313 The road trip grows.

“So what is wrong with it?” Pete asked.


“Don’t you think someone standing in a crowd in this weather wearing running shorts is going to be noticed?  Or if someone joins the race in long pants and a coat he won’t draw attention?”


“So someone in a long coat, who dumps it when the runners come along.” Pete suggested.  “It won’t be at a spot where there is a crowd watching.”


“Good, how does our killer plan to escape?  Since this isn’t a suicide mission, he does plan to get away.”  I suggested.


“He has clothes stashed, so that after he does the hit, he can dress and blend,” Pete replied.


“Feed that into your game.  While you are at it ask it how the hitter is going to know when the senator is near enough so that he has time to do all this, and still catch up to the runner he wants.”


It is going to take a while to load the route information along with the other factors the game needs to make a workable scenario with probabilities.” Pete said.


“Well then you need to get on it,” I said.


“I really need to be there,” he suggested.


“No you don’t,” I said flatly.


“You know he is right,” Sylvia said.  She had been eavesdropping.  “Every time he comes up with something, you have more to add to the game.  It would be better, if he was right along with us.  You start running Saturday morning after a cocktail party.  His head will be more clear than either of ours.”


She had no idea what I was capable of doing, but she was right my brain was like a shotgun.  It threw lots of lead at lots of places.  Pete’s game was like a really good sniper rifle, it could zero in on a specific item of information.  It was all in the programing.  I was programed for a different purpose.  Also my memory was filled with useless shit from my past.  At least the guys at the farm felt it was useless.  I didn’t agree of course.


“Alright be back here with all the answers at 8AM tomorrow sharp,” I demanded, “Now go get everything that you can imagine into your game .” Pete left with a huge grin.


“There must not be a lot going on in the Realty business this time of year,” Sylvia suggested.  “The appraiser said he would have it done by the time we get back from Washington.”


“You didn’t tell  him where we were going?” I asked with a slight edge in my voice I’m sure.


“Of course not, I just told him you needed at least a verbal report for a meeting on Monday afternoon.  Also that we were working on an offer to purchase.  I also told him that we were miles apart with pricing.” she explained.


“Well that all sounds reasonable,” I said.  “You done good.”


“Thanks boss.  By the way we are going to be gone on Friday.  It is the end of my pay week, do you think I could get paid today?”


“Okay, let’s do some work on that now.  Call the accountant and get the figures plugged in so that we pay your taxes and all that.”


“Okay, what do I tell her to use for a base?” Sylvia asked.


“We agreed on $300 a week for your half days and I figure I owe you a couple of hundred for the weekend work you did.  How about five hundred for last week.  We can work out this week next Friday.


“Or, we can just call it $500 and I’ll work whenever you need me, if I’m not in school.” she suggested.  “We can call 5PM my normal ending time if nothing is happening, if it is I will stay till we are done with whatever it is.”


“I can live with that, but you might be getting the worst of it,” I suggested.


“You can always give me a bonus, if you feel you should,” she suggested.


“Let’s call the green dress your bonus for this job,” I said.


“I love that idea.  I might never get to wear it again but I’m going to love having it in my closet.” She grinned.  “I’ll get with the accountant and have the tax thing done and then have him set up the money transfer to my account.


That’s how I came to make the agreement for a regular transfer of funds from my account to hers.  We were getting to be more and more like a real business.  One with no real mission, but we were searching for one.


“Well it’s five now I suppose you should be headed home.  Get a good night’s sleep and pack warm clothes just in case you want to watch the race on Saturday.” I handed her a twenty dollar bill. “Stop by the Sit Down on the way in and get breakfast.  Get me the bagel with cream cheese bag.  I am trying to lose a pound or two.  Also get whatever you want and what you think the Geek will like.”


After she left I spent an hour listening to music with the MP3 player and charging my power module.  I was stuck on the music my dad had played in the car when I was a kid.  I didn’t have many good memories from my childhood, but that was one of them.


Aster was a big time mill village, when I was a kid. My dad worked in the machine shop there.  He made parts to keep the Looms and other machines working.  Probably why I generally fall for men who work with their hands.  Of course, I have daddy issues.


I switched off that train of thought, when I made the phone call to Blevins.  I got him on his cell phone.  “Hey Blevins have you gotten married yet?” I asked.


“I have been married off and on all my fucking life,” he said.


“What do you want Maxine?” he asked.


“So, when are you going to pull the plug?” I answered his question with one of my own.


“Less than a month now, why?” he asked.


“What are you going to do after you are free of the wheel?” I asked.  No it wasn’t a reference to Conan and his grinding wheel.  It was a reference to the rotation system used to assign cases to detectives.  When the wheel turned to you, the next case was yours.  Detectives were said to be slaves to the wheel.  Actually I guess that was a lot like Conan and the wheel in the comic book after all.


I don’t know.  I’m thinking long vacation.  Maybe do nothing at all.” he replied.


“So would you be willing to do work for me now and then.  Jen keeps my PI license up to date.  She could add your name to it.  You know you could just come in now and then.  Be kind of a consultant.” I suggested.


“Ask me next month,” he said.  “But Maxine thanks for asking.  I know you don’t work with trash.  It’s a compliment.”


“Not really, I hang with trash all the time,” I said.


“I’m not talking about your love life,” he said with a laugh.


“Very funny, well at least think about doing some helping out around here.” I suggested.


“I will think about it, but I promise nothing.” he said.


That’s how we left it.  I knew that I could find younger, stronger, faster guys than Blevins, but Blevins understood bad people and how they thought.  That was something the young strong Army Ranger types didn’t have.  If you have to go into an urban situation, sometimes being able to make educated guesses is better than being an expert sniper.


With everything taken care of for the evening, and my power module full, I began to think of ways to pass the time.  The one that came to mind wasn’t first on my list, but it was close to the top.


I decided that I would go out and entertain myself and some lucky patron of the Cowboy’s B&G as well.   I had men who work with their hands on my mind and the sound track from the big chill on my MP3 player.  It seemed like the perfect beginning of a night out.


“Hey Sarah can I get a cup of your terrible coffee?” I asked as I entered the low end bar.


“You can indeed if you promise not to kick anybody’s ass tonight.” she said grinning.


“I promise, but you know what a god awful liar I am,” I said smiling.


“So what you been doing with yourself,” she asked.


“Just recovering from the ass whoopin’ I got six months ago.” I replied.


“Well you seem to be as good as new. Hell maybe a little better.  I think you look younger,” she said.  Every woman can hone right in on the face lift look.


“Well I have to admit.  When they were putting me back together, I had a couple of other things done.  I had some muscle tissue transplanted to fix that place where I got shot a couple of years ago.  I also had a minor face lift, but we don’t talk about that.”


“Of course not, some things are best kept between us girls,” she said with a smile.


“So what brings you here,” the younger man in Levis asked.


“Came to have a cup of coffee and dance.  The coffee is terrible but the bad music and worse dancers make up for it.”


“My name is Sam,” he said.  “And you are Maxine Stone the TV star.”


“Actually I’m Maxine Stone the Real Estate developer and has been TV personality.  I never was a star.”


“Well to me you were a star, but then I’m just a truck driver,” he explained.


“It’s an honest way to make a living, unless you are driving stolen shit around.” I said it with a smile.


“Mostly I drive the US Mail.  I’m saving up to buy my own rig,” he said. “Then if there is a market in shit, I might drive it around.”


“Good for you,” I suggested.


“So let’s dance,” he said.


We did dance several times.  I had two cups of coffee while I let him feel me up on the dance floor.  I had come to love the feel of hands on my butt.  Something about the valve’s sensor being manipulated from the outside, made the circuit a little hinky, but it was a nice hinky.  It actually felt much better than a finger in my ass before the change.


I was enjoying all of it including his hard cock pressing against my stomach.  I really was turned on in the way I had been back before I was shot.  My breathing was shallow and rapid.  The room seemed stuffy and my mind drifted.   Maybe it was simply a memory response, but I didn’t care it felt great.


The dancing was so hot other couples just made room for us.  “You two really should move that dance too a more private place,” Sarah said.


“Good idea,” Sam admitted.


I left Sarah a ten dollar tip, then followed Sam outside.  “I live in a trailer a few miles down the road.  You want to come watch TV?” he asked leering.


“If that’s what you call fucking fine,” I said giggling like a school girl.  That part was faked.  Once inside his trailer I slipped into the bathroom to squeeze the tube of jell inside.  When I returned to the living room, there was some very unromantic foreplay awaiting me.  It was mostly pushing and pulling until I had his cock inside me..  I really didn’t mind.


When they made my pussy on the farm, they did a hell of a job with the sensors.  The memory tie was amazing.  Every time I looked up Sam was someone else pounding me.  He was rough and called me bitch while he slipping in and out of me.  If he called me those things, when I wasn’t fucking him, I would have broken his arm.  I came several times, no it was not a mere long running multiple orgasm, it was climb up explode then start from zero and do it all again with someone else fucking me.  It was like a gang bang for some reason.  I loved it of course.


Poor Sam fell instantly asleep.  I picked up my clothes, then dressed quickly.  Hell it was quick and dirty for sure.  I was home by 1AM.  I was surprised to find that I was very close to going into energy reduced mode.  Damn that was really physical, I thought.


I lay in bed charging and remembering how his cock felt in me.  Hell the memory of it was at least as good as the sex had been.  Hell it might have been better.






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9 Responses to 313 The road trip grows.

  1. Wayne says:

    Nice …. very nice…..Wayne

  2. jack says:

    Great , very well done great action . Thanks Jack

  3. cindypress says:

    Thanks for the comments they really do help to shape the story. This really is an interactive experience if you choose to make it one. and you have.

  4. GaryDan says:

    It’s great to see that Maxine is going to do a “Willie Nelson” on us.
    I can’t wait for the adventures of Max “On The Road Again”
    I am sooooooooooo looking forward to this adventure!!!

    • GaryDan says:

      On the road again –
      Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
      The life I love is “raising havoc” with my friends
      And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

      • cindypress says:

        Well its hard to say how it will go with this new group of friends. A cocktail party with minor celebs and a marathon with a Senator all of it sanctioned by the CIA. Hard to imagine anything good coming from it.

  5. jack says:

    But we have faith that Max and her group will prevail and will come out stronger than ever.

    • cindypress says:

      Once in a while i kill them off but probably not for a while. The problem with killing the team off is they can all be traced back to Maxine. She can’t stand to close a look.

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