197 The End and then the real End

They left me alone with Jen for a half hour.  We drank coffee and compared lovers until Mike Dawson showed up.  He tossed a file on the table which is pretty much standard interview procedure.  It is supposed to make the suspect worry about what’s inside the folder.  Most of the time it has some information, but sometimes it’s just the menus from all the good take out restaurants in town.


“So Maxine, what the hell is this all about?” he asked.


“Jen, do you want to answer or should I?” I was looking at Dawson but speaking to Jen.


“Let me, Maxine was working for me and therefore all the information she obtained is privileged as work product of attorney client relationship.” Jen said smiling.


“Then why did you tip us to the truck full of drugs,” he asked.


“Being a good citizen,” I said after Jen nodded her permission to answer.


“How did you know?” he asked.


“That is work product of the client attorney relationship,” I replied.  “But I will say this, I was following up on the assets of James Smiley, just in case Jen decides to sue the estate for her client.


“It looks like we either have all the gang in jail or the morgue,” Mike said.


“Well that’s nice, can We go now?” Jen asked.


“If it were up to me sure, but there are other people here with lots of juice, who want to talk to you.  Mostly they want to know, why you staged a military style assault on the old chemical plant?”  It was a question and I knew it.


“Is that what it was.  I felt like it was a recon in force.  We wanted to be able to defend ourselves, if they attacked us.  Since they had showed how violent they could be.  By the way they did just that, as the film clearly shows.  It all stems from my investigation for Jen.  I took along the back up, because we all knew that they were responsible for the shootout at the downtown park.”


“How do we know that?” Mike asked.


“Okay, if you are going to play games Dawson, we are finished here.  Arrest Maxine or cut her loose.” Jen said angrily.



“The FBI will just pick you up, as soon as I spring you,” he said to me ignoring Jen.


“I’ll worry about that when it happens.  Right now I want a good cup of coffee, a good meal, and to sleep.  Nothing like being shot at to create an appetite,” I suggested.


“And before you run at the others, they all worked for Maxine, so in effect they worked for me.  They are all covered by the Client Privilege and their attorneys know it.” Jen said to Dawson.


We were outside when I asked, “How nasty is this going to get hon?”


Jen replied, “I think you are going to get a medal, just to keep your mouth shut.  Nobody wants it out that a skinny bitch, private eye brought down an international drug gang.  Especially one that is connected to the Chinese and the Taliban.  That is where that opium paste comes from you know?” she asked.


“Yeah, I know,” I replied sadly.


I went home to the apartment to microwave lots of food, while Jen stayed at the police station to be sure everyone stayed on script.  The others filtered into my apartment slowly.   I had microwaved TV dinners prepared by Helen for me.  By the time the evening ended my freezer was finally cleaned out.


We were drinking beer and passing around chips and dip when Abra said, “You guys didn’t get to see the best part.  Max on all fours crawling on the catwalk under the windows where those last two where holed up.  The .50 cal slugs blowing big holes out of the walls a foot over her head.  Then all of a sudden the flash bangs go off and Max is up kicking the door.  Those two bad ass Chinese just rolled over to be fucked.” she said.


“Hell, I wanted to call for air support,” the young sniper said.


“Shit kid, you were the air support.”  I turned my attention to the group which included Lucas and Earl. “Let’s go to Cowboy’s.  I owe someone here a beer.


“Damn right, beers and blow jobs all around,” The handsome blond soldier said.


“I’ll buy the beer, but you have to arrange your own blow jobs,” I said.


We piled into the cruiser and the SUV and off we went.  When we arrived at The Cowboy’s Bar and Grill, the parking lot was about half full.  I followed the guys inside.  They were talking and laughing as they entered.  Joyce looked relieved to see me.


“Are all these guys with you?” she asked.


“They are and give them anything they want.  It’s all on me tonight.” I said.


It took about half an hour for all the men to be paired up with single ladies.  I always knew there was something about the smell of fear, sweat, death, and cordite all mixed together that was irresistible to women.  I sure as hell is to me.  We danced and drank until closing.


Joyce came to tell me that it was closing time.  She obviously didn’t want to tell the guys.  “Guys it’s time to go home.  Let’s be sure everyone has a ride home or at least a ride somewhere warm.”


Earl had Amy, Lucas didn’t have anyone as usual, the rest of the guys where making arrangements.  “I’ll be sure they all get home,” Damien said.


“Fair enough, I have my two guys, and Amy.  I can squeeze one more in,” I suggested.


“I’ll ride back with you, if you don’t mind,” Abra suggested.


“It works fine for me.” I said.


In the cruiser Abra rode in the front with me.  The two men and Amy rode in the back.  Abra and I laughed and joked but it was way too quiet in the rear.  When I adjusted the mirror so that I could see, I saw Earl and Lucas both kissing and feeling Amy up.  I decided that I didn’t really need to see any more, so I returned the mirror to it’s original position.


I sat in the cruiser while I reran the files of the surveillance tapes.  None of the outside cameras showed anything at all.  I stepped from the car first, while the others struggled to free themselves from whatever it was that they were doing.


He came from out of nowhere.  I got a good look at him charging toward me with a very long knife.  The Chinese thug I had dubbed Wang hadn’t put it in the wind after all.  He was taking his Tong duty seriously.  I managed to block his charge with the cane while I easily moved off to the side.  He was way off balance trying to stop and turn while avoiding a collision with the car.  I swung the cane to hit him in the face with the weighted bottom of it.


He was still off balance and clumsy but he managed to avoid the blow.  He did one of those spin around moves like you see Bruce Lee do.  Unfortunately for Wang, I didn’t move back as I should have.  Since my leg prevented me from being graceful, my Korean teacher had stressed that I should always move close and prepare a defensive move.


Wang was surprised to find me almost on top of him when he made his beautiful spin move.  His knife was still flashing and still lethal.  I blocked his knife’s slashing swing with the cane.  At the same time I pressed the button to release the blade.  With two pieces of the cane to worry about, Wang made the wrong decision.  He blocked the shaft of the cane, while I drove the 8“ blade into his chest.  I did a quick bayonet twist to free the blade, then stepped back quickly with both pieces of the cane in my hands.   Wang just crumbled into a pile in the parking lot.


It all happened and ended so fast that Abra was just barely out of the car.  “Are you alright?” she asked while pointing a pistol at Wang, who was quickly bleeding to death.


“I’m fine.  You guys go on in while I call 911.”  They left quickly to avoid being involved in the initial investigation.  I walked around the parking lot until I was sure Wang had bled out, then I called 911.  I waited patiently for the cops to arrive.


First I explained to the patrol officer how it happened, then I explained to the detective who arrived.  Then I rode downtown in the patrol car as I had done earlier.  I was thinking during that drive how pissed Jen was going to be.  She might even be pissed at me.  That’s when I started to laugh.


“Ms Stone, I’m here to release you,” the jailer said.


“Really why?” I asked.


“The detective says you acted in self defense,” he said.


“I did try to tell him that, but I guess they hear that a lot.”  I smiled as I found my coat.  I was ready to leave a couple of minutes later.


“Come on Max, it’s time to get you to bed,” Abra said smiling.


“Have you been waiting here all this time?” I asked.


“You didn’t have a car and needed a ride home,” she said.


“Well I am glad to see you.  I would be even without the car, but it is a nice bonus.” I said taking my keys from her.  “I hope this didn’t inconvenience anyone?” I asked.


“Earl and Lucas have Amy all tucked in, so I was the obvious choice.” she said.


“Oh I had hoped that it was personal,” I suggested as we approached the car.


“It is personal, now please take me home.” Abra said.


Thirty minutes later we were in bed together and touching each other tenderly.  “God I love this,” she said as her hips moved against my fingers.


I rolled against her and kissed her nipple and pulled it with my teeth.  “God you have great boobs, yet you hide them.”  I was gently scolding her while I fingered her.


“I know, I love my boobs.  It is not a good thing for a muslim woman to love her body but I love mine.” she said obviously embarrassed.


“You should love your body it is spectacular.” I said as I licked her nipple.  I felt her respond to my every touch, which just reinforced my need to touch her.  Her body was driving me on, which is a little strange since usually it is the need inside my own body that drives me forward.


I kissed her and marveled at the way she sucked on my tongue.  I loved that feeling, so I touched and stroked her body both inside and out.  I had her almost to the point of an orgasm when she pushed me away.  She rolled me onto my back and began to do the things to me, which I had done to her.  I was very close to orgasm, when she stopped and began to remove her clothes.  Her blouse had been open all along and her bra was askew but she began to remove everything.  I joined in and removed all my own clothing.  The feel of her naked body against my was more than just intoxicating it was mind numbing.


I felt something large begin to force it’s way inside me.  I knew what it was and I loved the feeling of Abra fucking me.  At that moment I didn’t care what she used, I just wanted to orgasm for her.  I also wanted her to orgasm for me.  I wanted to know that she had surrendered to me.


I forced myself back from the brink, then removed the dildo from my body.  It was a struggle with both her and myself.  I rolled her over until I could push the dildo to the opening between her legs, then I whispered.  “Beg me to fuck you.”  I waited and nothing happened.  “Beg me,” I said gain louder.


“Yes god fuck me,” she begged.  “Please fuck me.  I need you to fuck your Arab slut.”


It was more than I wanted but I drove the dildo in and out of her slippery opening.  In the end we both added to the huge wet spot in my bed.  Not just that, the room stank of hormones and stale cum.


After we moved to the floor with a blanket to keep us warm, she asked,  “Will you teach me to suck cock?” then she just fell asleep.

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6 Responses to 197 The End and then the real End

  1. jack says:

    Fantastic, heavy action ,, little r and r then solo action by Max, and great sex . Thanks so much for keeping this going. Jack

  2. Grey Beard says:

    I sincerely thank you for a great story that certainly ended on a high note. If scoring was provided for I would give you straight 10s. Assuming that this is the real end to the story, I will be looking forward to you next tale.

    Thank you!

  3. jack says:

    After a second read of the title. I hope that second part of the title was just in reference to this chapter. Thanks .Jack.

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