219 Jennifer’s Party



If I were a better person, I would most likely have been concerned about Mike’s plans.  If I were a better person I would try to stop him, but I guess I am just not that better person.  My concern was for the cops.  If everyone was telling the truth, then someone was playing a really devious game.


I had been to enough magic shows to realize that anything was possible.  The question wasn’t could it have been done.  The question was, had it been done.  Then the question became why had it been done.  The only way to know was to grab somebody who knew and ask them politely.  Then ask them not so politely until they answered.


I couldn’t forget it, but I did move past it.  I did my normal things.  At least as much as I could without either an office or a home.  The guys from Eve central had taken over my building.  My office became my cell phone and my notebook computer.  I hooked into anyone’s Wifi available to me.  I even worked from my own parking lot.


It was several days after Mike’s visit when Jen finally got the party arranged.  She wanted something bigger than her house would hold.  The real reason was probably that the neighbors talked to Bob.  Some of the guys took him aside and explained that they were tired of their wives complaining.  He either got them all invited, or they were going to start shutting down Jen’s parties after midnight.


Armed with that information, Jen began looking for a place to have her party.  What she found was the carriage house at the defunct Hazelwood bed and breakfast.  The Bed and Breakfast had been converted to a drug rehab facility, but the old carriage house wasn’t being used.  It was still available for parties, just as it had been when the Hazelwood was a Bed and Breakfast.


Jen could put a party together in no time.  She had a list of semi pro party goers.  All she had to do was call Helen to cater it, and then start down the list.  Most of Jen’s parties were nothing more than an excuse for a bunch of drunks to get together.  Since her parties seldom required me to dress too far over the top, I usually went along.


I knew that I have the worst legs imaginable, so I usually wore pants of some kind.  I would have worn pants to her party that night,  but Jen insisted that I dress a bit more like the others.  Since I had nothing, I planned to go shopping after my mall walk on the Saturday morning of the party.


I waited until mid morning before I walked.  When I finished, I went from one department store to the next.  I just saw nothing I even wanted to try, let alone wear.  The dress I finally saw was floor length and it fit me perfectly.  It showed my trim little butt and hid my mangled calf muscle.  It did most of what one of those type dresses should do.  The down side was I would not be able to wear a bra with it.  If I wanted any shape at all, I needed a bra with forms.


The sales lady noticed me look at my lack of boobs in the mirror and shake my head.  She approached me with a small box.   From the box she removed two silicone forms.  She sprinkled some power in them then pulled the top of the dress down.  She fitted the forms over my small breasts.  Then replaced the top of the dress.  That two inches on each of my breasts made a huge difference.


Sure I was never going to be beautiful, but I was quite attractive, in a jumbled up way.  Nothing on my body quite matched, but there was a street urchin appeal to that even.  I took the dress with me since miracle of miracles it fit right off the rack.


I spent the day getting ready for the party.  Not only did I do that, but Jen’s whole house was on Party alert.  Everything had to do with the party.  There was an undertone of impending doom in my case, but there was a building excitement in Jen and Bob.


In the last few years Jen’s parties had become two events in one.  First there was food, drink, and socializing which was an important part of any party.  Then after midnight those more faint of heart began to leave.  By 2AM the number of people left was down to a handful.  That handful was certain to engage in partying not covered by Emily Post.


When one stayed past the witching hour, there were never any guarantees how things would end.  One had to be open to anything short of murder or force-able rape.  Just say no, was not an option.  I felt very elegant in the long dress, so I was hoping for the best.  I had not worn a wig even though it would have made the outfit much more attractive.  I didn’t simply because I expected that things would get carried away and of course they did.


Jen always set the guest list.  Most of the people came from her world, not mine, so they were almost complete strangers.  I had seen a few at other parties, but she always found new ones as well.  That night after midnight a redheaded man attached himself to me.  I’m not sure to this day that Jen didn’t send him to me as a pity screw.  That might have been her intention but those things take on a life of their own.


The redhead and I danced in the middle of the floor.  Moving to the music was the best I could do even when I hadn’t been drinking, which I had of course.  One needed to be at the very least well lubricated for the antics that were to follow.


The music was still playing and I sensed that we weren’t along on the dance floor when he pushed down on my shoulders.  I resisted just a second, then surrendered to it.  It took less than a second for me to be on my knees.  Then a second more and his cock was out and touching my lips.


I can remember the music was dreamy as I manipulated his cock until it was rock hard and pressing against the back of my throat as he tried to work it down my esophagus.  I didn’t resist, it just didnt want to go.  It wasn’t nature’s plan for that to fit there.


I knelt in the middle of the dance floor choking on his cock when I realized that people had stopped to stand and watch.  I hated it but not enough to stop what I was doing.   There was something pure animal and therefore liberating in being the center of attention.  Since I couldn’t sing or dance, it was my five minutes of fame.  I didn’t really mind them watching me with his cock down my throat, I would be able to watch each of them in equally embarrassing positions before the night was finished.


I looked over to see Jen being led to a sofa by one of Bob’s friends.  What he had in mind for her I had no idea, but as long as it didn’t leave a mark, she would enjoy it.  Jen was even more adventuresome than me.  There were only two other females left in the room.  One of them was at least our age and pretty well maintained.  I didn’t recognize her but the other one I did recognize.  She was one of the walkers at the mall.  She was one of the younger power walkers.


We were too busy to speak, but that was okay.  I’m not sure I had anything to say to her.  Before the night ended I had vaginal sex with one man and sucked another cock.  It wasn’t my busiest night but I kept busy.  I had to laugh at that thought.  It would be a cold night in hell when any woman couldn’t keep busy at one of Jen’s parties.


After a quick trip out for Krispy Kreme Donuts, I spent the rest of the day Sunday in bed alone.   I had pains in several of my muscles from movements I didn’t perform often.  Still I was pleasantly worn out.  The high calorie confections were my reward for a job well done.


It was three in the afternoon when my cell phone rang.  “You need to go to your place downtown.  I left an envelope for you down there this morning.”  The voice belonged to Mike and it just ended without a goodbye or a chance for me to ask questions.  I didn’t really need to.


I had no idea exactly what was in the envelope but I was sure it was something to answer the question of the missing money.  It was late afternoon and I was still beat down, but I dressed and headed to the office building I had converted to a residence.


When I arrived I found that a crew of painters was busy putting the final touches on the place.  I knew it was about time for them to finish, I just hadn’t expected it to be as close to complete as it was.  I walked around taking it all in.  Not much had been changed, but still things were different.


“Did somebody leave something here for me this morning?” I asked.


“Yes,” the painter said.  “It’s over on that counter by the door.”


I moved over and found the fiber envelope.  It was the kind the post office used, but it had never been through the postal system.  I have a feeling that it would be far too dangerous for the post office.  I was surprised Mike trusted it to the painter.


Inside the envelope I found a flash drive.  It was a large flash drive capable of holding several minutes of low resolution video.  I doubted that Mike had access to a professional recording studio so most likely it was home video.  I was pretty sure I would need several drinks to handle that video.


I took a look around the place since I was there anyway.  I had planned not to do that until I moved back, but I was standing there it was impossible not to notice.  The downstairs was still the place I would be meeting with people.  It appeared that the new layout had a small reception area and a desk space for two desks.  I expected that Eve would have a desk space as well.  It was as good a storage area for her as any.  I didn’t suppose you can roll something like her into a broom closet like a Hoover.


Behind the desk area was some kind of electronics lab.  The space was the width of the room but only a few feet deep.  It was crammed full of computer stuff.  Since everyone knows I’m no geek, stuff is the best description I can give the items neatly arranged on the shelves.  Some of the stuff was mine, but most belonged to the Eve crew no doubt.


I was tempted to sit at one of the computers and play the flash drive, but I needed to be alone and well lubricated when I ran it.  I took my notebook and my coffee container with me when I left the office.


I stopped by Hardee’s to fill the coffee container before I drove to the lake.  I parked in the rear corner of the parking lot on the lake side.  There was almost no chance anyone would slip up on me.


I knew that I needed to be at least half drunk to ease the blow to my soul, but I also needed to be able to process what I saw.  There was a note with the flashdrive.


‘Watch this and get it to the right people.’  The note was unsigned.  That damn TV show made it clear that I had DEA and CIA connections.


I took a deep breath then loaded it into the usb connection.





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  1. jack says:

    Looks like action is getting ready to heat up again. Thanks

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