250 Home again



Saturday pretty much passed like the other days since the accident.  I was awake more of the day, but I still drifted in and out all day.  The nurses brought me cup after cup of Helen’s coffee.  The biggest problem with the coffee was that I had to go to the bathroom more often.  Getting in and out of bed was a real nightmare.


First of all the pain was unbelievable.  Even though it was only a few feet to the bathroom, it was still a nightmare.  Fortunately the bed had enough controls, so that I could lower it to get off of it.  I was also able to raise it when it was time to get back into it.  Eve helped me in and out of the bed as well.  It was extremely painful to move even slightly, you can imagine just how maddening the pain was when I tried to raise and lower myself.


Even with all the pain, Saturday passed with only a few thoughts of suicide.  I was even able to slept more or less all night.  When I awoke Sunday morning there was no light coming through the windows, but it was almost 8AM.  The day was dark and rainy.  It was fitting that I should be discharged on such a bleak day.


After I managed a morning trip to th bathroom, I said, “Eve would you ask the nurse to come in please.”


“Sure Maxine, can I do anything else for  you?” she asked.


“Do you have a driver’s license?” I asked.


“No, the creator didn’t want to risk me being in a traffic accident.  There would be far too many questions,” she informed me.


I simple nodded.  She returned in a few minutes with a nurse.  “Yes Maxine, what can I do for you?” the slightly over weight, red haired nurse asked.  The nurses in the Aster Medical Center were almost all a few pounds over weight, it seemed.  At times it as though they were cookie cutter images of one another.


“I need to see the doctor.” I stated flatly.


“Is there something I can help you with?” she asked in a concerned voice.


“No, I’m ready to go home and only a doctor can discharge me,” I said logically.


“Well, I’ll make a note to have the doctor come in to see you,” she said.


“I would hope that the doctor would come to see me without being told to.  What I want is for you to find someone to come see me this morning.  I would like to have lunch in my own home.”  I smiled.  Even so i’m sure that she got the idea, if I didn’t see a doctor soon I was not going to be a happy patient.


Eve smiled at the discomfort that I had caused the nurse.  “Sweetie, I know that you don’t have the authority to just summon a doctor here for every patient that wants to see one. but I really want to see a doctor this morning.  I also have the meanest bitch of an attorney in the world.  That isn’t a threat, it’s just a heads up.”  I did smile when I said it to lighten the impact.


“Are you sure that you are ready to go home,” the nurse asked.


“Sweetie, all I’m doing here is sleeping and going to the bathroom.  You can use this space for someone who needs care,” I said.


“Well, you need to find a ride home,” she said.  “You certainly are not safe to drive.”


“I think we can agree on that,” I said with a smile.


I made the call from my cell phone.  “Jen it’s me Max,” I said.


“I know, what in the world do you want at eight in the morning on a Sunday?” she asked.


“I want you to come down here and spring me,” I demanded.


“Do the doctor’s know you are planning an escape?” she asked.


“I’m trying to tell them now,” I admitted.


“Maxine have you even walked around yet?” she asked.


“No, Jennifer but trust me I can walk around my place just as well as I can walk around here.”  I thought it was a perfectly obvious bit of logic.


“Why don’t you consult with the doctor first, then we can decide,” she suggested.


“Because I have already decided.  Now get your lazy butt down here and let’s raise some hell to get me out of here,” I suggested.


“You truly are an evil bitch, but okay.  Give me a couple of hours to finish what I am doing now,” she said.


“Oh and what is that at 8AM on a Sunday morning, or should I ask who it is?” I said with a half ass laugh.  As an after thought I said, “Bring me something to wear.”


“What you don’t want to wear a hospital gown home?” she asked.


It was 10:15 before Jen finally showed up. “It took you long enough,” I said


“Hey bitch, play nice or I will leave your ass here,” she suggested.  “Has the doctor been in yet?”


“No and I’m ready to leave so what do we do?” I asked.


“We don’t do anything, I bully them into submission,” she said.  With that she walked out to the Nurse’s station.


Eve said, “You really are an evil bitch.  You can hardly get out of bed, but you are making waves.”


“I’m not that stupid.  I am off the morphine. If I don’t move around, I can control the pain with some over the counter stuff.  Trust me I know my limits,” I explained to her.


Jen had stopped by my place for clothes.  She had thought far enough ahead to get a running suit with an elastic waist band.  It also had a sweatshirt that was over sized.  Eve helped me work myself into it.


“Okay we need to go down and sign about a dozen forms, but then we can leave.  They are bringing you a wheel chair,” Jen said to me.


“Let’s go do it,” I suggested.


It took about half an hour for Jen to convince them that I was good for the money.  I wanted to pay them but she said, “Absolutely not.”


“After you bill the insurance company, we will pay you.”  Then she turned to me and said.  If they refuse to pay, I will bring suit to recover your money.”


“Fair enough,” the woman in the business office replied.  She seemed to recognize and trust Jennifer.  I doubted that they would have done as much for me.


“The drive home was a real challenge.  I felt every bump in the road, but I also found a position in the car that wasn’t impossible to tolerate.  So fifteen minutes after we left the hospital I was walking through the front door of my Downtown house.


“I’m going up to bed, you two entertain yourselves,” I said it as I struggled up the stairs.  It hurt like hell just to sit on the side of the bed.  I had to twist so that I could lean on my uninjured side, when I lifted my legs onto the bed.  I wanted to scream, but I managed to fight off the compulsion.  Once I hit the bed I used two pillows to prop up my head and my damaged shoulder.  I fell almost instantly asleep.  I managed it ever without the heavy duty pain killers.  I drifted off into the blissful world of oblivion.


I awoke, but all I could manage was to brush my teeth.  My hair was a limp mess, and I most likely smelled bad.  I dragged myself down the stairs and then into my kitchen area.  I was seriously hungry, which I hadn’t been since the accident.


“So what’s for dinner?” I asked.


“Julie came by and brought a complete meal with fancy rolls included..  Of course I don’t need any, so you have all the dinner you could ever want.” Eve suggested.


“What is it?” I asked.


“Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, it’s supposed to be your favorite,” Eve said.


“Oh it is,” I replied.


“Then sit down and I’ll heat it for you,” she suggested.  I had to admit that it was nice to  have someone taking care of me for a change.  As always with Helen’s food it was amazing.  She managed to make it taste like old time southern meatloaf but with a little extra flavor.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Especially with the buttery mashed potatoes and bakery rolls.


After dinner I managed to stay awake long enough to watch a one hour TV show on the computer.  After the show ended, I was back in bed and slept through the night.


I slept through till Monday morning.  When I awoke at 8AM, Eve had been awake since 6AM.  “Julie stopped by at 9AM on her way to meet Lucas at his office.  Eve said.  She brought you a half dozen bags.  I put them into the refrigerator.  There is food in them for a complete day for both of us.”


“So what areyou going to do today?” Eve asked me after a quick pause


“What I’m not going to do is spend the day sleeping.  I’m going to watch some TV and maybe try to read or something.  I don’t think I’m ready for any serious moving around for a while.” I replied.


“Well maybe we can look at some surveillance tape for a friend of mine,” Eve said.


“What kind of tape?” I said.


“A kidnapping, they would like to get your opinion on it.” she informed me.


“Sure, why not?” I replied.  “But I’m sure as hell not in any position to help.”


“They know that,” she said handing me her version of the smart phone.  The picture on the phone was a very young and very handsome man.  He was also blond like the bike shop manager.  They even looked a little alike.”


“This one any kin to the bike shop guy?” I asked.


“I doubt it.  He is from Seattle Washington.” Eve said.


“So what does he have to do with anything?” I asked.


“He was kidnapped from from our embassy in Syria,” Eve informed me.


“How long ago?” I asked.


“Two weeks,”she replied. I shook my head in disbelief.


“What makes you think he is alive?” I asked.


“His body hasn’t turned up.  They usually do, when it’s just an assassination.” Eve said quietly.


“Yes I suppose they do at that.  They all seem to want to prove what bad asses they are.  You are going to have to find out who has him and where they are holding him before you can do anything.” I suggested.


“Syrian rebels have him,” Eve said.  I knew that the creator was in control of Eve at that moment.


“So why did they grab your man?” I asked.


“We expected that it was to embarrass us and the Existing Syrian Government.” Eve said.


“So if you know who has him, why not either negotiate or rescue him?” I asked.


“They won’t negotiate with us,’ she informed me.  So what do you plan to do? Mount a rescue operation?” I asked.


“That is the plan.  Actually the first plan was to recruit you, but obviously you aren’t in any condition for it.”


“That’s true, and I won’t be for a month at least,” I suggested.


“So if you were going to do it, how would you get started?”


“Collect all the information I could and work out a good cover story to get me free to move around,” I admitted.


“There is a compound that the rebels occupy in place called Aazzam.  It’s not near anything,” Eve said.


“Then you need to mount a rescue mission,” I suggested.


“The middle east is on fire.  We don’t know which side will wind up in charge.  We want to stay on the right foot with them both.”


“So you are looking for some idiot , who has no affiliation with the government to go in there and bring him out?” I asked.


“Exactly, someone for whom we can dream up a cover story.”






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12 Responses to 250 Home again

  1. Grey Beard says:

    “So you are looking for some idiot ,”, there are certainly enough of those around in this script to pick one or more. Let’s pick that Russian chic, what is her name, Ananya? I like the way she takes on prisoners and in my minds eye she is cute to boot. What do you think Jack, should we let the author participate in this decision?

  2. cindypress says:

    I keep telling you it is an interactive story. The decision who does what is yours to make. The challenge for me would be to make it work.

  3. jack says:

    Your take sounds interesting Gray , I assume your are talking to me. Ananya is also going to need some backup that fits in and i agree with her assessment of prisoners from radicals to renegades. That damn middle east is a real hot spot for trouble.

    • cindypress says:

      The chick is Anna with the FBI and ANYA once she went back to russia. She was also anya in Aster.

      I find it interesting that you liked Anya. She is supposed to have been a manipulative untrustworth self centered bitch. However there is something good about knowing exactly how a person will react even if it is negative.

  4. bigguy323 says:

    I think a different tactic is in order. One I would actually use with the Islamic scum. I would find the location the kidnappers and victim and blow them all to hell.

    Like those three idiots who were “hiking” along the Iran / Iraq border. If it was my choice, I would have found them in Iran, and sent in a drone with a hell fire missile and blown them and their captors to hell.

    Of course, they weren’t my kids nor do I have to run for election. I’m just sayin……

    • cindypress says:

      If the kidnapped man was a soldier nothing would even be attempted. This one is something else just what he is im not sure. Why haven’t they brought in Swamp thing then contractors. There is more than meets the eye here.

  5. bigguy323 says:

    There was a “urban legend” a few years back that the reason the Commie Russians never had people kidnapped was because when something like that had happened, they sent in their spasnitz (Special Forces) NOT to rescue but to kidnap the kidnappers family. then they started sending pieces of the family. A finger here, a nose, an ear. All accompanied by a photo of the family member with the missing appendage. Now that works. Yes it does.

    • cindypress says:

      according to my dad, There was a news article once that a Russian had been kidnapped in Lebanon. There was also the story that the Head of the cell who set it up had a large family. The oldest brother’s head was found at the police station with the number of family members left.

      Again according to my dad the kidnapped Russian was at work the next day. This was happening at the same time his friend from the United States Lending Library was kidnapped and murdered.

  6. jack says:

    A manipulative untrustworthy self centered bitch acts the same way in in every circumstance there fore you get no surprises . No prisoners, or witnesses that can come back to haunt you from a mission in the last case. The only unanswered question was did Eve leave the wife and children of the drug lord alive when she left the bunker . Just how ruthless were her programmers when it is necessary. We may have to wait a while to find out but then Max did say that Eve was like her ” no soul”.
    I think swamp thing seems to wait on Max for orders maybe they have found out things go better when she is involved.

  7. jack says:

    Seems to me I have read that comment about the Russians and kidnappings before in an military magazine. And you rarely hear of any Russian kidnappings I think it goes back to the Stalin days. .

  8. cindypress says:

    rumors are sometimes as good as rifles in solving a problem. But i would think these were real the proof is in the results.

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