216 Marge and the Runner


“So you want me to check out the policemen on that raid even closer than I have already.” Lucas asked.

“Yes, you checked the normal places, now check with the bad guys.  See what your guys out on bail can come up with.” I suggested.

“Money won’t do them much good, if they are going back inside,” Lucas suggested.

“Surely they want something,” I said

“Sure they do, but it ain’t usually money.  What they want is a favor, for a favor.” Lucas said.

“Luke, I am not going to leave a gun in the courthouse,” I demanded.

“Nothing like that, I’ll let you know before I agree,” he said.

Fair enough,” I replied.  Do your homework carefully,” I demanded.

Lucas was probably the only one I knew who kept office hours.  He also visited lock up almost every night to post bail for some sleeze.  No wonder he had hired a young guy right out of college to serve the court papers.  He was riding the empire he built from hand me downs.  He had paid me off, but he was likely to still be paying Ed for the bail bond business.  It was nothing to me but a curiosity.

He went back to his morning coffee and I rolled the motor bike out the door to Helen’s for breakfast.  I knew that Lucas would have the feelers out before the office closed.  It might take a day, or it might take an hour, but if there was anything out of plumb on the two officers it would come out.

I found there was another new girl at Helen’s.  The one that morning was rude to me, but sweet to the man in front of me.  I let it slide until I saw her pull the same thing on a woman I did not recognize.  I knew that that Helen needed to be warned.

“Helen it’s me Max.  Yes I’m back in town and I’m at your sit down on main.  You have a woman in here who is sweet as honey to the men and rude to all the women.  I mean all of them.  Do what you want, I’m just giving you a heads up.

I went out and started the Gunny’s motor bike.  I rode it the two miles out to the mall.  It was colder than I had expected.  I knew then that I was going to have to make some changes in my morning routine.  It wasn’t quite freezing yet, but it was plenty airish, as my dad used to call it.

Once I arrived at the mall, I began to walk.  I left my jacket on a bench at the entrance while I walked my six laps.  Even after 6 months I still planned to walk three miles.  I was pleased to see the Tiny Dancer ahead of me and moving along at a good steady clip.  She obviously had managed the last six months with a minimum of bad luck.

“Maxine I see you are back,” she said as I caught up with her.

“Yes I finished my enforced vacation,” I replied.

“Good for you, I’m glad to see you here.” she said.

“Thanks, I’m glad to see you still here and healthy looking.  I guess some things never change,” I said smiling.

“Now you know they will one day.  I have been far too lucky, too long, I’m due for a run of bad luck.” she said.

“Let’s hope not,” I said to contradict her.

“So, are you still doing your stretching exercises?” Dancer asked.

“I do them when I can,” I replied.

“You seem to be moving pretty well for a clumsy cow,” she said smiling.

“Hey, I’m not a cow,” I said.

“No, but you are clumsy,” she said.

“Only when I walk,” I replied with a smile.

“So you are telling me you are graceful in bed,” she burst into laughter at the thought.

“Of course, isn’t everyone,” I said with a smile.  At least she smiled back.  Within a few steps she veered off to the side.  I could see her jacket waiting for her.  She obviously had begun earlier and finished her morning workout.  “Well take care, I will see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow,” she agreed.  I turned the corner leaving her standing alone.  I continued to walk at a pretty good clip.  I wanted to get in a good walk even more than I did most mornings.  There was something about that day that made me want to work my body.

After my walk I started the bike and headed for home.  Other than the chill in the air it was a ride with nothing worth noting.  I spent the most of the morning in my office doing pretty much nothing.  After a couple of hours I decided that I wanted to see Lucas’s operation; since I hadn’t been around when he took over Ed’s business.  I rolled the bike out and rode it down to Lucas’s office.  It was only a few blocks.

“Hello,” I said after I stepped into the office.  Lucas was behind his desk and on the phone.  I held up on my rude comments until he was finished with his call.

The desk I had once occupied was covered with someone else’s personal items.  There was no doubt that it belonged to someone who was not me.  It looked as though Lucas had become a real honest to goodness business man.  He obviously had hired someone for field.  That someone probably delivered the summons or other court papers.

“Well look at you,” I said when he had finished his phone call.  “Got the place running like a real business.  I’m glad I came bye.  I’ll try to keep my requests to a minimum.”  I meant it when I said it.

“Thanks but I have time to do some computer work for you.  Still I am keeping this place running as well,” he said it to let me know not to abuse his good nature.  He needn’t have worried, I planned to write Lucas off after I left the building.  There were other ways to get the information I needed.

“Hey Maxine, I need a favor as a matter of fact,” he said.

“Oh what kind of favor,” I asked.

“One of my lambs has gone and got himself lost.”  It was how Ed had referred to his clients.

“Ah, and where would this lamb be hiding out?” I asked.

“With his sister about two hundred miles from here in South Carolina.” he said.

“Give me the address and I’ll make a quick trip down there,” I said.

“Would you do me one more favor and take Margaret with you.  She has never been on a pickup, and before she gets too much invested, I would like her to get a feel for all of the business,” Lucas said.

I turned my attention to Margaret,  “Get all the information on this gentleman you have in the file.  I’ll meet you back here in two hours.” I turned my attention to Lucas.  “It will take me that long to put my office on auto pilot.”

He nodded.  He was very much feeling my equal, which was fine.  I didn’t mind at all.  When I got home from Lucas’s office, I made a gallon of coffee even if I did have to make four pots.  I put it in a four thermal containers.  Since two hundred miles was a 4 hour drive down and the same coming back, it was going to be a long trip.

Two hours after I left I was back to pick up Margaret and the paperwork.  I told Lucas goodbye without any regrets.  I had nothing better to do so it was a good way to pass time, I figured.

The GPS device and the voice that spoke to us had us pulling into the sister’s driveway three hours after I left Lucas’s office.  It was almost dinner time but at least there was plenty of light remaining in the day.  I did not like picking up prisoners in the dark.  Too much risk they would run.

We went to the door carrying a bunch of magazines I had picked up from the trash in my office.  Obviously they didn’t look too bad because the sister opened the door for us.  “You most likely did not know that Mathew is on the run, but he is.  If I have to call the cops to get him they can change you with harboring a fugitive and I will insist on it.  You really should just call him out here.”

“But he is my brother,” she said.

“What kind of brother lets you go to jail for trying to help him?” I asked

“Mathew there are two ladies here to see you,” she said.

“Hello there, I’m Mathew what can I do for you?” he asked.

“You can come with us you are under arrest from failure to appear,” I said.  He turned to run and I hit him with the tazer.  Before he came to, I had the flex tie cuffs on him.  “Now be a good boy and lets walk out to the car.  We can carry you out, but most likely we will drop you a couple of times.

Mathew saw the wisdom in walking.  As Marg walked along beside him she smiled at me.  Marg wasn’t very attractive.  She wouldn’t be much of a challenge, but I wanted to know more about her before I came on to her.

On the two hour drive back to Lucas’s office, I learned that she was an only child and that her parents had move away but that she refused to go along.  Her parents were friends with Lucas’s parents.   Yes that’s how she got the job.  She did like it through and she also like Lucas.

“I can’t blame you for that, Lucas is a very nice man.  I have known him a couple of years and he is good people.” I said.

“That what I think to,” she replied.

“From the light in her eyes she obviously wasn’t looking for anything, but a husband.  In my book that was alright.  I didn’t have a need to do it with every woman with whom I felt a twinge.

We dropped Mathew at the police station and Marge took care of the paperwork.  I had actually enjoyed the trip.  Marge had been cute and irreverent.  On her it was a winning combination.  I dropped her at Lucas’s office, then I drove to my place.  I was surprised to see Marge pull up behind me.

“Would you mind if I invite myself in for a drink?” she asked.

“Not at all, but be careful that it doesn’t get too complicated,” I suggested.

“I think we can keep it simple.  You are way too old for me, but you are fun.  As long as no one knows about us, we can have fun.  We just need to be sure word doesn’t get out.  It would embarrass both of us.” she informed me standing in the alley behind my place.

I was more than a little surprised by how forward she was,  Margaret as she liked to be called was all over me as soon as the door closed.  She hand my top out of my pants and her hands under it within seconds of entering the room.  She was the one who first opened clothing.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t far behind her.

It didn’t take long at all until we were both naked sitting in the dark looking out at the traffic under our feet.  I went to my knees between her spread legs.  I licked and sucked on her clit until she came with a flood and a mini scream.  It was a a marvelous sensation to feel that from one so young.

Then Margaret lifted me up and knelt in front of me.  I felt her tongue first tickle my clit then become more demanding.  Within minutes I was on the verge of an orgasm.  She drove her finger hard into my body as she licked and sucked on my clit until I came all over her face.  It was beautiful and I trembled to her touch for some time after I had finished.

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6 Responses to 216 Marge and the Runner

  1. Grey Beard says:

    “Then Lucille ” and just who is this. I thought Max was playing with Mazrgaret. Oh well, what can we expect from a poor old woman in pain on drugs. Her doting father is probably not there to keep her headed in the right direction.

  2. Mr. T. says:

    Ok, I blinked. WHERE did “LUCILLE” come from?
    I do enjoy Max’s impulsive attitude. I think it is a common trait of all self employed people.
    (and SOME other workers as well…) We just need to get things done to make a buck, so we are more prone to be self starters. I wish I could teach others to do this, but I am starting to think it is just like trying to get a horse to drink water. You can lead them to the stream, but you can’t make ’em drink! (now drowning them is an alternative )

    Mr. T.

  3. LaMonte says:

    Mr Watson… Can’t you see the ghost of a character name change? The second thought was that Lucille was too close to Lucas — but the pain wracked author made the change one-at-a-time instead of ‘change all’.

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