192 take down


Dante was parked beside the empty crew car when the supplier came.  He got out of the Lincoln Navigator and into the Mercedes which belonged to Dante.  Recovering that Mercedes had been an after thought almost.  While his crew was delivering the crew car, the blond mercenary and Abra picked it up without incident.

The Chinese dope supplier slipped into the silver colored Mercedes which had been gangsterized with all kinds of gaudy crap hanging on it.  It was pure pimp my ride shit.

It took the Chinaman about five seconds to splatter Dante’s brains all over the driver’s side window.  We saw it all on a computer tablet while waiting in the Caddy a block away.  The intel officer started the Caddy and pulled carefully onto the road.  We slowly headed in the direction of the park.

As we headed in that direction two gunmen got out of the Navigator and began firing on the crew car.  When they stopped to change magazines for another go, hell rained down on them in the form of a Marine sniper with a Remington M24-A2 riffle pouring 30-06 rounds into them.  The two with the automatic weapons went first then the driver of the navigator.

The Chink who killed Dante tried to hid behind the car.  He sat on the ground hoping somehow he would be over looked.  Instead what happened was the Caddy rolled in and he was quickly tossed in the back of it like a sack of rice.  As that was being done the intel officer jumped from the Escapade and emptied the pockets of the three dead men.

The sniper walked up calmly to the caddy and we all left.  Elapsed time was less than four minutes.  It was a well oiled machine that the Admiral had left me.  Urban fighters with no fear and no remorse.  I had forgotten it, but Abra had remembered to get the Lizard cam.

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4 Responses to 192 take down

  1. jack says:

    Great to see you back. Nice effective action by Max’s team. thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    that was the last thing before I tried flying using a motor bike instead of an airplane. From that point on it is pure pain and dope talking.

  3. This too shall heal… or at least that was what they told me before I spent four months at Walter Wonderful. Hang in there Bonnie your wings are only clipped temporarily…Love donald and the Vi

  4. cindypress says:

    Thank you both… I don’t think this is going to make me stronger. Maybe a little more careful on my hornet motor bike is all. Dad is going to build training wheels for me and call it a trailer

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