.  “So do you want to be on TV or what?”


“Oh yes I’m in the mood to do something kinky,” Cindy said.  John, John just nodded his agreement.


I wrote down the street address. “Just in case you get lost,” I said slipping it to John, John.


I left Rosewater’s after I finished the wine.  It was a short twenty minute drive to my apartment.  I didn’t even clear the parking lot before the two of them pulled in.  I allowed them to pass through the security gate, before I locked it behind them.


Once we were in my apartment things changed.  Those two sweet kids changed drastically.  They didn’t get mean, just a little bit pushy.  I first noticed it when John, John kissed me.  I tried to push him away just to give me some breathing room.  Cindy was the one who spoke, “Now Maxine, don’t be difficult. You should be grateful that two obviously much younger and more attractive people are willing to fuck you.”


“I see you think that because I’m old enough to be your mother, I should be grateful and just go along?” I asked.


“Yes that is what I think,” Cindy said.  “I know you fuck both men and women but I think you prefer women.  You do don’t you Maxine?”  She spoke slowly, and as she did, she began to unbutton her blouse.  Once her blouse was hanging open I realized that her bra was full and running over.  “Now, now Maxine, you are staring,” she said with an edge to her voice.


She was right. I was staring.  I am a sucker for a beautiful set of boobs.  Just as much as I am for a beautiful cock.


“You like what you see don’t you,” she said.


“Yes,” I heard myself say in a raspy voice.  The child was barely 18, but she had presence.  Even John, John knew it.  I doubted that he knew what it was though.  Like she had said, he was a dork, and he was thrilled that a pretty girl paid any attention to him at all.  He probably didn’t realize that she was getting off more by the power, than anything he did with his cock.


“That’s good Maxine, then you understand your place in all this?” It was a question and I knew it.


“Yes, I understand.” I said it but I also knew I could walk away at anytime.  I was enjoying watching her flex her muscles.


“You may take my blouse and bra off,” she said to me.  I slipped the blouse over her shoulders.  While I stood in front of her, I reached behind and up clasp the hooks.  Her bra seemed to fall off exposing her very white breast with a very sharp contrasting bikini tan line.


Do you want to nurse on my breasts, like I would have nursed on yours as a baby?” she asked.


“Yes, I would like that,” I said seriously.


“Or would you rather nurse on John, John’s cock,” she asked.


“Both,” I admitted.


“Good, you are the prefect slut.  Aren’t you?” she asked.


“Yes I guess I am,” I replied.  I wasn’t really under her spell.   I was playing along just to see how far she would take it.


“John, John has been a good brother.  I promised him I would get him laid, if he helped me to pass my freshman year.  He did help me, now it is time to pay off, only you are going to pay my bill,” she said.


John, John wouldn’t be the first twenty year old I had screwed, so sure why not, I thought.


“So take off that dress for us Maxine,” she said quietly.


I didn’t mind doing that one bit.  It took only a couple of minutes for me to get my clothes off.  The dress, bra and panties were easier than jeans would have been.


“John, John would you like to have your dick sucked by mom?” Cindy asked.


“Yes,” he managed to get out.


“Then take it out and show her what you have,” Cindy demanded.


Not only was John, John a dork, he had a tiny cock.  He was going to have problems getting women, since the size of his penis had to effect his confidence level.  I felt almost sorry for him.


“Well Maxine, lets see how good you are at being my proxy cocksucker,” Cindy demanded.  I moved to stand in front of the college student.  I lowered myself to my knees then took his small but hard cock into my mouth.  I had a feeling that it wouldn’t take much.


I sucked his cock into my warm wet mouth, then I used my tongue and the vacuum pressure I created with my mouth to move his cock around inside.  After a few strokes I closed my mind off to what I was doing and pushed his cock into my throat.  I was able to get the head of his cock and maybe a half inch more inside my throat then swallow on it.  It move down just a fraction of an inch farther.  Even that small cock made me gag and choke.


He came while I was choking and I pulled back so that he could finish by flooding my mouth.  I forcefully pulled Cindy down and kissed her.  I also forced John, John’s cum into her mouth.  Her reaction was to try to tongue fuck my mouth.




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4 Responses to 178 It’s a family thing

  1. jack says:

    Thats a new twist. Thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    Im thinking one night stand

  3. g says:

    One night stand? Sounded more like a 15 minute squat-rest. Not even a full load off…. You’ve finally written a scene that, so-far at least, was as disappointing to me as it probably was to Max. But then again, she LIKES disapponted…. g

  4. cindypress says:

    Yah just never know.

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