304 no party and my own Renfield



“So Teneesha, I’m Maxine Stone.  Jerry here tells me you are game for most anything?” I asked.


“I ain’t eatin’ no pussy,” she said defiantly.  She said it in a harsh whisper, since we were sitting at a table in the Cop Out Club.


“Tell me why you would even say that?” I asked.


“Everybody knows you a stone lezbian,” she said in a condescending voice.


“I see, so if that bothers you, why did you come down here?” I asked.


“Well, Jerry said I would love having a big TV star between my legs.  He said I wouldn’t have to eat you to have you eat me,” she said.


I looked at Jerry, when I replied, “Jerry probably should have asked me about that.  See sweetie, I probably would have done it for you and not even asked you to return the favor.  Since you have already told me there is nothing in it for me, now I’m not interested.”


“What you mean you ain’t interested.  I got dressed and came back out after I was home just for this,” she said.


“Then I sure hope you and Jerry have fun, cause I will not be part of the night’s games.  I do wish you luck though.” I said.


“Hey bitch, I’m a cop I will fuck you up,” she said to me.


I smiled before I said, “You should know Teneesha, I record all conversations with people I just met.  I know internal affairs is going to love this one.  So you bring your version of what happened, Jerry will bring his version, and I will bring in the digital recording.  We can all dance around a lawsuit, you badge heavy bitch.”


I turned my attention to Jerry.  “Unless you want to lose your job and everything thing you own, you best tell this cunt what Jen will do to you two, if she so much as says good morning to me after tonight.”


“I will take care of it Maxine and I’m sorry,” he said.


“Yeah, I can tell.  You need to stop thinking with your cock head Jerry,” I said.


I went  home and replayed the whole thing in my head over and over.  No matter how it played out, I came out on top.


I went into stand bye for the rest of the night.  I sat in the second story window looking out all night.  After 2AM almost no one drove through the downtown.  It was like a ghost town, but I loved every second of it.


Since everything was quiet, I worked out my plan for Sylvia.  Unless she had a plan of her own, I figured she could be my very special assistant.  She could scout out property locally, as well as help me with the dating thing I had to do for the farm boys.  With a little luck, she wouldn’t have to do too much more.


But the really big advantage she brought to the table was that she could fly commercially.  If something needed to be done, and flying was necessary, she could handle that for me and Eve.  Without a Sylvia type around, I would always be scrambling.  With a little luck, she could be turned into our tame human.  With her I could get a little more independence from the farm.


I waited as patiently as I could for her to call the next day.  The call from her came while I was at Helen’s Sit Down.  I was having coffee and a bun.  The coffee was what I really wanted, the Bun was just cover.


“Hello there,” I said when I saw her name on the screen of my phone.  Yes the super smart phone could do caller ID on anyone.  I doubted that she was trying to hide her ID, but she might be.  It wouldn’t have mattered.


“Maxine, it’s me Sylvia,” she said.


“Well good morning, have you finished your thinking?” I asked.


“Yes, and I also spoke with Vlad and Anya, I hope you don’t mind,” she said.


“I don’t mind at all and I appreciate you telling me right up front that you have.  Honesty is the very best thing as far as I’m concerned.”  Of course I can’t be honest with you, I thought.


“Good, we need to sit down and do the long talk thing before I start.  Vlad said it would be for the best.”


“He is right,” I said in agreement.  “And please be perfectly candid.”


“Good, I promise I will, and I hope you will be as well,” she admitted.


“I’ll do my best, if you do your best.  I can’t ask any more than that,” I replied.


“So I have a morning class today, but I am free in the afternoon,” she said.


“Then why don’t you come by my Downtown House, it isn’t hard to find.” I suggested.


“Oh of course, and I already know where you live.  I can be there at 2PM.  Is that convenient?” she asked.


“That will be just fine,” I said in agreement.  After the call I went about my morning routine.  Routine is not a good thing in my line of work, but it was necessary so that I didn’t appear to be in my other line of work.  In other words for the community in general, I wanted to appear a real estate developer.  I had moved away from a shady legal operative, to a respectable developer and I liked the change.


I bumped into Tiny Dancer at the mall.  Anytime I went there between 10AM and noon she was most likely cruising around it seemed.   I saw only the one bike, so I knew she was alone.


“Good morning Maxine,” she said cheerfully.  As a matter of fact it was said in a disgustingly cheerful voice.


“Good morning Dancer,” I replied in a much less cheerful voice.  I didn’t want to act cheerful for some reason.  Something in my memory told me it wasn’t the kind of morning to be play Mary Sunshine.


“The word around the Drugstore is that you are going to be starting up a real business.” she said it as she set the pace around the mall’s inside perimeter.


“I don’t know about that, but Jennifer is filing the papers to make me some kind of corporation,  I certainly hope that it is an uncomplicated one.  It probably has some kind of number.” I said.


“Yeah back to one of those,. they given you a number and taken way your name things?” she asked.


“I was never one of those,” I said and meant it.  I got into the whole spy thing through the back door.


“Anyway Leon says the girl you are going to take in has no affiliation with any intelligence organizations.  He wanted you to know that.  We all kind of took a look at her over the last two days,” Dancer said.


“Why the hell would you do that?”  I knew for one thing, they had no idea I was so very changed.  Nor did they know that I was so deeply in with the CIA.


“We have contacts you don’t have, so we took a look at her background.  Leon tells me she is the real deal, just a kid who got caught up in the hot part of the war on terror.  We don’t want you to get in over your head,” she said.


“Well tell Leon I said thanks.  I really do appreciate the concern.”  She didn’t need to know that I had Sylvia researched by the company before I ever approached her.


She showed up right on time at my place.  I put a cup of coffee in her hand before I began asking questions.  “So Sylvia, lets get the nasty part out of the way first.  What kind of money do you need to work for me?”


“Well Maxine, to live without having to turn tricks, I would need about $300 a week.”  She smiled at me.


“That should do very nicely considering your real expenses are about half that,” I said.


“My fixed expenses are about half that true.  I have school expenses and other expenses.” she said.


“Tell me that those are not drug or alcohol expenses,” I said looking at her eyes when she spoke.  I wasn’t looking just for the dancing eyes of a nervous human, but also the dead eyes of someone trying to hide their dancing eyes.  She came off as truthful.  If she was lying to me, she was doing a good job of it.


“I’m not a drug user or a drunk.  I smoke a joint now and then and I have a drink now and then,” she said.


“Do you smoke dope more than three times a week?” I asked.


She simply said, “No.’


Do you have more than two drinks a night, more than three times a week?” I asked.


“About that but no more,” she replied.


“Okay, I am going to put you on the payroll of a new business I am starting, but here is the deal.  You can go off the payroll just as easily as you went on.  If you get caught smoking dope, even once with a roach in your car, you are gone.  If you ever come to work smelling of alcohol or suffering a debilitating hangover you are gone.  I don’t do these things and my partner isn’t going to do them either.  You will be my partner in every sense except you have no ownership in the company.” I said.


“Will I ever?” she asked.


“Ask Lucas,” I replied.  Everyone knew the story of me and Lucas.  And everyone in town knew who I meant when I said Lucas.  No other name was necessary.


“I guess I need to stop turning tricks?” she asked.


“Not before your first payday.  You don’t have to stop screwing, you just have to stop taking money for it,” I said.


“Hell, it won’t be near as much fun that way, but I guess I will learn.” she said.


“I do like the way you think,” I said.


“So what will my responsibilities be?” she asked.


“Your very first responsibility is to never, ever talk about what we do.  I mean that Sylvia.  One time you talk about what we do, and you are history.  Jen will have some papers for you to sign.  They will make you liable for any damage you cause like that.  You might as well know going in how sensitive this all is.”


“Real Estate development is sensitive?” she ask with an innocent look.


“If you talked to Vlad, Anya, Leon, and Tiny Dancer, and still believe real estate is all I do, then honey you need to leave now and consider yourself lucky to be getting away.”


“Alright, as the kids at school say, I totally get it.  I don’t need to know all the details, I get it anyway.”  She actually did look as though she understood.


“Now, I need to know honestly what you know and how I can use you most effectively,” I suggested.


“I come from a small town in the Ukraine, I don’t have any gun skills or business skills.  I am really a peasant girl for sure.  I am learning much at the school Vlad arranged, but it is very hard.  It is much easier to lay with men for money, but I know that will end one day.”


“Oh yes, regardless of your status with me, it would end one day.  Life seldom ends well for those women.”


“Yes I know.  I have been approached about dancing in a club, but those women are all soon on drugs.  I prefer to keep my future hopeful not dismal.”


“Good for you,  If you are coming aboard, you need to tell me when you can work.  I need to make appointments for you to learn what I do here in Aster.”


“Plan on me working after noon everyday.  I have one class in the afternoons but I can drop it,” she said.


“The semester is new.  Maybe you can move it to a different time.  If not we can work it out so that you make the class enough times to pass it.  What class is it anyway.”


“Modern Business Ethics,” she said.


“That’s important, so yeah we can be sure you get to class.  It is your responsibility to remind me that you have a class.”


“I think I can make a deal with the professor,” she said.


“One that doesn’t require you to spread your legs I hope.  I’ll get you started on Monday with meetings with my money people and other vendors.”  That’s how we left it.  I expected her to have a marathon of commercial sexual activity, before she reported for her first day at work.

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11 Responses to 304 no party and my own Renfield

  1. cindypress says:

    just a note:
    the site hit 100,000 hits today. That’s more than the story did on any of the established sites so pat yourselves on the back. I could not do it without you and not just reading, also helping me to get it right is a big big deal.

  2. jack says:

    Congratulations ! Have enjoyed the ride as well , Thank you so much for continuing after the sol mess. Coming here and getting a daily update is like a breath of fresh air after the daily grind. Thanks again
    P. S. keep up the good work.

    • cindypress says:

      Thank you I have enjoyed writing it and the interaction with you guys more than you enjoy the story Im sure. Thanks again. the count is 100,105 at the moment lol.

  3. jack says:

    Max may want to kick in a employee bonus for coming aboard. Sylvia needs some professional business suits and dresses to be able to do what Max has in mind. Being the doll that Max thinks she is she should work out great the planned parties the farm is planning. Max also needs to have Leon or Vlad give her some aggressive handgun training. and supply her with a shoulder holster and gun. If she is going to be hanging with Max she needs to be able to defend herself and Max. She will become a easy target if not. But I’m sure you have already planned that out for future chapters. Thanks

  4. GaryDan says:

    Ditto Contgrats on 100K + hits.
    I really like this site much better than Lit & SOL. Sounds like you had a bad experience on both.
    Even though SOL can be kinda free, the advanced features are pay to play and a little expensive
    for a SS retiree like myself.
    I like the blog type format here, and the interactive from you on the comments made by us readers.
    Any chance there is a place where the # of hits can be displayed where we can see them?? Not a demand, just a question 😉

  5. cindypress says:

    maybe I can add the count at the time of the post of each chapter.

  6. imhandy says:

    I too came here from SOL so quit reading there. I wait and read once a week as I have to have something to read at work, lot of leisure time between actions, and can keep my interest up by doing it that way. This is a very good story and have enjoyed it alot no matter where you take it, you are a very good storyteller. Thank you

    • cindypress says:

      I appreciate you reading here and thank you. Your comments here are welcome and will almost always get a reply, I couldn’t keep my storyline going without your comments and that is the truth. Almost all the future story limes come from some comment made in an earlier chapter.

  7. Finbar Saunders says:

    Congrats from me too — not just because of the number of hits, but mostly because of the sheer amount of ingenuity you regularly show. This story is turning much more towards a very subtle discussion of what it means to be human and that’s a good thing.

    Thanks for the daily fixes too 🙂

    • cindypress says:

      I noticed the turn as well. But I also have to keep some of what makes Maxine, Maxine. We don’t want her to philosophical. I struggle to make sure her observations are part of the story line not some intellectual bullshit. I think maybe for a next few chapters Sylvia will provide some nice contrasts.

      I’m not sure but I think as Maxine struggles to keep her safe and sound, it could teach me something new about maxine.

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