256 whats this about



“It’s a small school in a small town, how much damage could you do?” Eve asked.


“I could do a lot, if it gets picked up by some news service.  We want all this town’s secrets to stay secret.  Besides which even without the organized thugs, there are the ‘thugs are us’ types out there.  I know for a fact that there is a bounty on my ass.” I said.  “Some of these ‘would be gunslingers’ are too disconnected to know, that they can collect only grief if they hit me here.”


“Still let’s worry about one thing at a time, shall we?” I added after a moment’s reflection.  “We need to talk to the contractor for the pool hall project.”  Of course it was too late to do that today.

I put my cloth bag filled with dirty clothes into the cruiser.  I decided that I would swing by the laundromat where the Vietnamese woman and her daughter had their business on the way to dinner.  I was almost out of clean clothes, even though at the time I owned more clothes than I ever had before in my life.


When we arrived, the two of them were still working away. There was also a child, just a few months old, in one of those play things.  Both of them were keeping a very close eye on it.


“Is that your baby?” I asked the younger woman.


“Yes her name is Sue,” she said.


“And who is the father?” I asked.  The older woman said something in Vietnamese so the girl looked down and said, “No father.”


I looked sternly at the old woman, then said to the younger one, “Every child has a father, so who is the father of this one.”


“Miss Maxine, I know who you are, everyone does.  Please the father is not a good man.  We do not want him in her life.  It is best that he does not become involved.”


“I will look into this and if the child is better without him, I will work out something for her.  If he needs to be in her life, I will work that out as well.  Now who is he, you know I can find out.” I said.  I could simply put Lucas and Eve on it and I would know in a day.  The young woman could read that confidence in my face.  She wrote a name on the back of my pickup receipt.


From the laundromat Eve and I continued on to dinner at the Dog House.  It was the restaurant where I had met Gunny.  Even if it hadn’t held memories of Gunny, it had memories of my dad, so I held it in an almost reverence.  There were the usual collection of customers, not that there was anything usual about the Dog House’s customers, except maybe the mix.


At that time of day there were bankers stopping on the way home for a take out order for the family.  There would be cops sitting at the counter rushing to get back on patrol, since they were in on a break not dinner.  There would be the crowd from the senior towers, a block away in for an inexpensive dinner.  Then there would be the nostalgia nuts like me, trying to recapture a moment in time, yes the Dog House had us all.  It was an institution.  Even the  homeless came in now and then.  They usually sat at one of the picnic tables outside, but they were still served just like the banker.


“You know it is a shame you can’t really taste what you are cramming down your throat,” I whispered to Eve.  These really are the best hot dogs in the whole damn world,” I suggested.


“Probably not,” Eve said logically.  “Most likely it is a memory shaded judgment kind of thing.”  In a blind taste test I’m sure there are others that would be chosen by someone else.”


“You are way too damn logical,” I said.


“Maxine, it is impossible for one to be too damn logical.  I might be too rational for your taste but logical is not a scalable item.  You are, or you aren’t, there just are no degrees,”  Eve said.


See, even that is too damn logical,” I said with a smile.


“You are hopeless,” Eve said with a girlish giggle.  I wondered how old that donor was.


“So do you want to do anything tonight or shall we just go home and watch TV on the computer?” I asked.


“I think someone needs to get laid.  She is getting into an awfully dark place.  Sex seems to cheer you up for a while at least,” Eve suggested.


“Sex cheers everyone up, with the possible exception of you,” I replied.  “So where shall we go Eve.  I am leaving the planning up to you.”  I wasn’t really, but I did want her to think I was.


Then I’m thinking Tryon for Rosewater’s,” she said.


“Hold on, how the hell do you know about Rosewater’s.  You were still on the shelf the last time I was in Rosewater’s.”  It sounded like a light hearted question, but I was serious about its intent.


“It was part of episode one of your TV show.  Mike wanted maximum impact I suppose,” Eve said.


I remembered the older woman and college age boy I had met at Rosewater’s.  Yes Mike had access to my online security footage from the cabin at the time.  There would have been better images later, but he used what he had that first season.  I was surprised that the show had been even a minor success as bad as the footage was, but he had somehow managed to weave it into the better footage as a memory kind of thing.  I suppose he called that episode two cougars and a cub.


“Very well Rosewater’s it is, but we need to go home a while.  It’s too early and even though you can drink all night, I can’t.” I admitted.


“Getting old Maxine?” Eve asked.  There was that flash of humanity again, but it seemed a little different somehow.  The times when I could for sure identify the controller were getting fewer.  I wasn’t sure if the controller was operating less often or the back and forth switching was getting more seamless.


We killed an hour out in the parking lot talking to a couple of motorcyclist who recognized me.  Once they heard about the bike locking up on me, they began telling me their own accident stories.  They compared their scars to my cuts and the plate and screw incision.  We even discussed pain killers.  When I told them how few I took, the decided that I was bad ass.  That seemed to be a compliment.


After that conversation ended we picked up my clean clothes from the laundromat.  The older woman wouldn’t even look at me.  The younger woman was very subdued.  It was a mess, but if there was anything to be done, I planned to do it.


“I am going to have to be careful,” I said to Eve.  “I am getting the Wyatt Earp thing going on.”


“What is that?” she asked.


“This is my town, don’t fuck with my friends.  It is a good way to get my ass killed for no good reason.  No one can right all the wrongs in this world.” I said.  I handed her the receipt, “Tell me who this fucker is.”


It was only ten minute later when she said, “He is a gang banger doing 15 years in the state prison for rape.”


“I guess we know who he raped,” I said.


“Well maybe so, but that isn’t who he was convicted of raping.  The conviction was for a Caucasian teenager,” Eve informed me.  “This looks like one of those times when there is nothing you can do.


Oh you think not huh?” I asked.  I made one call and killed two birds.  “Jennifer, find out who owns that laundromat on Church street down by the railroad.  Also get me the name of the leader of the Latino prison gang in central prison.  Then arrange a visit with his lawyer for me.”


“What the hell are you up to Maxine?”  Jennifer asked.


“I’m going to take care of someone, who takes care of me,” I said simply.


After all that it was time to go to Rosewater’s.  Rosewater’s was a upscale restaurant and bar near the local branch of the state university.  There were always professors and parents hanging out there.  The real attraction for most people were the students from artsy backgrounds who also hung out in the bar, or on the patio.  Since spring was in the air the patio was open.  Eve and I were a hit with the outdoors crowd.


It took exactly one drink to have a wimpy professor’s ass parked at our table.  Since I didn’t think Eve would be interested in sex, I kind of let him think it was an either or kind of thing.  I just knew he would pick me, when I realized that he was obviously leaning toward Eve, I had a good chuckle and decided not to throw her to the wolves.


“Eve and I live together professor.  You are welcome to come home with us, but it might be a little embarrassing.” I said.  Eve didn’t even protest.  I wasn’t sure that she understood things but I did not clarify for her.


“Well Maxine, I’m game for anything,” he said.


“I’m sure you are,” I said.  By midnight he was in my bed, but so was Eve.  It was crowded in the bed.  I turned the lights down to just the night light and the back light for the front windows.


The professor was a very good kisser.  Not only that he knew which buttons to push and where they were.  Before long I had forgotten Eve was in the room.  Then when I remembered. the professor’s hands were on me, but he was kissing Eve.


Now that is something new, I thought.  I had never seen anyone kiss her.  It was also at that point that I realized Eve was anatomically correct, right down to the pubic hair.  She also seemed to be responding to his touch.


I instantly came down as I became fascinated with Eve and her reaction to the professor.  I watched as he touched and kissed her.  She seemed to always be turned on but of course she never seemed to orgasm.  I was sure that she was incapable of that.  Stills he could fake it.  Most every woman had at one time or another.  I knew that I had for sure.  What I was curious about was if he could enter her and if so could she fake it well enough to fool him.  Men really weren’t that hard to fool anyway.


He finally did slip his cock into her, whatever it was.  He pumped away several times and seemed to be really lost in the feeling of her.  I was laying there in awe of the whole thing.  I finally got out of bed and stepped back so I could take it all in.


When the professor came, it must have been gut wrenching because he groaned as if he had died.  Then his body was wracked with several of what appeared to be convulsions.  We allowed him to stay an hour or so, then sent him on his way.


After he had gone, Eve didn’t say a word she just pulled me to her body and forced my face to her opening.  I was forced to swallow hard as she forced his semen into my mouth in what amounted to a pumping action.  It was so strange that I had an orgasm but it wasn’t like any other orgasm I ever had.  It wasn’t violent, it was almost surreal somehow.


“Now Sleep,” she said to me.  I fell sound sleep almost instantly.  I don’t think I had a nightmare that night.  I didn’t even try to understand the latest twist.


“Are we going to skip our bike ride this morning?” she asked. as she handed me the coffee cup.


“Not a chance,” I replied.  I did use my cell phone to call His Laboring Few’s business office. “Good morning,” This is Maxine Stone, is your estimator in?”


“Maxine, it is going to take me a while longer to get my sub contractors in line.  I would say two more days at least.” the strongly male voice said.


“Very well, but tell me this are you convinced that this building is worth rehabilitating?” I asked.


“Absolutely, from a historical point of view, if no other,” he said.


“I’m not in the historical preservation business, will the building be solid with minimal upkeep, when you finish?” I asked.


“That I can promise, I don’t know if the cost vs return will be satisfactory.  that decision can only be made by you.”


“True, so let’s get the estimate finished quickly, but also be accurate with it.”  I said it as I watched Eve wander around.  I wondered if it were possible for a robot to be bored.

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8 Responses to 256 whats this about

  1. Jack says:

    Damn that was interesting,, built right and can fuck , sounds like we have a lot more to learn from or about Eve. And Max buying another building, next thing Max will be the towns major property owner.
    Thanks Jack

  2. cindypress says:

    Well the laundress is going to be a good lesson from max to anyone who finds out about it.

  3. Eric says:

    Wow…thats all I can say…wow. Always a new wrinkle every few days. Good stuff as always.

  4. cindypress says:

    just trying to keep a step ahead of you guys.

  5. Havalee says:

    Heh, don’t you worry, so far you’re the only one with a direct line to Max.

  6. cindypress says:

    sometimes im not sure that such a good thing

  7. Barney says:

    Are you having trouble keeping your story straight? In an earlier chapter, you told us about Eve kissing some cowboy. Now you are telling us that Max had never seen Eve kiss any one before.

    PS: I would like to suggest that you proof read before you post!!

  8. cindypress says:

    I must be I have no clear memory of either and barney i do proof read maybe not as carefully as you would like if so I will gladly refund your money hon.

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