237 The Elegant plan goes slightly wrong



I looked toward the airstrip check point.  The two guards were still sleeping, while in a sitting position.  There was some kind of trick to it, I was quite sure.  To this very day, I have not learned it.  I can nod out, but I can not sleep soundly in that position.  At least not so soundly that when the man next to me has his head explode,  I wouldn’t react in some way.  Even when that happened the second one didn’t even stir.  It is true that except for the fire cracker sound of the .22 Magnum, nothing broke the calm of the night.


I was a bit surprised, as I always was, by the amount of damage the small round could do.  The small bullet traveled at a very high rate of speed, then when it hit a hard object it spread taking on the shape of a tiny mushroom.  With that velocity, that shape, and the Teflon coating, it made short work of anything, or anyone in it’s path.


The killing ability of the round was limited only by the placement of it.  The rifle I fired held true to the scope.  The scope was simplicity itself it could not be adjusted without a screw driver.  It was a simple bore sighted scope.  Ihad personally zeroed in at fifty yards.  I needed no up and down or side to side adjustments..  It was up to me, the shooter, to make the mental adjustments necessary to dial it in for the variables of the current situation facing me.


The first round’s adjustment from dead zero was pure guesswork.  Since the rifle, and the bullet, would make very little noise, I would be impossible to spot from that first shot, even if it was a complete miss. It most likely would not wake either of them.  Therefore I was willing to risk sighting it in on the target.  I put the target’s nose dead center in the cross hair and fired.  With a larger rifle, I would have fired at the center body mass.  With a 30.06 or most any other conventional sniper rifle, a miss would have brought the wrath of god down on me, so the center body mass would not only be a kill shot, it would be safer than a head shot.


For a change my luck was excellent.  The round drifted low a bit, but it drilled the sleeping man in the throat.  He might have gurgled a few times, as he drowned in his own blood, but it wasn’t enough to wake his companion.  His companion died from the second round that traveled from the clip fed bolt action .22 magnum rifle.  It was a close combat killing machine.  The second man died as the round penetrated his brain.  His death was instantaneous. If I have to die,  at the hands of a man with a gun, I  hope that he is as good a shot, as I was that night.


“Your turn sweetie,” I said to Eve.  Her first LAW was aimed for the several metal gas cans stacked by the shack.  It appeared that she missed as the smoke and fire from the rocket engine went over the top of the cans.  “Try again,” I said quietly, even though there was no need to whisper.


Her second round went into the cans and created a huge fire ball.  Eve had just pulled the trigger on the operation.  I smiled.  I watched as she fired a third missile at the beautiful Gulf Stream Jet aircraft.  Her first round struck its fuselage and ripped a very large hole in it.


“Do it till it burns.”  Before she could fire again a flare came from the sky and there was the sound of a screaming jet engine overhead.  “Fire that rocket,” I said.


Her second shot at the Gulf Stream causing a secondary explosion.  She turned her attention to the shack without being told.  It became firewood with the very first rocket.  The plane made two more flare runs at the air strip before I called him.


“Jack go for the villa,” I said. Eve and I heard the explosions from the villa and knew that the others had it under attack.  Since there was only one gate to drive out of the villa’s courtyard, I figured we would know if anyone was headed for the airstrip.


“Vlad anybody headed my way?” I asked over the tiny communications net.


“I’m a little busy, but you are good so far.” he said.


“I’m going to abandon this position and move on to the next one.”  I waited a minute to watch the light show before I moved on.  Smiling Jack was doing himself proud.  There were screams of jet engines and trails of non existent rockets coming from the air.  Once in awhile a law rocket was mixed in.  I knew that only because Jack told me he was planning to do it that way.  I heard rockets pretty regularly at that point.


Then all of a sudden there was another, larger rocket trail in the sky and ground shook when the warhead exploded.  Somebody had authorized a Hellfire missile without telling us.  Our plan got Estavante out in the open, that missile might change the whole game plan.


“What the fuck was that?” I asked as I moved through the jungle. I was still headed for the road.


“I’m not sure,” Martin said.  “It looks like it took out a big ass chunk of the Villa.  I have no idea if it was meant to reinforce the ‘under attack’ scenario, or to kill Estavante, but they are piling into the SUVs.”


“We are waiting for them.” I said.  The killing field was not far from the villa or the town. so it would be an interesting fight.  A lot of it was going to based on everybody’s reactions to the noise and confusion.  To add to that noise and confusion somewhere a huge amplifier played hard rock music.  I was going to kiss Smiling Jack, if and when I got back.


When the first SUV hit the killing field, I tripped the detonator and a tree fell almost on top of it.  Just for safe measure Eve hit it with a LAW.  The little Missile picked the SUV us and then dropped it on the road.  It didn’t explode but it wasn’t going anywhere either.  The next couple of seconds were critical.  A well trained group would have known that when the second and third trees came down, they were in deep shit.


It they came out of the cars guns blazing, they would most likely overwhelm us in short order.  If they stayed put, they were dead men.  “Hit that first SUV again,” I said to Eve.  That second missile punched through the plastic windshield and killed everyone inside the SUV.


“On station,” Vlad said through the radio.  The window of opportunity for the bad guys to fight their way out was quickly closing.   Martin and Smith were our rear guard and reserve.  If a serious firefight broke out they would be with us in seconds.


“Eve, tell them to put down their arms and come out.  We only want Estavante, no one else will be hurt.”  She did nothing happened.


I waited ten seconds then said into the radio Vlad destroy that rear SUV.”  I waited for another couple of second then heard the sound of a Law exploding.  It was followed by a second one making the same noise.  I didn’t need to look to know that everyone inside that tin can was dead or dying.


“Eve repeat the offer again in exactly the same words and tone,” I said.  There were only two more untouched vehicles.  One of them would hold Estavante according to our information.  While we waited, Eve and I moved to the west side of the road, and even with the second vehicle.  Vlad was supposed to be on the east side by that time and even with the rear vehicle.  The placement was important, so that we didn’t kill one of ours with friendly fire.


I was about to give the order to light one of them up, when the door of the SUV in front of me opened.  The driver  put his arms out to show that he was unarmed.  “Tell him to step out of the truck with his arms above his head,” I said to Eve.  She babbled in Spanish and the man stepped out of the SUV.


“Tell him to take four steps then lay on the ground with his hands behind his head.  Then tell the other to come out one at a time. and do the same.”  I did not want prisoners but we were going to have at least a few.  In all six men came out of the SUV.  When they were all out, at least all who were coming out, I said to Eve, “Now put a law in the door of that SUV.”


When she fired the round the truck lifted off the ground then sat back down.  The last truck had to be the one with Estavante in it.  “Eve, talk to Estavante tell him, if he surrenders he has a chance in court, or to buy off the jailers, but if he waits ten seconds more, he will die in the tin can.”  She babbled again this time nothing happened.


“Vlad light it up,” I said.  I was beginning to have a bad feeling.  The last of the trucks finally opened like a breakfast egg.  Vlad and Anya checked the vehicle while I kept the .30 cal trained out our prisoners.


“Eve tell them. I do not wish to kill them, but as they can see we do know how to kill.  Cooperate and live, refuse and die instantly.”   Eve babbled again.  Vlad had joined us by that time.


“Vlad pull one of them out of the line, get him on his feet and over in front of the others.” I said.  Vlad did it with a minimum of fuss.  Vlad and I both knew that he had just sentenced that man to death.


“Eve, ask him which truck held Estavante.”


I knew something was wrong even before Anya whispered in my ear.  “Everyone in all the trucks are wearing uniforms.  He isn’t here.”


“Then it is a decoy and it had to be arranged by Estavante.  We just need to know where he is and we need to know now.”


“Ask him Eve,” I repeated. Eve babbled something in Spanish and he babbled back.


“He does not know,” Eve said.


I pulled the wicked looking, long barreled Ruger, then I shot him in the head.  His knees just gave way and he sat down, then fell over.  There was no more time for trickery.   “Vlad get another one,” I said.


“Now Eve, explain to him that there are four more men to ask, One of them will surely talk, but unless he talks he will not know which one.  Then ask him in the same words and tone the same question as you asked our dead friend.”  Eve babbled a little longer that time and the man babbled a little longer as well.


“He says that Estavante and his four body guards are in a bunker under the Villa.  When the stink gas came, they went underground.  We were supposed to pull you away and then they would come out.”


“Vlad find something to tie these guys up,” I said.


“It would be easier to kill them,” he said.


“Yes it would be, but killing without a reason is just wrong,” I said.  “Killing for information, or killing for revenge might be poor reasons but they are at least reasons.”


“Humph, you are a soft American bitch, but I will do as you say.” I nodded.


At that point I called on the radio.  “Martin be careful the body guards and Estavante are in a  bunker somewhere in the Villa.  I am headed that way.”


“Roger that.  We are still outside and will wait for you.” The radio said.


Suddenly the radio came to life yet again.  “This is the navy reporting in.  We are sitting on the larger vessel now awaiting your arrival.” Alex said


“Well, I’ll let you know when we on the way.  If anyone else tries to come on board, you know what to do.” I said.


“Oh yes, we certainly do.” Alex said.






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12 Responses to 237 The Elegant plan goes slightly wrong

  1. jack says:

    We make plans only so we can be forced to change them. thanks

  2. Grey Beard says:

    These cliff hangers are getting to me, lets get on with the show!

    • cindypress says:

      I know but a serial soap opera had a specific time frame (word count). Tell you what I can write a full segment but it will take two weeks between posts at least. I offered to do that once before, I think and the daily won, if I remember right.

      I will be happy to ask again though.

      Ps this won’t last much longer a couple of more posts will end it I think.

      • Grey Beard says:

        Please don’t let this end with another two chapters. With your fertile mind, I am sure that there are numerous other daring-do episodes for Max and Eve to keep this going on and on. what would you do I you did not give us our daily fix of Max for which we heartedly THANK YOU!

      • cindypress says:

        Oh the serial won’t end just the battle for the Villa and Estavante

  3. jack says:

    I still vote for an everyday posting, no way can I wait for a 2 week Max fix. You don’t have rush to end this Max battle in a couple of more post with the action and intrigue you are providing make it as many as you like, the more the merrier. I like seeing Max and Eve taking names and kicking ass.

  4. bigguy323 says:

    You should write for movies and TV.

  5. voithdriver says:

    fast and furious what more can you ask for, and Eve is coming along quite nicely, A fix every day and good reading to boot. going back to the 20 gall, it happens, Clive Cussler can get it a bit awry, how about splitting a frigates ( i think it was or at least as big) anchor chain shackle underwater in freezing conditions with a rubber mallet and punch to make no noise, ermmmm

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