300 Max and Kate


I was determined not to make a move on the D.C. thing until I heard from Jennifer.  So after Eddie cleared out, I just went into power saver mode and collected free electrons.  I was in hibernation just like when I, as a person, had slept.

The sun was up when I finally decided that it was time to become active again.  I wondered what the entities that couldn’t make that decision for themselves, did for a wake up call.

I did my morning things, just like I had when I was the old me.  I showered even though I probably didn’t need to do it.  I also washed my hair and put on clean clothes.  Again I most likely could have gotten by without doing any of that.

It was Monday, so before I went to the ‘Sit Down’, I stopped by the laundromat to drop off my dirty clothes.  My Vietnamese family greeted me with big smiles.  They also promised me that the clothes would be ready for me, when I finished my walk.

“Thank you,” I said as I went back outside to ride my bike to the ‘Sit Down’. That ride was great fun for me.  It also allowed me to be seen, which could only help people know that I hadn’t died from the gunshot.  It was important that I not be questioned too  hard.

I was surprised to find Kate waiting for me at the ‘Sit Down’.  “Hello there,” I said in greeting her.

“Hello Maxine, I decided I would try to catch you here and have our meeting over some really good coffee,” Kate admitted.

“Good coffee is always a plus,” I informed her.

“This is the offer,” She said putting the folder in front of me.

I opened it but decided that I wanted breakfast more than I wanted to know what the deal was.  “Can you just tell me while I have my bagel?” I asked.

“Each of those three streets has twenty houses on it.  The old man was very regimented. Unfortunately the few tell me that on the first street behind the mill there are only 18 that can be saved.  Two of them need to come down, they are a danger and would cost more to save than a new construction of the same size would cost,”  Kate said.

“Well that is phase one, I would like to limit my exposure to 200k if possible.  I will take the two houses down but leave the lots to the kids.  They can sell them as lots without the expense of clearing the lots,” I suggested.

“I can try that,” Kate admitted.

“Good do that, I would like to get things started in that direction pretty soon.  I am sure that you and the preacher would like to get it moving as well.”

“I’ll do the paperwork and have it ready for you to sign this afternoon,” she said.

“Good, why not bring the offer bye when you are finished and I will sign it.  I have absolutely no plans for the afternoon,” I said.

I was, for the first time in my memory, comfortable doing absolutely nothing.  I could sit for hours looking out my window at the thin traffic on main street.   It wasn’t boring, or wonderful, it just plain was, no more, no less.

Most of that Monday passed with me doing just that.  Keeping an eye on the downtown traffic as if it made a difference somehow.  It was a little after 3PM when the buzzer at my back door sounded.  I did a quick check of my internal Internet browser to show the web cam.  Kate stood patiently at the door.  I buzzed her in with moving stirring.  Another of those wireless applications set up in my brain, such as it was.

I did manage to move to the kitchen area before she made it through the short hallway area.  “So do you have the offer ready for my signature?” I asked.

“Yes Ma’am, I have it all ready for you.”  Kate was being pretty formal for one who knew me intimately.  I marked it down to being in her business woman’s power suit.

“I can give you microwave reheated coffee or a cola.” I suggested.

“I love your reheated coffee,” she said.

I removed one of the smaller plastic delta coffee cups from the overhead cabinet above the dishwasher.  I used the coffee cups now and then, but almost never used the dishwasher.  It took about two minutes to get the coffee ready for her.

“So what do you think, now that you have it written up?” I asked.

“I would guess that you should expect a counter offer.  Then most likely it will go back and forth a couple of times.” she said.

“No that isn’t going to happen.  You need to put a bug in their Realtor’s ear.  They can make a counter offer if they like, but it should be their best one.  There will be a yes or no response.  That is because no more offers will be coming from me.” I said smiling.

“Maxine on a deal this size that isn’t very likely.  You are trying to buy those houses at the value of the raw land.  It isn’t likely to work, there will have to be compromises I’m sure.”

“Kate, if you would prefer not to represent me, I would hate to lose you, but I can find someone else.”  I meant just what I said to her.

“Very well I will explain it to the Realtor, but you should expect a counter offer that is going to be unacceptable to you.”

“Sweetie there are empty buildings all over this town.  It’s just a matter of which people want to make deals.”  What Kate didn’t understand was that, I didn’t mind taking advantage of someone in trouble.  Yes I loved being the savior of people, but I wasn’t really in the charity business.

If these kids needed that money to survive, I would pay them the market value.  Since at the moment there was no market for their property, I was setting the price.  I had also done a financial background check on the two of them.  I knew that daddy had left them stocks and bonds which provided their income.  The mill property was a drain on them, since the estate required them to maintain it at the existing level of repair.

I was doing them a favor taking it off their hands.  The two of them wanted to pursue their other interest, not be involved in any development of the property.  They wanted to take the money and run, but mostly they wanted to stop forking out maintenance fees for the place every year.

“By the time those kids get through with me, the will get almost a million bucks minimum.  The mill will be in a better place to be sold for some kind of commercial venture as well.  So they were going to be winners not losers.  You might want to remind the Realtor to remind the kids of that.”

“I know,” Kate said.  “I’m just not sure they are seeing the reality of their situation.”

“Then someone else will see the reality of their situation,” I pointed out.  I didn’t tell her that I also didn’t care.  I was about to have other fish to fry.

“How about I take this over to Sloan’s office, then pick up some que from the Pit.  We have to eat?” she said.

“Okay but I’m buying,” I said to her.  “I do not want to mix business with pleasure.  At least not with me on the beholding end of the scale.”  I picked my wallet from deep in my purse, then I found a twenty dollar bill.  “Just get me the que and slaw. no bread of any kind and make it the small size.”  I made it sound as though I was on a diet.

“Since I’m dieting as well, and I love the que, let’s just get a large tray no hush puppies and split it.” Kate suggested.

“Sure that sounds good.  I have some diet soda,” I replied.  I did manage to remember that it was usually cold drinks with food.

Kate came back with the food while the kids mulled the offer over.  The Bar-be-que was delicious. as it always was from the barbeque pit.  I knew that it was all memory taste, but it was still a delight.  I remember the Gunny as well as the food.  I was turned on from the memories.  It was an unexpected treat for me.

I had a feeling that it would be for Kate as well.  I was standing at the sink cleaning the utensils when Kate moved close to me.  She was at least fifty pounds over weight, but she carried it well.  She was almost a giant of a woman.

She was tall with big soft boobs almost the size of party balloons.  When she moved in to kiss me, those boobs just molded around my firmer ones.  I could feel her tongue in my mouth.  Hell I could taste the barbeque spices on  her tongue.  My taste wasn’t nearly as good as it was, but I could get a taste of the barbeque spice and it helped to ratchet me up even higher.

I was very highly turned on when she allowed her hands to trail down to my butt.  She played with the cleft of my ass just as Eddie had done.  What was it with my ass, I wondered.

Kate even pulled my closer with her hand covering my butt.  She pressed against me like Eddie had done.  Of course Eddie had something to rub against me.  I suppose Kate did as well, if I counted her large pubic mound.  It was large enough to give me a sensation but not a really intense one like Eddie’s cock had.

It was more a pleasant memory from the past.  The memory of how she felt before the big change in my life.  All things considered my breathing was getting shallow just as it had when I was me and doing these same things with Kate months earlier.

It was at that point when I lost any sense of now and then in my thinking.  I just began to realize how good things felt.  There was real pleasure in the memory of how her nipple had felt against my tongue.  There was also real pleasure in the memory of how my nipple had felt being manipulated by her tongue.  The sucking feeling is impossible to adequately describe, but I could remember it even before Kate lifted my top and raised my soft bra.  She was all over my breasts mauling them better than any man had done lately.

Unlike Eddie she spent long moments nursing my breast before he fingers slipped to the band of my jeans.  She opened the top then wedged her hand inside my panties.   I felt her fingers work there way to my naked pubic mound while she sucked on my breast.

“Oh my you have shaved for me,” she said before returning to maul my boob.  I just gasped in response.  I pulled her closer and clung to her almost in desperation.  In the back of my mind I got the messages from the farm but I could not respond.  My brain was overwhelmed by the stimuli, so I just gave in to it.

I did not just lay there and enjoy it, I participated.  I tried to get to Kate to work on her.  She forcefully pushed me back.  I allowed it since I could easily have thrown her through the window.   I allowed it until the mixture of new stimuli and old memories put me in the blissful state of sensory overload.

Once Kate realized that I was in post orgasmic bliss she moved away from me.  In doing so she allowed me to move to kiss and lick her body.  My mouth might  have been dry but that must have been a thrill in itself.  She responded wildly all along her body.

She arched her back pushing her breasts to my mouth as I licked and sucked on each of them in turn.  I loved that her hips beat at me as well.  I could feel her body react just as much as mine had.  I quickly moved down to lick and suck on  her clit.  I felt her body struggle to force my mouth inside her.  She was amazingly responsive.

She barely started to orgasm when her phone rang. I was interested to see what she would do.  I sensed that she was trying to fight her way to reality but I would not allow it.  I kept her in an orgasmic state until the caller just gave up.

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14 Responses to 300 Max and Kate

  1. GaryDan says:

    Wow!! 300 “episodes” Awesome!!

  2. cindypress says:

    at one a day there will soon be a years worth

    • GaryDan says:

      I don’t know how you do it.
      The dilema for me is do I read the episode each night, or do I “save” them up so I can read a bunch of them together. I discovered Maxine when more than 280 episodes had been written, so like PappaMike, I read them pretty much non-stop ’till I caught up. That was quite the rush and I really enjoyed reading them in mass quantities. Now that I have caught up, I have tried to save them up and read a group at a time, but I find myself reading the dailies anyway. So I guess that is the way it is. I will be reading the dalies. I will paraphrase a quote from Benjamin Franklin that puts my dilema in perspective. It is better to push yourself away from the table while you are still hungry. That way you will better appreciate the next meal. 😉

  3. Finbar Saunders says:

    great !!

  4. jack says:

    300 and a great chapter to boot. Maxine’s new body mods are so perfect that she fooled another woman in broad daylight. Doctor Bennett must have did a great job. I wonder what kind of messages the farm was trying to send her? Wonder if the controllers were making a vid of the action for the night shift? Nice chapter . Thanks I

  5. cindypress says:

    actually that is a great thought what were they thinking and doing

  6. PoppaMike says:

    I imagine the farm boys will be patting each other on the back and celebrating their good work with Maxine’s new “upgrade”. Of course Kate hasn’t had a chance to really think logically about what might have been different about Max’s new vagina ie. did it taste like the Max of old, why didn’t Max get as wet as the last time since she didn’t have the opportunity to use her tube of lube How would Max respond to that?.

    • cindypress says:

      And of course Kate didn’t do a real comparison sight sound or feel or taste, test. I did the dirty once with someone, whom I had not slept with in a while, just for old time sake once, It was heavily shaded by memories of the previous times, so afterward I couldn’t have told you what was different. Kate is unlikely to be a frequent Maxine flier, so she might never really have more than a small question mark.

  7. Finbar Saunders says:

    even if there *are* differences that her partners do notice — they will be easily discounted because of the various traumas that Max has sustained in recent events.
    The technology that you’ve invented is so far advanced on anything we actually see, that I am sure there’s some pretty significant ‘cleverness’ in the materials and design. dynamic sensors and self-lubricating surfaces are just a couple.
    Plus, it’s not generally the physical aspects of sex that are memorable, it’s the emotional aspects that make the activity sexy.

    • cindypress says:

      It has been my memory that with a lover it is more my reaction to him than what he really does or feels like. Thus the phrase does size really matter can only be answered sometimes. When I’m in the mood for oral sex a man with a two inch penis is superior to me. He knows what he has to do to make it work.

  8. Finbar Saunders says:

    Those of us with a three inch penis look with derision on those two-incher guys — LOL

    I’ve experienced all sorts of differently-shaped girly front-bums and, apart from some obvious prerequisites* I can’t say at the time I would really care what the hell any of those bits and pieces look like so long as she enjoys what I am doing to them.

    *finding myself confronted with a big ol’ pair of hairy bollocks under a miniskirt would probably put me off my game a little bit 🙂

    • cindypress says:

      Kind of my point as long as her parts fall within the norm would they really be that memorable six months later. The dry thing excuse is going to go with age. As for the rest i think Maxine can just wing it..

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