204 the unlikely tourist has a question

I awoke to a heart stopping second the next day.  There was Lucy sitting in my one comfortable chair.  “Jesus don’t ever do that again,” I said  “If I had been at home, I would have shot you.” I said.


“Sorry I got bored, so I came to sit with you,” she informed me.


“Do you ever sleep?” I asked it not because I really cared.  Well I did care in a way. I didn’t like the idea of her creeping around all night.


“I power down for an hour or so to let my circuits cool.  Otherwise I’m always turned on,” she said.


“That sounds a little risqué,” I suggested.  “Try to avoid saying ‘turned on’ around men.  If not you will have them all hot and bothered.”


“Ah, I see what you mean.  I know that the turned on means two differen things.  It just never occurred to me that anyone would take it out of context.” Lucy said.


“Honey, men are always taking things out of context.  It’s probably the one thing they are good at, finding a sexual innuendo, where there is none.  So try to use human terms, even though they really aren’t quite right.  For instance a human asks, “Don’t you ever sleep.  Your answer should be, I sleep very little maybe a couple of hours a night.’


“I see what you mean it’s all part of protecting myself at any cost.” she said.


“Exactly,” I replied.  I changed the subject.  “I’m going to go take a shower.”


“Very well, I will keep watch,” she said.


“You are smart as hell I know, so let’s make a code you and I.  When you want to say, I’ll stay and keep watch, instead say, “I’ll be right here when you finish.”


“Ah just to confuse anyone who is listening.  It’s a good plan,” she agreed.


“Glad you like it.  Now I’ll be finished soon, so just wait and we will go to breakfast.”


“Okay but you know I don’t eat.”


“Code:  Fine but I’m not very hungry.” I suggested.


“Ah yes, I’ll get it soon, I promise,” she said.


“You are doing just fine,” I replied.


Except that the water never really got very hot, it was a good shower.  I needed tom wash off  the night sweat.  I put on clean panties and bra for my the first full day in England.


I wasn’t sure who would be joining us for breakfast and I didn’t plan to go looking for anyone.  I was hungry and I didn’t mind eating alone.  Well alone except for the Hoover.


Once in the lobby the Hotel’s concierge had a message for us.  “Ladies, would you like to join our other guests in the dining room for breakfast.  Your friend is already in there waiting.”


“What about it Lucy, would you like to eat in the dining room here?” I asked.


“Since I’m not very hungry, why don’t you decide Maxine,” she said.  It was a flawless performance.  I smiled warmly at her.  It was a mark of approval and she knew it.


“In that case sure why not,” I replied.


“The traditional English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms.  We create a breakfast bar consisting of all the traditional breakfast foods.  Feel free to sample them all or any part of it.” the older and very proper gentleman explained.  He was obviously part of the British experience we were supposed to leave with.


Lamar was sitting at a table for four nursing a cup of coffee.  “So have you eaten yet?” I asked.


“No, I have been hoping you two would join me.  Doctor Priest left for the airport a half hour ago.”  Lamar did not look happy.


“So what’s wrong Lamar?” I asked.


“Doctor Priest informed me this morning that you arranged that incident last night to test me.  I am not happy that you felt you needed to do that.” he said.


“That’s not what is bothering you Lamar.  You are bothered because you didn’t hit a home run last night.  Like it or not, and sometimes I don’t either, I have worked with giants among men over this last year and a half.  Not every man, in every incident was a super hero, some like you were just good solid men.  Good men who were doing the best they could in a difficult situation.  There is no shame in not being a giant.  The shame would have been, if I had allowed something to turn nasty and got you hurt thinking you were a giant.  Last night was a situation I felt I could control, something may come along none of us can control.  If that happens I have to know everybody’s strengths.”  I intentionally left out the weaknesses part.


“I am a trained field agent,” Lamar said.


“How many assignments have you been on Lamar?” I asked.


“Okay this is my first, but it is supposed to be a piece of cake.  I could have handled that thing last night if it hadn’t come out of nowhere,” he said.


“Things usually do come out of nowhere,” I said.


“Yes but since you set it up you knew what to do,” he replied sharply.


“Okay, let’s just have breakfast and get on with this vacation,” I suggested more testy than I should have.


I left the two of them alone while I filled a plate with full sliced bacon and eggs.  I would have preferred a bacon and egg biscuit from Hardee’s or a sandwich from Helen’s.  Nonetheless the food was surprising good, in that artery clogging sense.


I watched Lucy fake the coffee drinking experience.  She was very good at it.  If the cup had not remained full the whole time I would have bought it.  “Are you not eating this morning?” I asked her directly.”  She knew our conversation could be overheard so she played along.


“I seem to be a little under the weather this morning,” she said smiling weakly.  She seemed to be a pretty good actress, when the situation called for it.


When we left the dining room Lamar paid the check, as he should have.  We looked like typical American tourist.  Lucy was wearing designer jeans and a beautiful silk blouse, Lamar was wearing Khaki shorts and a navy knit top, and I was in my faded well worn jeans and white knit blouse with a collar.  All in all we looked the part of tourists, now all we had to do was get along for a whole day.


We rode around in a double decker tour bus for most of the morning.  I enjoyed that just fine.  It was different from riding around on my bike, but it was still out in the open on the top level.  After the tour all three of us went for a walk in one of the green spaces in London.  It was such a small space, I had to walk around it twice to get in my three miles.  Even with the cane my leg ached.  When we finished, I limped to the taxi, which Lamar flagged down for us.


“I don’t suppose you are up for the walking tour of Sherlock Holme’s London are you?” Lamar asked.


“You could have mentioned it was on the agenda, before I did my morning walk,” I said sharply.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you could handle it.  I guess now I know your limitations as well,” he replied.


“So you do,” I said more than a little pissed.  I turned my attention to Lucy.  “Lucy honey this is where you should say, Now Children,” I suggested.


“Ah I see, I should be assertive, when it is called for.  Thank you Maxine, I had a feeling I should have been engaged,” she replied.


“Lamar why don’t you reschedule the walking tour for tomorrow morning.  Whatever you had planned for then, we can do now.  You did have something planned for tomorrow didn’t you?” I asked.


“We can take a boat tour, which includes the New Globe Theater,” he suggested.  We don’t need a reservation for that.  Also there isn’t too much walking involved,” he said.  Yes it was a snide remark.


What he didn’t know and what I didn’t plan to tell him, was that I could handle the pain well enough to walk anywhere I really needed to go.  Not anywhere I wanted to go, but needed to go.  There is a difference you know.


Lunch was fish and chips from a vendor just off the shopping district.  I enjoyed the food a lot actually.  Lucy ordered hers and picked at it, then tossed it in the trash as we passed by.  I made a note to tell the Doctor to work out somethings, since so far that was her glaring design flaw.


Leave it to a woman to think about clean underwear.  I knew for a fact that if we were going to do the tourist thing, I needed a way to get my laundry done.  When we went back to the hotel to rest after lunch I asked, “Do you have a laundry service?”


“Yes ma’am we do.  If you wish, I can give you a bag to in which to place your laundry,  Just leave it on your bed and the maid will take care of it.”   It was the lady, who had greeted me the day before, who gave me the information.


“Then yes, I would like one of those bags,” I replied.  What she gave me was a fishnet kind of bag.  I didn’t mind that at all.  Since the CIA was picking up the room tab, I decided not to even think about it again, just send out my clothes every day.


After I filled the bag, I planned to lie down to rest.  If I should fall asleep, that would be okay as well.  I was still just a little groggy from the flight.  I made it to the bed and even reclined on it, then without warning Lucy appeared from the bathroom door.  I am going to have to lock that door, I thought.


“Maxine could we talk?” she asked.


“Of course we can talk.  I am glad that you waited until we are alone.  It is hard to say something about other people, when they are present.  You do understand?” I asked.


“Yes, I understand.  I will not question your decisions, when others are present,” she promised.


“Good, then what is it you need?” I asked.


“I would like to know what it’s like to have an orgasm?” she asked.


“Holy shit girl, you picked a difficult thing for me to explain, even to another human.  I am not sure I can explain it to you.” I said.


“Would you try, I promise I will try hard to understand.” Lucy was dead serious.


“How much do you know already about human sexuality?” I asked.  Obviously you have been reading about it.”


“I know that the purpose of sex is to procreate,” she informed me.


“Okay let’s start at that place then.  Try to follow me.  Let me know, if I lose you.” I said.


“Okay,” she agreed.


“You can call it God or anything else you like.  Mother Nature will do for now.  So Mom Nature demands that we procreate.  But the results of that is kids.  Kids are hard work and expensive.  That is true of all species, having kids is a pain in the ass.


So to keep us having sex, Mom made it extremely enjoyable.  That feeling is so good that it outweighs the pain of having children.  Mother Nature also creates the need in most women to be mothers.  To continue their line so to speak.  For men it is more about the overwhelming need to orgasm.


“Maxine I understand all that but what does it feel like to have one.” she asked.


“Are you capable of feeling pleasure?” I asked.


“I honestly do not know,” she replied.


“If you don’t feel any pleasure then there is no way you could know what it is like to orgasm.  It is the most pleasurable feeling possible.”


“I see, there is the theoretical possibility that I could learn emotions.  The doctors really don’t know what a machine, who can learn, is capable of feeling.” she said.  I could only nod.

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10 Responses to 204 the unlikely tourist has a question

  1. jack says:

    Lucy is curious about orgasms like a 14 yr old that has played but never had one. Sounds like a little hands on may be in order maybe a whole lot of hands to check out or fine tune those sensory receptors. Very interesting. Thank

  2. Finbar Saunders says:

    I’m loving this whole swerve into a new genre. It’s refreshed the whole story arc and opened up a load of new possibilities. Keep it up!!

  3. bigguy323 says:

    If Lucy is a true Robot, then her “body” and “Flesh” are totally artificial. If she is a “Cyborg” then she is part “flesh” and part machine. It would help our understanding if you clarified that point.

    If, as I suspect, Lucy and Max are about to “get down” then it is likely that Lucy is a Cyborg with flesh and “blood” parts and nerves, etc. that can “feel”.

  4. Eric says:

    This is going to be a terrific adventure for Max. I didn’t think I would enjoy this storyline, but I am. I almost feel like I am going to experience everything new vicariously thru Lucy’s eyes. Very cool, Bonnie.

  5. Darrell says:

    Lucy doesn’t eat. She is a robot.

    Find a way to gently overload her circuits.

    • cindypress says:

      Lucy is a robot but with a very advanced learning system. It is so advance she is like a child so no one knows what her real potential is. I hope that is going to come through. If she does learn to be more human.

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