232 Working on the plan




I awoke only slightly before noon.  Since everyone had traveled the day before, we all slept in on day two.  Since we all had transportation of some kind, we straggled out to whatever meal we were in the mood to eat.  In my case it was very thick French toast complete with link sausage and apple sauce.  I also had lots of french roast coffee.  The coffee was only adequate but it was better than nothing.


When I got back to the motel, I used Martin’s secure line to speak with Jen.  “First of all you Barrister slut, did you get there alright, and are they treating you well?” I asked.


“Yes, I’m fine and Bob even pulled in an hour or so ago,” she informed me.


“Good for him, I want you to do something for me?” I said.


“Anything, you know that,” she replied.


“Find out how I can keep everything Estavante has. I plan to take everything that isn’t bolted down.  I want you to make it legal somehow.” I said.


“How long do I have to set it up?” she asked.


“Not long, you know I can’t tell you any more,” I said.


“Okay let’s start by suing his ass for 100 million dollars.  Take whatever is obviously valuable and we will see if we can find a way to make it a bounty if nothing else.  Set a president for people to attack the cartels.  Not many would have the courage, but a few might.”


Jen’s mind was running wild.  “Do what you have to, if it doesn’t work, we can always drop it in the deepest part of the ocean.” I paused a moment then added,  “Now don’t you let those assholes mistreat you.”


“Not a chance, I got friends in high places,” she said.


“Or you have high friends in places they shouldn’t be,” I asked.


“That to,” Jen answered before I hung up on her.


There was a good chance Jen could get our little syndicate title to at least the yacht.  That is if Alex could steal it.   The yacht most like had some get away money on board as well.  Without a doubt, Estavante would have a suitcase full of money in the car as he headed to the yacht.  That was reason enough not to let him onto an escape plane.  Sure he would be just as dead, but all the beautiful money would be gone with him.  No it wasn’t about the money, but I never knew anyone to turn down cash.


None of us was beyond the reach of the drug cartels, but then as Martin had said earlier, we were all looking for our place to die anyway.  I had a feeling we might be able to declare a truce with the cartel but maybe not.  There was a lot of bounty money to be made, and a lot of retired special ops guys to go for it. We might just start a cottage industry.


Eve and I went for a walk on the beach, which was just a couple of blocks away.  The water was beautiful even in the slightly chilly air.  “So robo slut, how much C4 do we need to make the air strip look and sound as though it were being bombed?  Oh yeah and to blow up the bridges and road going out.  We probably need to leave some IEDs behind as well.


“Probably it will be Semtex.  Ten pounds will blow half this place away, that is assuming I can find things for secondary explosions.  Twenty pounds might be better that would give us enough left over to start a campfire,” She said.   .”


“My aren’t you getting to be the wise ass?” I said.


“It’s the only reason they let me hang around with you,” she reminded me.  “What we are really going to need are detonators, and a trigger,”  she informed me.  “You haven’t given me enough information to know exactly how many detonators.


“Then it’s twenty pounds of Semtex and twenty five detonators.  We need the detonators to have different frequencies I suppose?” I suggested.


“Five each of five frequencies should work.” Eve suggested.


“Okay but we need to make a lot of noise,” I admitted.


“That will do it,” she informed me.


“Okay we can blow the airstrip and mine the road,” I said.


“You have someone to  hijack the boat maybe,” she reminded me.


“I think Alex will come though.  Now we need air support.  What is Langley prepared to provide.” I asked.


“Hold on, I’ll give them a call.”  Eve established a data link and I stood waiting while electrons flew through the air.  “One predator drone to do fly overs for intel only.”


Right, I thought.  Most likely satellite images as it passed over.  If they could get them to us real time, it was better than nothing.  “Can we get some electronic intercepts to tell us, if Estavante is really home?” I asked.


I waited a few minutes then Eve said, “Give them twenty four hours notice, and they will intercept until we leave.”


“Tell them I expect them to live up to their bargain and I’ll keep up my end.  Now lets go back and get the plan started.” I said.


It was a half hour before we were all together to begin. “I can see three problem areas.” Vlad said.  “The yacht, the villa and that air strip.  If he gets to the air strip we could lose him.”


“I agree,” Martin said.  “We need to neutralize that first thing.”


“Actually I think we need to neutralize it in a big way.  I think it would be a good idea, if Estavante thinks there is an air attack.  If he does, I would expect that he will run like hell.”


“Can we get that kind of air support?” Anya asked.


“Not from my friends, I asked earlier.  How about it Martin do you guys have air assets,” I asked.


“Not that kind of assets.  About all we have is forward observation planes to do troop position reports.  We can’t always get satellite or drone pictures.” Martin said.


“Do you have a crazy pilot,” I asked.


“I don’t know. I can ask, why?”  Martin said.


“Because we don’t need an air attack.  We need to convince Estavante that there is an air attack taking place.  Your forward air guy can shoot a few flares while we bombard the place with law rockets.  Maybe take his muffler off, so he sounds like a bigger plane.” I suggested.


“Shit Maxine the admiral will love that.  That’s just his kind of shit.”  Martin was laughing.  “I am sure we can make it sound like a fucking flock of jets.”


“In that case add twenty pounds of Semtex, twenty five detonators radio controlled over five frequencies.  And get us a truck load of law rockets.  We can make that seem like an air attack.  With some well placed sniper fire we can scare the shit out of those guys.”


“So how many of them are we talking about,” Vlad asked.


“Best we can figure, when Estavante is there he has about twenty guards around.” Martin said.


“How good are they,” I asked.


“Ex-Mexican or Columbian special forces mostly,” Martin said.


“So did we train them or did the Brits?” I asked.


“A lot of them we trained,” Vlad said.  “Not our finest moment.”


“So who is going to do the powder monkey thing?” Martin asked.


“Unless someone else has a better idea, Eve is great with explosives.  She and I can go in together and rig the road, then blow the shit out of the airport.  That leaves you guys to scare the shit our of Estavante while we are doing the air strip.  Now we will leave the strip after we are sure the planes are disabled and runway is cratered.” I said.


“We want to be sure to be there to spring the ambush.  Eve suggested that we use a Merrill vehicle ambush.” I said.


“Oh really what is that?” Anya asked looking directly at Eve.  I was about to find out just how quick a study Eve was.


“When Merrill was fighting the Japanese in Burma and china he would stap a hand grenades to tree s along the trail first they blew the one ahead of the column stopping it.  Then they blew one behind to cut off any retreat or any reinforcements coming up by truck.  Then Merrill and his men set up a killing zone and used it.”


“Sounds like it might work.” Martin said.  “I bet the trucks are all bullet proof.”


“A hit with a law will disable a tank for sure it will do the same to a suv.  When we get them trapped, if they try to shoot out we pick them off.  If they try to hunker down, we burn them out.  I am sure they will give up eventually.  I expect Estavante thinks he can buy his way out of it.  Or he expects to go to jail were he can bribe his way out.


What he doesn’t expect is for his head to be the only thing the attackers want.  He will have a suitcase full of cash most likely.  I can’t guarantee it, but if he does. it’s spoils of war.  Jen is looking into how we can legally seize anything the cartel has.  In the mean time it’s his cash.”


“That sounds like a great plan now lets pick it apart,” Martin said.


“Good, go for it.” I said.


“Why not just blow the shit out of all the trucks and leave?” Smith asked.


“We need his head for the reward, plus I want his money.  Not to mention I want to be sure he did in fact die.  I don’t want there to be any possibility that he pays off someone to live.  I want to see  him dead.”


“Twenty special forces, even third world special forces are a force to be reckoned with.” Martin said.


“I agree completely, thats why we are not going to assault the villa.  We are just going to flush them out then attack them in the open.  If you get machine gun fire from the villa, put a law there.  If you see a man walking put a bullet in him.  We want them in that caravan to the dock.”


“Okay you and Eve are going for the Air strip, I think we need all four of us to hit the villa,” Vlad said.


“I agree,” Martin replied.  “One with the laws, and one with the sniper rifle on each team.”


“If they don’t run first thing, then Eve and I will come to the villa to help flush them.  We might have to leave in a hurry though.  It the Mexican police show up.  I know they might be in bed with the bad guys, but I don’t want to go to war with Mexico,” I suggested.


“Think we can all agree on that,” Smith said.


“Some fancy work went into the animation on this DVD, so study it the rest of the day and tonight we will talk again tomorrow.  We should be able to do more about the details then.” Martin said.


I went back to my cabin to check out the animation of the villa.  I expected that it came from the boys at Langley, because it was excellent.  Someone had obviously taken all the information from dozens of sources and combined it.  Going through the animation was just alike walking through the jungle and then the villa.


I went over it so many times that by dinner I was sick of it.  I was driving to a steak house near the Air Force Base, when Eve said, “Your friend Alex will be in at 3PM tomorrow.”


“Thanks Eve, I guess we are going to have to go pick them up,” I said.  “I expect that I will have to tell Martin about Alex coming on board.”


“I would think so,” she said with a smile.








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4 Responses to 232 Working on the plan

  1. jack says:

    Damn good planning , rehash it , look for holes in it. nice there . Thanks Has Eve’s directive to kill no humans been deleted for this operation they will need all the shooters they can get.

    • cindypress says:

      there was an incident earlier when max commented so much for directive one to harm no humans, So it appears eve does not have Lucy’s strict morals.

      Eve may be the forerunner of the terminator.

  2. Grey Beard says:

    I like the devious mind of our author in creating this plan especially in confiscation of their assets. Don’t forget a basket to carry Estafante’s head in!

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