Masqurade party

Out of Story Post.


As you know episode 365 is approaching.  Some of the regulars and I have been kicking around ideas how to Celebrate.  My idea is a Masquerade party in the comments section on the day 365 goes up.


Everybody comes as a Character from the story.  Make a post in character and then interact with other characters back and forth all day.  It will be like a well thought out but delayed chatroom I hope.  If you have any interest sign up for your identity now.  Make a post in the comments section at anytime to reserve your character.


Now Cross dressing in the spirit Ed Woods is encouraged.  Ed was not gay, just liked to dress up as a woman.  So any of you who want to be one of the ladies feel free to do so.  You can actually set up a completely new ID, so that no one ever knows who you are, if you are embarrassed to be a chick for a day.  Matter of fact we can call it chick for a day IDs.  I will go along with anything at all.



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5 Responses to Masqurade party

  1. SkeeterK9 says:

    Woof Woof
    May I come to the Masquerade Party
    Shhhhh….don’t tell anybody, but Helen bought me an Underdog Costume with mask so I won’t be recognized

  2. Barney R says:

    I’ll see if I can dust off my old uniform and see if I can bring Gunny back to life for one more episode.

  3. cindypress says:

    Very cool since it’s all illusion we can have in the waiting room Where people wait before their interview with Saint Peter. I’m sure Maxine was there before the change.

  4. GaryDan says:

    Permission to show up as Lucas??

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