294 pizza and a shy boyfriend



I saw Bill pull into the slightly wider spot in the alley which I used as a parking lot.  It would hold two cars, while still leaving room in the alley for two cars to pass.  The alley was never meant to be a parking lot or thorough fair.  Every building had room for a couple of cars back there, if they were parked parallel that is.


There was plenty of room for the young man’s Bicycle and my Woody.  I should have left his bicycle out in the cold, but I took pity on it.  When I opened the back door, I made him go back out for it.  I didn’t give the machine human traits, but I did feel bad that Bill would have to ride a very cold machine home.  If not in the middle of the night, then early in the morning.


“So how do you feel about pizza?” I asked.  Of course I had no desire for any food, but Bill would expect it since he was human and I was trying my ass off to pass for human.


“I love pizza,” he said.  “Everybody on a date loves pizza.”


“This is not a date.  I am too old to be dating a boy your age.  This is just a prearranged chance encounter.” I informed him.


“My god, you are so verbally anal,” he said.  “All those words to hide the fact that we are on a home date.”


“Do you want the fucking Pizza or not?” I asked.  “If so, what do you want on it.”


“Hamburger and onions,” he said with a playful grin.  Even though it sounded serious, it had all been done with huge smiles all the way down the line.


“You know we could just walk two blocks and eat the pizza in Gino’s,” he suggested.


“Bill, Gino is Italian I’m sure.  I’m sure he makes his pizza in the kitchen with his own hands.  I would just rather the place look like a restaurant not an old finance company where someone put some booths inside.  Not to mention the cash register by the door.”


“Are you telling me, you don’t like the atmosphere in Gino’s?” Bill asked.


“I’m telling you that if you want to walk down there to pick it up, I can live with that.  However I am not going to sit in a public place, on a fake wooden booth, on a fake leather cushion, and pretend I’m on a romantic date, with a kid half my age.  Even I can’t delude myself that much,” I finally said aloud what I had been thinking.  It was  how I felt, but I didn’t plan to send  him home either.


“In that case place the order, and I’ll walk down for the pizza,” he suggested.  “After a few more prearranged chance encounters, we might be able to go for a real date.”


“Who knows?” I agreed. I also smiled broadly as I placed the order with Gino’s Downtown Italian Restaurant.  While we waited Bill and I discussed his school.

“So Bill, how is school going,” I asked.


“You know that you ask me that every time you see me.  And the each time you ask me, you seem just as surprised by the same details.  I swear I don’t think you remember at all, what my school is about.”


“Sure I remember, you are taking courses in some kind of engineering.  I just don’t understand that kind of stuff honey,” I lied.  The truth was that I hadn’t bothered to embed any of the details of his daily life into my permanent memory circuits.  After a couple of days those short term memory circuits got reused.  I mean I knew the name of his school and I had a general idea what his day was like, but his life really had very little impact on my own.


Well that is unless he happened to be with me at the time.  At that particular moment his life had impact on me.  In a few hours it wouldn’t.  I mean, he wasn’t the type kid to need my help and he couldn’t give the kind of help I was most likely to need.  So he was surplus more or less.


Right about then I should have been wondering why he was hanging out with me.  I know the guys at the farm were wondering.  They were pretty much letting me run with it, in order to see what impact it would have on my ability to perform the tasks required of me.


In other words we all agreed that this was not the place for a confrontation.  It was not time for the inevitable battle of the wills.  It might or might not ever happen, but something like Bill, wouldn’t be the issue that caused it.  At least neither the farm not I had strong enough feelings to go to the mats for Bill at that time.


The time passed with Bill trying to explain some formula for figuring stress he was trying to understand.  Do you want to understand what he is saying, came the thought in my head.


Not just no. but hell no, I answered without answering.


“Time to pick up the pizza, you want me to walk down with you?” I asked.


“No, it’s only two blocks and it’s cold as hell out there,” he said.


I didn’t tell him that the cold had no effect on me.  Instead I nodded while I dug around in my jeans for cash.  I handed him a twenty dollar bill.  He tried to make a fuss but I wouldn’t allow it.


“I said I was paying for the dinner tonight, and I am.  You save your money or books or slide rules,” I demanded.


‘Very well,” he replied.  “Actually I rather like the feeling of being a kept man.”


“You should,” I replied with a grin.  “The best is yet to come.”


When Bill got back with the Pizza, he came through the front.  Since I had promised to have the table set in the living room, the large coffee table was covered with a cloth and there were cokes as well as plates to hold the pizza slices all spread out on the low table.


If the kid needed a table, he would be sitting on the floor.  If he could balance a plate while watching TV and holding a drink, then he could sit back on the sofa.  TV that night was filled with sappy Holiday movies and even the TV Dramas all had holiday story lines.  I found the least offensive of those to watch while we ate.



I never did much for holidays.  I had a standing invitation for lunch with Jennifer and half a dozen dinner invitations from other people alone on the holidays.  The TV fare only tended to remind me I had to make some holiday decisions soon or people would be calling me with pity in their voices.  I pushed all that out of my head while I ate the pizza and drank the coke.


After devouring most of the pizza Bill moved to sit beside me.  He began kissing me passionately.  Since we had been doing that often enough, I knew I could fool him with it.  The farm crew kept a running commentary going.  They filled my head with as much chatter as mission control during a space flight, I’m sure.


I used the fancy remote control to kill almost all the lights.  “I don’t want anyone to look in the large window and see what we were up to,” was my excuse to Bill.  The truth was I didn’t want Bill to have too good of a view.


The feeling of his tongue in my mouth triggered memories which in turn triggered remembered responses.  Those triggered more memories and the cycle just kept spinning.  It was very exciting.


I felt his hand reach under the rear of my sweat shirt.  He moved it up until he came to my bra snap.  There was no way that he was going to open those tiny hoods with one hand.  I had a choice.  I could either stop him or do it for him.  Doing it for him would probably send the wrong message but doing nothing would as well.


If I did nothing he would probably think I wanted him to stop, which I definitely did not.  If I unhooked the bra for him, he would probably think I was willing to get naked for him, which I also did not plan to do.


“Bill, I will go take it off for you, but this does not mean we are going to have intercourse,” I stated emphatically.


“Of coarse not,” he answered.  “But does it mean that we might have some kind of sex?”


The problem was that he was serious.  “It means that I want to leave the options open, but I’m not promising anything.”  I looked at  him with resolve in my stare.


“Fair enough, “ he replied.


When I removed my sweat shirt, the bra was easy to unclasp.  When I then removed my bra, my ‘man made’ breasts sagged just as my real ones did.  Okay not quite as badly, but they did sag dramatically enough to have been real.


Since being in the new body, I had felt of my my breasts and they felt almost exactly the same.  They were a little firmer and a little more resilient, but they still felt age appropriate to me.  I had to give it to the creator, they could have made me every man’s wet dream.  Instead they had made me the same as before just more so, if that makes sense to you.


I replaced the heavy sweat shirt with a thiner tee shirt but it was still appropriate to wear outside, should I desire it.  When I returned to the living room where Bill sat, I chose to sit beside him but not so close as when I left.  I allowed him to make the moves at the speed he felt appropriate.  I could have gone at any speed and been satisfied.  I knew how far I was willing to go, Bill was the one with questions to be answered.


The kissing began again almost immediately and I allowed it to escalate quickly.  Bill had his hand under my tee shirt quickly.  He massaged my breast somewhat clumsily but it still felt wonderful.  He rubbed and tweaked my nipple which make me gasp.  The gasp in and of itself was encouragement to him.


I allowed him to place my hand on his hard penis, but it was me who wrapped my fingers around it.  I couldn’t tell how much pre cum was covering his cock, but I expected that it was a fair amount since he was pretty into it all.  He was moving his hips trying to get even more sensations.


I had to admit the memories he was triggering were driving me ever closer to the point where the electrons would escape their chips and flood me with emotions.


I waited to see if he had the courage to open his trousers and free his penis for me.  I decided that I would not do it, but I knew I could orgasm just from his present activities.  Sure I would love even more intense stimulation.  I waited to see as the pressure slowly built.


He moved my hand and  a second later replaced it.  I felt smooth flesh where I had felt damp cloth.  I had his naked cock in my hand.  I could tell that it was a good size.  His cock wasn’t huge, nor was it small, it was just a little more than average.


It was easy to coat my fingers with his lubricant and then to spread it over his penis making it easy to stroke up and down.  I could tell from his movements that he was on fire.  I could also tell from the involuntary movements, which my overloaded processor was driving, that I to was on the verge of something dynamic.


I waited to see how much he was willing to risk and how far he was willing to do.  I found out, when shot cum onto my tee shirt, that he wasn’t up to the task of controlling me.  It didn’t matter, the feeling of his warm cum caused the explosion of emotions which I associated with the new orgasms.  I would loved for it to  have been a different more intense set of memories, but those worked well enough.  I in effect had an orgasm and he knew it.



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2 Responses to 294 pizza and a shy boyfriend

  1. jack says:

    Hmm those memories must be really strong if she can have an orgasm just from them , to bad they cant bottle that.

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