234 Boats and poker players



“I’m going to tell you now so that you can start laying your plans.  What I need you to do is transport six operatives, from where we are going to be staying, to a spot on the Mexican Gulf Coast.  It is a distance of about 600 nautical miles.  Then you need to drop them off in a boat of some kind that will get them into the mouth of a small creek.  Then you need to go a few hundred yards out to sea and capture a yacht owned by a drug cartel.”  I smiled when I finished speaking.  “Then get us the hell out of there.”


“So I get to lay my own plan?” he asked.


“The group gets to approve it, since their lives depend on it as well.  You get a voice in our plans as well.  We are all in this together, just like before.” I said.  “We can get you most anything you need, but you have to be upfront with us.  If something can’t be done, then we want to know.  For God’s sake don’t try to fake it.”


“Fair enough, I can tell you right now we need a boat.  I think we need one that won’t draw any attention until we make the move on the yacht.  An oil rig supply boat is familiar all over the gulf.” Alex suggested.


“Sounds pretty reasonable, but we don’t have time to fake one.  If we go that route we will need to steal one,” I said.  “That sounds just a little risky.”


“Okay how about a sport fishing charter boat, one of the big ones.  We can rent it for a whole day then just hi jack it.  Usually it’s a two man crew,  I can kill the transponder if he even has one.  Put a banner over the boat’s name.  Put the crew ashore before we get into anything.  When we get the yacht, we can leave the boat anchored there.” Alex said.


“The cartel will kill the owner and the crew for sure.” I said.


“Okay, when we finish with the boat, we scuttle it.  If we grab the right boat, it will have insurance up the ass.” Alex informed me.


“Perfect,” I agreed. “How long in route?” I asked.


“30 to 36 hours on the water, more or less,” Alex advised me.  I was not happy about that.  But then it was a long way.  We could start closer but then we would also be in more danger of discovery.  From Biloxi none of the parts of the puzzle were easy to connect.  I mean a boat in Biloxi  disappears,  nothing about that screams drug raid.  Steal a boat in Mexico somebody might be suspicious, especially since the narco terrorists own the damn country.


“Well, if that’s the best we can do, then it’s what we do.” I said.


“Now, if we can’t get on the Yacht what,” he said.


“Alex if you can’t figure a way to get on the yacht, or you decide that your plan isn’t going to work, sink the Yacht.  I can get you a few LAWs.  You do remember how those work?” I asked.


“Of course I do,” Alex admitted,


We had arrived at the cabins.  I had previously checked Alex and his crew into both sides of one cabin.  When I pulled the big ass van in front of cabin 7, I said, “Now go in and shorten the barrels of your shot guns, but don’t leave them laying around for the maid to find.”


Eve and I went to return the van.  We left the ‘rent a car office’ with our not so trusty Econo-box.  It was after six.  I was positive that I had missed a lot during that afternoon.  Catching up would give me something to do into the early evening.  On the way home I stopped at a drive threw burger joint.  I love grilled burgers, so I was thrilled to see burgers with a huge list of toppings.  I made my choice, then continued on to the White House Court.


I managed to finish my burger and coke before Martin and a stranger showed up at my door.  “I brought you a new friend,” Martin said.


“I expected you to have a long silk scarf Jack,” I said it extending my hand to him, he man style.


“Actually I do have one of those and the old leather goggle set as well,” he replied as he smiled at me.


“Then when we attack the bad guys, you might as well wear them.  Hell, it should get you in the mood.” I said.


“We really love your plan down at the swamp,” he said with a smile.  It seemed that Swamp Thing had unofficially adopted my nickname for them.


“I’m glad to hear that.  It is less brute force and more elegance, as my friend Tiny Dancer would say,” I agreed.  “So Jack did you bring me presents?”


“Eighty LAWs and a crate of small arms,” He said. “I have a small package of semtex and detonators.”


“The ones who flew in commercial need those,” I said.


“How about your Navy,” Martin asked.


“We have all we need for them.  A couple of pistols might be nice, but even without them we can manage,” I said to them.


“Now what additions did the admiral put in place?  I know he had to tinker with the plan,” I said.


“Well we are going to fire a couple of LAW rockets from the door of the plane as we fly by.  They want to hear a few explosions as well as see the tracers of the flares.  We will mix them up some.  We also have a noise maker that will sound like a jet plane when the wind passes through it.  That is courtesy of your friends Maxine.”


I wanted to explain that they were not friends of mine, but I kept my mouth shut for a change.  Is that all?” I asked.  Those were pretty much my plan all along.


“Oh there are two more little things.  One we are going to push a canister of  ammonium sulfide out over the villa.  If we get it just right, and we usually do, there will be a terrible smell in the compound.  They may well think they are under a gas attack.  On the next run we will be pushing out a super ghetto blaster hanging from a parachute.  It will be playing some really hard rock songs.  Something associated with young American Soldiers,” smiling Jack said.


“Oh hell do a medley from the motorcycle culture instead.  Might as well really confuse the survivors,” I suggested. “Born to be wild, that kind of thing.”


“You tagged it.  This is just a fucking elegant plan, wrapped around in a sledge hammer.  Oh yeah one more thing.” he handed me a cardboard box, as he spoke.  “The admiral sent this for you.”


I opened the box using my folding knife.  Inside it I found another wooden box with the label Ruger arms single 6 .22 mag revolver.  I opened the wooden case to find a presentation grade 6“ barreled .22mag, 6 shot stainless steel revolver with wooden grips.  It was truly a beauty.  It was almost too pretty to shoot, but not quite.


Under the wooden box was a black canvas holster, which was as plain as the pistol was fancy.  There were no cute little cartridge holders along the belt.  Instead there was a cartridge case on the side.  There was even a tie down strap on the bottom of the holster with a Velcro closure.  I felt like Dale Evans.  Okay I didn’t have the cute skirt or the good hair, maybe I was more like a butch cowgirl, surely there were some.


Anyway, I decided to wear it into the jungle.  Screw it, I could let Eve carry the hammerless .38 for me.  Who knows she might find a use for it.  That ‘defense only’ rule of hers might prove to be a problem, but then again who knew how her circuitry would define defense.


“So do you and your partner have a cabin?” I asked.


“Yes we do, and I have to tell you this is a really fun group you have here,” he said.


“Ah do I detect a note of sarcasm?” I asked smiling.


“No offense, but I would not want to play poker with any of you.  Especially not if I won.” He wasn’t really smiling at that thought.


“You know, they probably feel the same about you, but if you went on the town with them, they would keep the really bad guys away,” I said.


“I bet they would at that,” he said.  “Actually I’m more worried about the Mexican Air Force such as it is.  It just might be in the pocket of the really bad guys.”


“First sign or even if you hear them on the radio, get over the gulf.  There is going to be a military exercise that night over the gulf.” Martin said.


“Are you going to be pissed, if we bug out?” he asked looking at me.


“If you bug out before you absolutely have to, then yeah.” I said simply.  I turned my attention to Martin.  “Well Martin unless there is something else, I need to get to doing some naval research.”


“How about we all have breakfast tomorrow.  Jack and his partner could meet everyone on a more social basis then.” he suggested.


“Sure call me in the morning, by the way Cabin seven is our Navy.  Call them as well.  If Helen were here, she would bring us breakfast.”  Martin nodded as he left the room.


“So what research do you want to do?” Eve asked.


“Find us a party boat that will hold ten people and has a good range.” I suggested.  “When you find a couple close by, email them to be sure that they have full insurance coverage.  Get the information in detail, so that we can verify it.  I don’t want the sap to take a loss.”


While she looked, I started a pot of coffee.  The room phone rang, so I answered it with the coffee pot full of water in my hand.  “Hello,” I said.


“Max, it’s me Alex.  We are a little bored down here, why don’t you and eve come down?”


“Now, why would we do that?” I asked.  “Alex this all about business, not monkey business.”


“Okay, how about coming down and we will play poker.  Give us a chance to catch up and maybe convince you,” he suggested.


“Actually I am bored.  Let me see if Eve would like to play.”  I covered the phone and turned to Eve.  “Do you know how to play poker, roboslut?” I asked grinning.


“Sure, are we going to one of the casinos?” she asked.


“No, we are going to set up one here, I think.” I said.


“Alex let me call around a see who all wants to play.  Eve and I will play but everyone needs an invitation it’s that kind of group we have here.”


“Playing serious poker was not what I had in mind,” he said.


“Well, who knows what you can promote,” I said with a laugh.  I turned my attention to Eve.  I know you can do ten things at once.  You continue working on the boat,” I said.


I made the calls to set the game up.  We decided to put one table each in three of the rooms.  When the table worked down in size, we would just combine them till we had the championship of black ops poker going on.  They probably wouldn’t recognize it as a legit tournament in Vegas, but I was happy with it.


The drinkers bombed out first.  That was Vlad and Anya, but then they probably had better things to do.  The baby faced air observer who flew with the almost as young Smiling Jack went out right after.  Two of Alex’s Navy didn’t really want to be there anyway.  I could tell they were there to please Alex.


By midnight it was Eve, Alex, Martin, Smith and me left at a single table.  “So Eve do you screw as good as you play poker,” Alex asked.  He looked to see if I was going to be pissed.  It was part of the plan from the CIA handlers that she learn to take care of herself.  I was just around to be sure she didn’t kill anyone or ruin our mission.


“Actually I’m a much better poker player,” she said smiling.


Then surprisingly enough Martin said, “I can vouch for that.”  I laughed.


By morning everyone was worn out and the testosterone had been diluted.  Things were back to being on a professional level again.  We all went to a German pancake house before the morning meeting.








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4 Responses to 234 Boats and poker players

  1. jacl says:

    Plans , plans ,and more plans . It’s coming together like a good book. Thanks

    • cindypress says:

      the devil is in the details, When my dad used to drink and tell me stories I had to ask well how did you get from the camp to the brothel. It actually taught me how to be a better story teller.

  2. jack says:

    Hmmm. I can vouch for that . Guess he tried and didn’t get any. lol

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