225 Eve Does the Cowboys B$G



I went into Cowboys alone, then took a seat at the bar.  “Well Maxine we haven’t seen you here in a while,” Sarah said.  “Where yo u been girl?”


“Oh, I was on one of those European vacations.” I admitted. I also smiled.


“So was it fun?” she asked placing a cup of coffee in front of me.


“I couldn’t wait to get home.  So what’s been going on here?” I asked looking around the half full dance floor.


“Nothing at all.  This place is always boring unless you come in.”  she said it with a wink.  We both knew that 99.9 % of the time nothing happened with me around either.  But when it did, it happened fast and with maximum violence.  Everybody else in a place like cowboys was all about posturing.  I was all about staying alive and uninjured.  The best way to do that when you are light in the ass is to strike first and just as hard as you can all at once.


“Some of the guys used to ask about you for a while, then they kind of stopped.” Sarah said.


“Yeah I know, out of sight, out of mind.  It is just the way it is in the real world.” I admitted.


“Yep,” she said.  I looked up to see Eve walk into the place.  With her short spiky hair, and her almost flat chest, she could have been either sex, or in her case no sex.  She did have the movements of a woman though.  That was the one thing which I hadn’t realized before.  Eve’s movements were much more fluid and graceful.  She moved a hell of a lot more catlike than Lucy had.  It wasn’t as hard as I had thought, to pin her sex down as female.  I looked around and noticed about half the men were responding to her.  I don’t mean that they looked as though they would jump her, just that they wanted to know more about her.


I gave it just a minute, then asked Sarah who the chick was.  Sarah knew that I was bisexual, so she answered honestly, but she also had to register that I had asked.  “I have no idea.  It is the first time I have seen her in here.”


I moved over to intercept Eve.  “Hello, my name is Maxine.  Could I buy you a drink?” I asked.


“Sure, I’m Eve.  It’s nice to meet you,” she said smiling at me.  She obviously knew how to carry off a flirtation.


“So Eve, what do you do?’ I asked.


“Whatever I have to do,” she said smiling.  I would never have expected that kind of response.


“How interesting, so you are one of those submissive girlies?” I asked laughing a little.


“Well I am pretty girlie, even though I don’t always look it,” she said that smiling a sexy smile as well.


“I do love a girlie, girl,” I informed her.


“Me to,” she said returning my smile.  She was about to add more, when I noticed her looking over my shoulder.  She seemed to tense, so I got a little concerned.


“Hi there ladies, would you like to dance?” the older of the two men asked.


I took a good look at him.  He was an older looking version of his companion.  Both were blond, around 6‘ tall and thin.  “Holy crap are you two related?” I asked pretty sure that they were.


“Yeah,” the younger one said.  “I’m Billy and that’s my dad.”


“Dear God, tell me you are kidding,” I demanded.


“Nope,” the older one said.


“Mom and Dad are divorced.  Dad and I just came from  her wedding.”  the younger one said laughing.  I couldn’t help it I broke into choking laughter.


“That is so fucked up,” I said.


“Tell me about it,” the older one said.  “So you wanna dance or what?”


“Sure why not,” I replied.  I was curious to see if the nerds had taught Eve to dance better than they had Lucy.  Lucy got her personality in pieces.  In theory Eve should be able to dance as well as her donor had.


The song was a slow one, so the younger of the two men held me close while we danced.  “God I love an older woman,” he said letting his hand fall to my butt.


“Now, if they only loved you back,” I said with a laugh.


“Don’t be like that.  I’m young and I’m strong,” he said.


“And I’m old enough to be your mother,” I said.


“Yeah, but you have better boobs than she does,” he said.


“And you know this how?” I asked.


Well I have felt both now,” he said as he pulled me closer.


I wanted to relax and enjoy the feeling of his body but I had to be concerned with Eve.  I couldn’t allow her to get into trouble.  I looked over to see her with her head on the older man’s shoulder.  I wondered if she knew how to extricate herself when the time came.


The father and son came back to our table and seated themselves without asking.  I looked at Eve.  Since she didn’t appear concerned I went with it.  I had about half the coffee left in my cup when the father asked me to dance.


I found myeslf in his arms with his hard cock pressing against me.  “Do you like that?” he asked pressing it hard against me.  I pretty much ignored him.  “Your friend liked it.” he said.


“How nice for you both,” I said smiling.


“Okay, so I guess you are into kids,” he suggested.


“How about I’m into all kinds of people, just not all people,” I said smiling.


“I guess I understand,” he said.


“Good,” I replied.  I looked over to see Billy and Eve locked in a deep kiss.  “Now that’s interesting.”


“Oh my, it looks as though your friend is a lot more friendly than you are,” the man pretty close to my own age suggested.


“Yes it most certainly does seem that way.  I should speak to her before I go,” I said.


“If she needs a ride home, I’ll drive her,” he suggested.


“I’ll just bet you would,” I replied.  I walked back to the table.  “Eve, I think it is time to leave.”


“I agree,” the young man said.


“Good night then,” I said looking Eve in the eye.  She smiled then stood to leave.


The kid started pointing his finger at me and shouting.  “You bitch, how come you don’t just leave.  Dad and I can get this one home.” he said.


“Get your fucking finger out of my face,” I said.


“Or what,” he said jabbing his finger toward me again.  I quickly grabbed it and and then I bent it back till i heard the bone break.


“Or that,” I said quietly.


I turned quickly to the old man who was taking a step toward me.  Like a true southern gentleman he drew back to bitch slap me.  I jabbed him as hard as I could in the diaphragm with my stun gun.  He sank to his knees gasping for air.


I heard a scream behind me.  I had turned my back on the kid, I probably shouldn’t have done that, even though I trusted Eve.  I felt sure that she would be as concerned about my safety, as Lucy had been.  Obviously I should have been more concerned about the kid, even though I had judged Eve correctly.


Billy boy was on his knees with blood pouring from his nose.  I didn’t see it but my guess was that a short quick jab similar to the one  I had used on daddy, sans stun gun, found it’s way to the son’s nose.  She obviously pulled her punch, since he was still alive.


“Well Sarah, should we wait for the cops?” I asked.


“You want to call the cops and file a complaint Billy.  I got to tell you that you won’t like the story I tell.” she said.


Billy was blowing snot from his nose while his dad gasped for breath.  It was the father who croaked, “No cops.”


“Good choice,” I said as I turned to go.


“Don’t come back.  This place ain’t big enough for the both of us.” The father said.


“Well, then you better be the one to stay away.  I go where I want, when I want.”  I smiled at  him as I moved through the front door and then to the cruiser.


In the car Eve took my hand,  “Your heart is racing and your temperature is elevated.  I can tell you are breathing heavily.  These are the same reactions a woman has during sex.”


“Sweetie sex doesn’t always feel this good,” I said with a laugh. I looked carefully at Eve to see what her reaction would be.  I was delighted when she laughed.


“I have never experienced sex, but I can’t imagine it being any better than seeing that young man just collapse.  I mean one minute he is loud and pushy and I am expected him to attempt to damage you, then I pulled a few things from my random access memory and strung them together.  I took the actions called for rationally.  The very next moment he is sitting on the floor choking on his own blood and you are safe.  It was a powerful moment.” Eve said.


“Yes it is one form of control,” I said.  “The ability to control the outcome of a situation is powerful indeed.  There are lots of emotions that aren’t really emotional at all.  As you said, they are the result of doing the rational thing and getting the outcome you wish.  The course of action you take and the resulting positive outcome reinforces the desire to do that kind of thing again.  At least on the most basic of levels, that seems to be how it all works.


“I have no idea what all that means on an emotional level, but it does make sense on a purely logical level.” Eve said to me.  “So Maxine, from what I hear you should be extremely turned on.”


“Turned on?” I asked.  I asked it not because I didn’t know what she meant, but I wondered if she knew what she meant.


“Should I have said horny?” she asked with a laugh.


I suddenly realized how different she was from Lucy.  Lucy would never have associated violence with sex.   Lucy wouldn’t associate anything except my physical response with sex.  Lucy knew that when she kissed me with lots of tongue, my heart beat faster and my breathing quickened and that I found it all pleasurable.  She enjoyed giving me pleasure, so she was more than willing to do the things that caused me to have that response.  But she never really associated anything external with it.  Eve realized immediately that after violent behavior I needed to have that emotional release.  How far she was able to carry that understanding was questionable, but it was for sure different from Lucy’s understanding.


“Now tell me where you heard that?” I asked.


“I have access to Lucy’s journal entries,” she said.  “They downloaded her logs before she self detonated.”


“Actually I am in a heightened state of arousal yes,” I said.


“Lucy’s log said that you and she kissed and that it gave you pleasure,” Eve said.


“Actually Eve, that is true, but it might not have been a good thing,” I said.


“Don’t be embarrassed.  Lucy’s biggest desire was to please you.” Eve said. “I know that was her program.”


“I’m not sure exactly what our relationship was, but I did have a soft spot for Lucy.  Now let’s get back to our business.” I said.


“My part in all this is to do whatever you need done.  There are no restrictions on that.” Eve said.


“So what if I had needed you to help me entertain the father and son we met earlier?” I asked.


“I could have been as good at kissing him, as I was at breaking his nose,” Eve said.


“And if I needed you to go farther, what are your capabilities?” I asked.




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6 Responses to 225 Eve Does the Cowboys B$G

  1. LaMonte says:

    It’s always good to have a friend.

  2. jack says:

    Good questions in deed , hoping to get the answers as the story goes along. I’m thinking Eve will grow her own personality outside the rules of her programing should be real interesting . Thanks

  3. Mr. T. says:

    Look out.
    Eve is starting to remind me of my amputee friend with his weed whacker attachment prosthesis. Does Eve REALLY come equipped with ALL options for EVERYTHING ???

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