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one of the readers asked I really don’t want to do it but then I thought I should just so you know, But I refuse to show you what ten years with children growing into their teenage years does to a mom

About cindypress

sorry it is a mystery.
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  1. cindypress says:

    Not even close just a plain country girl nothing fancy at all and even worse now ten years later of kids driving me nuts

  2. Sangrant says:

    Hey very few battle scars that I can see, you look great.

    No need to soft pedal it.

    wait till they turn 20 and you get the gray’s

  3. jack says:

    Great picture, nice looking Lady Thanks for all the time you spend on this story.

  4. Mr. T. says:

    HAH ! I fully expected to see a frazzled looking old hag with no hair on her head, that had shaky hands and a twitching lip and crossed eyes from waiting up all night for your kids to come home!
    I have a daughter that is 37. She almost KILLED me in her teens :-}/

  5. Sangrant says:

    The Artist Peter Paul Rubens was famous for his paintings and paints several very sexual and sensual paintings. Not one of which featured a stick thin, anorexic model. He preferred the voluptuous and full figured model.

    Do not judge yourself by the standards of a anorexic society.

    You are a very good looking woman and I am sure you spouse loves you the way you are.

  6. GaryDan says:

    It is really nice to be able to put a face with the author. Thanks!!

    I think I saw your picture on another story site, but didn’t know it was you. I can’t remember that site though.

  7. cindypress says:

    it would have been good,1sta.com my short story site from long ago this picture was quite so out of date then,

    • cindypress says:

      good.1sta.com sorry got a period mixed with a comma.

      • GaryDan says:

        Holy cow!! You have more aliases than Max.

        Carniegirl, Pornqueen?, WickedWandaWilliams, Bonnie, Cindy…..more?

        Yep, that was the site I stumbled across. You said it was an old site, but is it still active?
        The number of hits on that old site pales in comparison to the number of hits you have gotten on the Max story on this site alone!!

  8. cindypress says:

    yes every time I went somewhere new I took a new name. There is nothing I could write that would be read as often as this story just because it is updated every day if for no other reason.

  9. Barney R says:

    As a connoisseur of fine women, but not fine wine, I have to say that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I have seen too many women that are knock your eye out gorgeous, and yet have the personality or brains of a newt. Others have gone the other way as far as outside appearance, but their beauty lay inside, with a bubbly personality, sharp mind and wit and a passion not found in stick like figures. Those women are so vain that one pound sends them into a fury of activity trying to lose that last ounce to look pretty. I really feel sorry for them that they cannot see how shallow they are. When I was in my teens I looked for beauty and thought I found one I wanted for all times. She cheated, lied and stole my heart and then stomped it into the dirt. Five years later I found a woman of such internal beauty that soon we will celebrate our 48th year together. We met and 34 days later we were married. I love her more today than I did then and we are extremely happy. I see the beauty within your eyes that no amount of grey hair or wrinkles could change.

    • cindypress says:

      Thank you but trust me I’ll find a way…. just ask my ex but that’s okay. I don’t have to be perfect or even good. I can be a real shit and get by just fine. The world has a place for all of us no matter how we look or act. So we just have to know that we have a place, but it helps to not know what your place is I think.

  10. Walt says:

    Great picture, but then I suppose none of us still look like our high school graduation picture.

    Hah…you should see what life does to a man who raised two children from babyhood while moving around the world with the AF. Also dealing with people “doo gooders” who thought a man had no business raising children much less a girl. The only thing that allowed me to stay in the AF was from all the single mothers in the AF who got rights via N.O.W. Somehow we all survived one another. My kids told me that since I took care of them when young they will now take care of me. What more could a parent ask?

  11. Finbar Saunders says:

    With kids, the first fifty years are the worst. Then it goes downhill from there

    It _is_ lovely to put a face to the name. And a very nice face it is!

  12. cindypress says:

    very country girl looking

  13. PoppaMike says:

    You say you are just a plain ole country girl like it is a bad thing. I was born and raised in the great plains of these United States and I have traveled extensively around the world and I will tell you that I would much rather have a plain ole country girl than a high maintenance high society model any day. By looking at your picture and even adding a couple years and a few love handles I can imagine you are still a very beautiful woman. Don’t sell yourself short sweetie.

    • cindypress says:

      There is a fine line between being honest with yourself and not buying into the bs people hand you ‘just to be nice’ and degrading yourself. I like to think I am honest. A woman can be barely attractive and be beautiful. She can be gorgeous and be rather plain as well. I think people tend to judge on physical appearance and I’m only adequate. But I am pretty glib ect.

      Now don’t forget Tomorrow is the masquerade party. Helen is making Hush puppies for dipping into a half dozen diffent flavored dips. She is making hush puppies traditionally and a second type from white bread dough. It should be interesting. Vlad drove to The Regional ware house for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer company to pick up ten cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon Boch Beer.

      The Cloak and Dagger is all set up for the maximum number of people but then so is the dance studio upstairs.

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