252 The first time



“Unless there is something else I need to know, I am exhausted.  I still require a lot of sleep,” I informed her.


“I can’t think of anything you need to know other than it will be about a week and Vlad and Anya will be here.  You can’t do anything in such a short time so there is nothing you need to know.”  Eve told me, even though, as she said I had no real need to know.


Jennifer had warned me that the town was going to become a retirement center for operatives, but I hadn’t realized what that meant.  There were going to be heavily armed men walking up and down the streets of my hometown.  At anytime there could be a shootout in the street like Dodge City Kansas in the 1800s.  Now that was a scary thought.


“Well retired operatives showing up in town is more than I want to contemplate, so I’m going to bed.  Are you coming?” I asked.


“I have been waiting two weeks for this,” she said with a giggle like a school girl.  Once we were upstairs in the master bedroom which covered the whole second floor. I stepped into bathroom removed the frumpy outfit and took a quick shower.


When I returned from the bathroom I was wearing cotton panties and a cotton tee shirt.  I had slept in something similar every night for most of my life.  Most of the nights by that time, since I had enough money to dress better, they were a matching color.  When I was struggling, they had just been whatever I had laying around.  That particular night the outfit was red.


I was tired, as I always was even when taking over the counter drugs.  Since I  had read all the advice on the Internet, I had no plans to return to a doctor unless there was a problem.  I didn’t expect anything to go wrong.  I was following the advice 90% anyway.


I turned on my good side to sleep only to feel Eve press against me.  It was the first time, so I should have been startled but I wasn’t.  I was pretty sure that since I had been unconscious around her several times and survived I would survive a little human contract with a machine.


“Do you feel up to talking to me?” she asked.


“Sure until I fall sound asleep on  you.  You will know by the snoring,” I said with a chuckle.


“Fair enough, I have been having sexual urges based on the last owner of these memories and response patterns,”  Eve explained.


Bullshit, I thought.  What I said was, “Oh really.”


“Yes right now it is mostly curiosity,” she said.


“What are you curious about?” I asked.  “Surely somewhere in the depth of your borrowed memories lie the answers.”  What I didn’t say was or maybe the answers lie in the memories of the controller.


“Vaguely drifting in and out yes, but I have no idea what is real and what is phantom memory,” Eve said sadly.  Then she went on. “If you tell me your experiences I can search through my data files for similar things and accept those as real.”


I rolled over to my back.  “Okay ask me what you want to know, and I’ll try to be as honest as possible,” I agreed.


“So how old were you when you had your first orgasm?” she asked quietly.


“I was eleven and I had no idea what I had done.  I had an itch and I just rubbed it.  The more I rubbed it the better it felt, until it happened.  After that even though I had no idea what it was, I continued to do it.  I have heard some women don’t have orgasms until much, much later.  I can’t imagine why.”


“Wow that is much younger than average.  It isn’t unheard of, but not the average by any means.” Eve suggested.


“So, I’m only a bit of a freak,” I said with a laugh.


“Not at all, so how old were you when you kissed a boy seriously,” she asked.


“Kissed to the point I wanted to tear his clothes off first, then my own, I was thirteen and it was a school dance on a Friday night,” I said.


“Do you remember his name?” she asked.


“Bobby, but for the life of me I can’t remember his last name,” I replied.  When my dad drove up my panties were soaked.


“Again young but not unheard of at all.” Eve said.


“I knew that.  The other girls all talked about it as well,” I suggested.


“An who was your first boy?” Eve asked.


“The first boy wasn’t a boy at all.  He was a grown man.  I was fifteen and my dad was out of the country.  Mom was staying drunk most of the time, so I did pretty much anything I wanted.  I began hanging out in this video arcade game place.  the games were not near as difficult as they are now.  Mostly it was to meet boys and smoke cigarettes.  I mean how many times can one play donkey kong.”


“So what happened?” Eve asked.


“The manager was a guy in his thirties at least.  He came out of his office now and then to pass out tokens and to check out the kids.  He took a liking to me.  I was heavier then and had a little bigger boobs.  I guess I was his type.  He took a month to convince me but I eventually wound up sitting on his cock, on a cheap plastic sofa in his office.  He got my cherry and I bled on is khaki pants.  Boy was he pissed.  If he had asked, I would have told him that I was a virgin.” I said.


“Did you at least have an orgasm with him,” Eve asked.


“Not that time it hurt too much.  He was big and I was new to it and tight.  It just plain hurt, but I wanted to do it again, so I knocked on his office door whenever I could get into the place.  I got very lucky, he was married and had a vasectomy.  He did it to me a couple of times a week for several months.  He promised he would leave his wife and marry me.


It went on until my dad came back from wherever the hell he had been.


“Why did that end it?” Eve asked.


“Somebody told my dad what was going on.  He had a talk with the mall manager, the owner of the arcade, and then the arcade manager.  The deal was simple.  They closed the arcade, or he went to the D.A.  The arcade closed and the manager disappeared.  When I say disappeared I mean he just vanished.


“Please tell me in detail how it happened that very first time,” Eve demanded.


“Like I said, we had been flirting off and on for a month or more.  One afternoon he asked if I would like to come back into the office.  So that we couldget to know each other a little better.  I was nervous, but I really did want to find out what went on back there.  Some of the better looking and more popular girl went back there now and then.


‘Sure,’ I said smiling up at him.  He led me back to the office door.  I saw him take one last look around to be sure there were no parent in the place.  Then he opened the office door.  He quickly guided me inside.  I knew it was wrong but that made it even more exciting.”


“Once I was inside he pulled me to him and kissed me with a lot of tongue.  As I said before he wasn’t the first boy I had kissed, but he was the first man.  He wasn’t at all shy like the boys I had been kissing.  He immediately began to massage my boob while he kissed me.


I was pretty turned on by the time he guided my hand to his penis.  He told me to take it out and I tried.  I had no idea how his clothes were assembled so he had to help.  It didn’t take him long to free it.  He told me to look at it and I did.”


“‘Isn’t it beautiful?’ he asked.”


“Yes it is beautiful, I replied.”


“‘Don’t you want to kiss it honey?’ he asked”


“I had never done that, and I was afraid, but I knelt down like a good girl.  I kissed the head of this penis.”  After I said that, I could feel Eve breathing deepen as she pressed against me.


“He put his hands on the side of my head and held me in place while he threaded his penis into my mouth.  I didn’t find it uncomfortable or taste bad, but I did find the idea of it distasteful.  He didn’t seem to care.  He worked his penis in and out my mouth for several strokes then he withdrew it.


‘I’m saving this load for that tight pussy,’ he said.”   ‘“Now take off your panties,’ he demanded.”


“I did what he wanted.  He sat on the sofa and pulled me down on top of him.  I was wet but not wet enough for what he had in mind.  He held his penis so that he could force it painfully into me.  I fought the urge and managed not to scream, while he moved inside me.  It was very painful and not pleasurable at all, but when he came in me, I felt like he had surrendered to me.  Yes of course I had surrendered to him in reality, but that didn’t matter.”


“When I got home my mother was so drunk that it didn’t matter that I was naked under my skirt.  She wouldn’t have cared, even if she had been sober enough to figure it out.”


“So you went back to see him again after that?” Eve asked.


“I already told you, I went back every chance I got,” I admitted.  “He was the one who taught me to be a cocksucker.” I said.


“Oh how did he do that,” she asked.


“The second time I went into his office he had me on my knees immediately.  He said, ‘I’m not going to hold  your head but I want you to move just like you did when I held it.  Jack me off with your mouth.  I want to come deep in your mouth.’  I followed his directions exactly.  He even made comments while I was moving on his cock.  I listened and tried to do better.  Finally he flooded my mouth with hot thick semen.  It coated everything, inside my mouth, my tongue, my teeth just everything.”


“‘Did you love that?’ he asked.”


“‘I loved it,’ I said but it was a lie.  I hadn’t hated it was the best I could have honestly said.  I almost felt like saying, is that all there is, when he lifted me onto the desk and opened my legs.  He bent over and kissed my clitoris.  Then he began to lick it and now and then run is tongue over my vulva.  I was going mad in just a few seconds.  I had never felt anything like the sensory overload.  I was fifteen feeling things a lot of women never felt.”


“Dan and I had a lot of sex, in a lot of different ways before I finally understood I was never going to be more than a young piece of ass to  him.  I figure it out because he told me.  He told me because my dad had a flat green sheath knife to his throat.


“‘Maxine, I am a married man.  I am not going to ever leave my wife.  I know I said I would but I never would have done it. It was all just for fun, you did have fun didn’t you.’  At that moment I wanted my dad to cut his throat.”




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6 Responses to 252 The first time

  1. Mr. T. says:

    What is that famous quote?
    I believe it goes something like this:

    “Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned”.

    Damn Max, SOME people just can’t take a joke !

  2. jack says:

    I guess that was the seeds to her ruthlessness and the ability to be cold when necessary.
    “I could feel Eve breathing deepen as she pressed against me.”That doesn’t sound like the controller had any part in that sounds like a natural reflex. Lets hope it doesn’t overload their control panel. More interesting things to come i’ll bet Thanks

  3. cindypress says:

    true and then one should know who it is one is fucking with lol

  4. Grey Beard says:

    It is unfortunate that Max did not just tell her Dad to castrate him to prevent future occurences to young females. I am sure this procedure could have been performed in a manner that he would not report.

    Remember this town is under a flag of truce so gun toting killers hould take their victims out of town before snuffing them just to keep the peace.

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