191 Dante in the barrel



We transported Dante to Aster in the trunk of Earl’s rental car.  I had to wonder, if there would be an addition charge, should they ever findd out.  The emotional let down after the raid was evident in the Caddy.  Nobody spoke for the first few minutes, then it was just in a cryptic sentence now and then.


“You did remember to turn the license plate light back on?” I asked the driver.


“Yes, and I know most of those who get caught on the road after a job, make some stupid traffic move.  I’m being careful, but not too careful,” he admitted.


When we got to Aster, both cars pulled into the alley behind my apartment building.  My apartment was the only one with a back door, so finding it was easy.  The area, which surrounded the apartment, could only be described as, old commercial with no growth factor at all.  I say that to explain why there was no one on the street, or in any of the neighboring buildings, at 5AM.


After the sniper opened the trunk I said, “Now Dante unless you enjoyed the feeling of that tazer, you need to go quietly, because I have one ready to hit your black ass again.”  If you are going to talk rough to a man, hit all his hot buttons.


We moved him inside and sat him at the metal dining table/work bench.   Since there were plenty of holes for bolting things to the table, securing Dante was no problem at all.  I put pictures of Sweet Sammie and Honey on the table for him to think about while we unloaded the car.


Before I was finally ready for him, Dante had regained his gang leader macho shit persona.  “Hey ho, you better let me go. or I’m gonna fuck you to death.”


I quietly walked over and hit him with the stun gun again.  He tried to do a chair dance, before he passed out.  “You are going to learn some manners tough guy,” I stated for him and the others passing through the room to hear.


I waited until he was more or less himself.  Then I said, “That bad ass gang shit won’t save you here.  We have you and we are not even a little afraid of your gang of homies.  So listen up, because I can make you look like Sweet Sammy there anytime I want.” I said it as I pointed to the picture, which could have been Sammy hanging dead in the same kind of chair.


Sweet Sammy looked really rough in the picture.  He had blood and vomit on his face and clothes.  “So here is the deal, Sweet Sammy told me all about your deal with the chinks.  all about how they recruited you to find them a driver for their suicide bomb.  It didn’t work, see Sammy didn’t want to kill his best whore, so he didn’t detonate it, when he should have.”


“That stupid prick,” Dante said.


“Just goes to show how little control you have over situations, once they get started.  So here is the deal Dante, you are going to talk to me.  And you are going to tell me everything.  If you don’t, well to be honest there is no if you don’t .  It’s all about how you decide to help.  You either do it now, or you wait until I convince you.  Either way you will talk. ….  And Dante don’t worry about the Chinese Mob, I’m going to eliminate them.  But you do need to worry about me.


“I ain’t tellin’ you shit bitch,” he said.  He almost got bitch out completely when I hit him with the juice.  I didn’t go with the stun gun, I went with the household current.


“Every time you disrespect me, or lie to me, I’m going to punish you.  Somewhere along the line, you will get it right, or you will fucking die.  I had nothing when you came in, and if I  have nothing when you leave, I’ll just wait for the chinks to try again and start over with somebody new,”  I hit him again with the juice.


“Why did you do that?” he asked in a shaky voice, when I turned off the juice.


“Just to see you fucking dance,  Now tell me where the Chinks are hold up these days.” I asked.


“A warehouse at the airport,” he said.  I knew that he was lying and he realized that I knew when I reached for the switch.  “Wait, they moved after you killed their man.”


“Just for the record, I didn’t kill their man.  They killed him.  I killed your man and your man’s whore.  If you don’t come up with something more, I’m going to kill you.  But it might take a few hours to do it.”  I laughed at  him.


“Now I’m going to have a cup of coffee and  you are going to think about how you can stay alive.” I said.


“Even if I talk, you are going to kill me.” he said


“Why would I do that?” I asked.


“Because if you don’t, I’m going to kill you,” he said.


“That was such a stupid thing to do.  You just signed your own death warrant.  I was going to make you a deal.  I was going to take the money and let you have the dope, when I killed the chinks.  Now I have to kill you, but before I kill you, you are going to talk.  Everybody talks sooner or later.  I can tell you are gonna sing like a sissy choirboy.” I said.


Challenging the manhood of a gang leader is a poor interrogation technique, but it could only help with the torture.  Yes I didn’t try to kid myself, I was going to torture Dante till he talked or died.  I might not sleep well for a few months but Dante would still be dead.


It was just after noon when he finally decided that he would cooperate.  He wasn’t nearly as bad ass as he thought.  “Please stop, I’ll tell you what I know, just please stop.”


“I don’t want you telling me tales Dante, I want you to answer my questions truthfully.  So first of all, how do you get in touch with the Chinese importers to place an order?” I asked.


“I got a phone number, I call it and they calls me back in a few.  I tell them what I want and they tells me where to go and how much money to bring.” he replied.


“So  where are they warehousing the dope now?” I asked.


“I don’t know.  I didn’t know before until they shut it down.  They are very secretive.  Word on the street is that, if you ask too many questions, you just disappear.” he said nervously.


“Now, you got a chance to live, if you take it.  If you don’t, I am going to cut your throat right now.” I said.


“What’s that chance?” he asked.


“Make the call.  Set up a buy and then front us inside.  After that you walk.  If I ever see you again, or anyone who looks like you might have sent them, coming for me, I am going to park a truck bomb in front of your mama’s house during Sunday dinner.  Do you understand?” I asked.


“You would do that?” he asked.


“I’m amazed that you doubt me for even a second,” I replied.  “Look what we already did.  We grabbed up Sweet Sammy and his whore.  Sweet Sammie took a lot of persuading, but in the end he gave you up.  That same night we grabbed you up and put you in the barrel.  Now if I tell you I will kill you, and every member of your family, it would seem reasonable that you believed me.  So the question is do you want to live or do you want to die.”


“They say the same thing about the chinks,” he said to me.


“So I hear, but I have you, they don’t.  You are here because you tried to work for them.  You would be better served to do this one job for me then walk away.”


“So, do I still get the dope?” he asked.  I knew that it was the best incentive to get him on board.  He got his life and a shit pot full of dope.


“Sure, I got no use for it,” I replied.  “But I do for the cash, if there is any.”


“Fair enough,” the much more humble Dante said.


“If you try to double cross me, I will kill you a dozen times and bring you back just to kill you again.  Do you understand me?’ I asked.


“Yes Ma’am,” he said.


“Make your call,” I demanded.  “You know, we are going to be listening and recording the call so make it good.”


“Yes,” the voice at the business end of the conversation said.


“This Dante from the Willow Street Crew.  I need some tea.”


“Not your time?’ the voice said.


“Had a dealer rip me off, I need to replace the tea and him.” Dante said.


“How much,” the voice asked.


“Half a block,” Dante said.


$75k US,” the man said.


“That is a bit steep,” Dante said.


“That’s the price, take it or not,”  the man was definitely not the Harvard Chink for sure.


“Where?” Dante asked.


“Downtown park 6PM, we exchange bags.” The man said and hung up.


“What was that about the bag exchange?” I asked.


“He will get into my car, if it is just me.  He will have a metal briefcase.  I hand him the case from my last buy with the money inside.  He looks at it, then he hands me the case with the dope.  The car he arrives in will have body guards, my boys are in a car beside me.  Just to be sure it all goes as planned.


“Then we need to get your cars,” I said.


“My crew car has blacked out windows, so you can use it.  It’s the car he expects.” Dane said.


“Now Dante you tell one of your boys to drive that car to the coliseum parking lot and leave it by a lamp post.  Someone will pick it up.  Have him leave the key under the seat.” I said.


“Okay,” he made the call and told the person who answered to just shut up and do it.  Obviously there was dissension in the ranks.


I left Dante alone while I went to talk to the Intelligence officer.  “Did you hear?” I asked.


“Yes I heard,” he admitted.


“Then you know they plan to kill Dante and his whole crew?” I asked.


“Chance are a 100 out of a 100,” he replied.


“Why the downtown park?” I asked.


“Surveillance camera is always out, so I’m told,” he said.


“Then we need to fix it quick,” I replied.  “Get Lucas over there and do not get him killed.  He will figure out something.  If Lucas needs him, take Earl as well.” I said.


They were gone about an hour, so it must not have been too difficult to get a camera setup.  “Were you spotted?” I asked.


“I don’t think so.  The place was full of kids.  It was after school hours for the small ones.  The school buses bring them in for after school care.  I doubt that anyone would pay any attention to homeless guy on the bicycle and his back pack.  I had one of Mike’s Lizard cams.  I just put him on a fence in the corner of the parking lot.  The quality of the image is pretty bad, but it gives us something.  Well guys looks like it’s show time again.


At 5PM the sniper recovered the crew car from the Coliseum parking lot, then pulled it into a space with a good view from the lizard cam.  He got out of the care then walked to the bathroom.  The empty car just looked like a car with blacked out windows.


Dante was the first to arrive.  He had already been shown the bomb under the car’s seat.  Before he drove the last two blocks to the parking lot I said to him, “Play nice and you get to go home.  Try to fuck me and you are dog food.”  He knew exactly what I meant.





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6 Responses to 191 Dante in the barrel

  1. jack says:

    Its nice to see some action where Max doesn’t loose any of her own blood. she deserves some victories.

  2. jack says:

    Bonnie must be ill today or else she is working on a real humdinger for the next chapter. Hope she is ok. Just miss my daily Max fix is all.

  3. Grey Beard says:

    Shame on the author, she left us in limbo after a great cliff hanger.

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