208 robo powered bicycle and the campfire



It was obvious that Lucy had no reaction to being touched.  Not only that there really wasn’t anything to touch.  Well that was fine with me, I had no interest in her that way.


I slept with Lucy pressed against me all night.  She was different, but not that much different.  I drifted off to sleep reasonably early.  I got a good night’s sleep for a change and I really did feel rested the next morning.


“So you want to go back to the flea market this morning?” I asked.


“We have seen everything here, I would really like to move to a different town,” Lucy said.  That was still farther out of character for her.  Before the last visit by Priest and the Geeks, she had no opinions at all, suddenly she was filled with them.  If it kept up I would have to start treating her as an equal.  That thought bothered me.


“In that case it’s the flea market for back packs.  We are going to take the tandem and head out today.”  I said it because I didn’t really want to stay in one place either.


“Where will we go?’ she asked.


“I figure we can do up to 30 kilometers, easily so pick a town about that far from here.  When we get back from the flea market, we will head out.” I said it smiling at her.


At the flea market we purchased two medium sized black canvas backpacks, and of course breakfast for me.  It was 10AM when we returned to the hotel.  Packing our clothes took fifteen minutes tops.  We were on the road by noon.  When we were standing on the sidewalk, I asked, “So where are we headed.”


“We take the Western highway out of town, then 28 Kilometers down the road we will come to Saint Louise,” she said.


“Is that really the name of the town?” I asked.


“No, but it’s how you will bastardize it, so I just beat you to it,” she admitted.


“Fair enough, then it’s Saint Louise before dark,” I said.  During the cycle trip, I pedaled when we were on a hill, but downhill and on the flats I let Lucy carry the load alone.  The 28 Kilometers took us four hours.  It was good to know what the  road speed was going to be for our little robo propelled vehicle.


One little thing Lucy forgot was to check for hotels.  I had Lucy ask a local cop about hotels or hostels or even families willing to take us in for a night or two.  Lucy turned to me and said, “There is nothing at all.” she informed me.


“Then surely there is somewhere we can eat,” I demanded.    Lucy turned back to the cop and asked more questions.


“There are only two restaurants in town,” she said.


“Then pick one and lets head out,” I suggested.


Ten minutes later found us sitting down in a restaurant so small that there were only five table in the place.  I ordered a thick soup and wine to drink.  The soup was hot, and as thick as some stews I  have eaten.  The bread served with the soup was excellent.  I am no connoisseur of wines, but I enjoyed the red wine I received with my meal.


The main reason for the stop was so that Lucy could ask the waitress, and later also the owner of the restaurant, where one might find a place to sleep.


“There is a park about a mile outside of town.  It is where young tourists gather in the summer.  We can stay there, he said.” Lucy informed me.  “If not that there is a hotel in the town ten kilometers west of here.  It is the closest one.”  Lucy informed me of our choices, then looked away.  She seemed sad to think that she had upset me.  Not like the old Lucy at all.


“Then, we need to find a tarp,” I told Lucy with a smile.  “It won’t be the first time I slept with the snakes,” I said.


Lucy gladly asked the waitress where we might purchase a tarp.  Form the restaurant we rode about five hundred yards deeper into to town to a small general store kind of place.  Once we were in the door Lucy moved toward the man on duty.   I stopped her.  “Let’s just look around there may be other things we need as well.


We purchased a tarp that was approximately 8‘ by 10‘ and camouflage printed.  The size was in metric measurements but I knew it would do.  We also bought a lightweight blanket, which was no more than a piece of cotton flannel, and a fire starter kit.  The kit contained matches and a box of cardboard wrapped Sterno tabs.  On the way to the check out I picked up a folding, disposable utility knife.  Lucy and I divided the load, then off we went into the countryside again.


Twenty minutes later we cycled into the public park that allowed tourists to sleep there.  The big attraction was some kind of open air concerts every weekend.  It wasn’t the weekend for a couple of days, but there were already a dozen or so young people in the park.  They were occupying a kind of tent city.  Of course the tents were mostly tarps tossed over anything that would make a shelter.  More or less what I had planned to do.


The kids there greeted we two old ladies with what sounded like kind words.  Even I could tell from the tone that there was absolutely no warmth at all in them.  It suited me just fine.  All I wanted to do was to get off that damned bike.  Lucy informed me that there was no chance of rain, so I made a quick lean too using the bike against a tree for the high end and the packs to hold it down.  We picked a grassy spot, so there wasn’t going to be a lot of comfort, but maybe not too many rocks sticking us in the back either.


We sat, with the kids, around a fire in one of the fire pits provided by the park.  I was quite the heroine, since I could start the fire easily.  Most of the time the city kids had to work their asses off to get a fire going.


“So talk to the kids Lucy.  Tell them we are just passing through.” I said.


“Oh I already have.  It seems that the blond boy with the scruffy beard has a thing for older women.  I’m not sure which of us he is interested in, but if it’s me, you are going to have to help.”  At that point my sweet little Lucy broke into laughter.  It was a most unladylike laugh at that.


The blond kid was French from a small town near Marseilles.  I couldn’t understand a word he said, but I did understand the looks he was giving Lucy.  I knew there was no way he was going to screw her, but then it was her show.  I still could not get over the many drastic changes that had come over her.  It had been only three days and she was a totally different entity while still being the same one.  It was just hard to believe.


I didn’t like the French name his mother gave him. so I called him Robbie.  Lucy explained my habit of renaming people, places, and things.  He obviously didn’t mind the eccentric old lady hanging out with them.


As the night wore on the two of them got more bold.  Something about Lucy had changed.  I hadn’t been able to put my finger on until that night.  Lucy had an awareness that she was missing some parts.  It wasn’t just that she discovered that she was missing them, but also that she knew what exactly should have been there.  She also suddenly knew her way around men.  She knew how to tease and flirt with them, even more important she knew that it was headed somewhere.  I felt she knew how to keep it where she could manage.  It remained to be seen whether my estimate was correct.


It became obvious as the night wore on that Robbie was getting more and more smitten with her.  A couple of the boys tried to hit on me, but when they discovered that I spoke no French, they move on.  I was ready for bed, when I noted that Robbie was kissing Lucy.  Since he kept at it, I supposed that I was wrong about her hard cold lips.


He was massaging her fake boobs and she seemed to respond.  When he looked away for a moment, she turned to me and gave me a smile that told me she was faking it.  Why she would do that was a mystery to me.  Nonetheless I found it all to be somewhat arousing.  Kind of like the very beginning of a good porno movie.  There was lots of foreplay, even though you knew it was fake, it still quickened your pulse rate.


He took her hand then placed it on his hard penis.  She didn’t seem to know what to do.  Now that did surprise me.  She said something to him in French and they had a short but animated conversation.


“Come here Maxine, I think I need that help now,”  Lucy said sounding very much like a teenage girl asking her best friend for advice.  “Don’t worry about Robbie, he knows we are a couple.”  She laughed at that image.  I guess I did as well.


It was dark but we were all still sitting around the campfire. therefore we had an audience.  It was again like that porno movie.  It did look as though the three of us were going to be the stars.  I might have said no, if not for all the wine. Then again maybe not.


What I did do was move over to sit with the two of them.  He put my hand on  his erect penis.  He continued to kiss Lucy, while I massaged his penis.  I couldn’t believe that I was doing it with absolutely no physical stimulation of my body at all.  It was an emotional high somehow even without that stimulation. I don’t know why I didn’t touch myself, but I didn’t feel the need somehow.  Maybe the thing with Lucy, not feeling anything and still playing along, was contagious,


I knew that we were being watched.  I also knew that he was trying to arouse Lucy, who felt nothing from his manipulations, while I worked on him.  It was truly a strange circumstance.  Robbie seemed to be enjoying it though.


Lucy said to me, “Suck it.  I need to see how you do it.”  Poor Robbie had no idea what was happening, but he did not object when she removed my hand and worked his penis free.  “Please Maxine, I need to see you suck his cock.”


I was still in some different place, when I went to my knees.  Even with the pain in my leg I began to slowly lick his cock.  I glanced up to see Lucy kissing him again.  Even while kissing him she was watching me intensely.   After licking his cock until it was hard a a rock, I began to nurse on the head of it.  I sucked and moved it around with my tongue.  When he began to make pumping motions, I allowed his cock into the warm wet cavern that was my mouth.


He seemed to lose control and began to pump my mouth harder.  Then I felt hands on my head pushing me even farther down on his cock.  I looked up on his back stroke to see one of his hands on my head and one of Lucy’s as well.


I felt his penis grow, then he filled my mouth with semen.  While he did that, I came as well without ever having been touched.  When Robbie’s cock shriveled, Lucy kissed me deeply just as she had been doing for Robbie.


“I told you that I would wear you down,” she said gently.

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  1. jack says:

    Lucy certainly seems determined to learn how it all works. Thanks

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