346 what do you say to a naked man?


“What do you say to a naked man?” I asked Billy.

“Sounds like a country song title to me,” he admitted.

At the time of that exchange we were sitting on the stainless steel and leather chairs of my dinning set, while we finished the warm up coffee.

“You know for a woman your age, your boobs are holding up well,” Billy said.

“Is that like?  You don’t sweat much for a fat girl?” I asked.

‘I didn’t mean it that way at all.  I was just marveling at what the doctors can do now.  You and Jennifer look so natural and so young.” he said making it even worse.

“You know Billy, you really should just stop talking,” Sylvia said.

“Yeah, you are probably right,” he said.   “I think I will just admire the scenery.”

“He is putting us on.  He has to be playing dumb, no one can be this slow,” Sylvia said to me.

“Oh I think he is probably one of her lawyer friends,” I suggested.  “Brilliant but socially challenged.”

“No doubt a virgin nerd,” she agreed.

“Oh no, this act is too well rehearsed, not to have been used a hundred times.  A man doesn’t repeat a line that doesn’t work.  He moves on till he finds one that does.  I bet he got laid more than any of his classmates at college did,” I informed her.

“You know it is possible, since they say nerds are considered cool right now,” Sylvia said.

“And lots of girls are faking that European accent now, because that is also hot,” he said.

“Her’s is real, I assure you,” I said.

“So which one of you gives the best blow jobs,” he asked.

“Now that’s more like it.  We should have an open and frank discussion.  It would be nice if you asked something which we could answer though,” I said.

“Exactly,” Sylvia agreed.  “I know what kind of blow jobs I give, but I have no idea what Maxine’s are like.”

“Ditto,” I said.

“You could both do me and I could judge,” he said.

“I seriously doubt that you could do it again for a week after I got through with you,” I said.

“Ditto,” Sylvia agreed.

“So that means you just have to choose, or actually I guess we choose,” I said.  “So Sylvia, I am sure you would be his first choice, so do you have any interest?”

“Not really Maxine,  I think he is a player, and I avoid players,” she said.  “I know that you don’t mind, so he is all yours.”

“He is a bit younger than I usually get involved with, but I don’t have a door on my bedroom.  If he shows up there, I guess I will have to make an exception.”

“Oh you will love me Maxine.  I’m energetic.” he said.  “I will love you as well.  I find older women, well grateful.”

I could tell he was just playing along, so I wasn’t offended.  “We will have to see about that,” I suggested.  “If you want to put your dick where your mouth is, give me five minutes then come on up.”

I used the time in my bathroom to clean up and lubricate my channels.  I was getting high just from the feel of getting ready.  It was truly something new for me.  Of course, I was learning more about my new body all the time.  The integration of my ‘brain’ and the mechanical body seemed to be progressing.  I hadn’t expected it and I had to wondered if the nerds and geeks had.

The difference was that I no longer made the distinction between old body memories and new body memories every time.  Both were pleasurable and in only slightly different ways.  Maybe all sex, even human sex, was comprised in part of memories of previous good sexual experiences.  If not for the pleasurable memory, why would we try to repeat the experience with someone new.

Either way, I was ready for Billy.  What I was not ready for was Billy and Sylvia entering the room together.  I was left to wonder while I waited for someone to explain.  They could have made some kind of deal to which I was not a part.  Of course, at that moment I didn’t care one little bit.

I was sitting up in the bed waiting for him to arrive.  He stood beside the bed and pulled my legs around until I was sitting over the edge of the bed.  He moved closer so that his only average sized penis was at my lips.

I did the only reasonable thing that I could do at the moment.  I opened my mouth and allowed his hard penis to penetrate my lips.  I reached for his hips to pull him closer, but Sylvia twisted my hands until the only contact I had with Billy was my mouth on his penis.

Since she knew where almost everything was stored in my apartment, I wasn’t surprised that she was able to produce a large zip tie, the kind used to bundle cables.  Yes I had other uses for them, actually the same use Sylvia made of it.  I certainly hoped I had more fun than the people I had put into the zip ties.

Since I couldn’t guide Billy’s hips, I had absolutely no control.  If I had been anyone else, I would have had to trust the two of them.  What they didn’t know was that I could pop the zip tie as if it were dental floss.  I had no intentions of doing that.  My intention was to go along and enjoy the ride.

I felt his penis get even harder in my mouth as I moved my body in a rocking motion and he moved his hips in a slow pumping motion.  I loved the feel of his penis as he began to grow even more excited.  As usual Sylvia was just watching, but she was standing much closer than the last times.

I was on fire but getting no relief at all.  I was on a plateau of sexual arousal and could go no higher nor could I come down from it.  Billy could barely reach my breasts in that position.  He did tweak my nipples and massage my breasts, which had only a minimal effect on me.

My legs were spread so that Billy could stand between them and get close.  My clit was exposed, but he couldn’t reach it.  All of a sudden at just about the same time he drove into my throat, I felt my clit being massaged.

Billy forced  his cock down my throat and emptied his semen into what should have been my stomach.  I didn’t choke or gag since neither of those things was built into me.  I just allowed him to remain with his penis wedged in my throat until he withdrew it on his own.

When his penis left my throat I reached maximum excitement and my circuits went crazy and continued to overload while the hand which could only be Sylvia worked my clit.  I pumped my hips at her hand and begged once his cock left my mouth.

“Fuck me, somebody fuck me,”  I was having the equivalent of an orgasm, but it wasn’t enough.  I wanted more, I didn’t ever want it to stop.  I felt something fill my opening and I loved it.  There was a full feeling as Sylvia moved her finger in and out of me.

She obviously could stand it no longer, so she pushed me flat onto the bed.  She moved over me until she could lower her wet slippery pussy onto my face.  I had no thoughts at all as I licked and sucked on here vulva.  She was pouring slippery fluid over my face as I tried to keep up.  She rocked her hips grinding her pussy into my face.  I wanted to lick her clit but she was rubbing it against my face.

When she finally moved into a position where I could do it, I slipped my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could.  I was able to move around inside her, but I couldn’t piston it with her sitting on top of me.  I did manage to give her an orgasm.  I could tell when she came.  It  wasn’t because she produced more fluid, since it poured from her continuously.  It was by her almost frozen muscles as she forcer her pussy even harder against my face.

She collapsed beside me on the bed and began to cry softly.  “Cut me loose and I will hold you.” I said softly.

“No, I have to leave.”  With that she jumped from the bed.  Before I could stop her, she dressed in one of my sweatshirt and a pair of my jeans.  She filled the sweat shirt and the jeans were skin tight, but she managed.  She had keys to the drugstore doors so I assumed she would be recovering her own clothes before she rode the scooter home.  I was sure that I was her first homosexual encounter.  She had done very little to participate, but it was the first step that was the hardest.  I certainly hoped I hadn’t lost a friend by gaining a new lover.

After she had gone Billy cut the zip tie and crawled into bed with me.  He fell sound asleep instantly.  I was awake beside him in the bed for a while before I moved to the sofa overlooking the street.  I look out the second story window while I plugged the music and charger into my ears.

I spent several hours looking out that window.  Billy awoke on his own just as the sun began to rise.  He must have a built in clock, I thought.  The first thing he did was go to the bathroom and pee.  Then he came back took my hands and led me to the bed.  Before I knew it he was kissing me passionately.

I allowed him to roll me over and lift my ass so that he could enter me from behind.  It took about two minutes for me to be turned on again.  Of course long before I reached maximum intensity Billy came in me.

“God you have a great cunt.  It is almost magical,” he said as he lay beside me recovering.  “I can’t believe what a great fuck you are.”

“Gee what a compliment,” I said sarcastically.

“Fuck woman, it is a great compliment.  You my dear are a world class fuck.”

I should not have been, but I was pleased that he felt that way.

“Your friend is a little strange, but you are the real deal.  When can we do this again?” he asked.

So here I was confronted with that easy fuck, for which I had been yarning.  All I had to do was give a date and he would be there.  I just had a feeling there would be strings.  He would want to get involved in my life more than just screwing me now and then.

“Billy you are a nice guy and okay in bed, but lets give this some time,” I suggested.  “Call me in a couple of days and see how we feel then.”

“You are seriously blowing me off?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just not the grateful type,” I said.

“Shit, I can’t believe this,” he said angrily.

“Why don’t you take a shower and I’ll run across for  your clothes.” I suggested.  I sure as hell hoped he would calm down before he got a trip to the ER as his reward.

“Yeah, I think I will.” he said.

I left him a clean towel then dressed and walked to the Cloak and Dagger.  I recovered his clothes and returned.  When I walked into my townhouse, I found him drinking coffee at my table.

“Thanks,” he said.  He dressed quickly then left.  I doubted that he would ever call again.  At least not unless he had been drinking and was striking out with the chicks at the bar.  I was really quite good with that.

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12 Responses to 346 what do you say to a naked man?

  1. GaryDan says:

    Happy Friday the 13th!!

    You might want to check your Episode/File Number again…;-)

    We wouldn’t want the 365th episode and resulting party to be delayed by a day. :-O

  2. cindypress says:

    Well for sure I will do something special for 365 Im open to suggestions.

    • GaryDan says:

      I didn’t check, but does this site support live chat rooms?

    • GaryDan says:

      Ok, I’ll throw out 4 options for a party location. Numbered from 1 to 4 for least preposterous to most preposterous.

      1) The party is held here in this blog. Episode 366 is ” 366 The Party” and we “Party Blog” to our hearts content here in this familiar place to celebrate, discuss, praise, etc. Maxine’s “year of episodes”

      2) Live chat room where we do all of the above, but would mean finding a site and getting all interested partiers enrolled. Live chat room discussions tend to have the discussions tumble all over each other. Senile people like me have a hard time following, but it is doeable.

      3) We meet physically somewhere, hotel, parking lot, church, graveyard, etc. you get the idea. Im assuming this is not probably doeable.

      4) Skype party conference call – YEA RIGHT LOL. I don’t know if that is even possible. What is Skype, by the way??

      Well……………you did ask for ideas. 😉

  3. jack says:

    Make sure it is a big party , Thanks

  4. cindypress says:

    my plan a masquerade party right here. You post your comments as one of the characters and you have to stay in character. A chance for me to really meet all the people I have invented.

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