I called Jennifer just as soon as I knew we were a go with Billy.  I left a message with her girl Friday dejour.  She went through receptionists like most women went through Kotex.   Not only did the message include the details of the Billy Ames deal.  It also informed her that Ivan and Anya, not to mention Leon, would be in town for dinner tonight.  I had no idea what their mood or condition would be.  I was giving her a heads up.


I left the Billy Ames thing totally up to Jennifer.  Eve and I went for a bike ride into the really classy housing section of town.  I had no desire to live on one of the quiet, tree lined streets, but they did make a nice place to ride a bike.  We must not have been too bad a sight for the old fogies, and their lawn boys, since we always got smiles and waves from the residents.


When we got back from the ride there were messages on my phone.  I nevert answered the phone, when I was on a bike.  I had no desire to wind up under the wheels of a truck.  Full attention to the road seemed like the best bicycle plan.


Back in the Downtown House I called Jen first, since her message might hold a clue as to the others.  “I need to speak to Jennifer,” I said to the newish receptionist.


“Yes ma’am the boss said to put you right through.” the teenage voice said.


“Maxine, I have been getting calls all afternoon,” she said first thing.


“Nice to hear from you too.  Glad you are doing well.  Now exactly what can I do about that?” I asked.


“Billy will sign on Wednesday of next week.  My paralegal is over at the courthouse now.  You have a meeting at the Savings and Loan to negotiate a pay off on Monday at 1pm.  We can have the letter of intend ready for Billy to sign on Wednesday.  That will make all of it legal by the end of next week,” she informed me.


“I am impressed.  I never saw you move so fast,” I said.


“I know you want to get this over with, and fortunately we are dealing with motivated sellers on both pieces of property.  I expect it all to go very easily,” she said.


“I’ll believe it when I see it,” I said.


“Ivan, Anya, Leon, James, and Ruth are all meeting Bob and I at the club for dinner.  How about you and Eve coming along.” she suggested.


“Jeeze Jen, what in hell possessed you to invite all those guys to dinner at once.  I sure as hell hope you chose somewhere with metal detectors.” I replied.


“Maybe they have a detector left over from the President’s visit last year,” she said only half joking.  “So how about it? want to join us?”


“Oh hell I wouldn’t miss it,  You have all screwed me the least you can do is buy my dinner,” I said.


“Not all, James and Ruth haven’t I’m sure, and if I’m not mistaken Anya missed you as well.  So that means only about half of us.  But then it just might be the night to finish the list,” she said with a laugh.


“What time does the torture begin?” I asked.


“The plan is 9PM,” she said.


“Shit, I’m going to have to go to McDonald’s at 6PM so I don’t pass out from hunger.” I said.


“Do that since there will be wine, I don’t want you getting drunk and showing your ass.  Of course like you said the majority of us have already seen it anyway.  Now be there dressed in one of those pretty dresses the fag picked out for you, and wear a wig so you don’t embarrass me.”


“Can do, head Housewife of Aster,” I said.


Eve and I started getting ready for the dinner date at 7PM.  There were showers to take, and make up to apply.  Then there was a dresses to choose, and special underwear to find in my tangled dresser drawers.


Believe it or not that all took from 7 until 8:30.  By the time I was put together, I needed a stiff drink, but I decided not to do it.  I didn’t want to start out ahead of the others.  By the time we got all the other little odds and ends done, it was a hello of a rush to be just twenty minutes late.


Jennifer as hostess was already in the bar waiting for us.  James and Ruth were seated at the table with she and Bob.  Ruth was matronly chic I was glad to see.  She obviously had brought a fancy dress with her from the old days.  Jennifer and Bob were always fashion conscious, so there had been no question they would be the Ken and Barbie for the evening.


I was in my solid red clingy draped thing, and Eve was in my black cocktail dress.  Both dresses were chosen for me by the same gay guy.  He also helped me choose my wigs and taught me how to apply make up.  All that learned less than a year before.  How did I ever get along before him.


I ordered a glass of white wine while Eve and I joined the conversation.  James was talking about horses and barns.  It was cool stuff I’m sure for James and Bob.  Ruth looked interested but only in the ‘whatever you want hon’ kind of way.  Jennifer made no pretense she was checking out the room for Ivan and his troops.


“So Maxine have you made your plan for the drugstore?” she asked after a sweep of the room with her eyes.


I have a couple of plans.  You know one if by land and two if by sea,” I said.


“Well, I think I was a little carried away.  I am not quite ready to grow just yet.  I hope you won’t be terribly put out if I choose not to buy your second floor.” she said.


“Frankly I’m relieved.  The place isn’t even going to have an elevator.  It won’t be your kind of place at all,” I said.


I looked up when Jen moved her attention to the door.  There they were Leon in one of his new suits, Ivan in a suit that obviously had been in a suitcase two hours before, and Anya.  Anya was a big woman.  Not chubby but big all over Tall for a chick, big boobs, no visible tummy, but a big butt.  She was just an Amazon warrior princess period.  She was also in a red jersey dress that clung to her giant frame.  I couldn’t get over how different she looked from the cop I had met a couple of years before.


“You guys are gorgeous,” I admitted as I stood to greet them.  When Anya hugged me I braced myself just in case she decided to crush a rib or two.  She didn’t.  She seemed very gentle but not at all soft.


“You guys are late,” James said not a bit diplomatic.  Then James was more like me and Ivan than Leon and the women.


“I had to go buy a dress,” Anya said.  “So, if you need to blame someone, it would be me.”  She gave him a look that would have terrified most men but James was not most men.


“Then I will blame you.  So unless you people plan to order breakfast, could we go into the dinning room now?” he suggested.


“In Spain I have often had dinner at midnight,” Leon said.  “So the night is young.”


“In the mountains of Afghanistan, I have often missed meals completely, but that doesn’t mean I want to do it when I’m back in civilization,” James replied.


“So you don’t think Spain is civilized?” Ivan asked.


“They finally outlawed bull fights, so maybe they are getting there,” I suggested in an attempt to calm them a bit.  “So I’m starved, I never eat this late myself.”


“Good,” James said standing.


When we presented ourselves at the dinning room, the hostess seated us immediately.  Like any good operative, I had checked them all for weapons.  It went without saying that all the women, except Jen, had pistols and other assorted professional tools in their bags.


Of the men, I was sure James was armed.  The ever so slight bulge under his left arm was noticeable to the trained eye.  Ivan would have a small 9mm in his back pocket.  It wasn’t much of a weapon, unless he shoved it in your belly, but that’s just what he would do.  Leon most likely had a derringer, probably .22 so it wouldn’t ruin the lines of his suit.  There would also likely be a significant number of knives and box openers present at the table for dinner.


It would not be a good night for domestic trouble in the club.  Fortunately for us all, the night went well.  Dinner was adequate but nothing special.  The Europeans seemed to enjoy it more than the rest of us.  The meal didn’t end until 11PM.  I had decided early that there were too many personalities for me to deal with at once.


I had no idea what the others planned, but after dinner I headed  home.  I was standing just outside the door waiting for the valet to bring the cruiser, when Ivan asked me quietly,”Are we okay?”


“Yes, I owe you a thank you other than that we are fine,” I answered.


“Good, I will get your car back to you just as soon as we buy one.  We will be looking for something this weekend I’m sure.” he said.


“Get Jen to give you some advice on how to spend your money without tripping any triggers,” I suggested.


“I will check with her, but we have our ways in the old country,” he said with a smile.


“Maxine, I do like your new friend.  She is quiet but very beautiful and sexy as well,” Anya said.


“I thought you were homophobic,” I replied.


“One doesn’t have to ride the horse to appreciate it’s beauty,” she answered.  It was an answer that really didn’t answer the question at all.


When we arrived home I expected the evening to be over.  I was mistaken of course.  “We should do something to celebrate,” Eve said.


“Celebrate what?” I asked.


“That we had dinner with all those armed people and nobody got shot,” she replied with a wicked grin.


“Well how about we just go to bed instead?” I asked.


“How about we compromise we go to bed and celebrate there,” she suggested.


“That wouldn’t be much of a celebration for you,” I suggested.


“You are so wrong.  Maxine I know that you have had sexual encounters with men and gotten nothing in return.  You have given blow jobs, when you were exhausted.  You have done it just for the satisfaction you derived from pleasing someone else.  I know because I am a woman remember I have a woman’s memories and emotions, even if I don’t have all the systems working just yet.”


“So what you are saying is; lets go to bed and you will service me like a whore.  Someone I paid for the evening.” I suggested.


“That’s a little crude, but I suppose so.” Eve agreed.


“Okay, I can work with that,” I said leading her to the bed.


Eve kissed me and her mouth felt the same an any other woman I had kissed.  Her hands explored my body.  Even the fact that she was who she was, added to the excitement of it.  I was turned on beyond what I normally am even before she slipped lower in the bed and put her warm mouth over my genitals.  She licked and sucked me expertly.  Even if it was all business with her it was a great experience simply because there was nothing for me to do but lay back and concentrate on me.  When I orgasmed it was explosive and it went on and on.  I finally knew what it was like to be exhausted sexually.





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7 Responses to 264 COUNTRY CLUB DINNER

  1. Grey Beard says:

    I was most impressed with the authors description of Anya as “an Amazon warrior princess period”. It is a shame that we do have the art work to amplify that description.

  2. David says:

    What a dirty trick – I’ve been mourning Maxine ever since you apparently terminated her at the end of Part 1 on SOL – and all the time I’ve been missing out on daily doses.
    I’m about Maxined out at the moment, after catching all the way up to date, since you let SOL in on the secret of her survival, so I’m a bit punchy – just want to thank you for keeping her under control, and letting her grow a bit at the same time.

    English David

  3. bigguy323 says:

    “Okay, I can work with that,” I said leading her to the bed. Classic Max. I love it.

    Since you’re not mentioning pain and Cains, I’m assuming that Max is essentially healed from her misadventure.

  4. jack says:

    Nice chapter. You tie it together so nicely The business deal, getting all the old players together and a little r&r with Eve. Will Eve ever get to feel the pleasure that she gave Max? thanks

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