278 One barbecue special please.



There were lots of advantages in the brain link thingie.  I could research the Internet by just thinking that I wanted to do it.  That night the advantage was different.  It was that there was no busy signal, when I decided to ask for help.  There were controllers on duty 24/7.  If I needed something above their pay grade, they just sent the request along.  The duty officer usually could make the decision.  I had no idea how many things the duty office had on his plate, and I didn’t give a shit.


All that said, I sent a request via data line for an animal capture dart gun and drugs.  More drugs than I would need for this one mission.  Since I was going to be creating the theater of the dead more than just once, it seemed logical that I would need to control the actors.  Also do it without leaving large amounts of trace evidence.  The drug I hoped for would be harder to detect in a normal ME tox screen. I was looking for an animal tranquilizer that created paralysis, not unconsciousness.  I thought that I remembered from some of the animal shows that they didn’t always want them to go to sleep, because they would forget to breath, or some such crap.


I was prepared to camp out in the foreclosed home for days until the farm made a decision.  Being gone from  home for days was going to make it difficult for me to come up with an alibi, if I ever needed one.  I trusted that the Virginia Gentlemen Farmers could come up with something if I couldn’t.  If not I had a friend or two who were pretty understanding.  Best of all would be a crime scene that didn’t require investigation.  At least no more than Blevins judging my reaction, when he told me Nanny cunt and boyfriend were dead.


The phone in my head went off an hour after I made the request.  “There is a courier on his way to Florida.  He will be leaving at first light.  He will be carrying a package for you.  Be in the parking lot of the race track convenience store on long street in Williams around 10am.  Look for a bright red Ford Pickup truck.  He will drop off the package.  He has a photograph of you, so he will make visual identification.  If you aren’t there, he will not wait.”  It was a message not a conversational invitation.


Since there was no power on in the foreclosed house, I left to sit in a waffle house.  The Waffle had coffee and lots of free electrons in the air.  It took a little longer to charge fully since I was burning some energy just sitting up.  That didn’t count the energy used to drink and process coffee.  The point was I sat there two hours, then move across town to an early morning cafe for more coffee and more energy.  I could have plugged directly into the wall for a charge, but that would look a little strange to anyone drinking coffee across from me.  If I hadn’t made the decision to stay out of places the cops might be looking, after the bodies were found, I could have checked into a motel.  Since I didn’t do that, it was the slow charge of free electrons for that night.


I drove the thirty miles over to Williams and found the Race Track convenience store.  I was about fifteen minutes early so I parked at the corner of the lot.  I didn’t want to block the business’s doors or pumps.  I  hoped that I could avoid being noticed.


At 10:15 the red pickup pulled into the lot.  I got out of my cruiser and waited.  He drove up beside me looked at the picture he had of me.  “Got the time?” he asked.


I looked at my watch, then said, “It’s 10:22AM in Virginia.”  It was the universal authentication code.


He handed me the package and took my picture with a cell phone.  A moment later he drove the bright red Ford out of the parking lot supposedly headed for Florida, but I doubted that was the truth.  Lying was a way of life with those bozos.


I put the sealed box into the back of the cruiser and headed home.  Since my power supply was only 62%, even after all the free electron charging, I stopped for more coffee well away from town.  I really needed about half an hour plugged into the wall somewhere.  It would be like the naps, which I took in my old life.  The next best thing would be to park in the parking lot of power plant for a couple of hours.  Then those things have security guards and camera.  Not something I needed while I waited to kill someone.


I decided that I really wanted a full charge going into the night’s activities.  It would be nice, just in case I had to make a run for it on that bike.  It took very little energy to drive the cruiser, but it took quite a bit more, as you can imagine,  to pedal the bike ten miles.  Which should explain why I used a combination of the two whenever I could.


So the question became, where could I plug in for half an hour without being seen.  Preferably somewhere without security cameras.  The less than obvious place was the public library.  I know that sounds totally foolish right?  Well with a little luck their computers would be setup to give the user some privacy.  It would be pretty simple to remove the power cord and use it to tap into their power lines.  The computer monitor would be off, but the library employees most likely wouldn’t notice.  If that didn’t work, I had a USB cable I could use to connect.  The power supply was very low voltage that way and it would take substantially longer.


If everything else failed I could hunt down a transformer substation and sit in my care within thirty feet of it and collect free electrons from it.  That again looked suspicious, but in an emergency it was a way to power up quickly.  those things were so poorly designed that electrons filled the air around them.  It was almost as good as being plugged into the wall.


The library proved to be just the ticket.  “Hi, I’m in town on business and my laptop battery died.  Do you happen to have a computer I could use.  Something with a little privacy?”


“Of course dear,” the little old lady said.  She led me to a computer in the corner of the room.  My back was to the wall so nobody paid any attention to me.  I sat in front of the black monitor and punched keys.  I could get the signal from the wifi directly into my head, so the key punching was just ti look as thought I was working.  37 minutes later I was full power and ready to go to work.


At the foreclosed house I opened the package from the farm.  Inside there were ten bottle of tranquilizers.  Each bottle contained ten doses large enough to put down a two hundred pound man.  I read the directions very carefully, before I filled a dart and a syringe.


I had decided that I was going to drug the two of them, then set the place of fire.  It wasn’t a complicated plan but with a little luck it would pass as an accidental fire, and no one would even bother to check them for drugs.


The plan was after 2AM I would slip the lock on the trailer door.  Then I would simply shoot one of them, most likely the guy, then shoot the other one up with a syringe.  After that I would rig a delay for the fire and get the hell out of town.


Was I going to feel badly if they burned alive?  hell no, they killed me already.  It was only fitting that they die the most painful death I could imagine.  Okay they might not feel it but still it would be painful for them in my memory.


I parked the car at the boat landing along with three pickup trucks.   The trucks had empty boat trailers attached.  I removed the bicycle and rode off into the dark.  I didn’t have a light of any kind so I had to concentrate on the road.  Even with the low light vision device, which was build into my noggin, it was dangerous.  The body they gave me might be tough as hell, but the Walmart bike was likely to bend a wheel in a pot hole of any real size.  I could walk or even run to the campground, but the bike was more convenient and more energy efficient.


It was exactly 2:37 AM, according to the time stamp device in my head, when I pulled the bike to a stop a few yards from the dark trailer.  The car was there, so I assumed I had them both ready for the barbecue.  They were the guests of honor after all.


“Opening the door was ridiculously simple.  Getting into the trailer without waking them wasn’t.  The damn thing rocked, when I stepped onto the metal step up to the floor.  I expected them to greet me with a shotgun blast.  It might not kill me, but it would make a mess of me.  One that I could never explain away, so the controller would dispose of me instantly.  It was the security procedure set in place at the farm.  Knowing that made me careful.  Once this memory set was gone, I was through.


The guy was sleeping but the girl was gone.  I had to make  a quick decision.  Should I kill him and burn the trailer or walk away and try again later.  I gave it a lot of thought.  Well as much as a fast ass computer can in two seconds.  I slipped over and shot his ass up with the syringe.  Now he struggled yes, and the old me would probably have never been able to hold him while the drug took effect, but the new me had very little problem.  Well he did drum his legs, and no amount of strength could have stopped him.  Most likely the trailer was visibly rocking but there was nothing I could do about it.


Once the drug took effect, I posed him.  Fortunately for me he was a smoker.  I rigged the simplest time bomb I knew how to make.  A burning cigarette in a book of matches.  The old school fire bomb was then laid on the bed.


In about twenty minutes the cigarette would burn down to the matches and they would ignite.  The ignition of the matches would guarantee that the bed would burn quickly.  I didn’t need any else to make a fire.  So there was very little for an investigator to find.


The drug assured me that the patient would be unable to move but semiconscious at least.  In other words he might not feel it, but he was sure as hell going to know that he was burning alive.


As I worked on the scene, I wondered about the Nanny cunt, then it hit me.  She was most likely turning tricks to pay the bills.  The part time waitress job wouldn’t give her enough to have bought the trailer and the car for cash.  Her friends and family most likely couldn’t have sent her enough money for it either.


If boyfriend had been cutting grass or other odd jobs, he could bare pay for the cigarettes that finally killed him.  The doctors told him that they would, I was sure.  Sure as hell they were about to do it.  Okay not like they said but they were going to be the instrument of his death.


Now the question was where was Nanny cunt.  It had to be somewhere she could work without a car.  Boyfriend had to have dropped her off and planned to retrieve her in the mornings.  Surely the town was too small for a brothel.  Maybe she had a standing date, I thought.  Too bad the boyfriend couldn’t answer me, even if I asked him.


Since he was the trigger man on me, I was inclined to let Nanny Cunt live a little longer.  I rode the bike back to the boat landing where I sat for an hour or so.  Then I saw a light in the dark sky coming from over the campground.  A few minutes later I heard the sirens.  It would seem to be a pretty good guess that the boyfriend of Nanny Cunt was a crispy critter by that time.


I didn’t wait around to see what was going to happen. I simple headed my ass home.  I did have a third bicycle to deal with.  I decided to take it home and make it available to any of the residents of the drugstore condo.




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10 Responses to 278 One barbecue special please.

  1. Mike says:

    Since Max can recharge from both a wall outlet or a USB connection, and Max has always been AC-DC; its time for a quiet fuel cell to place in the trunk of her car. A 2 or 4 cycle generator would be too noisy.

    No more recharging problems.

  2. bigguy323 says:

    A power converter plugged into the cigarette lighter will work too. That way she can drive and recharge. Or, sit in the park for half an hour and recharge. Easy peezy japanezze.

  3. cindypress says:

    another good thought better for driving down the road than lurking in the park though. Strange how people siting a car for half an hour seem sinister. But I do like it for driving from a to b and arriving fresh and ready to go.

  4. jack says:

    Not sure I like the pretty good guess thing. Leaves to many unknowns I would have had to watch from a distance just to make sure somebody didn’t pull his ass out .Then slip out in all the confusion.

  5. cindypress says:

    The problem is that in most towns, even small ones, in fires of unknown origin, they take photos of anyone checking out the fire. Information is best left to a perusal of the local newspaper on line over the next couple of days. Besides which nothing could be done if he had been pulled out. The Nanny still exists, so she has to be seen to anyway. If the bf were alive , Max would just have to add him to the list. And move on to plan B.

  6. Paula George says:

    dynamo on the bikes, also used for lights, would improve energy loss as would be reclaiming a little of what is used. maybe even an altenator on the powered bikes, with a power convertor like suggested above.

  7. Mr. T. says:

    What is WRONG with all you people ?

    Give Max a solar cell vest that she can wear everywhere she goes. If there is light , she gets juiced.

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