288 The awards and the prize



When I looked up the editor had gone.  I heard him getting dressed, so I wasn’t surprised.  Jennifer was snoring, so I left her alone.  I gave some serious thought to going out for coffee.  I didn’t want, or need, to fake breakfast but I did want the coffee.


I happened to be sitting beside the phone when it rang.  It is possible that had I not been, it might have awakened Jen, but I had my doubts.  She was pretty much still inside whatever kind of stupor she have fallen into.  I did make sure she was breathing before I answered the phone.


“Hello,” I said.


“Hello,” Ms Stone.  This is Jack Abrams.  I wonder if I could impose on you to do a television interview this morning?” he asked.


“Why would I want to do that?  You guys have the only interest in people watching that show.” I replied.


“That is true enough, but it would really help us out if you did.” He suggested,  “I might find something I could do for you one day.”


“Well, I am not going to hold my breath, but sure I will do the interview for you.  Where is it?”


“The news people have set up a temporary studio in the lobby of the awards theater.  I can have a car come by for you at ten if that is convenient.” he suggested.


“Well it’s nine now so I guess I will have time.”  Getting ready was no more than running some really hot water over my hands with some soap to cut any oils I might have come into contact with.


I went down to the lobby where Mike met me.  “I wasn’t expecting you?”


“I know.  I thought you might like to have a friendly face.  You never know when these news pukes will play gotcha.”


I suppose that is true, but I’m not going to be trying to save the networks reputation,  It they didn’t want to risk it, they should have let me sleep.” I suggested.


When we arrived, I said, “At least the ride was quiet,”


“Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.” Mike said.


Once we were inside the lobby of the building things were a madhouse.  People were running everywhere.  I hadn’t seen the TV control room trucks outside, but once I looked around I knew there were out there somewhere.


Mike seemed to know exactly where he was going, so I followed along behind.  He led me into a small room that was obviously someone’s office.  Ms. Stone this is Amanda Roberts.  Mrs. Roberts is an up and coming reporter at NBC.”


“How nice,” I said. “Sounds like a good profession.”


“Well I like it,” she informed me.  “If you would have a seat, we can get started.  Would you like a cup of coffee?”


Actually, I would yes,” I said.


Some even younger woman brought the coffee to me.  It wasn’t great coffee, but it wasn’t all that bad either.


“So are you ready to begin?” she asked.


“Why not,” I replied.


“I haven’t seen your show, but I have heard a lot about it.  How much of it was staged?” she asked.


“To the best of my knowledge none of it?” I said.


“There were obviously people who died during the filming.” she said.


I gave her a hard look.  It appeared as thought the barbie doll look alike had plans to screw me.  I suddenly realized that I didn’t care whether  the TV show survived or not.  It was going to be personal between the two of us.  Mike needed to break this up right away or else live with the consequences.


“Will you give me your opinion on something?” she asked.


“I can’t imagine that my opinion has any value, but okay,” I replied.


“Did you agree with the president’s statement that torture had no place in our country.” she asked.


“Are you baiting me, or are you seriously asking because you have some interest.” I asked.


“They tell me it isn’t a show with you that it is your life.” she suggested.


“Let me ask you a question.  Do you have a child?” I asked.


“Yes a son, 4 years old,” She informed me.


“If your son were kidnapped, and I found one of them, but not your son.  Would you want me to do whatever it takes to get your son back or turn the man over to the police.”


“That isn’t fair? she said “Very logical and unemotional feelings don’t count at a time like that.”


“It shouldn’t be fair. It’s an emotional issue,” I said.


“If that doesn’t make you think enough how about this.  Soldiers have a compound surrounded.  They have to attack it.  They need to know who is inside, and how they are armed.  Should they do whatever is necessary or take additional casualties because they weren’t willing to do it.


So to answer your question, I think that so long as the man ordering it is willing to do it himself, or stand there watching it happen, then it falls under necessary evil.


I had seen the man standing in the lobby with what looked like a cell phone.  It was only later that I learned it was digital video camera.  I also learned that the was being paid by Jack Abrams.

Barbie was not all that friendly when I left.  I told Jack Abrams, when he called an hour later, that it was very likely my interview would never make it onto TV.


“Don’t worry a copy of it is already on UTube.  I wasn’t going to let those liberal pukes post some crap.” he said as if it was okay.  Someone should tell him an ambush is an ambush.


“I think they were just going to ignore it,” I said.


“They have lots of outlets for their propaganda so one site should at least be fair,” he said as I if I was going to believe that.  It was all about the ratings.


“Whatever,” I said.


I spent the afternoon trying to decide if I wanted to go to that awards show or not.  I had almost decided, to be a no show, when Mike called from downstairs.  “Maxine, Mr. Adams and I would like to take you and your friend to dinner before the awards.”


“Sure why not as long as we get back in time for the show,” I suggested.


“We absolutely will not let you be later for that, I promise,” he said.  At 7pm sharp, we will be in your hotel lobby.” he said.


“That sounds very reasonable.  We will be as ready as I can force Jennifer to be,” I replied.


Jeniffer and I worked like hell to get us both dressed.  These dresses were so difficult to get into, we could have both used an old time maid, “like from gone with the wind.” Jennifer said.


“You better not let these people hear you, they will have us pigeonholed holed as racists.  They are just looking for an excuse to label us,” I said.


“Well, I don’t know about that, but I will tell them you can’t be a racist you hate everybody equally,” Jennifer said with a laugh.  It had been my favorite line back when I was still in a human body.  I decided that I wouldn’t change that.  I wanted to see if I could remain who I had been since I liked who I was.


I had boobs hanging out everywhere, but Jennifer was much classier looking.  “Holy shit,” Mike said when he saw the dress.  “You look amazing. just plain amazing,” he said.


“Thanks mike, but I’m pretty ordinary,” I replied.


“Not only are you not ordinary, you are extraordinary,” he said.


“Well thanks, but let’s see how the fashion divas see my bride of frankenstein look,” I said.


“They are going to love you.  Just wait and see.” Mike said.


“Well hello there Mr Adams,” I heard Jennifer’s voice say.  Since that was the case I was fully expecting to see him when I entered the fancy car.  I was a little surprised that Adams held off speaking until Mike was seated in the back seat as well.


“I would like to say one thing about future business then we can go back to the evenings events,” Adams said.


“Alright Mr. Adams go right ahead,” Jennifer said.  I should have warned him that she still didn’t feel all that well.


“I would really like to settle this payment fee while I’m here,” he suggested.


“And I would like to have dinner now.  I would also like time to check to see what that film is worth.  I wouldn’t what my client to get any less that she deserves,” Jennifer said.


“Of course we want to be fair,”  Adams said.


“Then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about that’s all we want.” Jennifer said as she left the car.


Inside the dinning room we were shown to a table with way too many knives, forks, and spoons.  I knew that I was going to look like an idiot.  I also knew I could ask the farmer’s employees for help, but I wanted to be true to who I was.


I got through the meal by just picking the utensil I thought would work and just going with it.  I was sure, even at the time, that I was screwing up.  I didn’t really care enough to ask the guys in Virginia for help.  Screw them and the spy they rode in on, I thought.


The food wasn’t great but it was good enough.  I didn’t pay, so I didn’t complain about anything.  After dinner Jack got on the phone and called ahead.  We can go on over to the hall, they are ready for us.  From the time we left that fancy place, until the time we entered the line, it was no more than ten minutes.  We were the fifth car in line so it took us a few minutes to get to the front of the line.


When we finally got out of the car, I can only say that it is a good thing I have small boobs or they would have fallen out of that damn dress.  Jen and I were making our way forward slowly when we heard the hubbub behind us.


There was milling about but there was also quiet for a crowd that size.  I asked the first person who would pay any attention, “What the hell is going on?”


“Somebody in a limo drove up an tossed a body onto the sidewalk.  Damnedest thing I ever saw,” he said.


I had a feeling even though we were 3000 miles away, I still had a feeling.  I stayed close at hand till they rolled the body over.  There she was, a little the worse for wear, but it was definitely nanny cunt.


I slipped back into the crowd.  I found a quiet corner then conversed with the controller at the farm.  That particular one was the first women ever.  Hell I don’t think there had been but three people in that position anyway.  She agreed to lay on a plane home asap.


Then I just appeared beside Jennifer, but still in time to go inside.  The two of us sat in the theater waiting to be told that some other chick won.  The old me would have been disappointed, in my present circumstances, I hoped I wouldn’t be.  But of course Even then I still had feelings.  Okay, I would never admit to it but I did.


Of course I lost to some big boobed chick on a show about selling houses to first time buyers.  It was kind of like I thought originally, nothing good could come from this trip.  The plan was to skipped the cocktail party and just headed home.

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12 Responses to 288 The awards and the prize

  1. Finbar Saunders says:

    Glad to see you are back up and running — nice little chapter. I’d like to have seen a bit more of the interaction with the actual awards ceremony, but I await with anticipation the way this is progressing

  2. jack says:

    I guess someone did indeed send a message with the dumping of the nanny cunt. Sort of a letdown on the awards. Sounds like Max will get some good money fron the next years show.

  3. Mike says:

    Gosh, you had me going when you mentioned “computer crash”. I was worried that it was Maxine computer that had a hung computer.

  4. Mr. T. says:

    Hey girl,
    I thought you said there would be something MAJOR happening in this chapter that would STIR people up. Surely it wasn’t Nanny Cunt ???
    Would somebody bitch slap me to wake me up?

  5. jack says:

    I would suspect the computer crash had an effect on this chapter since it had to be rewritten in a rush. Just stay cool i’m sure there will be more to come.

  6. cindypress says:

    yes there was a little missing but of course i only do one write so I could never remember it all. I have also lost all the back chapters on my computer so the two sites I was catching up are out of luck for now.

  7. The Mage says:

    Perhaps you should enroll in an online back up system. I’m told they are only a few dollars per month.

  8. Finbar Saunders says:

    the chapters are small enough — just get into the habit of emailing them to yourself on something like hotmail or gmail.

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