299 testing testing testing



The drive home didn’t seem nearly as long as the drive up had.  I wasn’t anticipating my arrival home as much as I had been my arrival at the farm.  All the renovations were completed.  All that remained, for the time being, was just the battle of wits with the case officer.  Actually I couldn’t see us being at odds  over the pending operation.  I kind of liked the idea of blackmail parties.  I had never done anything like it, but there was a first time for everything.


My immediate problem was what to tell Jennifer.  She would need to know why I had suddenly decided to take to the Hollywood type parties.  I had always found the antics of the entertainment people silly.  What on earth would I tell her.  She was my unofficial agent and my official best friend, so I would have to tell her something to cover both fronts.


I was going to be throwing parties, when I found the right people for them, so I needed to give some thought to where.  The guys on the farm wanted me to go where the targets were, which made sense.


For that I planned to have Eve doing the scouting.  She was definitely going to be my party planner of choice.  The money for all this nonsense was going to get slipped into an account set up just for the operation.  There had been talk of a self sustaining operation, but the memories of Iran-Contra pretty much ended that.  There was also the small problem of everyone believing I was still alive.


The boys on the farm wanted me to keep up the pretense and I wanted to do so as well.  In my mind I was alive.  Most likely it would never come to the necessity for anyone to define my status.  The guys could end the farce at any time.  I had sorta made peace with the end just being the end whenever it came.


So back to the real problem.  The one I had some control over at the moment.  What to tell Jen and how to get started.  The guys back in the control room would be working on the problems as well.


We communicated via encrypted cell phone signal as I moved from tower to tower on the way home.  Somewhere a couple of hours from home, we decided that they would set up a dummy company.  Since they had lots of practice, they would set up a dummy entertainment and public relations company.  That company would contact me through Jen.  A company like it could easily find my contact information from the TV network.  It would be the ideal time, since I had gotten a lot of press from the Emmies.


Jen could actually bring the matter to my attention.  I would ordinarily dismiss it out of hand, but this time I would reluctantly agree to it.  After that the company could make the decisions.  It was rather a compact little operation which made it appealing to me.  It wasn’t quite elegant, but it was clean.


It was late Saturday afternoon when I arrived in the tiny parking area space behind the Downtown House.  I had been gone officially 48hours.  I checked my messages inside the house and found that only Kate and Vlad had missed me.


Kate had news on the Heartland Mills project, and Vlad just wanted to touch base to be sure I hadn’t been murdered.  He was calm, and he never said it but it was obviously what he was thinking.


“Vlad it’s me Maxine,” I said when he answered the phone.


“Where have you been, I was about to put in a police report for you.” he said.


“Have you gone senile, I told you I was going out of town for a day or two,” I said.


“Yes and this is day two.  If you hadn’t called me by the end of day tomorrow, I would have begun to search for you seriously.  You know we have to look out for each other.” he was being cold and logical.  “If they get to one of us.  We are all in danger.”


“I know Vlad, but I’m sure as hell dying of boredom, is that much better?” I suggested.


“Maxine as long as you are alive there will never be boredom in our lives,” he said.  “Anya sends her love and now I have a poker game I should rejoin.  Come on over to the cloak and join?”


“I think that I am going to keep my money this week,” I said with a laugh.  I might have used my super brain to beat them anytime I wanted, but I ran it on normal load, so they had as good a chance as before.  Not only was it only fair to lose now and then, but it helped to keep my secret.


I called Jen to let her know that I was home.  “Hey shyster, I’m back with the real folks.”


“So are you going to guard the body?” she asked.


“That clown wants someone to stand around and look like a body guard, when he is on stage.  I told him to call a Hollywood casting agent.  He wanted me because of that dumb TV show you plugged my ass into.”


“That dumb TV show gave you the base of the money, we have turned into a small town fortune,” Jennifer informed me.


“Honey, that is not where the money came from and you know it,” I informed her.


“Some of it did.  You know we are never to talk about the other,” she said.


“I know that,  Now you remember it,” I scolded.


“Okay, so what is next with  you?  Are you still bored?” she asked.


“You bet I’m bored.  I’m going to look for something a little more exciting than real estate development.  In the meantime Kate thinks we might be close to a deal on Heartland Mills, so keep an eye out for that.”


“Not a problem Maxine.  I tell you this, if you are going on the rock concert tour, you better get me tickets.  I have nieces and nephews to please.” Jennifer said with a laugh.


“I turned down the rock concert gig.  I want to help put this town together.  You know make something that stays after I’m dust,”  I said that, but I was thinking after I’m rust.  Had to keep a sense of humor, I also thought.


Saturday night passed with me in power saver and recharge mode.  It wasn’t necessary, but I really didn’t have anything I wanted to do in the middle of the night.


Sunday morning I went to the Sit Down, then to the Mall for a walk.  I saw the extra bikes parked outside the mall.  I knew that Leon and Dancer were there walking as well.  What I didn’t realize was that while I was gone, the Mall had been invaded.


The center area of the mall had a little Santa Village.  On Sunday morning the village was empty.  However the sign assured me that the old man would be back at noon.  I planned to be gone by that time.


Leon and ‘twinkle of toe’ were sailing around like those guys in the walk for life events.  I trudged as usual so they passed me with bright good mornings.  Either of them alone might had slowed down to talk, but they fed on each other’s energy.  It was absolutely disgusting.


The clerk in the cookie house flagged me down on my first lap.  She handed me a large black coffee.  I took about two drinks of it, before I sat it on the counter and began my walk.


I did not walk laps to tone my body or work off calories, I walked for the social aspect and to practice my balance.  Since I was balanced on a human frame, tuning the gyros was necessary.  The nice flat mall was good for that.  I probably didn’t need to calibrate them anywhere nearly as often as I did, but it was an excuse to be seen.  The body was low maintenance, not maintenance free, I thought.


Sunday morning and afternoon passed quickly into Sunday evening.  I went across to the Cloak and Dagger.  To my great surprised I found Blevins, Leon, twinkle toes, and Anya all seated together.


“Wait right here till I go back for a camera.  I  have to have a picture of this,” I said to the assembled table occupants.


“I know, I would never have believed it possible.  This little hole in the wall has made for some strange bedfellows,” Blevins said.


“I do hope that is figurative,” I suggested.


“In my case it is, I can’t speak for the others who come and go.  For that you need to ask Timmie.  She knows everything about this place, I think.” he informed me.


“Blevins, there are some things I don’t need, or want, to know.”  I stopped to look around.  I was actually looking for someone to try out the new equipment.  Even though I had lots of faith in the farm boys, the first time I wanted someone who was either a little drunk or not so bright.  No one in the dagger fit that description, so I left early.


I ended up at Cowboy’s Bar and Grill.  I felt like I could surely find someone at Cowboys who would be ready, willing, but not too awfully able.  I sure as hell didn’t want someone who fancied themselves a pussy connoisseur.


I found, who I thought would be perfect in Eddie, the EMT.  I danced with him and let him rub his cock against my belly for a while.  I even let  him play with my ass to the extent that he got his finger tip inside the cleft of my butt cheeks.  I didn’t get much of a sensation from it and the memories it brought forward weren’t all that hot, so it was pretty much a waste of his time.  But even that added to the experience.  Not every moment of every encounter is dynamite.  Some of them are more duds.  Still overall it can be a good memory.


“Let’s go to my place?” he suggested.


“Eddie, I have seen how you live, no thanks.  You can come to my place, but only if we have an understanding,” I informed him.


“What kind of understanding?” he asked.


“That you understand this is not love.  It is not a relationship, it is not even a one night stand.  It is just a chance encounter, barely more than a quickie.  Also understand this, if anyone ever finds out no matter how, it will never happen again, and that is a promise carved in stone.”  I smiled sweetly.


“I’m not sure I can handle that,” he said.


“Oh which part?” I asked.


“The part about no one ever finding out,” he smiled at me all evil like.


“Then it will be your word against mine, because I will deny it with my last breath of life,” I said angrily.


“Okay, now that I can live with.  I suppose you want to leave separately?” he asked.


“We always have,” I replied as I slapped him and stormed out.  I walked right to my car and drove home.  Ten minutes later Eddie showed up.


Sex with Eddie was only a little better than masturbation, but at least if he noticed I wasn’t the same, I could deny it.  Nobody would believe him anyway.


As it turned out the faux vagina worked better than anyone could have expected.  Had I been working with my normal reactions, I would have had a huge orgasm.  I was able to continue the movements until Eddie got all tense then collapsed onto me.  Quite obviously he had ejaculated inside me.  I couldn’t really feel the fluid inside me, but I seldom did back in the day either.  Even after it ended the feel of his wilting cock inside me was pleasant.


“Wow, it has been a long time since you did it, I can tell.  You were tight at first, but you loosened up after a bit.  What a great fit you and I are.  We should do this more often,” he said.


“Get your clothes on Eddie and get the fuck out of my house.”  I said it calmly so he would know that I wasn’t angry, just serious.


I hadn’t even bothered with the special lubricant.  I knew he would supply enough additional lubricant.  The fake vagina was coated with the same kind of Teflon that they put on cookie sheets.  The men weren’t going to get abrasions even without the special lubricant.  It’s design was to make it feel, taste, and smell natural.  In Eddie’s case he wouldn’t know the difference.  I wanted to see how he reacted to the look of my body after the upgrade.  It did not appear, even in my state of paranoia, that he noticed any changes.









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4 Responses to 299 testing testing testing

  1. jack says:

    Max didn’t get much of a test run with run with Eddie. The rest of the planning sounds spot on. Nice little set up with a dummy company. Thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    yeah he was the visual test. Wouldn’t want her to fail that with an expert first thing. Max is going to have to feel her way along should be interesting to see what kind of complications arise, Now that she will never age it should be interesting to see what happens with the people around her.

  3. LaMonte says:

    Would that be ‘success right out of the box’?

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