270 interrogation


Besides Eve it’s too late for breakfast, but we can ride the bikes to lunch, I said. That is just what we did.  Lunch was a Barbecue sandwich at the barbecue pit, as the Gunny had called Keplan’s.  It wasn’t near as far as Helen’s which was a good thing since it was apparently going to start raining soon.

I didn’t mind riding the bike in the slight rain.  If I had long hair I might have objected.  Long hair requires fancy cuts and styling which go all to hell when wet.  In my case the spike of hair one to two inches long is never a problem.  Usually it just fall flat on my head anyway since even spiking it is too much trouble for me in the morning.  If I go to one of the clubs I usually take the time to do it.

That morning of course it was flat on my head anyway.  It was also thin enough that a quick towel drying was enough to bring it back to its usual ‘bad hair day’ look.  The rain, the hair. the events of the night before all told me that it was going to be a bad day in Aster for the skinny bitch crowd.  When I saw Blevins and some younger chick standing at my door, I wasn’t surprised.  I saw them on the security camera first so I was on the way down the fancy open staircase even before they rang the bell.

“Good morning Blevins, you want some microwaved coffee?” I asked as I filled my delta cup and shoved it into the microwave to reheat.

“No thanks, Maxine we need you to come down to the station and give a statement,” he said.

“You know I am going to have to get Jennifer to meet me.  I need to call and find out when she can make it.  Of course if I am under arrest, I will call her from the jail,”  I knew the drill and I was very calm.”

“You don’t seem surprised.” the new chick commented.

“Why in the world would I be surprised.  I am interviewed when someone steals a dog in this town.  It’s that damn TV show.” I said smiling innocently.

“How do you feel about a poly,” the chick asked.

“How do you feel about stepping in dog shit on your way to the prom?” I asked.  I turned my attention to Blevins, “So do I call Jennifer now, or when I get to the Jail.”

“Why don’t you see if she can meet us down there now,” he replied.

I pushed her code on my speed dial.  “I need to speak to the shyster hon, afraid I can’t take no for an answer.  I am staring at a pair of police handcuffs.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Jennifer said.  “This better be good I’m with a client.”

“Blevins and some milk drinking chick are here to take me in.  They want a statement about something or other.  You told me to never leave you out of the fun, so I’m calling.”

“Let me speak to that prick,” she demanded.

“Easy counselor you will blow a gasket,” I said as I handed the phone to Blevins.

“Hi Jen,” he said with just a little timidity in his voice.  Anyone with any sense at all tended to cut Jen some slack.

“What the hell does she mean you are taking her in?” Jen asked first thing.

“At this point we just want to talk.  The new DA wants to get a statement he can review,” Blevins said trying to get from under the weight coming down.

“Then you sit down at Max’s steel counter work bench and have a cup of coffee while I make a phone call.  If Max can’t hear this tell her I’ll be calling back within the next fifteen minutes.”

“I suppose you take your coffee with lots of cream,” I said to the younger woman with Blevins.

“Make it black, and let’s all try to get along,” she said.

“Easy for you to say,” Eve chimed in.  There she was trying to sound human again.  She had probably been waiting days to throw that in somewhere.

“So Blevins why the interview, you know that now that I’m lawyered up I don’t have to answer anything.” I said.

“Then we need to wait till we get you on the record,” the chick said.

“Blevins did they tell  you to stay in the background since we have a history.  If they did you cn tell them that I said you are a lousy fuck.  I’m not going to be unduly influenced by your poor bedroom performance.”

“Very funny,” he said to me and then turned to the chick to add.  “That never happened.”

“I knew you were drunk Blevins, but I didn’t know that you were that drunk,” I said seriously.  Eve burst into laughter.

“What was your name sweetie,” I asked the milk drinker detective.

“Jane Holloway,” she said.

“Well Jane, if you keep acting like this, I am never going to screw you,” I said with a smile.

“Good,” she said not the least embarrassed.

“So you have been forewarned about me. You know what they say fore warned is forearmed and four armed is half an octopus.”

“You know it’s about the firefight in the Mystic parking lot,” Blevins said.

“I saw it on the news this morning, otherwise I know nothing.  That is my statement.”

“What if I told you that someone saw your car there?” the chick said jumping right in.  Someone had obviously told Blevins to stand down.

“Then I would suggest that you read your police reports from this morning, and suggest that it is time that we wait for Jennifer.”  The kid backed down and Blevins had the tiniest of smiles.

It was two cups of coffee for me before Jennifer called.  Two cups of coffee with two cops sitting silently at your table seem to last forever.  “Okay, put me on speaker Max.” After a moment she went on, “I cleared my schedule and Jerry is going to send in one of his people to observe, so that we only have to do this once.  Blevins love, you just get in your little police car and go on back to the station.  I will present Maxine at 4PM sharp.  At that time we will hold this interview for the record.”

“Jennifer, I passed the bar recently and would love to observe.  Would you consider allowing me in the interview room as well,” Eve asked it over the speaker phone.

“If you bring your license and keep your mouth shut, you got it hon,” Jennifer said.  “The more the Merrier.”

I didn’t say a word.  I just wanted the call to end.

After they left I asked Eve, “When did you go to law school and pass the bar?”

“Last Wednesday,” she said smiling.

“I don’t even want an explanation, that’s how invested I am in this thing,” I replied.

“So,” I said Jennifer when I opened the door to the old downtown school converted to police station.  “How long you been waiting?”

“You know I just got here or I would be on the phone wondering where the hell you were,”  she replied.

“At a hundred bucks an hour why would you care?” I asked.

“You know you get the friends and family rate. 95 an hour,” she said.  Then she turned her attention to Eve.  “Law license young lady?” she demanded.

“Here you are,” Eve said handing her the card which wasn’t the actually license but an Identity card stating that Eve was a member of the bar in good standing.

“That will do, I had no idea you were a lawyer,”  Jennifer said looking at me.

“There was no reason to bring it up before,  Since this is some serious shit, I wanted to be there just in case you wanted to throw some of it my way.  “You know the old ‘conflict of client interest’ kind of thing.  I understand you represent most of Maxine’s friends as well as her.”

“That is true and it actually might come to that.  It would be nice to know that even their lawyer’s still had Max’s interest at heart.  Fair enough let’s do this thing.” Jennifer said.

It took Jennifer about ten minutes to bully everyone into getting the show on the road.  There was the Asst DA for Tryon, a man named Louis something or other, the two detectives, Jennifer, Eve and me in the room.  Good only knew how many people were watching and if the tape would hit the Internet or not.

“So lets get to this,”  Jennifer said, “Ask your questions.”

“The Assistant DA nodded to Blevins who asked the first question.  I guess the presence of the DA type swayed their decision about his objectivity.  “How did  you get involved in the Kidnapping of Sheryl Blair.”

I wondered if Blevins had told them he contacted me.  “I first heard about it on my radio I got the Amber alert there.”  Answer the question and shut up.  The first law of interrogation for the subject is ‘let there be silence’.  Never try to fill the dead air.  The first one to speak loses period.

“What did you do after you heard about the kidnapping,”  Blevins asked he was relieved I could tell.

“I called around to get the details.  I’m not sure where I heard it, but someone said the Nanny was from Eastern Europe. Since I have friends who are familiar with the immigrants from there I went to the parents  home to offer my services.”  I shut the fuck up again.

“What happened after that”, the Asst DA asked.  I could tell Blevins was miffed at the intteruption.

“I was retained by the grandmother to investigate. Unfortunately nothing came of it.  We asked questions but no one knew anything.  We called it a night and planned to start again this morning, but I heard on the news that the little girl was back home.  I was thrilled to give the case up without having done anything.”

“Someone saw your cruiser in the area of the shootout?” Blevins suggested.

“Can you produce that statement,” Jennifer said angrily.

“We can if we need to,” the chick cop said.

“Then let’s see it.  Then lets see the part where your middle of the night witness picked my client from a lineup.  That is going to be a little difficult, since my client filed a police report just as soon as she discovered her car missing this morning.”

“Okay, let’s all calm down,” Blevins said.  “Maxine was your car stolen last night.”

“You know it was, you have the report.” I said.

“Can we search your place,” the chick asked.

“Can I search yours,” Jennifer asked.  “I might find something worthwhile there for the defense, just in case we ever go to trial.”

“I take it that is a no?” Blevins said.

“Get your warrant based on someone having seen a cruiser like Maxine’s stolen one, in the area of a gunfight, in the middle of the night.  That should get you a warrant in China.” Jennifer said with a laugh.  If this is the best you can do Louis, please stop wasting my client’s time and money.  I don’t work free even for Maxine.”

“Just so you know, I am going to clean my apartment tonight.  I do that every Wednesday night.  So if you are looking for dirty dishes and dusty furniture you better get a rush on.” I said smiling.

“Maxine shut up,” Eve said just a little too sharp.

“Don’t rub their nose in it,” she said once we were alone with Jennifer.

“I do like this girl,” Jennifer said.  “Now go home and scrub the shit our of whatever needs scrubbing.”

Eve and I stopped at the drugstore condominiums on the way home.  We took a good long look around the basement.  The painter’s plastic drop cloth was gone from the floor.  It went out in the cruiser with the last of the assassins in the middle of the night.

I called the office of ‘His Laboring Few’ and contracted them to come clean the basement.  Since there was no construction involved, it would be a different crew who came to scrub the floors and walls.  I had decided last night while the chick who shot me whined that the basement would make a great social club.  How perverse is that? I asked myself.  Making the conversion fit right in with my need to clean it thoroughly.

Let’s go home and order pizza delivery?” I suggested to Eve.  I have no idea why I asked, since it was all rock and roll to her.

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8 Responses to 270 interrogation

  1. Grey Beard says:

    “After they left I asked Jen, “When did you go to law school and pass the bar?”, please try to keep your characters straight. It might help if your good old dad suggested you hit the bottle a little less often. Your readers love you anyway.

  2. jack says:

    Max likes to gig old Blevins from time to time doesn’t she.
    A social club huh and which social class is she going to cater to.? Just wondering.

  3. jack says:

    Whats happening to wordpress posting reply’s just disappear .

  4. jack says:

    Max just loves to gig Blevins doesn’t she. A social club huh. That ought to be a good one.

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