356 The biker bar


Since I was all tooled up, and I had a place to go, I walked out the back door of the Downtown House smiling for a change. I stopped on the way to the Spoke and Chain for a tank of gas. It was hard for me to appreciate the mundane things in live, like buying gasoline but there I was. Since small details always came flooding in whenever I did anything, I raised my head and smiled for the surveillance camera I knew would be there.

I only mention the big thoughts in this journal, but there are millions of smaller reminders flooding my brain everyday. It was true as a human as well. I just didn’t notice them as much. As you drive down the road, you notice a blue car following you without really seeming to notice. A few seconds later your brain says to itself ,where the fuck is that blue car? so you look to see. The blue car has gotten closer, so it make a reminder to check it again. This all happens without any conscious thought from you, but for me it is conscious and has way more weight than it does for you. See I thought all that just because I smiled at the surveillance camera.

The drive out to the Spoke and Chain took a few minutes, because it was actually in Lattimer, which is a much smaller town than Aster even. Aster has a half dozen stop lights. Lattimer has only one. I had to go through it before I arrived at the Spoke and Chain. The beer joint occupied an old retail tire store building. They didn’t even removed the overhead doors, when they took over. Once inside I found that they had simply sheet rocked over them. They hadn’t done a very good job of it either.

I noticed before I entered that there were several large motorcycles parked at the front of the parking lot. The parking lot surrounded the building. On the outer edges of the lot there were a few older cars and a couple of pickup trucks. At least I wouldn’t be the only one in an old pickup.

I parked the truck in a position so that I could make a quick get away, if it came to that. When I left the truck, I closed the door without bothering to lock it. I had a feeling that if needed, the universal master key, a tire iron would be used. So to save the price of a new window, I didn’t bother locking it.

In the bar area of the building, it was well lit. In the shop area, which housed three regulation pool table, except for the lights over the pool tables it was dark. I walked calmly to the former sales counter, which had become a stand up bar. The bartender stared at me without saying a word. The smell of testosterone, gasoline, and stale sweat filled the air. I realized that the bartender was challenging me with his silence.

“What you got on draft?” I avoided sounding either butch or submissive. I made it as neutral as I could.

“Well, we ain’t got no lite beer,” he said smiling at me.

“That ain’t what I asked, now is it?” I asked.

“You a cop?” he asked without making a move to get my beer.

“I was once. I was also a democrat once,” I said “Do I get the beer or do I have to kick someone’s ass to get served.”

“Could you do that?” a much larger man in his fifties asked.

“I have done it before. I don’t reckon I forgot how,” I said.

“I know you,” he declared. “This is that bad ass PI from Aster. You know the TV bitch.”

“Yeah that’s me, and no it ain’t faked. So do I get the beer or not. That’s all I came for,” I said. “The beer.”

“Why the hell did you drive all the way down here for a beer?” he demanded.

“I lost an election bet,” I replied.

“Elections ain’t for six months,” he informed.

“It was the last election,” I said smiling.

“You one smart ass bitch,” the older man said. “I like that in my whores.”

“Enough to buy me a beer?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll buy you a beer, then I’m gonna’ fuck you in the ass.” he said.

I moved faster than anyone he ever saw in his miserable life. I grabbed the front of his leather jacket and pulled his head down to my level. He was a bit taller after all. Then from nowhere I produced the box opener and put it to his throat.

“Not before you take a shower you ain’t,” I said. “Now are you going to play nice, or are you going to bleed out on th floor.”

“You think you are going to just walk out, if you do that?” he said.

“It ain’t going to matter none to you whether I do or not. You are still going to be dead.” I said smiling at him. Then I said loud enough for everyone to hear. “Now do I get that beer or not?”

“Give the bitch the beer,” an even older man said. “Bitch you move that razor and we can all just get along. You don’t and it’s going to be war.”

“Since going to war isn’t what I came for, consider it done.” I put the razor away as I pushed the old man away from me. He pulled back to hit me. I was just about to stiff finger punch him in the gut, when the older man grabbed his arm.

“Mike go sit your ass down, that woman is way too much for you.” Mike listened to the older man. The older man stood beside me then asked. “I got to know was it the ass fucking, or the stink you objected to?”

“I have been fucked in the ass by men who stank, but I was pretty rank myself at the time. I just like things to be equal,” I replied.

“Now that sounds reasonable,” he said.

“I seen all those shows on TV. Are you telling me that all that shit was real?” he asked.

“The show worked because it was all shot as it happened. At least that is what Mike and Gwen told me. They were the producers and camera people. It was all hidden microphones and cameras.” I admitted. I stopped and took a long pull on the cold beer.

“And all those guys you fucked?” he asked.

“Honey, I been force fucked more times than Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke,” I replied.

“Well enjoy your beer, nobody else is gonna bother you,” he said walking away. I watched him walk back to the table where a bottle blond about my age waited.

“You got a bike,” the voice asked from behind me. I turned to see a man several years younger than me standing a few feet away.

“A mountain bicycle,” I admitted.

“You want to go for a ride on a Harley,” he asked.

“Next time, I’m not dressed for it,” I admitted.

“How about a ride on my hog? For that you undress,” a different man who joined him asked.

“I’m not sure I could keep up. I think I’m gonna pass on that as well,” I said.

“What if we say different?” he asked.

“You can say it, but that don’t make it so. Now let me tell you up front. I believe you are all bad asses, so you ain’t got to prove that to me. All the big talk isn’t going to impress me any more. so lets just have a beer and be friends.”

“Hey you can’t just waltz in here and tell us how things are,” the very first man I had spoken too said.

“You probably ought to shut up Mike, since we already know you are a pussy,” the younger man said.

“Who would expect a skinny bitch like her to carry a razor?” Mike asked.

“Anyone who ever saw her suck a guy’s cock, to giver her partner a clear shot to put a kill shot in his chest.” the younger man said, then he turned to me. “Yeah I seen you do that on TV.”

“I never enjoyed sucking a cock more,” I said with a smile. Yeah I was playing bad ass, but it sure seemed like the right time to do it.

“So you want to take that ride on my bike sometime?” he asked.

“Well another time sure,” I said.

The Spoke and Chain had a really bad jukebox, but dancing gave the guys a chance to feel me up and I didn’t mind. Even in my present state I enjoyed it. The sensations were nice and the memories it brought back were even better. The older guy who seemed to pass judgment on me watched, but never joined in a conversation or anything else with me. He interested me.

“What’s the deal with the old man?” I asked one of the others, whose name I didn’t ask.

“Jew, he was kind of a big deal back in the day. We all listen to him, up to a point. He ain’t got no real status here. We are all independents. We ain’t members of nothing, we just like to ride.”

“So there are no gangs here?” I asked.

“Not tonight, sometimes they come in and take over the place, but not tonight. If they had been here, one of them would probably have killed you for putting a razor on a member’s throat.” he said seriously.

“Now that would have been exciting,” I admitted. I knew that I wasn’t drunk. Why I said that I couldn’t even guess.

“Yeah you are one crazy bitch,” he said. “So you want to go somewhere and fuck?”

“Why do we need to go anywhere?” I asked.

“You mean you want to fuck us all?” he asked.

“No not all of you, but I have done it in front of people before. I kinda liked being the center of attention.” I admitted.

He took me by the hand and then led me into the shop area. I stood perfectly still beside the center pool table, while he opened the padded rubber vest and slipped it over my shoulders. I stood still while he pulled the heavy tee shirt over my head. I even stood still while he raised the chemise over my head as well. I still didn’t make a move while he stepped back to give me a serious look.

“Man you got some wicked scars, but that is so fucking sexy,” he said. I pulled him to me for a deep serious kiss. Lots of tongue and lots of his saliva entering my mouth. I didn’t mind.

He broke the kiss to open my jeans and pull them over my hips taking my panties along with them. Then he lifted me onto the pool table. I felt the very hard, but warm felt over slate table top against my ass. He worked my jeans over my feet. I looked around to see more than one man watching me. There were even a couple of the hard looking women watching. A female voice from the crowd said, “Fuck her good Ed.” It was the first time I heard the name of the man who was about to fuck me.

Ed worked his way onto the pool table after removing his clothes. I wasn’t really in a stupor, but I was in a heightened awareness state. I pretended that I was human and unable to resist Ed. It was a game with me, but it was also very pleasurable.

The entrance into me he tried to use was dry, but his cock was soaked with his precum. After he moved me around so that I was in the middle of the table on my hands and knees, he began. He had only a small amount of trouble getting it inside me. After his dick was buried inside me, he began to stroke me. I helped him and myself by rocking against him as he pumped me. I felt his dick move against the sensors that were not designed for that kind of stimulation. Those feelings somehow got interpreted as if my body had a cock inside my vagina. I felt myself spread around the hard dick and then relax as he withdrew slightly. Over and over the sensors were stimulated. The stimulation went way past anything they were designed to take.

I moaned and whined as his dick beat me into submission. By that time the sensors were causing the circuits to overload, I was ready for anything. When the second cock moved against my lips, I was eager to get it inside my mouth. I choked on it, even thought the sensation was not the same as it had been when I was alive, it was still uncomfortable. I just didn’t give a shit that it felt weird. I just wanted more, more of everything. I felt Ed’s cum shoot up and against the valve which led into the reservoir. It couldn’t enter because the valve worked only from the other direction but I felt it nonetheless. That sensation wasn’t new, but it was as intense as it had been the first time. I was bouncing all over the place with both my body and my brain thing involved in the feelings throbbing through me.

I felt the dick in my mouth stiffen and then shoot lots of hot cum down my throat. It also coated the inside of my mouth. Ed softened and withdrew. I thought it was winding down but then I felt a new hard dick in me. The new one worked on me for several minutes before I was back in that beautiful state where the all rational thoughts just seemed to end.

That’s when I realized that I was finally at peace with the new me, but only when I was being fucked. Not even all the time then but just at the point where I was about to cum or whatever it was. For those few seconds I was totally at peace with myself.

The men who fucked me were not synchronized at all. They came in me whenever they felt like it. My circuits were fried and I didn’t care, it was a wonderful feeling to cum and to have them cum in me. I was going to be a complete fucking mess and I didn’t care one bit.

Finally I just collapsed onto the table. The men left me and I just lay there naked with cum seeping from me. “Get dressed and get out you fucking slut,” a female voice demanded. I felt my clothes thrown onto my naked exhausted body. Of course the exhaustion was purely mental. My body was just fine. It took a few seconds for my brain or whatever to reset.

When it did, I quickly dressed and left the Spoke and Chain. No one said goodbye, hell none of them even looked at me.

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12 Responses to 356 The biker bar

  1. cindypress says:

    A huge thank you to Larry….

  2. jack says:

    Great picture , and Great chapter. Thanks

  3. bigguy323 says:

    YUK! What a robot. I’d say “What a slut”, but Max is no longer human… Maybe a Sybian for men.

  4. Walt says:

    I’m surprised that in Max’s mood, the last woman calling her a bitch that Max didn’t grab her and say any woman that calls me a bitch has to earn it, then shove her face down to her crotch and make that woman clean her up. Since she did “put downs” of the guys she should have done a “put down” on her too. I’m sure that would have created some kind of excitement in the bar.

    Kudos to Larry for the pictures.

    • cindypress says:

      You are right, my only excuse is max was in a hurry to get away from there. And the picture is magnificent. It captures who Maxine is. At least that is my opinion.

  5. The Mage says:

    I must add my praise and thanks for Larry’s wonderfully expressive artwork! 🙂

    The Mage

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