262 eve & me & Leon makes 3



I might have been a little over forty, but Leon was a just on the sunny side of sixty.  To give myself as big a break as I possibly could, I would describe myself as rough around the edges.  If I had been at Rosewater’s, I would have been dressed better and probably worn one of the fancy wigs.  Since I was at cowboys, I was in jeans, which were at least clean.  I was also in a moderately heavy tee top.  The heavy fabric of the tee was to help hide my small tummy and the bulge in my pocket.


My bulge was even harder than Leon’s bulge. Mine was cold hard steel.  Since I didn’t plan to fight, I was traveling light.  It was the double barrel .410 gauge derringer that created the bulge.  I also had a folding knife and my newest toy, the stun gun.  The stun gun was my replacement for the leather and lead slapjack of my military days.  I no longer carried pepper spray, but I still owned it.  I would still carry it, if I thought I might need to convince more than one man to leave me the fuck alone.


Leon was just a tad on the prissy side of macho, but not a sissy by any means.  He just dressed and spoke with a little more class, than almost any man I knew who wasn’t gay.  Even his casual clothes were more ‘with it’ than anything I owned period.  I tried to steer him away from Eve as much as possible.  She seemed to be gravitating to him.  I figured her handlers knew what they were doing, so I let it move ahead.


They should realize that Leon was no college professor, but who was I to second guess the controller, whoever that might be.  Some computer nerd no doubt.  It was probably even a pimply faced boy.  Yes I realized that I sounded jealous, and I didn’t think much of myself for the emotions.  Even if Eve had been real, it would have been stupid.  Considering who she was, it bordered on insane.


I watched the two of them dance to the jukebox music at Cowboy’s and wondered how well they would do at a real dance club.  They were very fluid and frankly made a beautiful couple.  I danced with a couple of truckers or the like, while the two of them spun around the floor.  I didn’t really mind.


I was completely sober at midnight and of course Eve was as well.  On the other hand Leon was a little ‘in his cups’ as he had said earlier.  “So Leon can we give you a ride  home?”  I asked.


“Of course, I would love to go home with you,” he said with a wicked grin.  Maybe he wasn’t as drunk as I thought.


“I meant a ride to your home, or at least where you are staying,” I suggested.


“Oh I checked out of the place this morning, before I became a homeless bum,” he said.


“Oh really, where are your things?” I asked.


“I have no things.  I left all that behind, when I left my last job and I mean it was my last job.” he said.


“Oh, traumatic departure?” I asked it imagining a run to the airport in a hail of gunfire.


“Let’s say I won’t be heading back to the birthplace of Dracula anytime soon,” he said with a giggle like girl.  Maybe he is gay, I thought.


“So how did you wind up here?” I had a pretty good idea.


“My old Russian friend told me about this place.  I had to come see for myself though.  You do know tourists don’t see anything my dear.  You have to get down to the streets to see how people treat you.  It all runs from the top down, getting a little dirtier as it settles.” He informed us.


“So how did you find Aster?”  Eve asked.


“I found it to be everything Vlad said so far.  I need a few more days to make a decision though.” he informed me.


“Where had you planned to stay while you are deciding?” I asked.


“With Vlad of course,” he assured me.


“But alas Vlad isn’t here yet,” I suggested.


“Now you tell me,” he replied light heartedly.  “Actually I knew that, he will be along in a couple of days.  In the meantime I was hoping you knew a place.”


“Leon, I don’t have a place yet.  I am working on it, but at the moment I really don’t,” I admitted.


“Then dear, I guess you are going to have me as a house guest until we can find a place,” he said.


“And what makes you think I would entertain a complete stranger, even a charming one?” I replied.


“I know this is an open city and therefore, no matter what side I played for, I’m no threat to you.  So let’s call it a professional courtesy,” he suggested.  “Besides Vlad and Anya will be here by Friday latest.”


“Tomorrow is Thursday so okay, but you entertain yourself, I have things to do,” I informed him.


“Well, if you are too busy, perhaps the beautiful Eve could show me around.” he suggested.


“That is up to the beautiful Eve,” I admitted.   Might as well let her learn to make her own excuses.


“We will have to wait and see what I have planned,” Eve said smiling sweetly.  The next two days had the potential to be a huge cluster fuck.


“None of the ordinary people in this town know about the pending invasion of over the hill spys,” I said.


“One does for sure,” he said looking at me.


“If you mean Jennifer, she isn’t really one of them or of us.  She is kinda in the middle and all of us need her.  Somebody has to deal with the straight people.  We aren’t exactly going to be able to walk into a bank and apply for a credit card.” I said.


“Why would I do that, I can just steal someone else’s?” he said.


“Not if you plan to stay here you can’t, see what I mean.   In order to fit in. we gave to learn to fit in.”  You might not understand that, but i assure you he did.  He knew unlike our usual life, we were in it for the long haul in Aster.


“Well I did leave the business with a nice termination bonus,” he said.


“I do hope there won’t be any questions about that bonus?” I said seriously.


“Hardly, the people who paid it were glad to get rid of me,” he said.


I’m going to trust you,” I said.


Just as quickly as the conversation had turned to real life issues, it turned away from them.  “So do we all sleep in the same bed, or do we rotate?” he asked.


“We can work that out at home,” I admitted.  I got a good look at Leon at that moment.  Leon was extremely average which was probably the best thing in his line of work.  He was a smidgen under six feet tall.  His hair was and inch or so long and a very common brown color.  His eyes were brown and very unremarkable.  His weight was appropriate for his height, I mean the man was totally average right up until he opened his mouth, at that point he became most remarkable.  That could be toned down and even extinguished by turning off that charm.


He had the charm on full throttle for Eve and I.  I had to admit that he was remarkable.  It wasn’t just what he said, or even that sexy accent of his.  He also knew how to touch a woman.  It was both intimate and casual at the same time.  It had to be how he had survived long enough in  his business to retire.  Women most likely ran in front of the bullets for him.  I could actually imagine that quite easily.


“You are going to love Jen. but more importantly she is going to love you.”  I said it with a huge smile.  If there were ever two people made for each other, it was these two.  As long as the two of them did not take it too seriously, they would be cool to have around.


Since it was inevitable that Jen and Leon would do the did, it was incumbent on me to try him out first.  It was just how things were done between me and my best friend.  As for Eve, it was up to her how much or little she wanted to be involved.


“So Leon other than screw all the available women in town, what are your plans here?” I asked during the drive back to my Downtown House.


“That’s a terrible thing to say,” he suggested with a grin. I could see it even in the dark car.


“I have no idea.  Vlad said we probably wouldn’t need to work at all here, but you are right.  I will go mad without something to occupy my time.  Perhaps I will teach.  I do have a rather impressive number of degrees,” he admitted.


“Are they do it yourself degrees, or did you really take the courses?” I asked.


“Good point, sometimes I forget which are real and which are as you say DIY,” he was grinning again.  “Actually I think I would like to deal in estate jewelery.”


“That is interesting.  I can imagine buying old jewelry and resetting the stones or just reselling it.  That would probably keep one busy.” I said


“And bored to tears,” he said.


“Well, I’m sure with your charm, you will make new friends,” Eve said almost woodenly as we entered the rear door of the Downtown House.


“Oh I love this place,” Leon said after the tour.  “There is a buzz around town that you are going create more downtown condos, I want one.”


“We will see how you feel tomorrow.  For now I’m exhausted.  I’m going to bed,” I said.


“Is that an invitation,” Leon asked.


“That my dear Leon is open to interpretation.  In general, if you need an invitation then no it isn’t,” I said cryptically.


I quickly stripped off my top and then my jeans.  I pulled on an old lightweight tee shirt and climbed into bed in just panties and my tee.  “Find yourself a spot to flop Leon.”


Eve Joined me in the big bed and Leon followed her.  I don’t usually have threesomes with robots.  Actually I have never had an active threesome with a robot. I doubt that many others have either.  Last time I was in a sexual situation with Eve, I was more observer than participant.  It was different with Leon.  With Eve and Leon, I found myself right there amongst ‘em.


Sex with Leon might have been interesting alone, since I’m sure he had some different experiences than either Eve or I.  But with them both, it was just plain strange.  Mostly because I knew what Leon didn’t.  For instance, when Eve went in to the bathroom before sex, it wasn’t to drain anything.  That would have been the case with me, for her it was to grease the skids, so to speak.


Leon was slightly over endowed which was probably part of his charm as well.  He was also a very good kisser.  He had a gentle touch as well.  All of those things led me to the point where I looked forward to his penis inside me.


He chose Eve first, so I didn’t object.  Unfortunately he was good for only one orgasm.  It had to be an age thing.  He was however a thoughtful lover so he did this cute little oral thing for me.  I found it quite enjoyable. I came more than once for him, then I came several more times for Eve while Leon watched.  Eve was experimenting. Leon couldn’t have known some of the things she did were for the first time.


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5 Responses to 262 eve & me & Leon makes 3

  1. Grey Beard says:

    “He chose Eve first”, that is exactly what I predicated yesterday but did not expect him to be a gentleman that assured the old Hag was not left out. For future encounters, the author needs to equip him with a supply of viagra or celis or even an inflatable penile protehesis would seem appropriate. Oh well, the author continues to provide sex on a first encounter probably based on her personal experience despite her poor old Dad’s admonitions to the contrary.

  2. cindypress says:

    by dads definition of fiction is start with a bit of reality and blow it so far out of proportion even you dont recognize it./

  3. jack says:

    Max is going to become a real estate tycoon pretty quick it looks like , Maybe she should look into more of the abandon properties for investment Eves experimentation must have been spot on.
    .I wonder if Eve through her personality donor could offer her point of view on the bedroom proceedings

    • cindypress says:

      funny how this is like reality. I had no plans to continue with the property thing but it keeps popping up, Most people just bang around like balls in a pin ball machine and that what max is doing now

  4. jack says:

    The property thing can be used for so much in the story , a connection to all the new players coming into town, trying them out before Jen can play with them connections to Jen, Setting up condos for them. Using them in future operations because of all their expertise in certain areas ,the laboring few ,the tax sales, the property owners . The agency through Eve building a folder of all the new ones. Plus the potential orgies. Max needs to build a club in one of the properties for this group. A perfect name for it ” The cloak and dagger club ” Just imagine the after hours stories.

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