179 loose ends again



John, John didn’t fall asleep like a man my age would have, but it took some work for him to get it up again.  His sister Cindy was ready to tryout her power well before he was able to play along.  She had me doing all kinds of kinky things, which she had only read about in books or seen in porno movies.  I went along with most of it.


After some rest, and a little manipulation, John, John was ready for more.  I sucked on his cock until he was rigid, then I knelt in front of the sitting Cindy and spread her legs.  I began to nurse on her clit with the occasional lick at her vulva.  She was on the verge of a huge orgasm while John, John stroked inside my body.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of feeling from his cock.  Finally in frustration I reached back and moved his cock to the opening of my anus.  When next he stroked it was much tighter for him.  The feeling in that opening was different, but it still worked to arouse me.


I reached down to manipulate my clit and exploded into orgasm.  I barely managed to stay with it long enough to wait out the two of them.  My sofa was going to be soaked from my drool and Cindy’s sloppy orgasm.  Then finally my ass was full of John, John’s semen.  Just a few moments later I realized that I was exhausted and ready for them to leave.


“Okay you two, you have had your fun.  Get into your clothes and get the hell out of my house.”  I said it just as nasty as I could.  I was disgusted with all three of us.


Before they left, they used my bathroom.  First John, John then Cindy went into the small bathroom.  When they finally left, I watched them on the computer monitor as they left the parking lot.  At that point I felt secure enough to use the bathroom myself.  The first thing I noticed was a note on the mirror written in soap.  Call me Cindy and a phone number.  I washed it off the mirror without even writing down the number.


I did wonder if the two of them were screwing, or if I was an anomaly.  My guess was that they were screwing.  I couldn’t even imagine being naked in front of a family member.


I would loved to have erased those images from the tape and my mind.  However as the saying goes, I made my bed, when I took their money, so I had no choice but to lay in it.


“Holy shit, Maxine, how in the hell am I going to edit that shit from last night?” Willy asked me, when she arrived at Helen’s Sit Down the next morning.


“That isn’t my problem.  If I were you, I would send it to Mike raw and let him do it.  The show is more or less his now.” I replied.


“I’m supposed to edit everything, not just the things I want to edit.  I just don’t know what the hell to do with that.  Do I include the part where she admits they are brother and sister or do I edit so they are just two college kids on a lark?” she asked.


“Honey I have no idea what you are going to do.  Like I said, it isn’t my problem.  My problem is living with the things I do.” I said.


“Well at least you seem to feel bad about it,” she said.


“Actually, I feel bad that they didn’t tell me sooner.  I feel bad for them, but they are the ones who did wrong.  I was just being me.” I replied.


Tiny dancer had a huge smile on her face, when I passed her in the mall.  “So did you get lucky?” I asked.  Then quickly added, “Don’t answer that, I would be shattered if you did.”  I laughed.


“You know better, but I had the most fun I have had since I moved back here,” she informed me.


“Good for you,” I replied.


“Yes it was.”  She actually giggled like a school girl.


Bernard set up the next lesson at 3PM.  I had no idea what his day was like, since he decided to go out on his own.


That day’s lesson was all about, lipstick, powder, and paint, to make me what I ain’t.  I learned how to use the thick, but light colored base to make me appear younger.  Then I learned all about how to age myself.  I could pretty much change my coloring to make me just about anything I wanted to be.  Of course it was going to require that I practice a whole bunch.  I didn’t expect any problem with the difficulty of the task.  My problem was going to be the time required.  I was forcing myself to put off Smiley as it was.  I really wanted to go after him immediately.


I had promised myself that I would give it two weeks.  It might run a little longer, so I had to try to resist the urge to throw everyone out.  I wanted to send them all packing and just do it.  I knew that I was laying the ground work for how my life would be going forward, so I suffered.


I even went along, when Bernard insisted that I meet him somewhere different every night, and as someone else.  He would be the judge of how I did.  We passed a week playing that game.  I did learn enough, so that by the tenth day Bernard felt that he ready to leave.  He assured me that I could fix myself, so that I wouldn’t be recognized by strangers on the street, or in Rosewater’s.  I knew then that it was time to start work on James Smiley.


“Lucas bring everything you have, even what I already have, and lets meet at the lake for Lunch.  It’s time to light the candle on Smiley,” I said.


“I have been sitting on dead ready for two weeks,” he replied.


“Then meet me in half and hour and I’ll bring lunch,” I suggested.  Lucas liked those roast beef and cheese sandwiches from one of the national chains.  I didn’t love them, but I could tolerate them, so that’s what I got.  I also stopped at the convenience store near the lake for canned cokes.  They were colder than those from the machine at the lake.


Willie sat nearby, while Lucas and I talked over lunch, on the terrace of the marina’s office.  It was one of those places no one seemed to know about but us.  I was sure there were at least a few city employees who knew.  Willy had a good camera angle, because the place wasn’t crowded in the still chilly days of early spring.


“So Maxine, what is the first thing we need to do?” Lucas asked.
“First, we need to decide how and where to approach him.” I suggested.


“Okay, I know there is a reason why we don’t just go to his office or home, but what is it?” Lucas asked.


“We want to scare holy hell out of him, to do that we have to strip him of his ability to control the situation.  He has to see his life slipping down the tubes.  If he is in a place where he has some control, then he is going to be harder to break.  From the start, I want him off balance,” I admitted.
“What do you have in mind?” he asked.


“Hey, I paid you to do the research on this,” I said.


“Actually you haven’t paid me yet, but don’t worry I think you are good for it,” he admitted.


“Reduce what I owe you by the amount the TV people are paying you,” I suggested.


“Right,” he answered sarcastically.  “So what kind of place?”


“Somewhere he goes regularly, where he would be horrified to be found out for what he is,” I said.


“Let me think.  There is nothing obvious.” he said.


“Is there anyplace he goes even simi regularly?” I asked.


“He runs every morning.  It isn’t a place but he runs the same route every day almost.  There are only two, if he isn’t at one he is at the other,” Lucas said.


“Perfect, we ambush him, when he returns to his car,” I suggested.


“How do we get his attention,” Lucas asked.


“Give him the list of mothers and daughters.  Then I’ll ask if he knows what happens to child molesters in prison.  I’ll do it loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby. I’m sure he has heard the treatment of men with short eyes get in prison.  It has to be his worst nightmare.  I’ll scare the shit out of him, and you come in and offer him a way out.  You can play him one of the interviews we did.  I’ll get Earl to edit out all the  voice, and put yours on the tape instead of mine.”


“I got it, I can make all these interviews disappear.  None of the victims know about the others.  They will all just think that it was too long ago to be a problem.  Most of them are but the DA  can use them to show a pattern of behavior.  Mighty powerful stuff.” Lucas said.


“Offer him the names of the victims who can still press charges.  Then when he is ready, hit him with the money demand.  Let him ask who I am and what I have to do with it.  Do not volunteer it, make him ask for it.  Then go with our cover story.   If he does a background check it will all be right.” I said.


“I’ll have to get used to calling you Cheryl,” he said.


“Hardly seems to be fair, you get to be you and I have to pretend to be someone else,” I said.


“So what happens after we do our dance for Smiley?” Lucas asked.


“That depends on him.  He is going to have his life turned upside down, I just hope it lands his ass in state prison, not work release.”


“Just no way to tell what a jury will do,”  Lucas said.


“True, but the more shit we throw on the wall the better chance something will stick.” I said.


“If he checks at all, he will know Cheryl doesn’t drive, so tomorrow you pick me up at the apartment.” I demanded.


That’s how we left it.  The operation was underway even though we hadn’t made a move.  It wasn’t always about what you did, sometimes it was a much about just deciding to do it.  After you decided to do it, then it was about planning how to do it.  Finally it was about mounting the operation.


When I got home from the lake, I noticed the plain looking Ford sitting in a corner of my parking lot first.  Then I recognized the driver, so I walked over to it.  “So Lindsay, what brings you here?”
“Where the hell is Cheryl?” she asked.


“Lindsay, I expect that you know as much as I do.  She told me that she was going somewhere to decide what to do with the rest of her life.  She asked me not to call her or try to contact her in any way.  She said, that she was going to tell you the same thing.” I suggested.


“She did, but it’s been two weeks, surely she is ready to come home.  I’m afraid something has happened to her.” Lindsay said.


“Lindsay sometimes you just have to let go,” I said.


“I’m her parole officer Maxine, I can’t just let go.” she informed me.


“Now you know what I told you.  You better have a damn good reason to revoke her, or I’m coming after you personally.” I said it and she knew that I meant it.


“Maxine, I just love her so much.  I can’t go on without her,” she said.  There was something way too obsessive in her voice.


“Lindsay, I think  you need to see someone.  You sound way too invested in Cheryl.”

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8 Responses to 179 loose ends again

  1. Mike says:

    Poor Lindsay. When you find that life has pushed you into a box (her husband and children) and you come to the realization that you love another, that’s when life really begins to suck.

    Lindsay needs to suck it up and realize, like many of us have, that life isn’t fair. She has obligations and now is the time for her to grow up and complete those obligations.

    Let Cheryl go so she can become Maxine’s lover or allow Cindy to write her out of the story.

  2. bigguy323 says:

    Sometimes Max can be disgusting. I think she must have PTSD.

    • Mike says:

      PTSD? Maybe, but I don’t believe the answer to who Max is is that simple. IMHO, her life just follows paths that are not mainstream for you, and maybe not for me either.

    • cindypress says:

      i think we decided earlier that she did.

      • cindypress says:

        But she also is open to anything without prejudgment post judgment yes. Max is just unique sometimes you are going to love her and sometimes she is going to make you I’ll but I don’t think she will ever bore you.

  3. g says:

    Think about growing up being not-quite pretty, not quite smart, not quite popular, and not quite rich. The armed service enlisted and non-com lifestyle is a refuge for people that never stand out, but are competent and comfortable doing what it takes no matter what. No shining-stars or individualists need apply. Then after 20-something years or an injury it’s over….with no family to fall back on. Only the lonely…plus a little injury to make you feel like you’ve lost the edge you had. Powerful motivation to do stuff you may not be proud of just for a high-life.


  4. cindypress says:

    It’s the old walk a mile in my shoes thing. I’m not sure how well any of us would match up to a fiction characters life style. Jason Bourne or James Bond included. I bill this as an adult soap so it has to have some adult features. Readers are going to get upset now and then but I hope not too many get bored.

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