336 gettin’er done



“Reggie, if you are wondering what to do next, you should probably kiss me.”  I said it even though we were standing in the  kitchen.  The hallway from the back door empties into the kitchen.  That’s where a lot of my conversations take place, just because of the geography of my Downtown House.


Reggie might not have a lot of original thoughts, but he did follow orders well.  He move close and kissed me.  Even though he had to be ordered, there was a great deal of passion in that kiss.  It was the passion of a young inexperience boy all excited.  I fed on the emotion, even though I would never admit it even to myself.  Well at least I wouldn’t have before.


I was beginning to feel that heat build slightly, when there was a ringing of the front door bell.  “What the fuck?” I asked.  If Reggie had been anyone else I might have worried that his passion would dissipate while I checked out the ringing bell.  Since Reggie was a young guy, all hot and bothered, and he was a cop, I didn’t think seeing me head to the door with my Derringer in hand would shock him too much.  Especially if he had heard how many times I had been shot or stabbed.


I didn’t check the camera as I should have.  I had no idea who it was, but I had a feeling it was personal not professional.  Even if it was violence that had come calling, anything short of an IED was not going to be lethal.


It turned out to be Edsel who was reasonably non lethal I assumed.  “Edsel I’m a little busy at the moment.”


“Come on Maxine, they tell me you are up for anything.  The cop most likely won’t kiss and tell  Besides so what if he does?” she asked.  She saw my reluctance.  “Why not ask the virgin? let  him decide.”


“How did you know he was a virgin, I just found out?” I asked.


“Hey, I’m young but I have been around a lot of virgins in college.  I can smell them.  Of course the chick virgins smell better than the dick virgins,” she explained.


“I’m sure they do,” I replied.  “Come on in, you can put it to him, but if he shows even the slightest reluctance, out you go.”


At that moment I had my one thought about the farm.  It was I am probably a reluctant porn star, since they have the ability to film everything.

“Reggie, you remember Edsel I’m sure.”  I filled a cup with coffee while I waited for them to do their dance.


“Reggie, I hope you don’t mind that I invited myself to the party.  Maxine said I could stay, but only if you were cool with it.  You are the one with the power right now,” she sounded very unlike herself.  It looked as thought Edsel had minored in psychology in college.  Either that or her real minor was in getting laid.


“I guess, if it’s okay with Maxine, it is with me,” he said.


Edsel looked at me and I shook my head.


“That isn’t good enough.  You have to want us both or Maxine doesn’t want to go along,” she said almost begging.


It was pretty pathetic.  By that time I was hoping he would say no.  Of course there aren’t many men who would say no to an offer like that.  Even if both women were skinny and only one had a decent set of boobs.


“Sure. I would love it,” he said with a little more enthusiasm.


Edsel looked at me and I shook my head.  Unlike Reggie, Edsel did not need to be told what to do.  She kissed him first and her body did that rubbing thing that men love.  I had almost forgotten about that, I had to put that high in my memory list for next time.  She also ground her hips against him, that move was in my active memory chain.


Edsel was about the same age as Reggie, but she was definitely taking over.  I was just as glad, since I found it difficult to be with men, who weren’t in control.  They didn’t have to be an Arab ambassador type, but at least director of the little drama was nice.


Edsel turned to me and I kissed her because I knew my part in the little drama.  I noted the she had her hand on Reggie’s cock while she kissed me.  I put my hand on her boob and found that it was hard like I expected.  Yep Edsel had a boob job sometime.  Since she was no more than mid twenties she had it very young.  I admit that I was curious about the story she had promised to tell me.  I felt both her hands opening the button on my jeans.  Edsel was a greedy little thing.


My circuits were definitely warm when I heard the key in the back door.  I could have stopped what I was doing to see what had happened, but I knew so I didn’t bother.  I knew because I didn’t need a computer to monitor that cam.  I could use the same technology the farm used to send me the Senator’s assistant’s photo.  I just tuned in the feed and saw Sylvia open the door.


So what I did was, I did nothing.  Sylvia walked in and stood in the corner watching as Edsel slipped her hand into my panties.  Edsel was the leader of the drama, at least she was at that moment.  Since my knees were getting weak from the circuits overheating, I led them to the living area with the two large sofas.  Also from those sofas there was the view of an empty main street at 1am,  The view with the glowing stop lights reflected from the windows of the building across the street.  Now and then a cop car would roll by as well.


That was the eerie yet beautiful sight playing in the back ground as I fell onto the sofa.  I lifted my hips to help as Edsel pulled my jeans and panties off.  While she did that I clumsily pulled down Reggie’s trousers.  I had his slightly larger than average cock out and pulled on his hips to get him within reach of my mouth.  Since I could easily remember what men liked, I planned to keep him engaged while Edsel slipped between my legs.


I licked, kissed, and gently sucked on the head of Reggie’s cock. while Edsel found her way to my clit.  It was hard for me to believe the feelings she was creating in me.  I knew that I wasn’t supposed to have emotions in the new shell but I was definitely hot and bothered. The how and why of it made no fucking difference to me at all.  I was working purely for that release of energy.


Edsel was an expert there was no doubt.  She licked and gently teased My clit while almost viciously working her finger in and out of my vaginal opening.  The feeling of all that plus Reggie’s cock moving deeper inside my mouth all at once was maddening.  I couldn’t get a clear thought in.  All I knew was that I had to have more.  More of everything till I came for them,  I had a burning desire to please them both and I knew that it would please them if I came for them.


I almost knew that Sylvia had moved to the empty sofa against the side wall so that she had a clearer view of us.  I sort of knew that she was rubbing her own clit while Edsel was busy working on mine.  She also had to be seeing me ministering to Reggie’s cock like a five dollar whore.


When things finally began to happen they happened very quickly.  First Reggie came in my mouth as I would have expected him to do.  He came in several heavy spurts then his cock seemed to wither even while he tried to continue stroking my mouth.  He seemed to want to keep fucking my mouth even though his cock was more or less useless.


It was soon after when I began to feel the power surge building up in me.  I was ready to explode, when I heard Sylvia moan.  When it happened for me, there  was a huge rush of warmth, then I shut down completely for a couple of milliseconds.  When I restarted, it was with a peace I seldom felt in real life and never since the change except when I orgasmed or whatever they were calling it at the farm this week.


Edsel knew when it happened because she pushed me down on the sofa then climbed over me.  She immediately lowered her pussy over my mouth.  I licked sucked and tongued her while I fingered her rectum.  She had been on an emotional high, so when I began working on her, she just exploded on me.  She streamed something from her body which ran directly into my mouth.  I didn’t even try to swallow it, I just opened the valve and let it run into the holding area.


It was perfectly obvious from the cloud of silence hanging over the room that everyone had just orgasmed.  I didn’t want to break the silence even though I was probably the first to recover.  I just lay there with Edsel slumped over me.


“Holy shit,” Reggie said.  “I can not believe how that felt.  I think I died and came back.”


I almost told him, no that isn’t at all what it feels like, but I knew better.  “Yes it was extremely erotic,” I agreed.


“It was the fucking bomb, just the fucking bomb,” Edsel suggested.


Sylvia adjusted her clothes, stood up, and walked to the back door.  She was gone without a word.  Obviously everyone knew that she had been there, and that she had gotten off watching us.


“She’s a real bitch,” Edsel said.


“She has issues,” I said defending my new friend.  “So back the fuck off.”


“Whatever Maxine, I get it you two are friends.  Not sure what being a friend of yours is like, but I sure would like to know.”  Edsel was smiling.


“Me too,” Reggie agreed.


“I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed.  There is room in the bed for one more, if you guys want to flip for it or something.  If not, there are two sofas one each.  Either way I’m off for bed.


“Reggie, you can sleep on one of the sofas. I’m going to sleep with Maxine,” Edsel said.


“What if I choose to sleep with Maxine and let you have the sofa?” he asked.


“Then I call internal affairs tomorrow and file a morals complaint on you Reggie.  Lots of people saw us leave the club.  I left right after you two by the way.  Sure it’s crap, but that don’t matter none.”


“Okay, I don’t like this, but it sounds like the easiest thing to do.  Edsel this is not going to make a good impression with me and I am a cop,” he admitted.


“Honey, I work for a lawyer.  You aren’t supposed to like me, just respect me,” she said.  “I think that sofa where Sylvia masturbated  looks like a comfy bed and it has a warm throw, you should be just fine,” Edsel said.


Once upstairs I stripped off my top and slipped into the bed.  The sheets were cool but it didn’t bother me.  It might be noticeable to the overheated Edsel.  I didn’t really care.  I watched her strip off her clothes and got a really good look at those boobs.  There were definitely larger then DD on a thin frame.  They were ‘porno chick’ looking boobs.


“Okay Edsel,” I said once she was in the bed beside me.  “You promised me the story.  Did daddy give you those as a High School Graduation gift.  I got a ballpoint pen set.  Were they just a little something to take to college with you?”


“My dad was a Baptist Preacher Maxine.  I definitely did not get these from him.  In Hight School I was a fat girl.  The boobs were mine and that large but I had the fat girl body to match.  At Christmas of my senior year in high school, one of the guys said to me, ‘You are kind of cute.  If you weren’t so fat I would fuck you.’  Something tripped in my mind.  I could have a normal life, if I wasn’t so fat.  So I stopped eating almost everything.  I got a book on weight loss and took it all to heart.  By graduation day, I had lost thirty pounds.


I stayed at it during my first two years at the Christian college.  I used that time to get into this kind of shape as well.  I transfered to a dedicated vocational state college.  My degree is in law, but I am not a lawyer.  After I went into the state college for those final two years I had a pretty good body but a truly nasty personality.


I met a plastic surgeon while I was doing some legal aid work.  We got involved sexually.  I agreed not to tell her spouse and the world in general, if she took care of the residual effects of 18years of Twinkies.


I got a belly fat trim and implants.  The joke was on me, she just filled the empty sacks and this is what I got.  She also got a gag order on me, since she fulfilled our contract.  I went out and bought a bunch of new tops and here I am.  The Dolly Pardon of the legal world.”



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4 Responses to 336 gettin’er done

  1. jack says:

    Great action hot and heavy. Plus an explanation for the boob job. Will there be a repeat performance in the morning with Reggie

  2. Larry says:

    I kind of doubt that Reggie gets more, my money would be on Edsel, but how perverse to name a daughter after the worst disaster that Ford ever had before last year. You do a great job, I love reading it.

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